Romance Fiction

A Guide to the Genre

Author: Kristin Ramsdell

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 159158177X

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 719

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Presents a comprehensive guide for librarians and readers' advisors, provides a brief history of the romance novel, and offers reading lists and subgenre definitions.

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Billionaire Brother's Best Friend Romance

Author: J.H. Croix

Publisher: J.H. Croix


Category: Fiction

Page: 162

View: 7609

One night. That’s all. Jacob Ellie McNamara asks me to promise her one thing. We can’t tell her brother about us. Seeing as I’ll do anything for a taste of Ellie, I agree. Neither of us counted on me wanting more. One night will never be enough. I might have enough money to buy anything, but not love. I’ll fight for Ellie though. She’s priceless. Ellie Jacob Taylor is used to getting what he wants. He’s a billionaire who need only snap his fingers and women come running. Not me. To spite my cheating ex, I take the trip we planned to Vegas. Except I didn’t count on my ex doing the same. With his new girlfriend. Awkward doesn’t even cut it. Out of nowhere, Jacob sweeps in and makes me an offer I can’t refuse. Now, the lights are out, and we’re alone. Keywords: Billionaire, brother's best friend, Steamy Contemporary, New Adult love story, forbidden romance

Küssen und andere lebenswichtige Dinge


Author: Katherine Center

Publisher: Blanvalet Taschenbuch Verlag

ISBN: 3641176794

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

View: 2576

Eine fiese Trennung, ein Survival-Kurs, Männer, die einen auf die Palme bringen – und wie man all das überlebt! Helen Carpenter weiß: Es ist an der Zeit, sich endlich zusammenzureißen. Sie ist zweiunddreißig, seit einem Jahr geschieden und schon genauso lange völlig neben der Spur. Das ist wohl auch der Grund, warum sie sich von ihrem nervigen kleinen Bruder überreden lässt, an einem Survival-Training in der Wildnis Wyomings teilzunehmen. Was er ihr nicht gesagt hat: Sein genauso nerviger bester Freund wird ebenfalls mit von der Partie sein. Und so beginnt das schrägste, nervenaufreibendste Abenteuer in Helens bis dahin so bravem Leben ...

Sarcasm Is a Dragon’S Best Friend

. . . . Until You Lose Your Scales

Author: Stephanie Collins

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1490753311

Category: Fiction

Page: 900

View: 1373

My name is Gemini, and my life is a bloody mess. I almost kill my mother; my overbearing father exiles me out of the nest; one of my sisters wants to neuter me so stupidity doesnt breed; my dead grandmother wants me to complete stupid missions for her, and a witch thinks Im an arrogant and rude dragon, so she turns me human. Then I get captured by guards from a kingdom notorious for being cruel to males, and they make me their slave for three years. Their queen decides shes had enough of my sarcastic idiocy and sells me to a neighboring kingdom where I get stuck in a new dungeon: kinghood. Apparently I make enemies wherever I go. I have dragon slayers poaching in my kingdom and my armys commander desperately wanting to kill me so he could be king. All I want is to find a way to break my curse and get my scales back . . . and for my father to stop treating me like a hatchling. Is that too much to ask for?

Rockstars küsst man nicht

Author: Kylie Scott


ISBN: 3736301510

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 8912

Band 4 der international erfolgreichen Rockstars-Reihe von Spiegel-Bestseller-Autorin Kylie Scott! Schwanger! Und das ausgerechnet von Ben Nicholson, dem Bassisten der erfolgreichsten Rockband der Welt! Lizzy Rollins kann es nicht fassen. Schon lange hegt sie tiefe Gefühle für den attraktiven Rockstar, aber sie weiß, dass Ben keine feste Beziehung sucht. Ihre gemeinsame Nacht in Las Vegas war für ihn nur ein One-Night-Stand, nichts weiter. Nur gibt es da nun eine neue, viel tiefere Verbindung zwischen ihnen. Doch ist diese stark genug, Bens Mauern zu durchbrechen?

