Wim Wenders

Instant Stories

Author: Wim Wender

Publisher: Schirmer Mosel

ISBN: 9783829608299


Page: 320

View: 1855

Globetrotting filmmaker Wim Wenders always takes his old panorama camera with him, using it whenever the sheer wealth of what he sees and the impression it leaves on him breaks the normal scale of things. Infinite landscapes, endless horizons, deserts, and mountain ranges overwhelm by their emptiness and silence, street fronts in Havana, Houston, Berlin, or Jerusalem offer deep insights into the shallows of civilization. Wenders' photographs are pictures of a world almost devoid of humans, a natural or man-made world viewed from a distance. They shed light on the many guises the surface of the earth dons and attest to Wenders' contemplative and amazed gaze. This gaze, of course, didn't stop at September 11 and delivered haunting photos of Ground Zero taken shortly after the attack. With poetic comments by the artist on all the pictures, the book is both a portrait of the world as encountered by the photographer and a portrait of the photographer as reflected in his vision of the world.

The Polaroid Project

At the Intersection of Art and Technology

Author: William A. Ewing,Barbara Hitchcock

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780500544730

Category: Art and technology

Page: 288

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Polaroid founder Edwin Land regarded his invention as more than a technical accomplishment or a convenient medium for both professional photographers and consumers - he saw Polaroid as a means of artistic expression. At Land's behest, and starting from a collaboration with Ansel Adams in 1949, Polaroid built an artists' liaison programme in which artists and photographers would donate prints in return for materials and access to cutting-edge Polaroid technology - including the legendary 24 x 20 inch Polaroid camera. Over the next five decades, the Polaroid collections in both the United States and Europe became world-renowned for the stellar list of names whose work it contained. Following Polaroid's second bankruptcy in 2008, the collections were fragmented - the US and European collections were split and key works were sold at auction. A comprehensive view of the collection was no longer possible - until now. With an associated, internationally touring exhibition opening in June 2017, The Polaroid Project is the only book to bring together both the outstanding photography created by the artists and photographers Polaroid worked with, alongside the technical objects and artifacts from the MIT Museum archive. Curated by William A. Ewing and Barbara Hitchcock, and with texts from other leading critics, curators and writers that discuss the Polaroid phenomenon in terms of artistic output and lasting legacy on design, technology, society and business, this book is the definitive publication for the many who have a deep love of Polaroid.

The Pixels of Paul Cézanne

And Reflections on Other Artists

Author: Wim Wenders

Publisher: Faber & Faber

ISBN: 0571336477

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 200

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The Pixels of Paul Cezanne is a collection of essays by Wim Wenders in which he presents his observations and reflections on the fellow artists who have influenced, shaped, and inspired him. "How are they doing it?" is the key question that Wenders asks as he looks at the dance work of Pina Bausch, the paintings of Cezanne, Edward Hopper, and Andrew Wyeth, as well as the films of Ingmar Bergman, Michelanelo Antonioni, Ozu, Anthony Mann, Douglas Sirk, and Sam Fuller. He finds the answer by trying to understand their individual perspectives, and, in the process revealing his own art of perception in texts of rare poignancy.

Wim Wenders: Written in the West, Revisited

Author: Wim Wenders

Publisher: Distributed Art Publishers (DAP)

ISBN: 9781938922848

Category: Photography

Page: 107

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In late 1983, looking for the subjects and locations that would bring the desolate landscape of the American West to life for his iconic film Paris, Texas, German filmmaker Wim Wenders took his Makina Plaubel 6 x 7 camera on the road. Driving through Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California, Wenders was captivated by the unique, saturated, colorful light of the vast, wild landscape of the American West--even in the 20th century, a land associated with cowboys and outlaws, and suffused with the mythology of the frontier. The series he produced, Written in the West, was first exhibited in 1986 at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, and first published in 2000. Roughly three decades later, in this expanded edition, Wenders adds 15 new images of the sleepy town that gave the movie its name--though no footage was ever actually shot there. Made with a Fuji 6 x 4.5 camera, the new photographs are poetic documents of an abiding fascination and a search for personal memories. Together, they add an essential new chapter to Wenders' classic Written in the West, now Revisited. Over the past four decades, through films like Paris, Texas (1984), Wings of Desire (1987), Buena Vista Social Club (1999) and Pina (2011), Wim Wenders (born 1945) has distinguished himself as one of the leading lights of New German Cinema and one of the great directors in contemporary film. Wenders has had an equally distinguished career in photography; his photographs are exhibited and collected internationally.


