The Song of Synth

Author: Seb Doubinsky

Publisher: Skyhorse

ISBN: 1940456304

Category: Fiction

Page: 144

View: 2583

An ex-hacker falls under the sway of a seductive drug in a novel that “will remind American readers of Philip K. Dick” (Publishers Weekly). Synth is the latest and greatest—a drug that creates hallucinations indistinguishable from the actual world. It’s brand new, highly addictive, and dangerous. Even the dealers don’t know what the long-term effects are. But for ex-hacker Markus Olsen, Synth is a savior. An escape from his misery. Because when he and his fellow phreaks got caught, he turned traitor while his friends were sent away. Now, he’s just a corporate stooge to Viborg City’s secret service, aiding the oppressive state power he’d been fighting in exchange for relative free will. Then Markus’s past as an anarchist comes back to haunt him in the form of a credit card with no account but an seemingly unlimited balance—and the discovery of a mysterious novel in which he is a main character. But how much of his perception is being created by Synth? Just how far has he tripped? Forced to face his past and the decisions he’s made, Markus must decide to choose between the artificial comfort of a constructed life and the harsh reality of treason and the fight for freedom. If such a thing even really exists… This tale of a near-future dystopia is “a science fiction novel that explores a personal odyssey through the process of detox and rehab, a kind of Pilgrim’s Progress for the narcotized” (Lucius Shepard).

Missing Signal

Author: Seb Doubinsky

Publisher: Meerkat Press, LLC

ISBN: 9781946154118

Category: Fiction

Page: 206

View: 2133

From Seb Doubinsky, author of The Song of Synth, The Babylonian Trilogy, White City, Absinth, Omega Gray and Suan Ming, comes his highly anticipated next installment in the City-States Cycle. Missing Signal--a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside a government conspiracy? Agent Terrence Kovacs has worked for the New Petersburg Counter-Intel Department propagating fake UFO stories for so long that even he has a hard time separating fact from fiction. Especially when he's approached by a beautiful woman named Vita, who claims she's been sent from another planet to liberate Earth. Praise for The Song of Synth "[A]t once gritty and dreamlike, somber and sexy . . . a powerful tale of guilt, addiction, and self-discovery." --Publisher's Weekly

Dinner at Deviant's Palace

Author: Tim Powers

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1480433985

Category: Fiction

Page: 294

View: 6367

Winner of the Philip K. Dick Award: In a nuclear-ravaged California, a humble musician sets out on a dangerous quest to rescue his lost love from the clutches of a soul-devouring religious cult In the twenty-second century, the City of Angels is a tragic shell of its former self, having long ago been ruined and reshaped by nuclear disaster. Before he was in a band in Ellay, Gregorio Rivas was a redeemer, rescuing lost souls trapped in the Jaybirds cult of the powerful maniac Norton Jaybush. Rivas had hoped those days were behind him, but a desperate entreaty from a powerful official is pulling him back into the game. The rewards will be plentiful if he can wrest Urania, the official’s daughter and Gregorio’s first love, from Jaybush’s sinister clutches. To do so, the redeemer reborn must face blood-sucking hemogoblins and other monstrosities on his way to discovering the ultimate secrets of this neo-Californian civilization. One of the most ingeniously imaginative writers of our time, Tim Powers dazzles in an early work that displays his unique creative genius, earning him a nomination for the Nebula Award. Alive with wit, intelligence, and wild invention, Dinner at Deviant’s Palace is a mad adventure across a dystopian future as only Tim Powers could have imagined it. This ebook features an original introduction by the author.

The Synthesizer

A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding, Programming, Playing, and Recording the Ultimate Electronic Music Instrument

Author: Mark Vail

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0195394895

Category: Computers

Page: 410

View: 9071

Electronic music instruments weren't called synthesizers until the 1950s, but their lineage began in 1919 with Russian inventor Lev Sergeyevich Termen's development of the Etherphone, what we now know of as the Theremin. The past century has seen remarkable developments in synthesizers, documented in the first chapter of this book by a historical look at the most important instruments and how they advanced methods of a musician's control, of sound generation, of improved capabilities forlive performance, of interfaces that improved the musician's interaction with the instrument, and of groundbreaking ways to compose music. Chapter two covers the basics of acoustics and synthesis, including descriptions of individual synthesizer components and how they affect the generation of sound and the production of music. Today's synthesizer industry covers a vast range of devices, from affordable to expensive workstations, from analog to digital to hybrid forms of sound generation,from the expanding universe of software instruments to the vigorously revived world of modular synthesizers, from state-of-the-art all-digital instruments to those that function directly with analog machines of the past, and from synthesizers and controllers sporting traditional interfaces such as the organ- or piano-style keyboard to those that appeal to musicians in search of novel approaches to making music. Chapter three addresses many of the valuable considerations to make when shopping for synthesizers. The final two chapters outline strategies noted and successful synthesists use to program, compose and perform with, and record the ultimate electronic music instrument.

