Trumpet Basics

A Method for Individual and Group Learning

Author: John Miller

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780571522866

Category: Music

Page: 64

View: 1775

Trumpet Basics is a landmark method by one of the leading figures in trumpet education. It starts at absolute beginner level and progresses to about elementary level. There are 20 stages, each section includes a wonderful variety of concert pieces from the great composers, traditional tunes and fun, original exercises, 'finger gyms' and 'warm ups' to help establish a sound technique, 'fact files' and 'quizzes' to teach notation and general musicianship, helpful, clear 'fingering charts' and 'rhythm boxes' and great illustrations. This Book/CD edition is the perfect resource as the CD contains all the accompaniments to all the pieces as well as providing additional parts for the duets and trios. It is most suitable for those wanting to teach themselves.

Trumpet Basics

Author: Martin Reuthner

Publisher: Mel Bay Publications

ISBN: 9783802406423

Category: Music

Page: 64

View: 7607

"Beginner course for trumpet players. Learn everything about the generation of sounds and playing the first notes, the proper breathing technique and basic music theory... The accompanying CD contains audio samples and piano accompaniment. It allows you to listen to the complete piece with trumpet and piano or to play along with the piano"--P. [4] of cover.

Trumpet For Dummies

Author: Jeffrey Reynolds

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470963494

Category: Music

Page: 384

View: 3713

How to get a good sound, read music, and master a variety of styles-including classical, pop, jazz, and Latin Listening to a trumpet trilla series of high notes during a military march or wail longingly during a blues rendition-is a pleasure second to none. And masters, including Wynton Marsalis and Louis Armstrong, have made the trumpet truly Gabriel's horn, one of the most eloquent voices in classical music and jazz. Yet even a virtuoso begins somewhere. This down-to-earth and user-friendly guide shows those new to the trumpet everything they need know to play the instrument-from basic technique (including getting a good sound), caring for a trumpet, and learning pieces from many musical genres. Demonstrates how to play classical, pop, jazz, and Latin-with audio samples on the enclosed CD-ROM Includes tips on how to buy or rent the best instrument An ideal guide for students just learning the trumpet, or students who need a little boost, or fans of the trumpet who've never got around to learning it, here is the complete guide to making one of the world's most popular-and beloved instruments-their own. Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

Progressive Beginner Trumpet

Author: Peter Gelling

Publisher: Koala Publications

ISBN: 9781864691221

Category: Music

Page: 60

View: 4256

This book, CD & DVD pack is a great introduction to the fundamentals of Trumpet playing and understanding music. Covers a variety of styles including Classical, Jazz, Blues, Pop and Rock, along with an introduction to improvising.

Play Trumpet Today!

A Complete Guide to the Basics

Author: Hal Leonard Corporation Staff

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

ISBN: 9780634033308

Category: Music

Page: 79

View: 968

Presents a self-teaching method of study for the trumpet that includes information on assembling and caring for the instrument, the parts of the trumpet, reading music notation and rhythms, and producing sounds, along with a variety of songs and exampleson the accompanying sound disc.

A Tune a Day for Flute

Author: Paul Herfurth,Paul Stuart

Publisher: Boston Music Company

ISBN: 0857129368

Category: Music

Page: 60

View: 4544

The complete instruction tutor for the flute. Takes you through the basic techniques and allows you to progress to an advanced stage of playing.

Trumpet Technique

Author: Frank Gabriel Campos

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0195166930

Category: Music

Page: 188

View: 934

A resource for performers, teachers and students seeking to develop the highest level of skill. The author, a trumpet professor and performer, applies the latest developments in physiology, psychology, learning theory and psychomotor research to brass technique and performance.

Learn To Play: Trumpet

Author: Frank Cappelli

Publisher: Eldorado Ink

ISBN: 1932904557


Page: 112

View: 5884

In this day and age, children and young adults need every advantage they can get from their education. At Eldorado Ink, we strive to establish our company as an exciting resource for nonfiction reference materials for sixth grade and beyond.