Pictures and Stories

Author: N.A

Publisher: Distributed Art Pub Incorporated

ISBN: 9781891024252

Category: Photography

Page: 269

View: 9186

Wim Wenders ranks among the greatest artistic minds of contemporary film: over the past thirty years his films have displayed such wisdom, creativity, and sensitivity that they have transcended boundaries of language and nationality. Wenders brings to this collection of photographic essays the same literary and cinematic talents, the same command of the art of storytelling that we find in his films. In the tradition of "Paris, Texas" and "Faraway, So Close," the texts and pictures in "Once" weave ambiguous and moving narratives in fits of rhythmic prose and inventive imagery. Prefaced by Wenders' poetic meditations on the metaphysics of photography and film, "Once" consists of short, autobiographical sketches relating Wenders' experiences-both meaningful and apparently trivial-on his trips across the world scouting locations for his films, as well as photographs taken during these excursions. The resulting book is at once travel diary, photo album, and a series of short films or short stories-revealing the views and sentiments of an auteur inspired by the poetry of the eye and the melody of speech. Fascinating and revelatory, "Once" gives us a unique look at the universe Wenders has created out of the hidden pieces of everyday life.

Written in the West

Author: Wim Wenders

Publisher: Te Neues Publishing Group

ISBN: 9783823854692

Category: Photography

Page: 17

View: 9434

In preparation for shooting the film Paris, Texas in late 1983, director Wim Wenders traveled the West equipped with a 5 x 6 medium format camera searching out subjects and locations that would bring that desolate landscape to life. For several months he drove the empty highways of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California, transfixed by the vastness of a country saturated with light and color and energized by the American cowboy mystique. Even in the twentieth century, it was a landscape that had lost none of its evocative, mythic power. This collection of lush, colorful photographs magnificently displays what Wenders' practiced eye sought out: dramatic and visually arresting images, haunting vistas, and the poetic dilapidation of a country touched by man but ruled by nature. An enlightening interview with the photographer reveals the many ways that Wenders, a European traveling in a distinctly American landscape, was both moved by and bemused by what he considers the heartland of the American Dream. It is this sensibility, along with Wenders enormous photographic talents, that lend this collection a unique quality, and that allow us to experience the West in a whole new, brilliantly colorful light.

Photography and Collaboration

From Conceptual Art to Crowdsourcing

Author: Daniel Palmer

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1474233473

Category: Photography

Page: 232

View: 6926

Photography and Collaboration offers a fresh perspective on existing debates in art photography and on the act of photography in general. Unlike conventional accounts that celebrate individual photographers and their personal visions, this book investigates the idea that authorship in photography is often more complex and multiple than we imagine – involving not only various forms of partnership between photographers, but also an astonishing array of relationships with photographed subjects and viewers. Thematic chapters explore the increasing prevalence of collaborative approaches to photography among a broad range of international artists – from conceptual practices in the 1960s to the most recent digital manifestations. Positioning contemporary work in a broader historical and theoretical context, the book reveals that collaboration is an overlooked but essential dimension of the medium's development and potential.

Pictures from the Surface of the Earth


Author: Wim Wenders

Publisher: Haus Pub.

ISBN: 9781905791118

Category: Landscape photography

Page: 133

View: 302

Wim Wenders, whose description as filmmaker, writer, photographer and traveller is still inadequate, has for years carried round an old panoramic camera that has come in handy when the extent or impressive nature of his experience is beyond normal measure. Landscapes stretch into infinity, horizons divide the world into water, earth and sky, streets, whether in Havana, Houston or Berlin draw our gaze to the very depth of civilisation, or to the abyss of horror and destruction as at Ground Zero shortly after September 11, 2001.

