Author: Dalston Harrison Jr.

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1514419254

Category: Poetry

Page: 98

View: 8106

As I write this 1st novel, I am highly motivated to be able to continue my writing which I do very well and I am writing this novel based on my life experiences and my relationships with women because I want to be able to remember the good, the happy, the sad and the bad with all my relationships. Most of all I want people to relate to my experiences and learn from my experiences so that they won’t make the same mistakes in their relationships and be able to motivate them to do whatever it takes to make it work.

Magic Mines

The Treasure of Love

Author: Mandeep Singh Lotta

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1524632864

Category: Poetry

Page: 68

View: 428

The poems contained in this book are meant to promote love and concern for one another. As gregarious beings, it is necessary for us to interact through poems, music, sports, as well as share knowledge and other social activities.

Treasure of Love

Author: Scotty Cade

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

ISBN: 1615819452

Category: Fiction

Page: 214

View: 7988

Hunky Alaskan dive master and charter boat captain Jackson Cameron is absolutely sure he's straight until openly gay treasure hunter Dax Powers calls him and offers him the adventure of a lifetime: Dax and his sister Donatella have found the Anna Wyoming, a ship that went down during the 1889 gold rush on return from Skagway Island-very possibly carrying a fortune in gold. But real treasure is never free, and this one comes with some heavily armed strings attached. Jack and Dax struggle to keep their small crew safe from a powerful threat while they fight against the attraction they feel for each other. Between the danger of the hunt, the risks in the dive, and the thrill of being lost in passion, Dax and Jack are going to have a hard time holding on to their treasure... and to each other

Love and Treasure

Author: Ayelet Waldman

Publisher: Anchor Books

ISBN: 0307739570

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 8853

A tale inspired by the World War II Hungarian Gold Train follows the 1945 American capture of a locomotive filled with riches and the efforts of a Jewish-American lieutenant's granddaughter to track down a mysterious woman 70 years later. By the author of Red Hook Road. 60,000 first printing.

His Treasure

Gems of Love from Your King

Author: Sheri Rose Shepherd

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

ISBN: 1414388764

Category: Religion

Page: 192

View: 2787

If you have ever struggled to find a way to connect your heart to your heavenly Father, His Treasure is the book for you. In the tradition of Sheri Rose Shepherd’s bestselling His Princess series (with over one million in print) comes this book of beautiful “love letters” from God that will remind you of your priceless worth in Christ. Each scriptural love letter is written in language that speaks to the heart of every woman. You’ll discover treasures of truth, real love, and wisdom from God’s Word. Get ready for an amazing encounter with your King!

In Remembrance of Love

Author: Rosalinda Neria


ISBN: 138734109X

Category: Religion

Page: 420

View: 8090

""My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior."" Luke 1:46 & 47 We live in a world where life often seems to have rhyme or reason. There is so much discord, hatred and confusion. With this lack of harmony, we may ask ourselves, "Where is the Lord our Divine Composer?" Then, above all the chaos in the stillness of your heart, there are words so loud you need to listen; there may even be a desire to write them down. It is not the volume I describe, but the intensity of awareness that comes with God's "still small voice" which billows, "You are not alone." His Voice is incomparable, for it permeates with His Love. God's Love like a mighty wave saturating your soul, like a rolling flame consuming your heart. And to His Love we all must respond...

The Key to My Heart

Your Friendship Opens Treasures of Love

Author: Gay Talbott Boassy

Publisher: Harvest House Pub

ISBN: 9780736900980

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 48

View: 4086

The nostalgic artwork of Gay Talbott Boassy is featured alongside uplifting quotes about the blessings of friendship. Pass on this treasure to the friends who hold the key to your heart.

Love Amid the Ashes ( Book #1)

A Novel

Author: Mesu Andrews

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 1441214828

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

View: 7825

Readers often think of Job sitting on the ash heap, his life in shambles. But how did he get there? What was Job's life like before tragedy struck? What did he think as his world came crashing down around him? And what was life like after God restored his wealth, health, and family? Through painstaking research and a writer's creative mind, Mesu Andrews weaves an emotional and stirring account of this well-known story told through the eyes of the women who loved him. Drawing together the account of Job with those of Esau's tribe and Jacob's daughter Dinah, Love Amid the Ashes breathes life, romance, and passion into the classic biblical story of suffering and steadfast faith.