Gold Medal Romance Box Set

Author: Megan Matthews

Publisher: Megan Matthews


Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 9751

Four snowboarders. Four races. Four chances at love. Read all four Gold Medal Romance books for one low price. His Last Race Remington Jonsson, tall, gorgeous, blue eyed, Icelandic. I hit the jackpot of boyfriends when I met Remi. Did I mention he’s a pro snowboarder? I’ve supported him through three previous snowboarding Winter Games and three gold medal wins. But time and the sport have taken a toll on his body and our relationship. Remi promised this is his last race, but I've dealt with his broken promises before. How can we build a future together when I can't trust him? This is Remi's last chance. -------------------------- His Last FallKnox Keaton, best smelling pro snowboarder on the circuit, and my brother's best friend. He's been a staple of my life for years. He's also totally off limits. Remi would kill us if he knew about the passionate night we spent together two years ago. By the way Knox is back to acting like I'm nothing but a little sister he's forgotten anything happened at all. But I'm tired of being bossed around by my older brother. I've been in love with Knox since we were kids and now I plan to make him notice me. Fingers crossed it doesn't blow up in my face. This might be my last chance to make Knox fall for me. -------------------------- His Last Hill Cyrus Hanson, pro snowboarder, my next door neighbor, and best friend in the world. We’ve been snowboarding together for years without a problem. I pretend I’m not madly in love with him and he dates every girl in town. But now we’re both competing at the Winter Games and tensions are mounting. The deep seeded love I feel for Cyrus has bubbled to the surface. If I make a move and he turns me down our friendship will be ruined. Is the chance of losing him worth the possible reward? Together we’ve boarded down a lot of hills, but now it’s my turn to climb one. -------------------------- His Last LoveOliver Hanson, funny, sweet, and a great guy to hang around. Being a PR assistant for the Gold Medal Winter Games has been a challenge, but Oliver is the last snowboarder on my list. I’m almost ready to hand in my clipboard and fly home. Oliver and I click like no one else I’ve ever met. Spending time with the laid back snowboarder doesn’t feel like work. But I can’t let myself get distracted. My job is to keep Oliver out of trouble until he finishes his event, no matter what. I’m not being paid to screw around and fall for the hot snowboarder. As things heat up and the games come to a close will there be enough time for me to become Oliver’s last love? While each book in the Gold Medal Romance Novella series contains an individual happily ever after for the best experience they should be read in order.

Harlequin E Contemporary Romance Box Set Volume 1

Coming in from the Cold\Maid to Fit\Calling His Bluff\Baker's Law

Author: Sarina Bowen,Rebecca Avery,Amy Jo Cousins,Denise McDonald

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1460330722

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 1731

Four Romances for One Amazing Price Stranded together by a blizzard, scholar-turned-farmer Willow Reade and bad-boy ski champion Dane "Danger" Hollister generate enough body heat to make it through the night. But the sparks don't stop flying when the snow does…. When stressed-out single mom Kayla Clark hires "retired soldier" Ronnie Brown from Man Maid to whip her household into shape, she's not expecting him to be young, hot and willing to take care of her more personal needs…. Veterinarian Sarah Tyler isn't going to wait another eternity for hotshot photographer J. D. Damico to kiss her again. And she's gambling that what happens in Vegas will change her luck! Bakery owner Marissa Llewellyn has always been sweet on sheriff Jax Carlisles, but her efforts to help a wayward teen have her bending the rules he's bound to uphold…. Indulge your craving for fresh contemporary romance with this collection of four full-length novels! Coming in from the Cold by Sarina Bowen Maid to Fit by Rebecca M. Avery (Man Maid, Book 1) Calling His Bluff by Amy Jo Cousins Baker's Law by Denise McDonald



Author: Stephen King

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 3641053579

Category: Fiction

Page: 1536

View: 3524

Das Böse in Gestalt eines namenlosen Grauens In Derry, Maine, schlummert das Böse in der Kanalisation: Alle 28 Jahre wacht es auf und muss fressen. Jetzt taucht »Es« wieder empor. Sieben Freunde entschließen sich, dem Grauen entgegenzutreten und ein Ende zu setzen. Stephen Kings Meisterwerk über die Mysterien der Kindheit und den Horror des Erwachsenseins. »Ein Meilenstein der amerikanischen Literatur.« Chicago Sun-Times

Wet for Jeff

Author: Kelli Wolfe

Publisher: Pink Parts Press


Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 5741

His strong hands kneaded my bare flesh, rubbing in the lotion and massaging my muscles at the same time, leaving me tingling and ready to melt right through the chair Brandi has been having very naughty thoughts about her brother's best friend Jeff for ages, but after he heads off to college she figures she'll be stuck with just her fantasies of him forever. But things start to heat up when she finds out that Jeff is going to be alone at the beach house for two weeks. With no adults in sight and the skimpiest bikinis money can buy it's the opportunity of a lifetime. Can Brandi make him see that she's all grown up now and ready to play big girl games? 7200 word coming of age erotic romance. Includes excerpts from the Kelli Wolfe stories Seducing Lucas, Roommates with Ryan, Luke's Desire, and Stealing Dad's Best Friend. This is a mirror edition of the original story Wet for My Big Brother that has been updated to remove all taboo content.

