Die späte Reue des Jack Wiseman


Author: Ayelet Waldman

Publisher: Paul Zsolnay Verlag

ISBN: 3552057560

Category: Fiction

Page: 480

View: 8516

Am Sterbebett bittet der ehemalige GI Jack Wiseman seine Enkelin Natalie, ein Amulett, das er im Mai 1945 aus dem legendären „Goldzug“ mitgenommen hatte, den rechtmäßigen Erben zurückzugeben. Als US-Soldat im Zweiten Weltkrieg war er beauftragt worden, Dutzende in Salzburg sichergestellte Waggons – voller geraubten Eigentums ermordeter Juden aus Ungarn – zu bewachen. Und er hatte sich in Ilona verliebt, eine junge Überlebende des Nationalsozialismus, die im Hotel Europa gestrandet war. Mit detektivischem Scharfsinn verfolgt nun Natalie gemeinsam mit einem New Yorker Kunsthändler die Spur des Schmuckstücks. Dabei stößt sie auf eine außergewöhnliche Geschichte.

Magic Mines

The Treasure of Love

Author: Mandeep Singh Lotta

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1524632864

Category: Poetry

Page: 68

View: 4295

The poems contained in this book are meant to promote love and concern for one another. As gregarious beings, it is necessary for us to interact through poems, music, sports, as well as share knowledge and other social activities.


Author: Dalston Harrison Jr.

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1514419254

Category: Poetry

Page: 98

View: 6565

As I write this 1st novel, I am highly motivated to be able to continue my writing which I do very well and I am writing this novel based on my life experiences and my relationships with women because I want to be able to remember the good, the happy, the sad and the bad with all my relationships. Most of all I want people to relate to my experiences and learn from my experiences so that they won’t make the same mistakes in their relationships and be able to motivate them to do whatever it takes to make it work.

His Treasure

Gems of Love from Your King

Author: Sheri Rose Shepherd

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

ISBN: 1414388764

Category: Religion

Page: 192

View: 9017

If you have ever struggled to find a way to connect your heart to your heavenly Father, His Treasure is the book for you. In the tradition of Sheri Rose Shepherd’s bestselling His Princess series (with over one million in print) comes this book of beautiful “love letters” from God that will remind you of your priceless worth in Christ. Each scriptural love letter is written in language that speaks to the heart of every woman. You’ll discover treasures of truth, real love, and wisdom from God’s Word. Get ready for an amazing encounter with your King!

Sweet on You

A Pocket Treasure Book of Love

Author: Bridget Lowe

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN: 9780740762888

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 32

View: 1137

Pocket Treasure Books are gift books with flair! Each one has a little gift tucked into the front pocket and has unique embellishments, including hangtags, embossing, or glitter. To protect the gift and embellishments, an acrylic sleeve fits snugly over the entire front cover. Sweet on You is the just-right gift for Valentine's Day. Celebrating all the sweet things about your sweetheart-her thoughtfulness, cheer, and, of course, loving nature-this Pocket Treasure will let her know that someone is thinking of all her unique qualities on this special day and for many days to come. The charming handmade heart takeaway will be a lasting keepsake of your love and one that will always remind her why she's your sweetie.

The Key to My Heart

Your Friendship Opens Treasures of Love

Author: Gay Talbott Boassy

Publisher: Harvest House Pub

ISBN: 9780736900980

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 48

View: 6265

The nostalgic artwork of Gay Talbott Boassy is featured alongside uplifting quotes about the blessings of friendship. Pass on this treasure to the friends who hold the key to your heart.

Love's Sacred Song (Treasures of His Love Book #2)

A Novel

Author: Mesu Andrews

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 1441235930

Category: Fiction

Page: 448

View: 8827

Standing in the massive shadow of his famous father, young king Solomon wavers between fear and bravado, wisdom and folly. In the uncertain world of alliances and treachery, Solomon longs for peace and a love that is true and pure--a love that can be his cornerstone. A shepherdess in the northern city of Shunem, Arielah remembers the first time she laid eyes on Solomon in Jerusalem when she was just seven years old. Since then she has known that it was her destiny to become his bride. When her father, a leader of their tribe, secures a promise from King Solomon to marry Arielah as a treaty bride to help unite the kingdom, it seems her dreams may come true. But how can this simple shepherdess live as part of Solomon's harem? Can Solomon set aside his distractions to give himself completely to just one woman? Or will he let duty, deception, and the daily routine divide his heart? Mesu Andrews expertly weaves the words of the Song of Solomon into this touching story of the power of love. Readers will be transported from the glowing fields of Shunem to the gleaming city of Jerusalem as they experience this rich and textured novel from a master storyteller.

