Zeit-Räume in Stanley Kubricks The Shining

Author: Katrin Geiser

Publisher: GRIN Verlag

ISBN: 3638369323

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 22

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Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2004 im Fachbereich Germanistik - Linguistik, Note: 1,3, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Veranstaltung: Semiotik des Films, 5 Quellen im Literaturverzeichnis, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: In der Geschichte der Filmtheorie galt lange Zeit die Vorstellung, die filmtechnischen Mittel Montage und Mise en Scène seien getrennt voneinander zu betrachten, da sie auf verschiedene Ziele der filmische Arbeit verweisen. In dieser Arbeit soll es nun darum gehen, Jean-Luc Godards Auffassung von der Synthese dieser beiden Techniken zu stützen und durch den Nachweis der Austauschbarkeit der jeweiligen Ziele von Montage und Mise en Scène sogar zu verschärfen.Desweiteren werden die noch vor Godard gängigen Vorstellungen von Realitäten, die der Film ermöglicht, verbunden mit den damaligen Auffassungen bezüglich der zwei Filmtechniken, dargestellt und schließlich mit Godards These und der sich ergebenden Konsequenzen modifiziert. Die Grenzen der Wirklichkeit des Films müssen mit Godard neu definiert werden. Zur Untermauerung dieses theoretischen Rahmens folgt im Hauptteil dieser Arbeit eine Filmanalyse zu Stanley Kubricks The Shining (1980). Dieser Filmist aufgrund ungewöhnlicher Raum- und Zeitkonstruktionen und der damit verbundenen Montagetechnik und Mise en Scène hervorragend für dieseZwecke geeignet. Anhand konkreter Sequenzen wird demnach zunächst die Zeitkonstruktion unter Einbezug der Montage und im Anschluss das Raumkonzept unter dem Gesichtspunkt der Mise en Scène betrachtet. Anschließend wird aufgezeigt, inwieweit diese filmtechnischen Mittel untrennbar voneinander zu betrachten sind. Abschließend folgt die Betrachtung der Selbstreferenz des Films, die sich gewissermaßen aus den Konsequenzen der Synthese von Montage und Mise en Scène ergibt.

The Shining

Author: Stephen King

Publisher: Anchor

ISBN: 0385528868

Category: Fiction

Page: 464

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With an excerpt from the sequel, Doctor Sleep. Terrible events occur at an isolated hotel in the off season, when a small boy with psychic powers struggles to hold his own against the forces of evil that are driving his father insane.

Doctor Who: The Shining Man

Author: Cavan Scott

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1473530903

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

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“Being scared is the least of your worries.” The Shining Men are everywhere. You spot them out of the corner of your eye. Abnormally tall, with long lank hair, blank faces and blazing eyes. If they catch you, they’ll drag you away to who knows where. No one is safe. They’re on every street corner. Waiting. Watching. Shining bright. Of course it’s a hoax. It has to be, right? It started as a joke, a prank for Halloween. Then it went viral. Idiots dressing up as monsters. Giving folk a scare. Silly masks and fright wigs. No one gets hurt. Because bogeymen aren’t real. Until people start going missing and lights burn in the darkness. Burning like eyes. But help is on its way, in the form of a strange man called the Doctor and his friend, Bill. The Doctor will keep us safe. The Doctor will stop the monsters. Unless the monsters stop the Doctor first... An original novel featuring the Twelfth Doctor and Bill as played by Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie.