Inventing Peace

A Dialogue on Perception

Author: Wim Wenders,Mary Zournazi

Publisher: I.B.Tauris

ISBN: 0857722700

Category: Political Science

Page: 224

View: 8826

Inventing Peace revolves around the question of how we look at the world, but do not see it when there is so much war, injustice, suffering and violence. What are the ethical and moral consequences of looking, but not seeing, and, most of all, what has become of the notion of peace in all this? In the form of a written dialogue, Wim Wenders and Mary Zournazi consider this question as one of the fundamental issues of our times as well as the need to reinvent a visual and moral language for peace. Inspired by various cinematic, philosophical, literary and artistic examples, Wenders and Zournazi reflect on the need for a change of perception in the everyday as well as in the creation of images. In its unique style and method, Inventing Peace demonstrates an approach to peace through sacred, ethical and spiritual means, to provide an alternative to the inhumanity of war and violence. Their book might help to make peace visible and tangible in new and unforeseen ways.

Art Can Help

New and Selected Essays

Author: Robert Adams

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 0300229240

Category: Art

Page: 92

View: 2002

A collection of inspiring essays by the photographer Robert Adams, who advocates the meaningfulness of art in a disillusioned society In Art Can Help, the internationally acclaimed American photographer Robert Adams offers over two dozen meditations on the purpose of art and the responsibility of the artist. In particular, Adams advocates art that evokes beauty without irony or sentimentality, art that "encourages us to gratitude and engagement, and is of both personal and civic consequence." Following an introduction, the book begins with two short essays on the works of the American painter Edward Hopper, an artist venerated by Adams. The rest of this compilation contains texts--more than half of which have never before been published--that contemplate one or two works by an individual artist. The pictures discussed are by noted photographers such as Julia Margaret Cameron, Emmet Gowin, Dorothea Lange, Abelardo Morell, Edward Ranney, Judith Joy Ross, John Szarkowski, and Garry Winogrand. Several essays summon the words of literary figures, including Virginia Woolf and Czeslaw Milosz. Adams's voice is at once intimate and accessible, and is imbued with the accumulated wisdom of a long career devoted to making and viewing art. This eloquent and moving book champions art that fights against disillusionment and despair.

American Witness

The Art and Life of Robert Frank

Author: RJ Smith

Publisher: Da Capo Press

ISBN: 0306823373

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 352

View: 3884

From the author of the acclaimed James Brown biography The One comes the first in-depth biography of renowned photographer and filmmaker Robert Frank, best known for his landmark book The Americans. As well-known as Robert Frank the photographer is, few can say they really know Robert Frank the man. Born and raised in wartime Switzerland, Frank discovered the power and allure of photography at an early age and quickly learned that the art meant significantly more to him than the money, success, or fame. The art was all, and he intended to spend a lifetime pursuing it. American Witness is the first comprehensive look at the life of a man who's as mysterious and evasive as he is prolific and gifted. Leaving his rigid Switzerland for the more fluid United States in 1947, Frank found himself at the red-hot social center of bohemian New York in the '50s and '60s, becoming friends with everyone from Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and Peter Orlovsky to photographer Walker Evans, actor Zero Mostel, painter Willem de Kooning, filmmaker Jonas Mekas, Bob Dylan, writer Rudy Wirlitzer, jazz musicians Ornette Coleman and Charles Mingus, and more. Frank roamed the country with his young family, taking roughly 27,000 photographs and collecting 83 of them into what is still his most famous work: The Americans. His was an America nobody had seen before, and if it was harshly criticized upon publication for its portrait of a divided country, the collection gradually grew to be recognized as a transformative American vision. And then he turned his back on certain success, giving up photography to reinvent himself as a film and video maker. Frank helped found the American independent cinema of the 1960s and made a legendary film with the Rolling Stones. Today, the nonagenarian is an embodiment of restless creativity and a symbol of what it costs to remain original in America, his life defined by never repeating himself, never being satisfied. American Witness is a portrait of a singular artist and the country that he saw.

Diego Uchitel


Author: Diego Uchitel,Diane Von Furstenberg

Publisher: Damiani

ISBN: 9788862082396

Category: Design

Page: 240

View: 2656

The work contained in this book is a selection of Diego Uchitel's favourite imagery stemming from a combination of both personal and commercial efforts spanning 25 years. Diego Uchitel has long revered the Polaroid for its dreamlike color and depth, and over the course of his career, he has continually sought to conjure these qualities in his fashion and celebrity photography. "Polaroids" is awash with the tonal warmth and artifact feel of polaroid film, from its splendid design to the photographs themselves, which are reproduced in their original (and current) condition, with traces of tape and little signs of wear and tear around their edges.

