Transportation GIS

Author: Laura Lang

Publisher: Esri Press

ISBN: 9781879102477

Category: Science

Page: 118

View: 7637

Whether it is monitoring train locations, tracking flight paths and noise levels, planning for highway maintenance, or improving bus routes, GIS helps private organizations and public agencies improve safety and reduce costs. This book presents a dozen fascinating case studies which use GIS in a wide range of transportation planning and management activities.

GIS - Anwendungen für Flughäfen - Visualisierung und Analyse von Marktdaten

Author: Timo von Wirth


ISBN: 3832442693

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 172

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Inhaltsangabe:Zusammenfassung: Anwendungen Geographischer Informationssysteme können gewinnbringend auch für Flughäfen durchgeführt werden. Informationen mit räumlichem Bezug haben für einen Flughafen betriebsbedingt eine hohe Bedeutung. Vermehrt finden sich daher EDV-Anwendungen zur Visualisierung und Analyse von Raumdaten und unterstützen damit ein effektives Flughafenmanagement. Ausgehend von ersten Anwendungen Geographischer Informationssysteme für Flughäfen des amerikanischen Marktes haben auch deutsche Flughäfen mittlerweile Zugang zu dieser Technologie gefunden. Sie sind daher Inhalt einer empirischen Datenerhebung im Rahmen dieser Arbeit. Ziel der vorliegenden Arbeit ist es, einen möglichst umfassenden und aktuellen wissenschaftlichen Hintergrund der Thematik GIS-Anwendungen für Flughäfen, als einen jungen und derzeit expandierenden Anwendungsbereich Geographischer Informationssysteme, darzustellen. Dabei stehen die unterschiedlichen Anwendungsformen für Fragestellungen des Funktionsraumes Flughafen im Mittelpunkt. Inhaltsverzeichnis:Inhaltsverzeichnis: 1.EINLEITUNG1 2.VORGEHENSWEISE UND EINORDNUNG IN DIE WISSENSCHAFTEN2 2.1VORGEHENSWEISE2 2.2METHODIK UND ARBEITSSCHRITTE4 2.3EINORDNUNG IN DIE WISSENSCHAFTEN5 3.GEO - INFORMATIONSSYSTEME8 3.1DEFINITIONEN8 3.1.1Begriffsbestimmung Geo-Informationssystem - GIS9 3.1.2Digitale Informationssysteme9 3.2STRUKTUR UND FUNKTIONALITÄT EINES GEO-INFORMATIONSSYSTEMS10 3.2.1Entstehung und Entwicklung von GIS12 3.2.2Schwerpunktbildung in der weiteren Bearbeitung der Thematik GIS13 3.3MODELLIERUNG VON GEOOBJEKTEN ALS GRUNDLAGE VON GEODATEN15 3.3.1Geoobjekte15 3.3.2Von der Datenmodellierung zur GIS-Anwendung16 3.3.3Geodaten - Strukturelle Basis der GIS-Anwendung18 3.4GIS-KOMPONENTEN SOFTWARE, HARDWARE UND ANWENDER23 3.4.1Funktionalität von GIS-Software23 3.4.2Hardwarekomponenten für GIS28 3.4.3Anwendungen und Anwender29 3.5GIS-PROBLEMFELDER UND GIS-TRENDS33 3.5.1GIS-Problemfelder33 3.5.2GIS-Trends33 4.FLUGHÄFEN35 4.1EINLEITENDE BETRACHTUNG - MARKTTRENDS35 4.1.1Rahmenbedingungen im internationalen Luftverkehr37 4.2DEFINITIONEN38 4.3FUNKTIONALER AUFBAU UND FLUGHAFENBETRIEB40 4.3.1Flugbetriebsflächen, Flughafenanlagen und landseitige Anbindung41 4.3.2Der Flughafen als Dienstleistungszentrum - neue Geschäftsfelder und Funktionen43 4.4RAUMWIRKUNGEN DES KOMPLEXES FLUGHAFEN45 4.4.1Flughafen als Wirtschaftsfaktor - Flughafen als Standortfaktor45 4.4.2Negative Wirkungseffekte [...]