Treasure of Khan

Author: Clive Cussler,Dirk Cussler

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101206355

Category: Fiction

Page: 624

View: 8099

Oceanic explorers Dirk Pitt and Al Giordino find intrigue, adventure, and peril while collecting clues to the mysterious treasure of Xanadu, the famed capital of Kublai Khan’s empire. When Dirk Pitt is nearly killed rescuing an oil survey team from a freak wave on Russia’s Lake Baikal, it appears a simple act of nature. But when the survey team is abducted and Pitt’s research vessel nearly sunk, it becomes clear this is no run of bad luck, but the influence of something, or someone, more sinister. In fact, Pitt and the NUMA crew have inadvertently stepped between a Mongolian tycoon and his plans to corner the global oil market, beginning with covert negotiations in China. To ensure the deal goes through, this mysterious businessman will encourage ever-escalating acts of sabotage and violence. Pitt and Giordino soon learn the magnate’s fury and his power both stem from the same source: a dark secret about Genghis Khan, the greatest conqueror the world has ever known. To Pitt and Giordino the famed Khan’s empire is nearly the stuff of legend and his tomb a forgotten mystery. But the Khan’s legacy is very real. And it’s the treasure of his grandson Kublai Khan that holds the key to stopping this modern-day oil baron from restoring the conquests of his ancestors. That is, if Pitt and Giordino get there first.... From the Paperback edition.

Heart of the Living God

Love, Free Will, Foreknowledge, and Heaven / A Theology on the Treasure of Love

Author: Michael G. Maness

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1418400254

Category: Religion

Page: 728

View: 3065

Maness asks us to “tie up our sneakers, for we are going to have some fun as we hike into the Grand Canyon of Love. Love is the treasure of life. It is Love all the way. Nothing else really matters outside of Love. Best of all, our Love will only get better in heaven.” The treasured ability to have loving relationships is God’s gift to us in our Imago Dei—the image of God we all share. Likewise, what we know of Love this side of heaven is but a dusty image of what God experiences. “I want to get personally involved,” says Maness. “Can we have a free-will relationship with anyone, even God, if all of what we do and think is settled? I don’t think so. Love is greater than that, and I shall prove that, and that is indeed a Grand Canyon.” Manes brings some of the brain-splitting complexities of this to light with good humor, introduces dynamic foreknowledge, and challenges Classical Theism’s avoidance of Love. And he exposes some foul play in the process. That’s the first half of the book. For those wanting to strike out on their own (wanting to see more of the depth and diversity of the Grand Canyon), the second half contains reviews of about 60 major authors, a 4,000+ Abysmal Bibliography, and a huge index to just about everything in the book. Maness has thrown a gauntlet before the Classical Theists. So ... tie up your sneakers and take a hike with Michael G. Maness as he walks with you into the Grand Canyon. see more at

The Treasure of the Word

Commentary on Biblical Readings for Sundays, Feast Days, and Solemnities, Cycle A

Author: Isidore Okwudili Igwegbe

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1491767936

Category: Religion

Page: 308

View: 8481

The Treasure of the Word: Commentary on Biblical Readings for Sundays, Feast Days, and Solemnities, Cycle A presents concise and incisive reflections on the treasures one may excavate from the rich veins embedded in the lectionarys readings from the Word of God. Rev. Fr Isidore Okwudili Igwegbe, drawing upon his own prayerful reflection, his encounters with the readings in the company of parishioners, and his extensive ministerial experience, offers these writings to encourage individuals prayerful encounters with the Scriptures. Following the tradition and practices of the Catholic Church, The Treasure of the Word groups the commentaries into three sections: Sundays, feast days, and solemnities. In addition, the work reflects upon the lectionarys readings for the occasions of weddings and funerals. The Treasure of the Word intends to foster a life-changing encounter with the God to whose work the Scriptures give witness. As the Most Rev. Dr Gregory O. Ochiagha notes in his foreword, These reflections are really a challenge to authentic living in Christ. Whether your vocation is to the priesthood, religious life, or as a member of the laity, The Treasure of the Word will offer you prayerful, inspired, and wise guidance for digging into the Scriptures and discovering its wealth of support for living faithfully.