Trouble Songs

A Musicological Poetics

Author: Jeff T Johnson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781947447448


Page: 204

View: 2471

Poet, critic, and hybrid-genre artist Johnson tracks the use of trouble in word, concept, and practice in this debut of brief, elliptical, lyric essays. He moves through a wide swath of 20th- and 21st-century music, always alert to a sense of melancholy shared among songwriters, their songs, and their listeners in the ever-growing web of popular music. "When we say 'trouble,' we refer to the history of trouble whether or not we have it in mind. When we sing trouble, we sing (with) history," Johnson writes. "A Trouble Song is a complaint, a grievance, an aside, a come-on, a confession, an admission, a resignation, a plea. It's an invitation-to sorrow." The effect of all this trouble is dizzying. Highly annotated-often to personal, humorous, and hidden effects-the book weaves among genres, chronologies, and various forms of trouble to ask "Where are we in song? Who are we in song?" Johnson suggests that an answer lies somewhere in the locus of singer, song, and listener-the "essential relations in the Trouble Song." Detouring into philosophy, cultural theory, and verse, Johnson works multilaterally to explore what trouble in popular music does to connect listeners, embolden them, and open a space from which trouble can be addressed across time.

Suan Ming

Author: Seb Doubinsky

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781537010359


Page: 160

View: 1305

Reactivation. Exciting. It's been years since John DiMeglio had a remote-viewing assignment from the military. He may feel a bit rusty, but it's nothing some focus and mental exercise can't remedy. Action is exactly what John needs. Kathryn and the kids would probably agree. This guy they got him working under, though...Creely is his name. Seems a nice enough guy, but John can't shake the feeling that something isn't adding up with this mission. Maybe he's just rusty. Or maybe it is Creely.And the shadowy presence keeping John from seeing something important on the other side isn't helping matters. More than anything John wishes he could talk to Kathryn about what's going on... But things aren't quite right there, either.


Author: Jack Womack

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0575132337

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 4788

You need to be rich to survive at all. But it's easier to be dead than poor. Twenty-first-century New York. It's a nightmare. Reaganomics has gone mad. There's murder and mutilation on the bombed-out streets and in the corporate conference rooms. Manhattan is a zoo. There's guerrilla war on Long Island. Seamus O'Malley is a bodyguard and assassin in the outrageously powerful Dryco organisation, and he's in deep trouble. Taking the job sounded like a good idea at the time. Falling in love with his employer's mistress, Avalon, probably wasn't so bright. Getting caught up in the Dryden family's crazy rivalries didn't help. Agreeing to murder the Old Man was plain stupid. And getting involved with the Ambients could only complicate matters further. Before long, O'Malley's on the run, and there's nowhere safe to hide.

VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the '80s (Songbook)

Author: Hal Leonard Corp.

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

ISBN: 145848405X

Category: Music

Page: 576

View: 928

(Piano/Vocal/Guitar Songbook). Selections from the very popular special on VH1. Includes: Burning down the House * Come on Eileen * Don't Stop Believin' * 867-5309/Jenny * Fight for Your Right (To Party) * I Melt with You * Jack and Diane * Jump * Like a Virgin * Little Red Corvette * Super Freak * Sweet Child O' Mine * Time After Time * Under Pressure * Walk like an Egyptian * White Wedding * Wild Thing * You Shook Me All Night Long * many more.

Mars By 1980

The Story of Electronic Music

Author: David Stubbs

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780571323975


Page: 448

View: 3217

Electronic music is now ubiquitous, from mainstream pop hits to the furthest reaches of the avant-garde. The future, a long time coming, finally arrived. But how did we get here? In Mars by 1980, David Stubbs charts the evolution of electronic music from the earliest mechanical experiments in the late nineteenth century to the pre-World War 1 inventions of the Futurist Luigi Russolo, author of the 'Art Of Noises' manifesto. He takes us through the musique concrète of radical composers such as Edgard Varèse, Pierre Schaeffer, and Karlheinz Stockhausen, to the gradual absorption of electronic instrumentation into the mainstream: be it through the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and the work of pioneers like Delia Derbyshire, grandiose prog rock, or the more DIY approach of electronica, house, and techno. It's a tale of mavericks and future dreamers overcoming Luddite resistance, malfunctioning devices, and sonic mayhem. Its beginnings are in the world of avant-classical composition, but the book also encompasses the cosmic funk of Stevie Wonder, Giorgio Moroder, and unforgettable 80s electronic pop from the likes of Depeche Mode, the Pet Shop Boys, and Laurie Anderson - right up to present day innovators on the underground scene. But above all, it's an essential story of authenticity: is this music? Is it legitimate? What drew its creators to make it? Where does it stand, in relation to rock and pop, classical and jazz music, to the modern society that generated it? And why does it resonate more strongly than ever in our own postmodern, seemingly post-futurist times? Mars by 1980 is the definitive account that answers these questions.