Designing Geodatabases for Transportation

Author: J. Allison Butler

Publisher: ESRI, Inc.

ISBN: 158948164X

Category: Computers

Page: 461

View: 6243

Designing Geodatabases for Transportation addresses the development of a GIS to manage data relating to the transportation facilities and service commonly organized around various modes of travel for accurate and reliable data exchange. Transportation involves several modes of travel, and although the details of each mode can be quite different, this book demonstrates how all follow a basic conceptual structure. That structure consists of an origin, a destination, a path between the two, and a conveyance that provides the ability to move along the path to establish a common data structure.

The Geography of Urban Transportation

Author: Susan Hanson,Genevieve Giuliano

Publisher: Guilford Press

ISBN: 9781593850555

Category: Science

Page: 419

View: 9302

In this classic text and professional resource, leading geographers and urban planners present the foundational concepts and methodological tools that readers need to understand and engage with today's pressing policy issues. Covered are such key topics as passenger and freight dynamics in the American metropolis; the urban transportation planning process, including the use of GIS; and questions related to public transit, land use, energy, equity, environmental impacts, and more. The book features more than 100 maps, charts, and photographs.

Internet GIS

Distributed Geographic Information Services for the Internet and Wireless Networks

Author: Zhong-Ren Peng,Ming-Hsiang Tsou

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780471359234

Category: Science

Page: 679

View: 2963

This book presents Internet GIS in an applied and practical manner, including an introduction to basic network architecture and application development. Information is also provided on metadata, recent open standard initiatives, and ways of assuring a current system will be compatible with future designs.

Methods and Models in Transport and Telecommunications

Cross Atlantic Perspectives

Author: Aura Reggiani,Laurie A. Schintler

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3540285504

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 364

View: 5239

One aspect of the new economy is a transition to a networked society, and the emergence of a highly interconnected, interdependent and complex system of networks to move people, goods and information. An example of this is the in creasing reliance of networked systems (e. g. , air transportation networks, electric power grid, maritime transport, etc. ) on telecommunications and information in frastructure. Many of the networks that evolved today have an added complexity in that they have both a spatial structure – i. e. , they are located in physical space but also an a spatial dimension brought on largely by their dependence on infor mation technology. They are also often just one component of a larger system of geographically integrated and overlapping networks operating at different spatial levels. An understanding of these complexities is imperative for the design of plans and policies that can be used to optimize the efficiency, performance and safety of transportation, telecommunications and other networked systems. In one sense, technological advances along with economic forces that encourage the clustering of activities in space to reduce transaction costs have led to more efficient network structures. At the same time the very properties that make these networks more ef ficient have also put them at a greater risk for becoming disconnected or signifi cantly disruptedwh en super connected nodes are removed either intentionally or through a targeted attack.

Decision Support Systems in Urban Planning

Author: Harry Timmermans

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135817480

Category: Architecture

Page: 352

View: 4716

This book presents a set of selected and edited papers presented at the 2nd and 3rd Design and Decision Support Conference. The purpose is to provide examples of innovative research in decision support systems in urban planning from throughout the world.

Geographic Information Systems for Transportation

Principles and Applications

Author: Harvey J. Miller,Shih-Lung Shaw,Associate Professor of Geography Shih-Lung Shaw

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 9780195123944

Category: Science

Page: 458

View: 7356

GIS data and tools are revolutionizing transportation research and decision making, allowing transportation analysts and professionals to understand and solve complex transportation problems that were previously impossible. Here, Miller and Shaw present a comprehensive discussion of fundamental geographic science and the applications of these principles using GIS and other software tools. By providing thorough and accessible discussions of transportation analysis within a GIS environment, this volume fills a critical niche in GIS-T and GIS literature.

New Perspectives in Information Systems and Technologies

Author: Álvaro Rocha,Ana Maria Correia,Felix . B Tan,Karl . A Stroetmann

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3319059483

Category: Computers

Page: 500

View: 6523

This book contains a selection of articles from The 2014 World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies (WorldCIST'14), held between the 15th and 18th of April in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, a global forum for researchers and practitioners to present and discuss recent results and innovations, current trends, professional experiences and challenges of modern Information Systems and Technologies research, technological development and applications. The main topics covered are: Information and Knowledge Management; Organizational Models and Information Systems; Intelligent and Decision Support Systems; Software Systems, Architectures, Applications and Tools; Computer Networks, Mobility and Pervasive Systems; Radar Technologies; Human-Computer Interaction; Health Informatics and Information Technologies in Education.