In The Light Of The Truth

The True Words Of God, There Is No Other!

Author: Rondale O'Keefe McIntosh

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1456894218

Category: Religion

Page: 54

View: 6599

Have you ever asked yourself “Do God really exists? Who is God? What’s the meaning of life? What is real love? Or will I see my love ones in the afterlife? “then this is the book you need to read in order to understand the truth about the questions that has puzzled the minds of geniuses since the beginning of time. In this small book you will get a clear understanding of how to obtain a life of peace, love, and happiness, and how to live beyond this stage called death. These are the forbidden words of Truth, and the unspoken Wisdom of the king creator. This is the power that the devil does not want you to understand, and that is the power of Love.

Enlighten Your Life With Love & Passion! (Generate your hidden energy….. Generate your inner power)

Teaches you about life,love,hopes,success,happiness,self-esteem,self-believe,self-confidence & self-realizations.

Author: Birister Sharma

Publisher: Birister Sharma


Category: Self-Help

Page: 46

View: 4456

There are many things happen in life. Sometimes ups and sometimes downs. Sometimes it brings you smile. Sometimes it brings you tears. But life goes on. You’ve to move on while accepting everything. Because whatever going to happen is always happen. Nobody can’t stop it. But one thing you can do. That is you can Enlighten Your Life with Love & Passion! Generate your hidden energy….. Generate your inner power……. Highlights of the book: ‘If you want to enlighten yourself, then this book is right for you….. ‘If you want to inspire and motivate yourself, then this book is right choice for you…….’ * This book is simple and very useful for all. * This book helps you to guide yourself. * This book inspires and motivates you. * This book enlightens your inner-self. * This book will act as your mentor. * This book is full of morals, wisdoms, thoughts and philosophies. …..***….. Extract from the book: Love is like a flower That only blooms in our pure heart. Its every color is the perspective of seven colors That brings a smile of love on the face of every living being. Its every drops of fragrance is the magical potion That quenches the thirst of all living being. Love is a flower that only blooms in the heart of pure soul. Whenever it blooms in our heart, It makes us divine, And leads us to the path of heaven. With the garland of love, We can worship. With the bond of love, We can please our heavenly Lordship. It makes our heart pious. It makes our life precious. Our life becomes beautiful. World becomes wonderful. Everything becomes awesome. Everything starts blossom. .....***..... Contents of book: 1. Power of Love 2. Different colors of life 3. Sow a seeds of love 4. Love is like a flower 5. Make Your Life Pure 6. Our life is bonded with relation 7. Love is Prayer 8. God has given us one Heart 9. A life without love is worthless 10. Make your life a land of wonderland 11. Good is like Gold 12. A Lesson from the Sun 13. Lets sing a song of Love 14. Heavenly Taste 15. Love is a part of our life 16. Love is a word of life 17. Love is the mother of everything 18. The Birds of Love 19. Love blooms everywhere 20. A song of love 21. Love is Music 22. Someone is always around you 23. Good things never hide 24. Live your life every moment 25. Every moment is yours 26. You have to solve this mystery 27. Give your test! 28. Accept anything that comes in your way 29. Face with a smile 30. You’re the only one 31. Keep your self-respect 32. Go ahead! 33. Never look back! 34. Stand on your place 35. Don’t kill your pride! 36. Yours treasure island 37. Life is full of twist 38. Your hard work 39. Exert your horse power 40. Life is a valuable gift 41. Till the end 42. Life is not a tragedy 43. Nothing to fear 44. Hope is the only way 45. No matter if you’re late 46. Life is like a gamble 47. Your birth right 48. Burn your heart’s oil 49. Never quit! 50. For a long age 51. Life is beautiful


