Urban Shaman

Author: Serge Kahili King

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781439188620

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 256

View: 5046

Now, even if you can't get out into the wilderness or undertake a long apprenticeship, you can learn to practice the art of shamanism. Uniquely suited for use in today's world, Hawaiian shamanism follows the way of the adventurer, which produces change through love and cooperation - in contrast to the widely known way of the warrior, which emphasizes solitary quests and conquest by power. Here, in the first practical guide to applying this ancient healing art to our modern lives, you'll learn how to: -Interpret and change your dreams -Heal yourself, your relationships, and the environment -Cast the shaman stones to foretell the future -Design and perform powerful rituals -Shapechange -Make vision quests to other realities

Urban Shaman

Author: C.E. Murphy

Publisher: LUNA

ISBN: 1426834004

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

View: 3027

Joanne Walker has three days to learn to use her shamanic powers and save the world from the unleashed Wild Hunt. No worries. No pressure. Never mind the lack of sleep, the perplexing new talent for healing herself from fatal wounds, or the cryptic, talking coyote who appears in her dreams. And if all that's not bad enough, in the three years Joanne's been a cop, she's never seen a dead body—but she's just come across her second in three days. It's been a bitch of a week. And it isn't over yet.

The Modern Urban Shaman: A Guide to the Transcendent Experience of Shamanic Mastery for 21st Century Healers

Author: Darren Maxwell

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 0980729513

Category: Social Science

Page: 60

View: 9243

Immerse yourself in the timeless Dreamtime creation story of 'Spirit Guide Flying Eagle' and the legend of 'Australia's Dream Time Alphabet'. Learn how to: 1.create your own personal divination tool and medicine bag 2.create a sacred space 3.conduct sacred shamanic ceremonies 4.create a daily spirit guide ritual 5.connect with spirit familiars, power totems and guides 6.undergo transformative journeys for healing and personal development 7.connect with spiritual ancestors and evolutionary descendants 8.use soul level divination as a devotional pathway for spiritual awakening and personal freedom

Urban Shaman

Author: Lyn Gala

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

ISBN: 161581423X

Category: Fiction

Page: 270

View: 8835

New York City cop Miguel Rassin's life is going downhill fast. He's got a spotty record from the Army, a one-night stand who won't go away, and a flock of reporters trying to crucify him for shooting a civilian waving a toy pistol. Now kids are turning up missing in the Bronx, and he's partnered with by-the-book Detective Rob Jackson, a man with problems of his own. Their first suspect is a local shaman, Nikolai Adelman, who is either the strangest holy man ever or a con working his own angle.

Skinwalker - Feindesland

Author: Faith Hunter


ISBN: 3802587170

Category: Fiction

Page: 448

View: 4967

Jane Yellowrock ist ein Skinwalker. Sie kann ihre Gestalt ändern und sich in jedes beliebige Geschöpf verwandeln - eine Fähigkeit, die ihr in ihrem Job als Vampirjägerin äußerst nützlich ist. Jane wird von der Vampirin Katherine Fontaneau angeheuert, die in New Orleans ein Bordell betreibt. Sie soll einen mächtigen Blutsauger jagen, der gegen die Gesetze der Unsterblichen verstoßen hat und Vampire und Menschen tötet. In New Orleans begegnet Jane dem attraktiven Biker Rick LaFleur, der eine merkwürdige Anziehungskraft auf sie ausübt. Doch Rick scheint seine eigenen, undurchsichtigen Ziele zu verfolgen. "Ein absolut fesselndes Buch voller vielschichtiger Figuren, einer interessanten Handlung und lebendigen Beschreibungen. Hunter nimmt den Leser von der ersten Seite an gefangen!" (SF Site) "Ein fantastischer Serienauftakt! Die originelle Verarbeitung indianischer Legenden und der Vampirmythologie macht Lust auf mehr!" (Love Vampires)

Maps to Ecstasy

The Healing Power of Movement

Author: Gabrielle Roth

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 1577313135

Category: Psychology

Page: 240

View: 8239

In this revised edition of Maps to Ecstasy, Gabrielle Roth expands on the themes that have guided her — ways of transforming daily life into sacred art. Her work in teaching movement has been described as a marriage of art and healing. Each chapter initiates readers into one of the five sacred powers necessary for survival and reveals the five life cycles that lead to enlightenment. The creative process brings readers in touch with these five sacred powers by freeing the body to experience the power of being, expressing the heart to experience the power of loving, emptying the mind to experience the power of seeing, and embodying the spirit to experience the power of healing.

Amazon Healer

The Life and Time of an Urban Shaman

Author: Marlene D. De Rios

Publisher: Prism Press


Category: History

Page: 180

View: 8570

Spirit World

A Diary of an Urban Shaman

Author: Raym Richards

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780957793569


Page: 144

View: 8778

This book contains first hand accounts of profound and life-changing interactions with the Spirit World experienced by ordinary people. Through these true stories Raym unlocks the secrets of the real but invisible spirit world that surrounds us. He shares insights, explanations and exercises that reveal the awesome power for good, that can be accessed by every one of us, through Crystal Dreaming¿, now.

Therapeutic Voicework

Principles and Practice for the Use of Singing as a Therapy

Author: Paul Newham

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9781853023613

Category: Psychology

Page: 588

View: 9582

Based on Paul Newham's experience as a voice therapist and on his work running a professional training course in the psychotherapeutic use of singing, this text explores both the theory and practice behind the use of voice and singing in expressive arts therapy.