The Shining Ones

Author: Philip Gardiner

Publisher: Radikal Books

ISBN: 9781904126003

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 304

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For many years now there has been an upsurge in revelation stories and alternative viewpoints on man's history. People such as Graham Hancock and Lawrence Gardner have brought to light many new ideas and many new problems. Now there is a new theory which is all-encompassing and clearly brings into focus a more sinister reason behind the emergence of civilisation. In his theory on Atlantis Graham Hancock is receiving much admiration and academic acclaim. Standard academic thought is more towards the spontaneous eruption of civilisation across the globe, with little or no explanation of why there are so many similarities between the cultures. Now, Philip Gardiner, in his new book THE SHINING ONES is set to turn even this upon its head. The theory is so simple that it begs the question, why has it not been thought of before? The reason for universal similarity of architecture, language, art, travel and religious belief is quite simply an ancient and secret religious brotherhood who have hidden themselves deep within the symbols, ciphers and codes of our ancient texts for hundreds of years. They held a secret knowledge and power base which spread with them across the globe. The very title that they have given themselves is hidden within the standard text and religious books we use every day -- The Shining Ones. Put like this, the whole thing can sound like an X-Files conspiracy theory. However the author has invested huge amounts of time and energy checking, researching and seeking the advice of academics. Now the theory is attracting the attention of historians who can see that the patterns are as subtle as this author proposes. The fact is, this theory does explain away all the problems with dating and variations that people such as Hancock have come up against. Many academics and especially Egyptologists are now turning to this way of thinking and with Gardiners spirit and broad knowledge in history and language the history of the ancients and the secrets that they hold are becoming more clear. There are of course dissenters. The author has been accosted for his standpoint and there are still those hardened academics and even non-academics who refuse to even listen. However, there is a major TV documentary in pre-production stages and with interviews planned across the nation on radio and TV the message may soon be accepted as a credible theory.

The Shining Path

A History of the Millenarian War in Peru

Author: Gustavo Gorriti Ellenbogen

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN: 9780807846766

Category: History

Page: 290

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This volume covers the years between the guerillas' first attack in Peru in 1980 and President Fernando Belaunde's decision to send in the military to contain the growing rebellion in late 1982. It covers the strategy, actions, successes, and setbacks of both government and rebels.

The Shining Ones: The World's Most Powerful Secret Society Revealed

Author: Philip Gardiner,Gary Osborn

Publisher: Duncan Baird Publishers

ISBN: 1780282427

Category: Social Science

Page: 352

View: 2025

The Shining Ones were members of an advanced culture that was almost lost; but their wisdom and their power survived. They preserved the secrets of their advanced knowledge in mythology and legend; they embedded their secret codes in symbolism in art, architecture, the mystery traditions and literary works - including the Bible. The authors have found traces of the influence of The Shining Ones in all the major religions with roots in the ancient world. Gardiner and Osborn have discovered that their secrets and rituals have been hidden and preserved through the centuries, by the Knights Templar, the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons to the present day. Furthermore, they believe that the evolution of civilization has been manipulated by a secret and powerful group of initiates descended from The Shining Ones. They can identify their influence behind science, religion, mysticism and philosophy - and, of course, in the arena of powerful politics. This is an extraordinary story of intrigue and power play at a very human and political level. But it is also the revelation that the Shining Ones had knowledge of the deep spiritual truth that lies at the heart of mankind's yearning for an understanding of the meaning of life and to achieve salvation.

The Shining Inheritance

Italian Painters at the Qing Court, 1699–1812

Author: Marco Musillo

Publisher: Getty Publications

ISBN: 1606064746

Category: Art

Page: 184

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During Qing dynasty China, Italian artists were hired through Jesuit missionaries by the imperial workshops in Beijing. In The Shining Inheritance: Italian Painters at the Qing Court, 1699–1812, Marco Musillo considers the professional adaptations and pictorial modifications to Chinese traditions that allowed three of these Italian painters — Giovanni Gherardini (1655– ca. 1729), Giuseppe Castiglione (1688–1766), and Giuseppe Panzi (1734–1812) — to work within the Chinese cultural sphere from 1699, when Gherardini arrived in China, to 1812, the year of Panzi’s death. Musillo focuses especially on the long career and influence of Castiglione (whose Chinese name was Lang Shining), who worked in Beijing for more than fifty years. Serving three Qing emperors, he was actively engaged in the pictorial discussions at court. The Shining Inheritance perceptively explores how each painter’s level of professional artistic training affected his understanding, selection, and translation of the Chinese pictorial traditions. Musillo further demonstrates how this East-West artistic exchange challenged the dogma of European universality through a professional dialogue that became part of established workshop routines. The cultural elements, procedures, and artistic languages of both China and Italy were strategically played against each other in negotiating the successes and failures of the Italian painters in Beijing. Musillo’s subtle analysis offers a compelling methodological model for an increasingly global field of art history.