Shadowlands and Songs of Light

An Epic Journey Into Joy and Healing

Author: Kevin Ott

Publisher: BroadStreet Publishing Group LLC

ISBN: 1424552923

Category: Religion

Page: 256

View: 6763

The Bible tells Christians not to grieve as the world grieves and to rejoice in their sufferings. Yet when author Kevin Ott lost his mother unexpectedly in 2010, he sank into a wintry depression. When life seemed the darkest, something surprising happened. While exploring eighteen C. S. Lewis books and thirteen U2 albums, he experienced tremendous “stabs of joy”—the unusual heaven-birthed joy that Lewis wrote about—in the midst of grief. This revelation not only pulled Kevin out of depression, it forever changed the way he experienced the love and joy of Christ. In Shadowlands and Songs of Light, you will:Learn fascinating details about C. S. Lewis, discover his unique definition of joy, understand how to apply his revelations about joy to suffering, and learn to recognize and cooperate with God’s strategic use of joy.Enjoy a grand tour of U2’s discography, with a special emphasis on their exploration of joy and suffering.Clearly understand, from the perspective of music theory explained in common terms, why the music of U2 is so emotionally powerful and how it serves as a perfect analogy for Lewis’s concepts of joy and the Christian ability to rejoice in suffering.Find inspiration from the personal stories of U2, especially the tragedies that engulfed their youth in Dublin, and see how they worked through that grief and discovered a joy that has kept the band together for over thirty-five years.When the out-of-control nature of the world and your weaknesses throw you off-balance, you can experience God’s grandeur and joy— discovering heaven’s perspective until it becomes your instinctive, default vantage point every day.

The Feed

A chilling, dystopian page-turner with a twist that will make your head explode

Author: Nick Clark Windo

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1472241886

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 9242

'I was hooked from the very beginning and haunted for days' S J Watson The Feed is a unique, thought-provoking and utterly addictive post-apocalyptic thriller that fans of The Girl With All the Gifts and The Passage will love. Your knowledge. Your memories. Your dreams. If all you are is on the Feed, what will you become when the Feed goes down? For Tom and Kate, in the six years since the world collapsed, every day has been a fight for survival. And when their daughter, Bea, goes missing, they will question whether they can even trust each other anymore. The threat is closer than they realise... 'A tense thriller ... with a twist that will make your head explode' C J Tudor

The Song Machine: Inside the Hit Factory

Author: John Seabrook

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 0393241939

Category: Music

Page: 288

View: 4975

"An utterly satisfying examination of the business of popular music." —Nathaniel Rich, The Atlantic There’s a reason today’s ubiquitous pop hits are so hard to ignore—they’re designed that way. The Song Machine goes behind the scenes to offer an insider’s look at the global hit factories manufacturing the songs that have everyone hooked. Full of vivid, unexpected characters—alongside industry heavy-hitters like Katy Perry, Rihanna, Max Martin, and Ester Dean—this fascinating journey into the strange world of pop music reveals how a new approach to crafting smash hits is transforming marketing, technology, and even listeners’ brains. You’ll never think about music the same way again. A Wall Street Journal Best Business Book

The Album

A Guide to Pop Music's Most Provocative, Influential, and Important Creations

Author: James E. Perone

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 0313379068

Category: Music

Page: 1256

View: 3252

This four-volume work provides provocative critical analyses of 160 of the best popular music albums of the past 50 years, from the well-known and mainstream to the quirky and offbeat.

Song Interpretation in 21st-Century Pop Music

Author: Ralf von Appen,André Doehring,Allan F. Moore

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317052692

Category: Music

Page: 304

View: 7819

Existing books on the analysis of popular music focus on theory and methodology, and normally discuss parts of songs briefly as examples. The impression often given is that songs are being chosen simply to illuminate and exemplify a theoretical position. In this book the obverse is true: songs take centre stage and are given priority. The authors analyse and interpret them intensively from a variety of theoretical positions that illuminate the song. Thus, methods and theories have to prove their use value in the face of a heterogeneous, contemporary repertoire. The book brings together researchers from very different cultural backgrounds and encourages them to compare their different hearings and to discuss the ways in which they make sense of specific songs. All songs analysed are from the new millennium, most of them not older than three years. Because the most widely popular styles are too often ignored by academics, this book aims to shed light on how million sellers work musically. Therefore, it encompasses a broad palette, highlighting mainstream pop (Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Lucenzo, Amy McDonald), but also accounting for critically acclaimed ’indie’ styles (Fleet Foxes, Death Cab for Cutie, PJ Harvey), R&B (Destiny’s Child, Janelle Monae), popular hard rock (Kings of Leon, Rammstein), and current electronic music (Andrés, Björk). By concentrating on 13 well-known songs, this book offers some model analyses that can very easily be studied at home or used in seminars and classrooms for students of popular music at all academic levels.