Romance Box Set- Three Romantic Suspense Thrillers

Author: Pamela M. Richter

Publisher: Pamela M. Richter


Category: Fiction

Page: 10012

View: 8104

Romance Box Set - Three Romantic Suspense Thrillers Deadly Fun - Take a cruise with a beautiful sleuth to the Caribbean with her boss. Also aboard is a deadly Mafia family. Envision collision? Deadly Memories - When Andrea is in a car accident after a posh Hollywood party and can't remember how it happened, a chain of events enfolds, leading to her marriage to an Ambassador's son in France. But what she can't remember might kill her. Midnight Reflections - When Julia's brother goes missing she has to find out what happened. She finds help from a handsome mechanic. But he's hiding his identity and has secrets he won't reveal. Can she trust him?

This is Love - Travis & Viola

Author: Kennedy Fox


ISBN: 3736309082

Category: Fiction

Page: 351

View: 8963

Liebe ist Krieg ... Zwei Wochen mit der Frau, die ihn am meisten hasst, auf engstem Raum zu verbringen ist selbst für Travis King genug. Er ist bereit sich geschlagen zu geben. Er will der kleinen Schwester seines besten Freunds und Mitbewohners beweisen, dass Schluss mit Spielchen ist. Ab jetzt gelten ihre Regeln. Doch Viola hat vielleicht die Schlacht gewonnen. Aber der Krieg ist noch lange nicht vorbei. Denn ihn zu hassen ist ihr Prinzip. Doch sie für immer zu lieben ist seins. "Superheiß und so romantisch! Kennedy Fox schafft die perfekte Mischung." Shayana Renees Spicey Reads Abschlussband der Checkmate-Reihe um Viola und Travis von USA-Today-Bestseller-Autorin Kennedy Fox

The Room Mate

Author: Kendall Ryan


ISBN: 3736307365

Category: Fiction

Page: 188

View: 9928

Kannst du ihm widerstehen? Cannon Roth hat eine unglaubliche Wirkung auf Frauen, die nicht immer positiv endet. Als eine seiner Verehrerinnen sein Apartment kurz und klein schlägt, braucht er dringend eine Unterkunft. Seine große Schwester quartiert ihn daraufhin bei ihrer besten Freundin Paige ein. Die Paige, die Cannon seit seiner Teenagerzeit heiße Träume beschert. Als die beiden nach Jahren das erste Mal wieder aufeinandertreffen, prickelt es gewaltig zwischen ihnen. Die Leidenschaft scheint unstillbar. Doch es gibt gute Gründe, die Finger voneinander zu lassen. Aber seit wann kann die Vernunft das Herz zügeln? "Eine unwahrscheinlich heiße Geschichte." DIRTY SOUTH BOOKS Der Auftakt zur sinnlichen "Roommates"-Serie von NYT-, WALL-STREET-JOURNAL- und USA-TODAY-Bestseller-Autorin Kendall Ryan

Luke's Desire

Author: Kelli Wolfe

Publisher: Pink Parts Press


Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 5222

"I'm going to make this really simple for you, Emily," he breathed. "I'm not going to stop until I get what I want." The annual family reunion is always a pain to get through, but when Emily finds out that her brother's best friend Luke has decided to show up she's completely flustered. Even after two years of separation the chemistry between them leaves her helpless with a desire that she can't act on and she's too scared to even admit to. Luke seems to have other ideas, though, and when he tells her in no uncertain terms that he intends to have her Emily quickly finds herself more torn than ever. Her mind tells her to avoid him, but at night her body aches for him until she can barely sleep and she doesn't think she can last through the week. Will she be able to live with herself if she gives in to Luke's sweet temptation? Will she be able to live with herself if she doesn't? 8100 word new adult erotic romance. Includes excerpts from the Kelli Wolfe stories Roommates with Ryan, Wet for Jeff, Hot for Jason, and Julie's Obsession. This is a mirror edition of the original story My Brother's Desire that has been updated to remove all taboo content.

Love Conquers All

Author: Anjalon Edwards

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469119684

Category: Fiction

Page: 210

View: 2966

There is no available information at this time.

Wet for My Big Brother

Author: Kelli Wolfe

Publisher: Pink Parts Press


Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 7533

"If it was any other guy and he still had a pulse, I'd be putting my money on you. But with Jeff, I just don't know. You really think you can get him to stop thinking of you as his little sister after all this time?" Brandi has been having very unsisterly thoughts about her stepbrother Jeff for ages, but after he heads off to college she figures she'll be stuck with just her fantasies of him forever. But the summer before her senior year of high school things start to heat up when she finds out that Jeff is going to be alone at the family beach house for two weeks. With no parents in sight and the help of the skimpiest bikinis money can buy, can Brandi convince him to hook up with the hottest girl on the beach - even if she happens to be his little sister? 7200 word erotica short story. Includes excerpts from the Kelli Wolfe stories Seducing My Big Brother, Roommates with My Big Brother, My Brother's Desire, and Stealing Dad's Best Friend. FOR ADULTS ONLY. Contains stepbrother stepsister sex, teen sex, masturbation, oral sex, shower sex, pseudo incest, taboo family sex.