The Act of Seeing

Essays and Conversations

Author: Wim Wenders

Publisher: Faber & Faber

ISBN: 9780571178438

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 209

View: 3062

In our over stimulated, consumer society how can imagery still have meaning either for the viewer or for filmmakers struggling to communicate their vision to the world? In this volume of essays on the subject, third in a series, Wim Wenders takes readers beyond the concerns of his own films into a broader world from whence they come, one of architecture, cities, video technology, and fashion.

Wim Wenders

4 Real & True 2! Landscapes. Photographs

Author: Wim Wenders,Laura Schmidt,Hubertus von Amelunxen

Publisher: Schirmer/Mosel

ISBN: 9783829606974

Category: Photography

Page: 336

View: 1965

Wim Wenders' fame stems primarily from his motion pictures such as Paris, Texas, Wings of Desire, and Pina, yet the filmmaker admits: "Photography is the other half of my life." In honor of his 70th birthday in 2015, the Dusseldorf Museum Kunstpalast is exhibiting large-format photographs and landscape panoramas. "When you're on the go a lot," Wim Wenders writes, "when you like to meander in order to lose yourself, you can end up in the strangest places. It must be a sort of built-in radar that often guides me into areas that are either peculiarly quiet or else peculiar in a quiet way." Unlike the filmmaker, Wenders dispenses with modern technical contrivances as a photographer. He prefers analog photography, without artificial lght or a tripod. The exhibition catalogue will feature his series Written in the West, Buena Vista Social Club, Once, Pictures from the Surface of the Earth, and Journey to Onomichi, among others.


The Magic Material

Author: Florian Kaps

Publisher: Frances Lincoln

ISBN: 9780711237506

Category: Photography

Page: 256

View: 4864

Florian ‘Doc’ Kaps tells the amazing story of Polaroid, a photographic medium he helped to rescue from oblivion in 2008. The story starts with visionary founder Edwin Land’s development of instant film in the 1940s. Doc shows how Polaroid has influenced visual culture in the seventy years since then, presenting more than 250 Polaroids including found portraits, ‘thoughtographs’, erotica, anthropology, fashion and fine art from photographers including Andy Warhol, Araki, Ansel Adams and Chuck Close. The book also tells the story of how Doc revived production of film in 2008 with The Impossible Project, and explores the place of this analogue technology in the twenty-first century. The factors that led Polaroid to discontinue production in a world transformed by digital photography are the very reasons why there is ever-growing demand for the magic of instant photography today.

The Polaroid Years

Instant Photography and Experimentation

Author: Mary-Kay Lombino

Publisher: Prestel Pub

ISBN: 9783791352640

Category: Photography

Page: 224

View: 8117

This journey through the years of the Polaroid era documents the evolution of instant photography. Hundreds of images celebrate the myriad ways in which Polaroid photographs have been used & ingeniously manipulated by Walker Evans, David Hockney, Barbara Kasten, Robert Mapplethorpe, Lucas Samaras & many others.

Magnum Manifesto

Author: Magnum Photos

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780500544556


Page: 416

View: 4571

In this landmark photography publication and accompanying exhibition, Cl�ment Ch�roux demonstrates how Magnum Photos owes its pre-eminence to the ability of its photographers to encompass and navigate the points between photography as art object and photography as documentary evidence. A Magnum photograph can be expressive and bear witness at the same time. Magnum Manifesto is organized into three main parts: Part 1 (1947-1968) views the Magnum archive through a humanist lens, focusing on post-war ideals of commonality and utopianism. Part 2 (1969-1989) shows a world fragmenting, with a focus on subcultures, minorities and outsiders. Part 3 (1990-present day) charts the ways in which Magnum photographers have captured - and continue to capture - a world in flux and under threat. Featuring both group and individual projects, the book includes contact sheets, notebooks, magazine spreads and other previously unseen material to accompany the photographs. Complete with extensive texts by Cl�ment Ch�roux and photographic historian Clara Bouveresse, Magnum Manifesto is an essential purchase for anyone seeking to understand the very best in photography.

My Time with Antonioni

The Diary of an Extraordinary Experience

Author: Wim Wenders

Publisher: Faber & Faber

ISBN: 9780571200764

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 183

View: 6749

Beyond The Clouds was Michaelangelo Antonioni's first film for 15 years, due to a stroke which left him bereft of speech. Director Wim Wender's account tells of how he helped bring Antonioni's final film into being.