Drum Lessons

Teach Yourself How to Play Drums (Free Audio Available)

Author:,Craig Lauritsen


ISBN: 9825322381

Category: Music

Page: N.A

View: 4448

Teach yourself how to play drums with our easy drum lessons for beginners. ***Comes with online access to free audio demonstrating all examples. Hear how each one is played by a teacher, then play along.*** "BEST, MOST COMPLETE DRUM BOOK OUT THERE!!!! I love this drum book! It teaches you everything from playing notes to playing rock and roll beats on a drumset! I would recommend this to any drummer, on any level!" - A Customer [Amazon] Progressive Drum Method contains all you need to know to start learning to be a great drummer - in one easy-to-follow, lesson-by-lesson drum tutorial. Suitable for all ages and all types of drums. No prior knowledge of how to read music or playing the drums is required to teach yourself to learn to play drums from this book. Teach yourself: • How to play using all the drums and cymbals over the entire drum kit • How to play drum beats used in popular drum grooves • How to play basic drum rhythms for beginners • All the fundamental drum rudiments and drum techniques including playing accents, ghost notes, paradiddles, fills and rolls • Drum theory for learning how to read drum music for beginners • Drum tips and drum tricks that every player should know when learning drums • Shortcuts for how to learn drums fast by getting the most from drum practice sessions Contains everything you need to know to learn to play the drums today. Features include: • Progressive step-by-step easy beginners drum lessons written by a professional drum teacher • Full color photos and diagrams • Easy-to-read drum music for beginners • 287 drum exercises, drum rhythms, drum beats and drum fills for playing drum solos used in rock drumming, heavy metal drumming, funk drumming, reggae drumming, jazz drumming, hip-hop drumming and blues drumming Beginner drum lessons have never been this easy for anyone who wants to learn how to play the drums, fast.'s drum lessons for beginners are used by students and drum teachers worldwide to learn how to play the drums. For over 30 years, our team of professional authors, composers and musicians have crafted drum lesson books that are a cut above the rest. We offer a huge selection of music instruction books that cover many different instruments and styles in print, eBook and app formats. Awarded the 'Quality Excellence Design' (QED) seal of approval for eBook innovation, continues to set the standard for quality music education resources.

Basics in Rhythm

Author: Garwood Whaley

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

ISBN: 1574632361

Category: Music

Page: 48

View: 1512

(Meredith Music Resource). A collection of short, graduated studies for teaching or learning to read rhythms. Exercises cover all fundamental rhythms, meters, and mixed meters. Ideal as a supplement or primary reading method. Useful for any instrument or voice.

All about Trumpet

A Fun and Simple Guide to Playing Trumpet

Author: Jonathan Harnum

Publisher: Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation

ISBN: 9781423422426

Category: Music

Page: 169

View: 8090

(Trumpet Instruction). If you wish there were a fun and engaging way to motivate you in your trumpet-playing quest, then you've found it All About Trumpet is for you! Whether you want to learn about reading music, playing in a band, finding the right instrument, or all of the above, this enjoyable guide will help you finally start playing your favorite songs in many different styles. Includes interesting tidbits on trumpet gear, care and maintenance, and other fun stuff about the trumpet. The CD contains song demos and practice exercises. Features hits from the Beatles; Blood, Sweat & Tears; Miles Davis; Tito Puente; Coldplay; J.S. Bach; and more!


A Novel

Author: Jackie Kay

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0307560813

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 9377

"Supremely humane.... Kay leaves us with a broad landscape of sweet tolerance and familial love." —The New York Times Book Review In her starkly beautiful and wholly unexpected tale, Jackie Kay delves into the most intimate workings of the human heart and mind and offers a triumphant tale of loving deception and lasting devotion. The death of legendary jazz trumpeter Joss Moody exposes an extraordinary secret, one that enrages his adopted son, Colman, leading him to collude with a tabloid journalist. Besieged by the press, his widow Millie flees to a remote Scottish village, where she seeks solace in memories of their marriage. The reminiscences of those who knew Joss Moody render a moving portrait of a shared life founded on an intricate lie, one that preserved a rare, unconditional love.

Play Trumpet Today!

