Theorizing Historical Consciousness

Author: Peter C. Seixas

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9780802087133

Category: History

Page: 255

View: 9973

Our understanding of the past shapes our sense of the present and the future: this is historical consciousness. While academic history, public history, and the study of collective memory are thriving enterprises, there has been only sparse investigation of historical consciousness itself, in a way that relates it to the policy questions it raises in the present. With Theorizing Historical Consciousness, Peter Seixas has brought together a diverse group of international scholars to address the problem of historical consciousness from the disciplinary perspectives of history, historiography, philosophy, collective memory, psychology, and history education. Historical consciousness has serious implications for international relations, reparations claims, fiscal initiatives, immigration, and indeed, almost every contentious arena of public policy, collective identity, and personal experience. Current policy debates are laced with mutually incompatible historical analogies, and identity politics generate conflicting historical accounts. Never has the idea of a straightforward 'one history that fits all' been less workable. Theorizing Historical Consciousness sets various theoretical approaches to the study of historical consciousness side-by-side, enabling us to chart the future study of how people understand the past.

Narrating and Teaching the Nation

The Politics of Education in Pre- and Post-Genocide Rwanda

Author: Denise Bentrovato

Publisher: V&R unipress GmbH

ISBN: 3847105167

Category: Education

Page: 254

View: 4028

The book investigates the politics of education in pre- and post-genocide Rwanda, examining the actors, interests, and discourses that have historically influenced educational policy and practice and in particular the production and revision of history curricula and textbooks. This study combines a systematic historical and comparative analysis of curricula and textbooks in Rwanda, stakeholder interviews, classroom observations, and a large-scale investigation of pupils’ understandings of the country’s history. Written at a crucial time of transition in Rwanda, it illuminates the role of education as a powerful means of socialisation through which dominant discourses and related belief systems have been transmitted to the younger generations, thus moulding the nation. It outlines emergent challenges and possibilities, urging a move away from the use of history teaching to disseminate a conveniently selective official history towards practices that promote critical thinking and reflect the heterogeneity characteristic of Rwanda’s post-genocide society.

Settling and Unsettling Memories

Essays in Canadian Public History

Author: Nicole Neatby,Peter Hodgins

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 0802038166

Category: History

Page: 652

View: 4293

Settling and Unsettling Memories analyses the ways in which Canadians over the past century have narrated the story of their past in books, films, works of art, commemorative ceremonies, and online. This cohesive collection introduces readers to overarching themes of Canadian memory studies and brings them up-to-date on the latest advances in the field. With increasing debates surrounding how societies should publicly commemorate events and people, Settling and Unsettling Memories helps readers appreciate the challenges inherent in presenting the past. Prominent and emerging scholars explore the ways in which Canadian memory has been put into action across a variety of communities, regions, and time periods. Through high-quality essays touching on the central questions of historical consciousness and collective memory, this collection makes a significant contribution to a rapidly growing field.

Erinnerungskultur 2.0

Kommemorative Kommunikation in digitalen Medien

Author: Erik Meyer

Publisher: Campus Verlag

ISBN: 3593389177

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 220

View: 3375

Die Beiträge reflektieren die Veränderungen, die sich durch digitale Medien für Erinnerungskultur und Geschichtsvermittlung ergeben. Sie analysieren aktuelle Formate wie Computerspiele zum Zweiten Weltkrieg, E-Learning, Websites und virtuelle Rekonstruktionen zu Nationalsozialismus und Holocaust, Wikipedia und Online-Datenbanken aus gedächtnistheoretischer und medienwissenschaftlicher Sicht.

Contemplating Historical Consciousness

Notes from the Field

Author: Anna Clark,Carla L. Peck

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 1785339303

Category: History

Page: 248

View: 9071

The last several decades have witnessed an explosion of new empirical research into representations of the past and the conditions of their production, prompting claims that we have entered a new era in which the past has become more “present” than ever before. Contemplating Historical Consciousness brings together leading historians, ethnographers, and other scholars who give illuminating reflections on the aims, methods, and conceptualization of their own research as well as the successes and failures they have encountered. This rich collective account provides valuable perspectives for current scholars while charting new avenues for future research.

Holocaust Consciousness in Contemporary Britain

Author: Andy Pearce

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135046506

Category: History

Page: 324

View: 3860

The Holocaust is a pervasive presence in British culture and society. Schools have been legally required to deliver Holocaust education, the government helps to fund student visits to Auschwitz, the Imperial War Museum's permanent Holocaust Exhibition has attracted millions of visitors, and Britain has an annually commemorated Holocaust Memorial Day. What has prompted this development, how has it unfolded, and why has it happened now? How does it relate to Britain's post-war history, its contemporary concerns, and the wider "globalisation" of Holocaust memory? What are the multiple shapes that British Holocaust consciousness assumes and the consequences of their rapid emergence? Why have the so-called "lessons" of the Holocaust enjoyed such popularity in Britain? Through analysis of changing engagements with the Holocaust in political, cultural and memorial landscapes over the past generation, this book addresses these questions, demonstrating the complexities of Holocaust consciousness and reflecting on the contrasting ways that history is used in Britain today.