In Search of Love’s Treasure

Author: Rachel C. Brady

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1973644460

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 108

View: 3297

Rachel C. Brady has faced many struggles during her life. In In Search of Love’s Treasures, she shares her testimony and her inspiring life story. Her narrative begins in her early childhood where she was raised with a mixed identity. She recalls difficult times with her family, particularly her mother, and journeys through adulthood, revealing both the challenges she faced and blessings she received. Brady discusses the perils of sin and her experience of finding Christ, as well as an array of adventures—hitchhiking across the United States and traveling to Third World countries with little to no money to share Christ. With Bible verses included to support the message and reader-directed questions, In Search of Love’s Treasures focuses on forgiveness as an expression of God’s love. It gives insight into Brady’s life, offering a vivid depiction of times gone by, a candid account of the trials she has overcome, and how she developed her deep faith in God.

The Ugly Wife Is a Treasure at Home

True Stories of Love and Marriage in Communist China

Author: Melissa Margaret Schneider

Publisher: Potomac Books, Inc.

ISBN: 1612346944

Category: History

Page: 288

View: 6794

"The ugly wife is a treasure at home" is not just an idle expression in China. For centuries, Chinese marriage involved matchmakers, child brides, dowries, and concubines, until the People's Republic of China was established by Mao Zedong and his Communist Party in 1949. Initially encouraging citizens to reject traditional arranged marriages and instead wed for love, the party soon spurned "the sin of putting love first," fearful that romantic love would distract good Communists from selflessly carrying out the State's agenda. Under Mao the party established the power to approve or reject proposed marriages, dictate where couples would live, and even determine if spouses would live together. By the 1960s and 1970s romantic love became a counterrevolutionary act punishable by "struggle sessions" or even imprisonment. The importance of Chinese sons, however, did not wane during Mao's thirty-year regime. As such, in a world where nobody spoke of love, 99 percent of young women still married. The Ugly Wife Is a Treasure at Home draws the reader into the world of love in Communist China through the personal memories of those who endured the Cultural Revolution and the generations that followed. This collection of intimate and remarkable stories gives readers a rare view of Chinese history, social customs, and Communism from the perspective of today's ordinary citizens.

In The Light Of The Truth

The True Words Of God, There Is No Other!

Author: Rondale O'Keefe McIntosh

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1456894218

Category: Religion

Page: 54

View: 1177

Have you ever asked yourself “Do God really exists? Who is God? What’s the meaning of life? What is real love? Or will I see my love ones in the afterlife? “then this is the book you need to read in order to understand the truth about the questions that has puzzled the minds of geniuses since the beginning of time. In this small book you will get a clear understanding of how to obtain a life of peace, love, and happiness, and how to live beyond this stage called death. These are the forbidden words of Truth, and the unspoken Wisdom of the king creator. This is the power that the devil does not want you to understand, and that is the power of Love.

Love and Treasure

Author: Ayelet Waldman

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1444763121

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 8443

'AN AMBITIOUS, PERCEPTIVE NOVEL' GUARDIAN 'A WONDERFULLY IMAGINATIVE WRITER' WASHINGTON POST A fugitive train loaded with the plunder of a doomed people. A dazzling jewelled pendant in the form of a stylized peacock. And three men - an American infantry captain in World War II, an Israeli-born dealer in art stolen by the Nazis, and a pioneering psychiatrist in fin-de-siecle Budapest - who find their carefully-wrought lives turned upside-down by three fierce women, each locked in a struggle against her own history and the history of our times. And at the centre of Love and Treasure, nested like a photograph hidden in a locket, a mystery: where does the worth of a people and its treasures truly lie? What is the value of a gift, when giver and recipient have been lost - of a love offering when the beloved is no more? In an intricately constructed narrative that is by turns funny and tragic, thrilling and harrowing, with all the expertise and narrative drive that readers have come to expect from her work, Waldman traces the unlikely journey, from 1914 Budapest to post-war Salzburg to present-day New York, of the peacock pendant whose significance changes - token of friendship, love-offering, unlucky talisman - with the changes of fortune undergone by her characters as they find themselves caught up in the ebb and flow of modern European history. Spanning continents and a hundred years of turbulent history, encompassing war and revolution, the history of art, feminism and psychoanalysis, depicting the range of human feeling from the darkness of a shattered Europe to the ordinary heartbreaks of a contemporary New York woman, Love and Treasure marks the full maturity of a remarkable writer.

Treasure of Words

Author: Adegboyega Omoloja

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465373268

Category: Poetry

Page: 105

View: 2285

The poems in this book dont necessarily follow rules of conventional poetry and most of them were written based on personal experiences and observation. I have been documenting my musings for about 20 years now and began collating them after people advised that I publish them. I fi nally listened to them and had to overcome the fear of failure and of success. It was very diffi cult believing them at fi rst, so here they are. Are they any good? Ill leave you to be the judge. Life is what we make of it. Those who doubt us, arm us with reasons to prove them wrong.

