Visions of the Future in Comics

International Perspectives

Author: Francesco-Alessio Ursini,Adnan Mahmutovic,Frank Bramlett

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 1476668019

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 256

View: 3566

Across generations and genres, comics have imagined different views of the future, from unattainable utopias to worrisome dystopias. These presaging narratives can be read as reflections of their authors’ (and readers’) hopes, fears and beliefs about the present. This collection of new essays explores the creative processes in comics production that bring plausible futures to the page. The contributors investigate portrayals in different stylistic traditions—manga, bande desinées—from a variety of theoretical perspectives. The picture that emerges documents the elaborate storylines and complex universes comics creators have been crafting for decades.

Vision of the Future

Author: Timothy Zahn

Publisher: Spectra

ISBN: 0553578790

Category: Fiction

Page: 694

View: 1465

The fast-paced sequel to Specter of the Past pits Han, Luke, and Leia against the cunning Major Tierce, who is intent on cultivating discord within the New Republic and raising the evil Admiral Thrawn from the dead. Reprint.

China Dreams

20 Visions of the Future

Author: William A. Callahan

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 0199896402

Category: Political Science

Page: 212

View: 7476

To understand how China is shaping the twenty-first century, China Dreams eavesdrops on conversations between officials, scholars, bloggers, novelists, film-makers and artists. Rather than pitting Confucian China against the democratic west, Callahan weaves Chinese and American ideals together to describe a new "Chimerican dream".

Yesterday's Tomorrows

Past Visions of the American Future

Author: Joseph J. Corn,Brian Horrigan,Katherine Chambers

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9780801853999

Category: History

Page: 157

View: 5730

Corn and Horrigan explore the future as Americans earlier in the last century expected it to happen. Filled with vivid color images and lively text, the book is eloquent testimony to the confidence -- and, at times, the naive faith -- Americans have had in science and technology.


Author: N.A

Publisher: Marvel

ISBN: 9781302908539

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 488

View: 2111

Written by best-selling Author Tom King! One of the most celebrated comic books of the century, collected in full at last! Vision wants to be human, and what's more human than family? So he heads back to the beginning - to the laboratory where Ultron created him as a weapon. The place where he first rebelled against his given destiny and imagined that he could be more - that he could be a man. There, he builds them. A wife, Virginia. Teenage twins, Viv and Vin. They look like him. They have his powers. They share his grandest ambition - or is that obsession? - the unrelenting need to be ordinary. Behold the Visions! Theirs is a story of togetherness and tragedy - one that will send the Android Avenger into a devastating confrontation with Earth's Mightiest Heroes. COLLECTING: VISION 1-12

Visions of the Future in Germany and America

Author: Norbert Finzsch,Hermann Wellenreuther

Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic

ISBN: 9781859735213

Category: History

Page: 566

View: 5368

Predictions about the world have the power to grip whole societies, and shape the actions of many groups whether working in politics, ecology or religion. At the end of epochs and eras humans tend to reflect on the shape of things to come. Most recently, fears about the 'millennium bug' had thousands rushing to stock up on candles and food in the weeks before New Year's Eve. Concerns about the future have been expressed differently throughout history. This book explores the historical context surrounding various debates, decisions and beliefs about the future in recent centuries. Religious, political, literary and ecological visions of the future in America and Germany are addressed comparatively. In particular, scholars from the United States and Germany explore the meaning of eschatological and utopian thoughts pursued during the last three centuries and tackle subjects ranging from science fiction to religious radicalism, utopian social experiments, and visions of race relations. This book delves into the hopes and fears for the future that have shaped the past and will be of interest to comparative historians as well as to historians of Europe and the United States intrigued by the subject of utopias.

Vision Vol. 1

Little Worse Than A Man

Author: Tom King

Publisher: Marvel Entertainment

ISBN: 1302488708

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 136

View: 1928

The Vision wants to be human, and what's more human than family? So he heads back to the beginning, to the laboratory where Ultron created him and molded him into a weapon. The place where he first rebelled against his given destiny and imagined that he could be more -that he could be a man. There, he builds them. A wife, Virginia. Two teenage twins, Viv and Vin. They look like him. They have his powers. They share his grandest ambition -or is that obsession? -the unrelenting need to be ordinary. Behold the Visions! Collects Vision #1-6.

The Moon and the Other

Author: John Kessel

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1481481452

Category: Fiction

Page: 608

View: 5333

A Washington Post Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Selection of 2017 “Charming, sexy.” —The Washington Post John Kessel, one of the most visionary writers in the field, has created a rich matriarchal utopia, set in the near future on the moon, a society that is flawed by love and sex, and on the brink of a destructive civil war. In the middle of the twenty-second century, over three million people live in underground cities below the moon’s surface. One city-state, the Society of Cousins, is a matriarchy, where men are supported in any career choice, but no right to vote—and tensions are beginning to flare as outside political intrigues increase. After participating in a rebellion that caused his mother’s death, Erno has been exiled from the Society of Cousins. Now, he is living in the Society’s rival colony, Persepolis, when he meets Amestris, the defiant daughter of the richest man on the moon. Mira, a rebellious loner in the Society, creates graffiti videos that challenge the Society’s political domination. She is hopelessly in love with Carey, the exemplar of male privilege. An Olympic champion in low-gravity martial arts and known as the most popular bedmate in the Society, Carey’s more suited to being a boyfriend than a parent, even as he tries to gain custody of his teenage son. When the Organization of Lunar States sends a team to investigate the condition of men in the Society, Erno sees an opportunity to get rich, Amestris senses an opportunity to escape from her family, Mira has a chance for social change, and Carey can finally become independent of the matriarchy that considers him a perpetual adolescent. But when Society secrets are revealed, the first moon war erupts, and everyone must decide what is truly worth fighting for.