Eine endliche Geschichte

die Heimatbücher der deutschen Vertriebenen

Author: Jutta Faehndrich

Publisher: Böhlau Verlag Köln Weimar

ISBN: 9783412205881

Category: Exiles' writings, German

Page: 303

View: 8135

Nation-Building and History Education in a Global Culture

Author: Joseph Zajda

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9401797293

Category: Education

Page: 197

View: 3955

This book examines the nexus between nation-building and history education globally and the implication for cultural diversity and social justice. It studies some of the major education reforms and policy issues in history education in a global culture, and regards them in the light of recent shifts in history education and policy research. In doing so, the volume provides a comprehensive picture of the intersecting and diverse discourses of globalisation, history education and policy-driven reforms. It makes clear that the impact of globalisation on education policy and reforms is a strategically significant issue for us all. The book focuses on the importance of nation-building and patriotism in history education, and presents up-to-date research on global trends in history education reforms and policy research. It provides an easily accessible, practical yet scholarly source of information about the international concerns in the field of globalisation, history education and policy research.

Canadians and Their Pasts

Author: Margaret Conrad,Kadriye Ercikan,Gerald Friesen,Jocelyn Létourneau,D.A. Muise,David Northrup,Peter Seixas

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 1442667656

Category: History

Page: 248

View: 9822

What role does history play in contemporary society? Has the frenetic pace of today’s world led people to lose contact with the past? A high-profile team of researchers from across Canada sought to answer these questions by launching an ambitious investigation into how Canadians engage with history in their everyday lives. The results of their survey form the basis of this eye-opening book. Canadians and Their Pasts reports on the findings of interviews with 3,419 Canadians from a variety of cultural and linguistic communities. Along with yielding rich qualitative data, the surveys generated revealing quantitative data that allows for comparisons based on gender, ethnicity, migration histories, region, age, income, and educational background. The book also brings Canada into international conversation with similar studies undertaken earlier in the United States, Australia, and Europe. Canadians and Their Pasts confirms that, for most Canadians, the past is not dead. Rather, it reveals that our histories continue to shape the present in many powerful ways.

A History for the Future

Rewriting Memory and Identity in Quebec

Author: Jocelyn Létourneau

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 9780773527256

Category: History

Page: 196

View: 933

A personal debate on the future of history and memory in Quebec.

Beyond the Canon

History for the 21st Century

Author: Siep Stuurman,Maria Grever

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 9780230516502

Category: History

Page: 256

View: 8552

This book reflects on the culture wars over the historical canon in today's globalizing world. It discusses the attempts to review and transcend the received canon in historical research and teaching in Europe, Canada, the United States and South Africa. In the aftermath of the culture wars, the national and Western canons still largely dominate teaching and public memory. The book addresses the challenge of moving beyond these traditional narratives without sacrificing history as a coherent, attractive, and teachable subject.

Moral als Macht

Eine Philosophie der historischen Erfahrung

Author: Rolf Zimmermann

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783499556937

Category: Menschenrecht - Verantwortung - Politische Ethik

Page: 234

View: 2889

Kirchen im Krieg

Europa 1939-1945 : mit einer Zusammenfassung in englischer Sprache

Author: Karl-Joseph Hummel,Christoph Kösters

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783506756886

Category: Europe

Page: 614

View: 7803

Vergangenheit und Vergegenwärtigung

Frühes Mittelalter und europäische Erinnerungskultur

Author: Helmut Reimitz,Bernhard Zeller

Publisher: Austrian Academy of Sciences

ISBN: 9783700138259

Category: History

Page: 307

View: 7546

This volume examines the role played by the medieval past in its many representations up to the present day. Continuing the theme of Volume 8 of the same series, which examined the early medieval search for origins in relation to building a sense of identity and social memory, this volume focuses on the modern appropriation of the early medieval past. The early Middle Ages played an important role in the creation of a sense of identity for modern European nations. In the 18th and 19th centuries, a process was begun of delineating Europe according to peoples and nations. This conception of people and nations as quasi-natural forms of social organisation, often claimed as being historical but ultimately considered to be a trans-historical phenomenon, still survives in modern Europe and unfortunately seems to be increasing in importance in the political disputes in certain areas. Most of the contributions in this volume deal with the appropriation of the early Middle Ages from the perspective of national histories. A few contributions examine strategies of using the early medieval past in other contexts. It is thereby possible to identify patterns of how, in the varied social contexts of modern Europe, images of the Other have been transmitted or the sense of belonging has been legitimised.