Touched By Venom

Book One of the Dragon Temple Saga

Author: Janine Cross

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101099902

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 3775

Like her half-breed mother, young Zarq Darquel can’t always hold her tongue. A peasant on a large dragon estate, she goes unnoticed by the Temple of the Dragon—until she accidentally captures the attention of an eccentric and dangerous dragonmaster, unleashing a storm of tragedy. Her clan is plunged into destitution, her beautiful sister, Waivia, sold into slavery, and her mother lost to madness. Desperate to find Waivia, Zarq and her delirious mother flee through the underworld of their land. Consumed with the desire for revenge, Zarq develops a taste for the highly addictive venom of the dragons she has been taught to revere—and with this poison, she imbibes their memories and glimpses a plot for social revolution. But to achieve it, she must defy not just sexual taboos and patriarchal conventions, but the Emperor who rules her nation.

Gilde der Jäger - Engelsgift

Author: Nalini Singh


ISBN: 3736303963

Category: Fiction

Page: 469

View: 7758

Endlich! Venoms Geschichte! Unnahbar, verboten gut aussehend und gefährlich charmant - Venom, Leibwächter des Erzengels von New York, genießt seinen Status und seine Unsterblichkeit. An tiefere Gefühle verschwendet er keine Gedanken. Doch als er den Auftrag bekommt, eine junge Vampirin zu beschützen, auf die ein Kopfgeld ausgesetzt ist, gerät seine Welt aus den Fugen. Mit ihrer aufbrausenden und leidenschaftlichen Art ist Holly Chang eine Herausforderung für den eleganten Vampir mit den Schlangenaugen. Und entfacht Gefühle in Venom, die dieser niemals zuvor gespürt hat ... "Es war - wie Holly und Venom füreinander - perfekt!" The Alliterates Band 10 der Spiegel-Bestseller-Reihe von Nalini Singh

Slade (Venom Book Two)

Author: Kristen Middleton,K.L. Middleton

Publisher: Kristen Middleton


Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 3436

Book 2 in the Venom Series. Book One, Venom, is free. Chelsey is on the run from Faye and her Night Roamers. Can she trust Slade to keep her safe, or is he a bigger threat than the monsters tracking her? Contains adult language and content. Recommended for ages sixteen and above. 63,000 words Search Terms: New Adult & College Romance, young adult fantasy, paranormal, paranormal romance, fantasy witches, shapeshifter wolf romance, superhero fantasy ebooks, werewolf romance, vampire romance, young adult paranormal, paranormal new adult romance, werewolf romance, vampires, demons and devils, shapeshifter wolf romance, horror, angels, new adult fantasy romance, coming of age

Steve Backshall's Venom

Author: Steve Backshall

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472930274

Category: Photography

Page: 160

View: 2891

TV presenter Steve Backshall needs no introduction following his performances on TV series such as Deadly 60 and Lost Land of ... This is a reformatted, redesigned edition of a popular title. Poison is an everyday part of the animal world, and an essential tool for hunting and defence. A wide variety of insects, reptiles and amphibians use toxins to subdue their prey or to stop becoming prey to another predator. Even some mammals and birds resort to poison as a means of securing a meal or deterring attack! From species such as the King Cobra, Lionfish, Fat-tail Scorpion and Poison Dart-frog to the diminutive but lethal Black Widow Spider, the author takes a fascinating look at the different types of natural venoms. On a tour of the world's continents, he looks at over 60 of the most venomous creatures, describing their main characteristics and explaining how they administer their venom and what its effects are. Stunning colour photographs and exciting accounts of Steve's own encounters with some of these animals bring the world of natural venom alive.

Shadowed by Wings

Author: Janine Cross

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780451461025

Category: Fiction

Page: 376

View: 1985

In the sequel to Touched by Venom, Zarq defies the Dragon Temple by undergoing the harsh training of an apprentice dragonmaster despite the ban against women, all the while struggling with her craving for the hallucinogenic dragon venom and trying to understand her link to the great beasts. Reprint.

A Kiss of Venom

Author: Hailey Edwards

Publisher: Hailey Edwards


Category: Fiction

Page: 127

View: 693

All’s fair in love and murder… Araneae Nation, Book 3.5 Betrayed by her lover and exiled from her clan home, Nicolette has carved herself a new identity from the heart of her old life. Hardened by grief and desperate to survive, she hones a new skill set…and the daggers that go along with it. Armand is heir to the wealthiest clan in the Araneae Nation. His entire life is as mapped as his heritage. Tradition dictates his every decision, and the one choice he ever made for himself cost him the woman he loved. When Nicolette is offered a contract she can’t refuse, she returns to Erania with deadly intentions. Her secrets are safe behind the façade she created. Or they would be if Armand would stop chipping at the cracks in her veneer. One kiss ignites an old flame, and suddenly their history is in danger of repeating. Armand falls for Nicolette’s charade, but she can’t let a second chance at happiness distract her from her mission. Someone in the Araneidae nest is marked for death, and Nicolette aims to deliver. Warning: This story contains one heroine bent on revenge and one hero determined to atone for his sins. Also included are venom kisses, poison hangovers, pointy objects and questionable taste in condiments. Expect fireworks, near-death experiences and one surprise ten years in the making.

