The Village Schoolmaster;Two Daughters, Two Cultures

Author: Elaine Mae Gunderson,Lori Christiansen,1st World Publishing

Publisher: 1st World Publishing

ISBN: 9781421891569

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 324

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In 1938 our father Herman Larsen takes a position with the Alaska Native Service to teach in a small Athabascan Indian village. Herman, his wife Mae, and their eight-year-old daughter Etola travel from Mandan, North Dakota, for 58 days to get to their new home. In April of 1941 Mae and Etola return to Mandan to wait for the birth of their second daughter Yvonne. On March 3rd of 1942 an Indian woman gives birth to twins who appear to be white. The news of the birth of white twins spreads around the village, but Herman, the only white man in the village, denies any involvement saying the mother's husband is part Russian and the villagers are a bunch of "gossips." The Larsens experience tragedy in March of 1943 when Etola dies of hepatitis. Subsequently they live in three other Alaskan villages, during which time Robert (Bud) and Elaine are born, then leave Alaska forever. Nearly 50 years later, Yvonne returns to Alaska. There a native woman tells her that we have a half-sister

Culture or Chaos in the Village

The Journey to Cultural Fluency

Author: Ursula Thomas

Publisher: R&L Education

ISBN: 1607099268

Category: Education

Page: 154

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Readers of this book will learn how to create and/or examine critical issues about culture and beliefs and the way these issues influence perceptions on how diverse learners experience learning. This book motivates the reader to examine, their own biases about instructional choices in the context of culture in classrooms.

Singing the Village

Music, Memory and Ritual Among the Sibe of Xinjiang

Author: Rachel Harris

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780197262979

Category: History

Page: 227

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Disc contains 30 tracks of sample music.

Coping with Two Cultures

British Asian and Indo-Canadian Adolescents

Author: Paul Avtar Singh Ghuman

Publisher: Multilingual Matters

ISBN: 9781853592027

Category: Education

Page: 160

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"This book makes a significant contribution to our understanding of the issues and concerns of the second-generation Asian young people living in Britain and Canada. It is based on extensive fieldwork data collected through an attitude scale, a questionnaire and interviews with young people. Also a large number of parents, teachers and a small number of community leaders were interviewed to place the discussion in a broader framework. Verbatim extracts are used liberally to give the reader both the flavour and tone of responses. What emerges is an optimistic picture. The young people in the study are developing a bicultural outlook to reconcile the differing values of school and home. The majority of them are at ease with both cultures - the Indo-Canadians more so than the British Asians."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Reproducing Chinese Culture in Diaspora

Sustainable Agriculture and Petrified Culture in Northern Thailand

Author: Shu-min Huang

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 0739143441

Category: Social Science

Page: 146

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Reproducing Chinese Culture in Diaspora describes how a group of anti-communist Chinese nationals managed to establish a farming community in Thailand's northern hills after voluntary exile from communist China in 1949. Though successful from an agricultural sustainability standpoint, this community of Chinese exiles has rigidly maintained its cultural ideals, driving away younger generations and ultimately threatening to derail the community's continued existence.

Does the Village Still Raise the Child?

A Collaborative Study of Changing Child-Rearing and Early Education in Kenya

Author: Beth Blue Swadener,Kabiru,Njenga

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791447574

Category: Education

Page: 322

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Considers the impacts of rapid social, economic, and cultural change on child-rearing and early education in Kenya.

Indian Women Writers

Critical Perspectives

Author: K. V. Surendran

Publisher: Sarup & Sons

ISBN: 9788176250726

Category: Indic fiction (English)

Page: 210

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Contributed essays.

The Dawn

of an Immigrant Family

Author: Pon Kulendiren

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1479714291

Category: Fiction

Page: 126

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“The Dawn” This novel is the story of a refugee family from Eelam in Sri Lanka in Canada. As immigrant, they meet people of different cultures, face new living conditions and attempt to adjust them. Initially, the head of the family hesitated to migrate with his family to Canada. The situation in the village changed, as his beautiful eldest intelligent daughter was kidnapped by the army. The youths from the Tamil liberation movement saved her life from the army. For security reasons, since she joined the movement, they left their eldest daughter in Eelam and migrated to Canada as refugees. The family encounters change of culture in Scarborough, considered as “Small Jaffna”, where many Jaffna Tamil families live. The novel touches on the issues the family faced and the challenges in life they meet. The second daughter became friendly in her school with a Sri Lankan Singhalese boy, against parents wish. The novel covers the various problems faced by Tamil families in Scarborough and earns revenue using their skills. Circumstances made them to return to Eelam. They had the opportunity to meet their eldest daughter in an unexpected condition of hers. Their hope about her future was shattered although she had a different vision for the future. The final outcome of the story involves the family to get involved in implementing the project” Dawn” for disabled children.

A Kwakiutl Village and School

Author: Harry F. Wolcott

Publisher: Rowman Altamira

ISBN: 9780759105256

Category: History

Page: 163

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This book is a reprint of a now classic text dealing with Wolcott's dissertation topic on the study of a Kwakiutl Indian village and the one-room school he taught at Village Island in the Alert Bay region of British Columbia. Within the book, Wolcott's interest in anthropology and training as an educator are blended together to present a unique look into the educational training of Indian children. Village life and the social environment from which young Indian children learn cultural conventions are skillfully contrasted with the formal, structured educational system of which Wolcott as a teacher is part of within the village. In showing these two opposing educational systems, the author is able to highlight problems that arise and additionally the issues which come from an ethnographer being involved in a situation more than through just observation."