Stripped: Depeche Mode

Author: Jonathan Miller

Publisher: Omnibus Press

ISBN: 0857120263

Category: Music

Page: 552

View: 2035

An electrifying new biography about the four Essex lads who became award-winning stadium superstars and champions of synth pop! Jonathan Miller's groundbreaking book features in-depth interviews with founder member Vince Clarke and producers Gareth Jones and Mark Bell, and contains never-before seen interviews with the band members themselves. With additional input from Gary Human, Howard Jones and Thomas Dolby this is a unique portrait of a band that almost lost control when their lives went off the rails and lead singer Dave Gahan's heroin addiction nearly killed him. In the end Depeche Mode not only survived, they triumphed, racking up a staggering 40 million-plus album sales on the way. This is their amazing story, told in full for the first time. Born out of the post-punk backlash in the early 80's, Depeche Mode took their name from a phrase in a French style magazine and became the definitive international synth-pop group. Vince Clarke, Andy Fletcher and Martin Gore had started out as an Essex guitar band but it was their bright and upbeat synthesizer-driven brand of pop fronted by Dave Gahan that was to find global acceptance and enjoy unlikely success in the US. Despite a handful of early plaudits in the music press, the group won only intermittent critical acceptance over the years, its often light musical approach contrasting with lyrics that sometimes plunge into darker topics like S&M, religious fetishism and the scourge of capitalism. But whatever the music press said, the fans finally bought into Depeche Mode in a big way. Their Violator tour at the start of the 90s sold millions of records and turned them into major US concert stars. In true rock style, Depeche Mode's members have suffered their share of internal strife over a long career. Dave Gahan reinvented himself as a lead singer with both a harder musical edge and a near-fatal drug habit, while internal acrimony often marred the later stages of their career. Jonathan Miller has made an exemplary job of telling the Depeche Mode saga in its entirety and goes a long way towards explaining how the group have managed to thrive when almost all their post-punk contemporaries fell by the wayside long ago.

Keyboard Presents the Best of the '80s

The Artists, Instruments, and Techniques of an Era

Author: Ernie Rideout,Stephen Fortner,Michael Gallant

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

ISBN: 9780879309305

Category: Music

Page: 125

View: 4384

(Keyboard Presents). No single decade revitalized the keyboard as a focal point as much as the 1980s. Now, the editors of Keyboard magazine have culled that era's most insightful articles and combined them with a wealth of insight to create this landmark book. Features 20 interviews with noted players and producers like Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Duran Duran's Nick Rhodes, Depeche Mode's Vince Clarke, Peter Gabriel, and The Human League, as well as such visionary pioneers as Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, and Frank Zappa.

The Very Best of Prince

Author: Prince

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

ISBN: 9781423452775

Category: Music

Page: 160

View: 741

(Guitar Recorded Versions). Note-for-note transcriptions of 17 smash hits from His Royal Badness! Includes: Cream * Diamonds and Pearls * I Would Die 4 U * Kiss * Let's Go Crazy * Little Red Corvette * 1999 * Purple Rain * Raspberry Beret * Sign O' the Times * When Doves Cry * U Got the Look * and more!

The Weatherman #2

Author: Jody Leheup

Publisher: Image Comics


Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 32

View: 9209

Storm clouds and bounty hunters gather as Agent Cross takes local Martian weatherman and noodle bowl aficionado Nathan Bright to task for his alleged role in murdering the Earth. But Nathan may just be the last hope of preventing a second attack_one that could wipe humanity out for good.

33 Revolutions per Minute

A History of Protest Songs, from Billie Holiday to Green Day

Author: Dorian Lynskey

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0062078844

Category: Music

Page: 688

View: 1876

Dorian Lynskey is one of the most prominent music critics writing today. With 33 Revolutions Per Minute, he offers an engrossing, insightful, and wonderfully researched history of protest music in the twentieth century and beyond. From Billie Holiday and Woodie Guthrie to Bob Dylan and the Clash to Green Day and Rage Against the Machine, 33 Revolutions Per Minute is a moving and fascinating portrait of a century of popular music that tried to change the world.