Shaman Rises

Author: C.E. Murphy

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 146033017X

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 9828

Joanne Walker has two choices: Defeat the enemy…or lose her soul trying For over a year, Joanne has been fighting the Master—the world's most abiding evil entity. She's sacrificed family, friendships, even watched potential futures fade away…and now the Master is bringing the final battle to Joanne's beloved Seattle. Lives will be lost as the repercussions of all Joanne's final transformation into her full Shamanic abilities come to her doorstep. Before the end, she'll mourn, rejoice—and surrender everything for the hope of the world's survival. She'll be a warrior and a healer. Because she is finally a Shaman Rising. "The twists and turns will have readers shaking their heads while devouring the next page." —USA TODAY on Raven Calls


Traditional and Contemporary Approaches to the Mastery of Spirits and Healing

Author: Merete Demant Jakobsen

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 9781571819949

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 273

View: 3392

Shamanism has always been of great interest to anthropologists. More recently it has been "discovered" by westerners, especially New Age followers. This book breaks new ground byexamining pristine shamanism in Greenland, among people contacted late by Western missionaries and settlers. On the basis of material only available in Danish, and presented herein English for the first time, the author questions Mircea Eliade's well-known definition of the shaman as the master of ecstasy and suggests that his role has to be seen as that of a master of spirits. The ambivalent nature of the shaman and the spirit world in the tough Arctic environment is then contrasted with the more benign attitude to shamanism in the New Age movement. After presenting descriptions of their organizations and accounts by participants, the author critically analyses the role of neo-shamanic courses and concludes that it is doubtful to consider what isoffered as shamanism.

Der Stadt-Schamane

Ein Handbuch zur Transformation durch Huna, das Urwissen der hawaiianischen Schamanen

Author: Serge Kahili King

Publisher: Lüchow Verlag

ISBN: 3899014480

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 260

View: 9704

Obwohl Schamanismus eher an wilde Gegenden denken lässt, kann er auch in Städten und Metropolen angewendet werden. Serge Kahili King, der aus einer alten hawaiianischen Familie stammt, schildert in diesem Handbuch, wie Sie mit Huna sich selbst, Ihre Beziehungen und Ihre Umgebung heilen, kraftvolle Rituale durchführen und auf die Suche nach Visionen gehen können.

In drei Tagen bist du wieder tot

Ein magischer Thriller

Author: Kelly Meding

Publisher: Knaur eBook

ISBN: 3426559560

Category: Fiction

Page: 480

View: 8100

Ich kann mich nicht erinnern, wie es war, zum ersten Mal zu sterben. Dafür ist mir lebhaft im Gedächtnis, wie es sich anfühlte, zum zweiten Mal geboren zu werden. Und das war kein Spaß ... Nichts bringt Evangeline Stone so schnell aus der Ruhe, denn sie jagt Kobolde, Vampire und andere Geschöpfe, die eine Gefahr für die Menschheit sind. Doch dann stirbt sie bei einem Einsatz – und wacht in einem fremden Körper wieder auf. Was ist geschehen? Wer sind ihre dunklen Gegner, die schon bald versuchen, sie auch noch ein zweites Mal aus dem Weg zu räumen? Und warum bleiben ihr nur zweiundsiebzig Stunden, um das Geheimnis zu lüften? Ein atemloser Wettlauf mit der Zeit beginnt ... „Spannend und voller neuer Ideen – ein grandioses Lesevergnügen!“ Patrica Briggs

Urban Shamans Guide

A Yoga Therapy Workbook

Author: The Virtual Gypsy

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub

ISBN: 9781480102415

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 100

View: 5370

The Urban Shaman bridges the sacred and the mundane, remembering the ancient ways and connection to nature, while thriving in the midst of modernity. Written from the vantage point of an angelic alien otherworldly anthropologist, The Virtual Gypsy has concluded that people are living in a state of "pop-culture shock" - and offers ways of healing from it and thriving in it. The Virtual Gypsy is here to guide you through a real esoteric regimen of self help techniques, which can be taken like medicine. As if to be a series of prescriptions; these meditations, breathing exercises, yoga, art and style of literature are medicine to trigger what you already know!With room for your personal notes and findings, Urban Shamans Guide: Yoga Therapy Workbook is full of tangible step by step instructions for self-healing and personal empowerment. The final pages offer manifestation templates for further goal reaching practices.Urban Shamans Guide: Yoga Therapy Workbook is self-published as part of a multi-media project brought to you by The Virtual Gypsy. Your print copy contains an EXCLUSIVE PASSWORD to members only web-site content; videos, audio downloads and original music.

Magie im Blut


Author: Devon Monk

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 3641051509

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 4083

Eine Welt voller Magie und tödlicher Gefahr Allie Beckstrom hat ein besonderes Talent: Sie kann einen einmal ausgesprochenen Zauberspruch bis zu seinem Urheber zurück verfolgen. Als ein kleiner Junge durch einen Fluch in Lebensgefahr gerät, macht sich die junge Magierin auf die Suche nach dem Täter. Die Spur führt sie zu ihrem eigenen Vater, zu dem sie seit Jahren ein mehr als unterkühltes Verhältnis hat. Doch der streitet alles ab, und für Allie beginnt ein Wettlauf gegen die Zeit...

Kahuna Healing

Die Heilkunst der Hawaiianer

Author: Serge Kahili King

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783363030365


Page: 182

View: 1280