Migration Italy

The Art of Talking Back in a Destination Culture

Author: Graziella Parati

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 1442620080

Category: History

Page: 282

View: 2809

In terms of migration, Italy is often thought of as a source country - a place from which people came rather than one to which people go. However, in the past few decades, Italy has indeed become a destination for many people from poor or war-torn countries seeking a better life in a stable environment. Graziella Parati's Migration Italy examines immigration to Italy in the past twenty years, and explores the processes of cultural hybridization that have occurred. Working from a cultural studies viewpoint, Parati constructs a theoretical framework for discussing Italy as a country of immigration. She gives special attention to immigrant literature, positing that it functions as an act of resistance, a means to talk back to the laws that regulate the lives of migrants. Parati also examines Italian cinema, demonstrating how native and non-native filmmakers alike create parallels between old and new migrations, complicating the definitions of sameness and difference. These definitions and the complexities inherent in the different cultural, legal, and political positions of Italy's people are at the heart of Migration Italy, a unique work of immense importance for understanding society in both modern-day Italy and, indeed, the entire European continent.

The Culture-Bound Syndromes

Folk Illnesses of Psychiatric and Anthropological Interest

Author: Ronald C. Simons,C.C. Hughes

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400952511

Category: Social Science

Page: 518

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In the last few years there has been a great revival of interest in culture-bound psychiatric syndromes. A spate of new papers has been published on well known and less familiar syndromes, and there have been a number of attempts to put some order into the field of inquiry. In a review of the literature on culture-bound syndromes up to 1969 Yap made certain suggestions for organizing thinking about them which for the most part have not received general acceptance (see Carr, this volume, p. 199). Through the seventies new descriptive and conceptual work was scarce, but in the last few years books and papers discussing the field were authored or edited by Tseng and McDermott (1981), AI-Issa (1982), Friedman and Faguet (1982) and Murphy (1982). In 1983 Favazza summarized his understanding of the state of current thinking for the fourth edition of the Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry, and a symposium on culture-bound syndromes was organized by Kenny for the Eighth International Congress of Anthropology and Ethnology. The strong est impression to emerge from all this recent work is that there is no substantive consensus, and that the very concept, "culture-bound syndrome" could well use some serious reconsideration. As the role of culture-specific beliefs and prac tices in all affliction has come to be increasingly recognized it has become less and less clear what sets the culture-bound syndromes apart.

If the World Were a Village - Second Edition

A Book about the World's People

Author: David J. Smith

Publisher: Kids Can Press Ltd

ISBN: 1771381647

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 4378

This bestseller is newly revised with updated statistics, new activities and completely new material on food security, energy and health. By shrinking the planet down to a village of just 100 people, children will discover how to grow up global and establish their own place in the world village.

It Takes a Village

Author: Hillary Rodham Clinton

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1471108643

Category: Social Science

Page: 320

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Ten years ago one of America's most important public figures, First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, chronicled her quest both deeply personal and, in the truest sense, public to help make our society into the kind of village that enables children to become able, caring resilient adults. IT TAKES A VILLAGE is a textbook for caring, filled with truths that are worth a read, and a reread. In her substantial new introduction, Senator Clinton reflects on how our village has changed over the last decade, from the internet to education, and on how her own understanding of children has deepened as she has watched Chelsea grow up and take on challenges new to her generation, from a first job to living through a terrorist attack. She discusses how the work she is doing in the Senate is helping children and looks at where America has been successful, improvements in the foster care system and support for adoption, and where there is still work to be done, providing pre-school programmes and universal health care to all our children. This new edition elucidates how the choices we make about how we raise our children, and how we support families, will determine how all nations will face the challenges of this century.

It Takes A Village

A Collaborative Assault On The Struggling Reader Dilemma

Author: Jean Rattigan-Rohr

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 946091781X

Category: Education

Page: 168

View: 6613

It Takes a Village: A Collaborative Assault on the Struggling Reader Dilemma has a wellspring of incredibly useful information for teacher educators, pre-service and in-service teachers alike. It shows quite clearly that preparing effective reading teachers while addressing issues related to (a) readers who struggle (b) parental inclusion, and (c) the inclusion of the wider community can be done quite successfully. This book puts readers in touch with compelling insights into the importance of parental inclusion in the educational efforts of their children. Additionally, it provides a "counter narrative" to the belief by many that parents and in particular, racial and ethnic minority parents, do not participate with their children in academic endeavors. The text also focuses on key aspects of teacher preparation especially as it relates to reading instruction. The author provides a wonderful variety of step-by-step approaches for how to seamlessly transition teacher reading instruction from the lecture hall to the "village" practice sites. The book is well written with the authentic voices of parents, students and pre-service teachers. This book is an excellent contribution to the literature concerning issues related to struggling readers, parental inclusion and community involvement. - Samuel Miller, Associate Dean, University of North Carolina Greensboro.