A Complete Guide to the Basics : Level One

Author: Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation

Publisher: Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation

ISBN: 9780634053009

Category: Music

Page: 48

View: 4999

(Play Today Instructional Series). The ultimate self-teaching method designed to offer quality instruction, terrific songs, a professional-quality CD with 73 full-demo tracks, and a 25-minute DVD. This series can be used by students of all ages who want to teach themselves, or by teachers for private or group instruction. Simply follow the tips and lessons in the book as you listen to the teacher on the CD or watch the DVD. This great package is a complete guide to the basics, including: how to assemble and care for your instrument, producing a sound, reading music notation and rhythms, fingering chart, glossary of musical terms, and more! The music included lets you play the songs with a professional backup band so learning and practicing are cooler than ever!

A New Tune a Day for Trumpet

Author: Brian Thomson

Publisher: Music Sales Amer

ISBN: 9780825682094

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 64

View: 2184

Now, for the first time, C. Paul Herfurth's original books have been completely rewritten with new music and the latest in instrument technique for a new generation of musicians. A New Tune A Day books have the same logical, gentle pace, and keen attention to detail, but with a host of innovations.

The Art of Jazz Trumpet

Author: John McNeil

Publisher: Music Sales Amer

ISBN: 9780962846762

Category: Music

Page: 96

View: 1658

(Music Sales America). A comprehensive study of modern jazz trumpet playing by renowned jazz musician John McNeil. Contains a personal history of jazz trumpet, articulation, valve technique, and alternate fingerings. This complete edition combines and updates the earlier works and includes a CD as a practice aid.

Maximizing Practice

A Daly Practice Routine for Developing Trumpet Skills

Author: Mark Van Cleave

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781544657905


Page: 56

View: 6338

The physical demands for trumpet players have evolved so quickly in the last forty years, that trumpet players have not been able to keep up. The range and endurance required to perform today's music has turned playing the trumpet into an athletic event. Trumpet players need to address these physical demands in the same systematic and focused approach as athletes. Understanding the physical skills needed to play the trumpet correctly can be a frustrating search for answers. In my own search for these answers, I have studied with, and picked the brains of some great trumpet teachers and players. Some of these teachers are: Jerry Franks, Dominic Spera, Bill Adam, Claude Gordon, Jerome Callet, Don Jacoby, and Max Greer. My books: Maximizing Practice Volume 1: A Daily Practice Routine for Developing Trumpet Skills and Maximizing Practice Volume 2: Developing Trumpet Range, Power, and Endurance are a combination of information on how the trumpet "machine" works, and exercises that are focused on individual skills. The exercises in these methods are designed to change and improve your "machine." (In order for your "machine" to improve, it has to change). The exercises are focused in order to maximize results. There are many books with great exercises you can play, but how you practice them will determine your improvement. (A great exercise practiced wrong will not help you). These methods and way of thinking about trumpet practice have been of great help to me and to my students, and I sincerely hope that you will benefit from the information in these books.

Buzz to Brilliance

A Beginning and Intermediate Guide to Trumpet Playing

Author: Adrian D. Griffin,Elise Winters-Huete

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 0195395972

Category: Music

Page: 287

View: 2462

Contains practical tips for buying a new trumpet, selecting a mouthpiece, creating a practice schedule, adjusting to braces, and participating in a school marching band, with practice skills, sight-reading, and technique-building exercises.

Learn as You Play Trumpet & Cornet

Author: Peter Wastall

Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes Incorporated

ISBN: 9780851620633

Category: Cornet

Page: 64

View: 7661

The best selling woodwind and brass tutor series. Learn As You Play provides everything you need from the first lesson up to grade three. A well structured course of exercises, studies and pieces ensures a good grounding in technique and musicianship.

Abracadabra Trumpet

The Way to Learn Through Songs and Tunes

Author: Alan Tomlinson

Publisher: A & C Black

ISBN: 9781408194423

Category: Trumpet

Page: 64

View: 6657

A new edition of this popular trumpet tutor, ideal for home practice. It has a bright new cover giving it a fresh and contemporary new look, and is the perfect book for pupil and teacher. This tutor book is carefully graded to take the student from the earliest stages to competence, and includes includes duets, trios and teacher's parts for tunes that children will know and want to play. Abracadabra Trumpet offers a ride range of repertoire pieces which can be used for group or whole class lessons. Used alone, they remain ideal for individual tuition.