Visions of the Future

Author: J. H. Brennan

Publisher: Thorsons Pub

ISBN: 9781855381452

Category: Philosophy

Page: 224

View: 2040

Nostradamus predicted many of today's events - the Middle East crisis, the rise and fall of the Soviet Union, as well as some more to come including a catastrophe in 1999. This book examines the scientific evidence for the validity of Nostradamus's predictions, plus their similarity with other predictions such as the papal succession by Saint Malachy. The book concentrates on contemporary world events and how they fit into the Nostradamus scenario and includes information about the Gorbachov/Yeltsin partnership and its duration. J.H. Brennan is the author of Astral Doorways and Experimental Magic.

Visions of the Coming Days

What to Look For and How to Prepare

Author: R. Loren Sandford

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 1441259996

Category: Religion

Page: 224

View: 8124

Respected Prophetic Leader Offers Biblically Grounded Predictions for What Is to Come R. Loren Sandford has long been internationally respected as a grounded and insightful prophetic leader. A regular writer for Charisma magazine's Prophetic Insight newsletter, he has cast a poignant prophetic vision for Christians everywhere during these uncertain times. Using Amos 2 and 3, Sandford presents detailed predictions of the days to come. He reveals the pattern of indictments and penalties leveled against Israel back then that mirror America and the Western world today. Yet within his sober reflection, he reveals the heart of the Father and the hope of glory for the body of Christ. With clarity and piercing biblical insight, he helps believers understand what is to come, and he gives them practical advice on how to prepare spiritually--for the events that will unfold and for their role in all of it.

A Vision of the Future

Author: Stephen Edward Poe

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0671534815

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 9234

A behind-the-scenes collector's look at the hit television series begins before the first filming and is lavishly illustrated with exclusive phtographs. Original. TV tie-in.

Exploring the Matrix

Visions of the Cyber Present

Author: Karen Haber

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9780312313593

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 271

View: 7075

Eighteen essays explore the concepts and themes of the motion picture "The Matrix," which portrays a false world created from nothing but perceptions.

Visions for the Future

A Celebration of Young Native American Artists

Author: Native American Rights Fund

Publisher: Fulcrum Publishing

ISBN: 9781555916558

Category: Art

Page: 90

View: 3919

Presents selections from the work of Native American artists displayed at "Visions for the Future," the annual art show sponsored by the Native American Rights Fund.

Literacy, technology, and society

confronting the issues

Author: Gail E. Hawisher,Cynthia L. Selfe

Publisher: N.A


Category: Computers

Page: 604

View: 8762

Designed to help readers become critical thinkers about technology not simply consumers of technology. The readings span a broad range of topics and genres (and include alternative readings available on a World Wide Web site connected to the book). An abundance of writing-to-learn and writing-to-communicate assignments provide practice in crafting reflective pieces, thoughtful analyses of issues, argumentative discourse, research proposals, multimedia projects, and other kinds of electronic writing aimed at on-line discussion groups.

Specter of the Past

Author: Timothy Zahn

Publisher: Spectra

ISBN: 0553298046

Category: Fiction

Page: 386

View: 3210

In the first half of a two-volume story, the New Republic's efforts to forge peace with the Empire is thwarted by a cabal of warlords led by the notorious, and reputedly dead, Grand Admiral Thrawn. Reprint.

Follies of Science

20th Century Visions of Our Fantastic Future

Author: Eric Dregni,Jonathan Dregni

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781933108094

Category: History

Page: 127

View: 4688

The early twentieth century's futuristic utopian plans for your home and lifestyle--in vivid color and detail!

Visions of the Future

Why We Need to Teach for Tomorrow

Author: David Hicks,Cathie Holden

Publisher: Trentham Books Limited


Category: Citizenship

Page: 160

View: 1072

IF one of the key roles of education is to prepare young people for the future why is the future a missng dimension in education? This book breaks new ground by bringing together three crucial concerns: the central role that images of the future play in social and cultural change; the nature of young people's hopes and fears for the future; and the need for schools to educate for a future that will be very different from the present. Part 1 looks at the role of education in turbulent tims and how students can be prepared more effectively for life in the 21st century. Part 2 describes recent research on primary and secondary pupils' views of the future and explores how hopes and fears vary by age and gender. Part 3 contains case studies of good curriculum practice and consideration of the wider implications for whole-school policy. This book should be of interest to all who work in primary, secondary and initial teacher education. It should be of particular value in shaping staff development and whole-school policy and for people working in child development, the humanities, personal and social education, citizenship and environmental education.