Author: Hal Duncan

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 3641128978

Category: Fiction

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Das mächtigste Buch der Welt Im düsteren Gewölbe einer schottischen Bibliothek stößt Reynard Carter auf das legendäre Ewige Stundenbuch. In diesem Buch soll nicht nur das Schicksal unserer Welt geschrieben stehen, sondern auch die wahren Namen aller Lebewesen, die jemals existiert haben. Wer diese Namen kennt, hat Macht über ihre Träger, ihm offenbaren sich die Geheimnisse des Universums. Als Carter das Buch öffnet, verändert sich alles – und er bricht auf zu einer Reise, die ihn an die Grenzen der Wirklichkeit führt ...


The Book of All Hours: 1

Author: Hal Duncan

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 0330541161

Category: Fiction

Page: 600

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It's 2017 and the End Days are coming, beings that were once human gathering to fight in one last great war for control of the Vellum - the vast realm of eternity on which our world is just a scratch. But to a draft-dodging Irish angel and a trailer-trash tomboy called Phreedom, it's about to become brutally clear that there's no great divine or diabolic plan at play here, just a vicious battle between the hawks of Heaven and Hell, with humanity stuck in the middle, and where the easy rhetoric of Good and Evil, Order versus Chaos just doesn't apply. Here there are no heroes, no darlings of destiny struggling to save the day, and there are no villains, no dark lords of evil out to destroy the world. Or at least if there are, it's not quite clear which is which. Here, the most ancient gods and the most modern humans are equally fate's fools, victims of their own hubris, struggling to save their own skins, their own souls, but sometimes . . . just sometimes . . . sacrificing everything in the name of humanity. "Vellum is a mind-blowing read that's genuinely like nothing you've ever read before. . . The imaginary worlds that he dreams up are stunning. . . Vellum has expanded fantasy's limits like nothing published in years." SFX


Author: Matt Rubenstein

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1849169713

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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In the crypt of an old church, a translator and linguist uncovers a vellum-bound, illuminated manuscript. Written in an unknown alphabet, Jack's not sure if his discovery is a hoax, a code, or even the only written record of a long-forgotten language, but he's determined to unlock the manuscript's secrets. Scribbled marginalia reveal he's not the first to try - his predecessors are shadowy figures, monks from furtive religious orders, cryptographers and alchemists. Seduced by the lure of the unknown, Jack is drawn ever deeper into the manuscript's labyrinthine past - to the crusades, to the great Library of Alexandria and perhaps even further back... But is each new turn in the labyrinth only taking him further from the truth? Intoxicated by his quest, Jack is lead into ever-darker territory. Nearing the heart of the mystery, he can feel sinister forces gathering and his life disintegrating. To save his life and his mind, he has no choice but to break the cipher and reveal the manuscript's ultimate truth...


Author: Matt Donovan

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780618822126

Category: Fiction

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Vellum, the exquisite debut collection from Matt Donovan, meditates on beauty, art, and the violence that is sometimes inherent in both. Here, he juxtaposes religious iconography with stories from history, biography, and personal narrative. In the poignant “Saint Catherine in an O,” a knife bears unlikely duality—an object stirring with danger and grace. “A man plays slide guitar / with his pocketknife, accompanying the words of his songs—/ one about light, the Lord moving on water . . . / how blood, he knows, will make him whole.” In other poems, he reflects upon master artists, who captured similar themes in their art though in different mediums. Brimming with poems that are quietly powerful, Vellum marks the arrival of a commanding new voice.

The Getting of Vellum

Author: Catherine Byron

Publisher: Salmon Publishing

ISBN: 9781903392096

Category: Poetry

Page: 59

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The `Getting of Vellum' is inspired by Byron's creative collaboration with Dublin-based artist and calligrapher Denis Brown. The cross-fertilization of his inscribed and distressed vellum pieces in his series, The Word, and Byron's poems about the sl

Vellum - Poems

Author: Chelsea Woodard

Publisher: Able Muse Press

ISBN: 1927409365

Category: Poetry

Page: 106

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Chelsea Woodard’s Vellum, a finalist for the 2013 Able Muse Book Award, propels the reader along new paths of discovery in the quotidian as in the mythical. Its scope is far-ranging: a flower press received as a gift in childhood, Tarot reading with a favorite aunt, unexpected reflections at a tattoo parlor, reminiscing about an old flame, the discovery of rare volumes at the local library, or auctioning off old toys on eBay. Woodward’s insights and sensibilities in the visual and performing arts are deftly realized in fine or broad strokes-as in “Coppélia,” “The Painter and the Color-blind,” “Degas’s Nudes,” or as in “Still Life,” which muses that “It’s difficult/ to give back life/ to what’s been cut off from the living.” Stories and scenes represented in popular artwork are reimagined in ekphrastics such as "Self Portrait as the Allegory of Painting." With excursions into the surreal, myth is made, lived or remade, as in “Philomela,” “Pegasus” and “The Feral Child.” This is an exquisite debut collection that rewards the mind and senses with its formal impetus and deft musicality, its precise and lively language, its emotional compass. PRAISE FOR VELLUM: In her stunning first collection, Vellum, Chelsea Woodard offers us poems whose lucidity of attention grounds an imaginative realism where narrative becomes speculation, witness becomes mystery, and the body a space where desire and dread complicate compassion’s summons to the social order. The honed music here thus reveals a deeper vulnerability. Such is its gift, the way in which poems might be rooted to the difficulty and heartbreak of the physical and yet apart, “their keel and gristle finally set/ into some deathless, disembodied flight.” An astonishing book. -Bruce Bond In addition to her emotional maturity, part of what makes these poems memorable is Woodard's obvious mastery of language, her flawless sentences, the surprising way those sentences function and "mean" within the lines, the lines within the forms. -Claudia Emerson (from the foreword) Not the least of the attractions of this gifted young poet's first book is the exquisite, searing precision of her language-the obsessively exact diction; the tropes that map with such stunning accuracy the emotional contours of her narratives; the gestural, almost tactile quality of her syntax-all of these talents focused sharply on what Howard Nemerov said was the singular, most difficult achievement of poetry: "getting something right in language." I predict for Chelsea Woodard a long and enviable career. -B.H. Fairchild