love conquers all fears

Author: Vikram Sethi

Publisher: Vikram Sethi



Page: 219

View: 8938

DISCOVER THE MOST PASSIONATE, MOST LOVICIOUS, MOST SEXICIOUS YET THE MOST SACRED 'LOVE STORY' OF AN EVERLASTING SEASON CALLED 'LOVE'! ENJOIN 'KAVI N SARA' ON THEIR EROTICALLY ROMANTIC TRIP! GET ON THE 'LOVE WHEELS' WITH INDIA'S FIRST N ONLY 'COSMIC LOVE STORY' CALLED "LOVE ENDEAVORS" Synopsis:Unwrap the 'Torrid Love Affair' of 'Astrologically Incompatible Couple, struggling against the destiny! An eternal love story, trapped in the clutches of astrology and religion, uncovering how their ghastly destiny enforce them to split up pathetically, landing them into heartrending 'state of affairs' besides phenomenal love amid them. One after another obstruction mops up their life cataclysmically, eventually dragging them into a woeful plight!!! But every dark night comes with a resplendent dawn! For every dark night, there's a brighter day! While facing the glooming challenges, we often do forget that Sun is always shining above the clouds... And as it appears, our life becomes shining like the gold! Similarly, The sun of 'Cosmic Grace' manifests enigmatically,transforming their lives miraculously just in a jiffy and give them the quickest redemption from their sinister, cursed and wretched life like never heard, like never seen before!!!

Would You Lie to Save a Life

Love Will Find a Way Home

Author: Michael Glenn Maness

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1418478202

Category: Education

Page: 432

View: 2081

Would You Lie to Save a Life? Love Will Find a Way Home: A Theology on the Ethics of Love In 1968, Commander Lloyd Bucher and the USS Pueblo were pirated on the high seas. They were held captive for 11 months, and Bucher was forced to sign a confession – forced to lie to save the lives of his men. How does Love impact that decsion in a Christian theology? Love makes the world go round. Without Love, little else has value this side of heaven. In this dilemma between Love and Truth, Love was chosen over Truth, but not at the expense of all Truth. Between the deontological and teleological elements, time itself comes into play in the determination of the absolute "rightness" of the choice in perfect Love. How is as capable as Jesus was and is today? The course of Love is a sacred "stewardship of time" that is the highest exhibition of the Christian’s own Imago Dei or image of God granted to us in creation. When we are able to follow the Scarlet Thread of obedience perfectly, it will lead straight through all of (1) the areas of complexity, uniting (2) all of the demands of all of the absolutes and run dead center between (3) all of the ethical fine lines. These three areas are detailed specifically.


The Battle over the Stolen Treasures of the Ancient World

Author: Sharon Waxman

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 1429960434

Category: Art

Page: 432

View: 2699

A journey across four continents to the heart of the conflict over who should own the great works of ancient art Why are the Elgin Marbles in London and not on the Acropolis? Why do there seem to be as many mummies in France as there are in Egypt? Why are so many Etruscan masterworks in America? For the past two centuries, the West has been plundering the treasures of the ancient world to fill its great museums, but in recent years, the countries where ancient civilizations originated have begun to push back, taking museums to court, prosecuting curators, and threatening to force the return of these priceless objects. Where do these treasures rightly belong? Sharon Waxman, a former culture reporter for The New York Times and a longtime foreign correspondent, brings us inside this high-stakes conflict, examining the implications for the preservation of the objects themselves and for how we understand our shared cultural heritage. Her journey takes readers from the great cities of Europe and America to Egypt, Turkey, Greece, and Italy, as these countries face down the Louvre, the Metropolitan Museum, the British Museum, and the J. Paul Getty Museum. She also introduces a cast of determined and implacable characters whose battles may strip these museums of some of their most cherished treasures. For readers who are fascinated by antiquity, who love to frequent museums, and who believe in the value of cultural exchange, Loot opens a new window on an enduring conflict.