The Footstop Cafe

Author: Paulette Crosse

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 1770702687

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 5998

Run by Karen Morton, the eccentric, sex-fantasy-prone mother in a hilarious yet deeply troubled dysfunctional family in North Vancouver, the Footstop Cafe is a place to put your feet up near the beautiful but tragedy-plagued Lynn Canyon and its vertigo-inspiring footbridge. The canyon and the cafe serve as the nexus around which Karen’s universe revolves. Things happen here. Amazing things. Karen’s husband is a podiatrist with a foot fetish, her teenage daughter thinks she’s a lesbian but is afraid to confront the reality, and her younger son is given to having bowel movements in closets and building bombs. Throw in Karen’s unconventional Anglican minister father and his Tibetan wife, a hairy belly dancer named Moey, a randy virgin high school diver with Olympic ambitions, and a host of other quirky, unforgettable characters and you have a debut novel that is at turns absurdist, touching, manic, and supremely irreverent.

Dein Körper: Das Missing Manual

Author: Matthew MacDonald

Publisher: O'Reilly Germany

ISBN: 3897219646

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 324

View: 1890

Wussten Sie, dass Sie Ihre äußere Hautschicht häufiger wechseln als eine Schlange? Oder dass Sie ohne bestimmte Arten von Bakterien anfälliger für Krankheiten und Allergien wären? Auf Basis aktuellster physiologischer und neurophysiologischer Erkenntnisse erklärt Matthew MacDonald präzise, verständlich und unterhaltsam alle wichtigen Körperfunktionen, gibt praktische Tipps, wie Sie Ihre „Hardware“ in Schuss halten, und räumt mit gängigen Vorurteilen auf. Aus dem Inhalt: - Ihre Haut. Warum die erste Verteidigungslinie Ihres Körpers aus toten Zellen besteht, wie Muttermale und Falten entstehen und was Antitranspirants gegen Körpergeruch ausrichten können. - Fett. Weshalb Ihr Körper Fett braucht, wie es gespeichert wird und warum Modediäten nichts bringen. - Ihr Herz. Wie Sie das Herzinfarktrisiko senken und was ein gutes Ausdauertraining ausmacht. - Ihr Verdauungssystem. Aus welchen Abschnitten Ihr gut 9 Meter langer Verdauungstrakt besteht und warum Ballaststoffe dort willkommen sind. - Ihr Immunsystem. Wie Ihr Körper sich gegen Eindringlinge wehrt, welche Bakterien und Viren sich bei Ihnen wohlfühlen und was normale Zellen dazu bringt, sich in Krebszellen zu verwandeln. - Sex und Fortpflanzung. Was männliche und weibliche Geschlechtsorgane auszeichnet sowie alles Wissenswerte über Fruchtbarkeit, weibliche Lust und die männliche Fixierung auf die Größe. - Alter und Tod. Warum wir altern, wie Sie möglichst lange möglichst fit bleiben und wie wir schließlich sterben.

Twisted Venom

Author: V. W. Raynes

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 149183398X

Category: Fiction

Page: 300

View: 8943

When young internist Claudia Ranelli attends a medical conference in San Francisco, she has a sexual encounter so bizarre and frightful it nearly kills her. But that isn't the end of her terror. Claudia and her cousin Dru Salinas must discover the identity of the person terrorizing them both, a quest that leads from pit vipers to modern genetics. Claudia tells a gripping story with sensitivity, a humanly scientific perspective, eroticism and a wry sense of humor.

The Expendables: The Venom of Argus

The Expendables

Author: Edmund Cooper

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0575116420

Category: Fiction

Page: 160

View: 8595

The Expendables had struck it lucky at last. After grappling with the revolting Death Worms of Kratos, the deadly Rings of Tantalus and the weirdly anachronistic military society of Zelos, their fourth mission looked an easy one. Argus was an earth-type planet with one major continent, comfortably covered with vegetation. But that was before The Expendables encountered the deadly harpoon tree, or the low-lying plant which grasped greedily at anyone who dared to set foot on it, or the hornets that paralyzed their victims - so as to enjoy their food in peace. Worst of all the lurking horrors of Argus was the deadly hallucinogenic pollen which turned quiet Santa Maria crew members into vicious maniacs.


Author: Pamela Sargent

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1480497444

Category: Fiction

Page: 280

View: 8045

Great science fiction looks outward toward the intricacy of the universe in order to look inward at the complexity of the human condition. In Thumbprints, Nebula and Locus Award–winning author Pamela Sargent brings together short stories from across her career, each filled with rich characterization and eclectic, fascinating plots. From Mongolia to Venus, from the distant past to the near future, these works of short fiction explore what it means to be human. Ranging from lyrically mystical to bitterly realistic to laughably satirical, Thumbprints is a shining catalog of all that Sargent has contributed to the genre. This ebook features an introduction by James Morrow and an afterword by Sargent herself.