Elementary Instruction in The Art of Illuminating and Missal Painting on Vellum

A Guide to Modern Illuminators

Author: D. Laurent de Lara



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Example in this ebook beautiful "Art of Illuminating," which sprang up with the early dawn of Christianity, and attained its highest perfection in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, owes its total extinction to that powerful instrument of modern civilisation, the Printing Press. Whether it be the phlegmatic Dutch Coster, or the German Necromancer, Guttenberg, who was the first inventor of "moveable type," I know not; but it is quite certain that the "printing process" struck a fatal and decisive blow to "illuminated painting," the relics of which at present are carefully hoarded up in our Museums and Public Libraries, and are at once the living and imperishable oracles of the bygone ages of romance and chivalry, and form the glorious monuments of the known and unknown artists who created them! It is equally true, as well as curious, that to another mode of printing (chromo-lithography) the present century is indebted for the partial revival of this beautiful art, since the many publications from the lithographic press have engendered a corresponding taste with the public for its cultivation, which is daily increasing. That taste is now so manifest, and so general amongst the higher and middle classes, that it can no longer be considered as a mere "fashionable" pursuit, subject to the capricious ebb and flow of the tide of fashion, and again to be doomed to pass into oblivion. I believe a healthier motive is apparent in its cultivators; and the desire of re-instating it to the rank it once held amongst its sister arts is not unmixed with the holier emotions which a genuine religious feeling, arising from the daily contemplation of the divine truths of Holy Writ (as exhibited in the study of our finest missals), is capable of producing. In this respect, it presents itself to the devout mind of the novice as a labour of love, for the glorious poetry of the Bible offers such a singularly fertile source, to which the imagination and pencil may look for artistic inspiration. The seductiveness of the art, too, on which the meanest capacity can employ itself, is another incentive, which will cause many to venture on so pleasing an occupation. The interesting question then arises: What probable results are likely to follow from this general revival of an obsolete art? My answer is, "That modern civilisation will adapt it to our modern wants, and will gradually lay the foundation of forming a new school, identical with the nineteenth century." To attain this end, conscientious artists only can pave the road; they have it in their power to direct and guide the masses, and the public is sure to go with them. The Illuminating Art Union of London, in its annual expositions, invites artists to exhibit their productions, by which others less gifted may be incited to follow their example. True Genius, however exalted, does not feel itself above instructing others, as long as through the medium of its productions the very best interests of the art are likely to be promoted. Gradually, these productions will develop new ideas, new resources, and features of originality, in addition to the improvements which modern civilisation and modern appliances necessarily suggest. Already three prizes have been awarded for original designs of the "Beatitudes"; and, as a first essay of a young Society, they are eminently creditable. The highest in the land, and, perhaps, the humblest also, are its members and supporters; and however the effort to increase its strength and its popularity might have been thwarted, by the lukewarmness of those professedly the most interested in the art, we owe it a debt of profound gratitude, for the real good it has already achieved, and cheerfully join our wishes for its welfare and success in what it still hopes to accomplish. To be continue in this ebook

Manuscripts, Upon Papyrus, Vellum, and Paper, in Various Languages

A Catalogue of a Most Valuable Collection Recently Purchased ... Including Some Very Valuable ... Manuscripts ... Particularly Rich in History & Topography; Heraldry and County Visitations; Pedigrees and Family History, English and Foreign; Ancient Charters, Royal Grants, and Other Documents of Peculiar Intrest to the Antiquary and Historian

Author: Thorpe, Thomas, firm, booksellers, London

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Vellum: the Lost Poems of Slavery and Reconstruction

Author: Russell Sebring

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781366232274


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From 1936 to 1938, seventy plus years after the Civil War ended, more than 2,300 ex-slaves were interviewed and their memories of slavery recorded by The United States government. Today, these Works Progress Administration (WPA) Slave Narrative interviews are archived at The Library of Congress. Vellum: The Lost Poems of Slavery and Reconstruction is a collection of poetry and narratives unearthed from the WPA Slave Narrative collection. These moving poems weave these neglected and aging voices of slavery and reconstruction into the fabric of the American flag. Each poem is a heartfelt link to the original Slave Narratives, adding further to our understanding of what it means to be human and an American.