Information Fusion and Geographic Information Systems

Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop, 17-20 May 2009

Author: Vasily V. Popovich,Manfred Schrenk,Christophe Claramunt,Kyrill V. Korolenko

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3642003044

Category: Science

Page: 372

View: 6133

This volume contains the papers presented at the International Workshop “Information Fusion and Geographic Information Systems” (IF&GIS’09) held in St. Petersburg, Russia in May 2009. The workshop was organized by the St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SPIIRAS). The workshop continues a series organised biannually, and attracts academics and industrials from a wide range of disciplines including computer science, geography, statistics, mathematics, hydrography, geomorphology, and environmental sciences. The objective of this workshop is to provide a forum for innovative research oriented towards Geographic Information Science and tech- logies and Corporate Information Systems whose close association highlight novel theoretical and practical challenges. The papers selected by the International Program Committee cover a wide range of innovative areas including ontological and semantic approaches for the representation of geographical data, geographical data monitoring, situation management and forecast, to emerging applications oriented to the maritime environment, disaster management and security threats. While traditional topics of GIS conferences are well represented and still being advanced, several new domains appear and stress the need for the development of versatile monitoring systems and decision making systems. While GIS already have a de facto standard for geographical monitoring and analysis, the papers accepted in this volume also illustrate several novel directions of application whose objective is more closely oriented to process modeling and decision making, and where the nature of the objects represented is revisited using ontological and semantic approaches.

An Introduction to Geographic Information Technology

Author: Suchandra Choudhury

Publisher: I. K. International Pvt Ltd

ISBN: 8188237663

Category: Geographic information systems

Page: 300

View: 9911

Introduction to Geographic Information Technology is an up-to-date introduction that provides a balanced treatment of concepts and techniques required for GIS and Remote Sensing. The book focuses on foundation, integration and practical applications of GIS, Remote Sensing, GPS and other areas of Geographic Information Technology. It also considers how the technology. It also considers how the technology works. The book can be used to give the reader a quick tour through the world of Geographic Information Technology, to help the reader develop a thorough understanding of Geographic Information Technology or as a source of reference information. The authors are scientists, practitioners and teachers who understand student requirements in developing basic foundation required to build specific skills in Geographic Information Technology. The book presented with examples on the subject, makes the study of any branch of Geographic Information Technology from the broader context of geography in general to spatial information resource management in particular. It gives a wholesome coverage of GIS, Remote Sensing and GPS principles as well as data structures, spatial database modeling and their applications.

Sustainable Transportation Planning

Tools for Creating Vibrant, Healthy, and Resilient Communities

Author: Jeffrey Tumlin

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118127625

Category: Architecture

Page: 320

View: 2017

"The Great American Dream of cruising down the parkway, zippingfrom here to there at any time has given way to a true nightmarethat is destroying the environment, costing billions and deeplyimpacting our personal well-being. Getting from A to B has neverbeen more difficult, expensive or miserable. It doesn't have to bethis way. Jeffrey Tumlin's book Sustainable TransportationPlanning offers easy-to-understand, clearly explained tips andtechniques that will allow us to quite literally take back ourroads. Essential reading for anyone who wants to drive ourtransportation system out of the gridlock." -Marianne Cusato, home designer and author of Get Your HouseRight: Architectural Elements to Use and Avoid ?The book is full of useful ideas on nearly every page.? ? Bill DiBennedetto of Triple Pundit As transportations-related disciplines of urban planning,architecture, landscape architecture, urban economics, and socialpolicy have undergone major internal reform efforts in recentdecades Written in clear, easy-to-follow language, this bookprovides planning practitioners with the tools they need to achievetheir cities? economic development, social equity and ecologicalsustainability goals. Starting with detailed advice for improvingeach mode of transportation, the book offers guidance on balancingthe needs of each mode against each other, whether on a downtownstreet, or a small town neighborhood, or a regional network.