The Difference Between Us

Author: Rachel Higginson


ISBN: 3736310404

Category: Fiction

Page: 500

View: 5894

Gegensätze ziehen sich aus! Molly Maverick ist verflucht. Zumindest wenn es darum geht, Mr Right zu finden. Die junge Künstlerin hat es daher aufgegeben, nach der einen großen Liebe zu suchen. Bis sie Ezra Baptiste trifft. Der Restaurantbesitzer ist attraktiv, erfolgreich und strotzt nur so vor Selbstbewusstsein. Das Letzte, woran Molly denkt, ist, dass er ein Auge auf sie geworfen haben könnte. Sie sind einfach zu verschieden. Und doch kribbelt es, wenn Ezra sie nur ansieht ... "Dies ist einer jener Romane, an den man noch lange denkt, auch wenn man schon längst die letzte Seite gelesen hat. Es ist fantastisch, wie die Autorin die langsam wachsenden Gefühle zwischen Molly und Ezra beschreibt!" natashaisabookjunkie Band 2 der Serie rund um Gegensätze, Liebe und Food - warmherzig, romantisch und sexy

Touched With Fire

Author: Kay Redfield Jamison

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1439106630

Category: Psychology

Page: 384

View: 8407

The definitive work on the profound and surprising links between manic-depression and creativity, from the bestselling psychologist of bipolar disorders who wrote An Unquiet Mind. One of the foremost psychologists in America, “Kay Jamison is plainly among the few who have a profound understanding of the relationship that exists between art and madness” (William Styron). The anguished and volatile intensity associated with the artistic temperament was once thought to be a symptom of genius or eccentricity peculiar to artists, writers, and musicians. Her work, based on her study as a clinical psychologist and researcher in mood disorders, reveals that many artists subject to exalted highs and despairing lows were in fact engaged in a struggle with clinically identifiable manic-depressive illness. Jamison presents proof of the biological foundations of this disease and applies what is known about the illness to the lives and works of some of the world's greatest artists including Lord Byron, Vincent Van Gogh, and Virginia Woolf.


Eine Kindheit wie ein Roman

Author: Lisa Brennan-Jobs

Publisher: eBook Berlin Verlag

ISBN: 3827079594

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 7245

„Achtundzwanzig Prozent der männlichen Bevölkerung der USA könnten der Vater sein.“ Das sagte Steve Jobs dem Time Magazine über seine Tochter Lisa. Für die Öffentlichkeit war er da schon ein Halbgott. Was bedeutet es, einen Vater zu haben, der lange nichts von einem wissen wollte? Behutsam nähert Lisa Brennan-Job sich dieser für sie brennenden Frage und versucht mit ihren Kindheitserinnerungen Antworten zu finden. Aber, anders als von vielen erhofft, ist es keine gehässige Abrechnung mit dem Apple-Guru geworden, sondern ein kluges und berührendes Buch über die Liebe zwischen Eltern und Kindern - allen Widrigkeiten zum Trotz. Lisa war das Ergebnis einer schon im Ansatz gescheiterten Liebe. Als die Studentin Chrisann Brennan schwanger wurde, hatte Steve Jobs hatte gerade das College geschmissen und schraubte in der berühmten Garage im Silicon Valley komische Kästen zusammen. Chrisann wollte Künstlerin werden und verließ den "Nerd" Steve. Diese Kränkung sollte er ihr - und auch Lisa - lange nicht verzeihen. Der Apple-Gründer bestritt die Vaterschaft, nannte aber gleichzeitig wohl einen seiner Computer nach ihr. Und das kleine Mädchen erlebte eine Kindheit der Extreme: Da war einerseits ihre Hippie-Mutter, die nicht einmal genug Geld für ein Sofa hatte, und andrerseits eben einer der reichsten und berühmtesten Männer der Welt … Herzzerreißend und komisch – eine Kindheit, die man so nie erfinden könnte. "Ein zauberhaftes, berührend intimes Porträt, eine Geschichte aus der Sicht einer Tochter, deren Vater mit seinen eigenen Wurzeln zu kämpfen hatte - und der doch beinahe zu dem Vater wurde, den sie sich gewünscht hätte." ―Susan Cheever

Science Record

A Compendium of Scientific Progress and Discovery During the Past Year

Author: Alfred Ely Beach

Publisher: N.A


Category: Industries

Page: N.A

View: 9872

The Science Record

A Compendium of Scientific Progress and Discovery

Author: Alfred Ely Beach

Publisher: N.A


Category: Industrial arts

Page: N.A

View: 6224

Kitchen Venom

Author: Philip Hensher

Publisher: N.A


Category: English fiction

Page: 259

View: 647

Comic but moving examination of the roles people play in public and what they do when they are alone at night. By the author of Òther Lulus'.