From Every Angle

Author: CSS Publishing Company

Publisher: CSS Publishing

ISBN: 0788017683

Category: Religion

Page: 248

View: 7006

The complete anthology of resources for year-round planning and execution of a successful stewardship campaign comes shrink-wrapped and already hole-punched -- all you need to do is insert it in a binder. It's a wide-ranging compendium that includes all of the following: -- Nineteen outstanding stewardship sermons from preachers of many denominations. -- Eleven lively, captivating children's object lessons examining stewardship through the concepts of Action, Direction, Earth, Home, Inheritance, Portion, Responsibility, Steward, Sacrifice, Treasure, and Willing. (The first letters form an anagram of stewardship.) -- Temple Talks, brief sketches that provide a lighthearted, non-threatening way to subtly remind congregations of the purpose of stewardship. -- Three insightful dramas that are perfect for getting stewardship callers off to an enthusiastic start before they make their contacts. -- A gold mine of quips, quotes, stories, and pithy sayings about stewardship that are great for use in newsletters, on bulletin boards, or as illustrations in sermons and speeches. -- Twelve monthly agendas with detailed plans that will help stewardship committees systematically develop new leadership and increase participation in and financial support for church programs. -- A detailed handbook for leading a successful stewardship campaign through advance planning and eager congregational support. Especially effective for smaller and medium-sized congregations, it's a must-have resource for every stewardship committee member. -- A how-to resource with several approaches for getting young children and teens started early in understanding stewardship and participating inthe life of the parish.


An Anthology of Poems

Author: Earl Cooke

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1503585948

Category: Poetry

Page: 108

View: 6771

Love is a Treasure that contains Religious, Romantic and Cultural Themes based on Inspiration.

Treasure to Love

Author: Teri R. Haen

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1449767419

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 74

View: 3310

Palmer is a sad little palm tree that lives on his own little island. He turns to God in prayer in search for something to love. Follow his journey and see how God answers his prayer.

The Five Supreme Secrets of Life

Unveiling the Ways to Attain Wealth, Love and God

Author: Sirshree Sirshree

Publisher: SCB Distributors

ISBN: 9788183282048

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 229

View: 8204

Man goes through the ups and downs of life wondering if his life can ever be problem-free, prosperous and joyous. He ponders if it is actually possible to attain everything - wealth, joy, love and God. Why is something or the other always missing in life? What is the secret that life holds within its womb? This is exactly what this book reveals to you. It unveils the five supreme secrets of life that can transform your life: First Secret: 'Considering a situation to be a problem is the only problem.' Every problem contains a solution, a gift, a ladder, a lesson and a challenge. Learn the art of solving problems. Second Secret: 'Attention on attention is the greatest meditation. Attention on the greatest meditation is the way to attain God.' Learn the art of getting liberated from the past and the future and living in the present. Learn the art of self-realisation. Third Secret: 'You gain out of whatever you give. Whatever you take only helps you to sustain.' Learn the art of attaining wealth, love and God. Fourth Secret: 'Whatever you get at a given time is exactly what you need at that time.' Learn the art of changing your perspective on the events occurring in life. Fifth Secret: 'You are with your body; you are not the body.' Learn the art of knowing your true self.

Tarnished Treasure

How Love Captured a Hopeless Heart

Author: Maria Loveless

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 1617775517

Category: Religion

Page: 184

View: 9537

Leah's life was in shambles. She had suffered through various financial failures, emotional pain and disappointment, substance abuse, health issues and now she portrayed a bitter demeanor that no one could penetrate. Leah rejected anyone who tried to help until she crossed paths with author Maria Loveless. Although Maria would have preferred to remain in the comfort of her idyllic life, she realized God was calling her to guide Leah out of a world of darkness and despair into His kingdom of light and freedom. God showed Maria that she possessed a judgmental heart and He was going to teach Maria how to truly love the sinner and the lost as God loves. In order to do that, Maria needed to set aside 'self ' and acquire a heart after God's heart. To whom is God calling you to minister today? Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and into a journey of obedience to save the lost and hurting around you? Follow Maria and Leah's journey of love in Tarnished Treasure and learn how you can minister to the women you meet who need God as Leah did. Walk through Leah's hurt and pain; feel the heaviness of her bondage and comprehend the coldness of her spiritual prison before she experienced freedom in Christ; know there is more to life than the pursuit of a comfortable lifestyle and personal achievement. Leah's life was transformed, but she wasn't the only one. Maria's life was also revolutionized as she learned to embrace a heart as Christ does. She is discovering what true sacrifice and commitment is, while learning to become obedient to God's voice; she is learning what it means to see past a person's sin and just to love as Christ asks us to love.

Little Treasures Love Poems

Author: Sonja

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1490751122

Category: Poetry

Page: 88

View: 1998

The book, Little Treasures Love Poems, reveals a combination of thoughtful reminders of love and its many facets. There may be various treasures that we have forgotten and some we cant forget. There are parts of life that you may treasure, when others may not see your perspective. In this book, there are feelings of expectation and outlook of love that are colorful and full of passion. This may captivate and intrigue your viewpoints of love. We all have different treasures; its the reasoning behind what we choose to accept or deny. Nevertheless, evolve your life, and find other treasures that await you.