The Shining Company

Author: Rosemary Sutcliff

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448173671

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 304

View: 7377

'I saw riders with black eyesockets in glimmering mail where their faces should have been, grey wolfskins catching a bloom of light from the mist and the moon; a shining company indeed, not quite mortal-seeming.' Many years after King Arthur defeated the Saxons, the tribes of Britain are again threatened by invaders. Prosper and his loyal bondsman, Conn, answer the call of King Mynydogg to join a highly skilled army - the Shining Company. Led by the gallant Prince Gorthyrn, the company embark on a perilous but glorious campaign. An epic tale of battles and bravery from the acclaimed historical storyteller, Rosemary Sutcliff.

''The Shining Ones''

An Etymological Essay on the Amazigh Roots of Egyptian Civilization

Author: Helene E. Hagan

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1462836496

Category: History

Page: 138

View: 1926

The Introduction of the book indicates the necessity to start with the archaeology of the early settlements of the West Bank of the Nile , a territory to be considered as the mother or matrix of all Egyptian civilization. It establishes the pioneer nature of this Etymological Essay in the English language, as most of the studies in keeping with its findings are to be found in the scholarly literature of Europe and North Africa. 1. Archaic Terminology: The chapter traces the origins of early settlements of the northwestern region of Egypt, the desert oases, the Fayum, the region of the Lakes, and the western portion of the delta of the Nile, by Saharan and Libyan archaic people, with specific emphasis on archaic topography which can be directly related to Modern Amazigh spoken today in North Africa (Tamazirt.) 2,The Pillar People: The review of a number of terms from the mythology and ceremonial procedures of dynastic Egypt shows the influence of those early settlers named The People of the Pillars (Intui) on the beliefs and practices perpetuated through centuries in Egypt, and the presence of an all pervasive worship of these early origins: (cult of ancestors.) 3.The Holy rulers of First Princes of Egypt: An intensive comparative review of ancient Egyptian and Modern Amazigh terms reveals that the first noble rulers of the area were of Amazigh origin. A series of families of terms link quite clearly a number of beliefs and practices to the North African cultural complex. 4.Tehuti, time and the Wisdom of the stars is a chapter delving a little more deeply into the cosmogony and cosmology of the early Egyptians, and the roots of that knowledge in archaic practices, which have parallel indicators in North Africa. 5. The Innermost Shrine from The Book of the Dead: The geography of the Land of the Beyond, Tu-at (Du-Ament), and a variety of important indices throughout the Book of the Dead indicate quite clearly that the final return of the defunct to the Blessed Land of the Ancestors was also a step by step description of their claim of descent from these original beings. The rule of “Ma-aa-at,” the organizing principle of an entire civilization for centuries, or ‘NTR,” originated in the area of the Sacred lakes and the ancient settlements of the Fayum and oasis complex. Linguistic comparison with Modern Amazigh continues to indicate the kinship of those people with North African Imazighen (also known as Berbers.) 6. A Conclusion, Notes, and an Appendix, which is the reproduction of an article published in The Amazigh Voice, a publication of the Amazigh Cultural Association in America, indicate the pioneer aspect of such a work and the direction in which further linguistic studies could bring increasing light into areas of Egyptian scholarship heretofore deemed as obscure and/or of barbarous origin. .

The Shining Skull

Number 11 in series

Author: Kate Ellis

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0748126562

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 7944

Little Marcus Fallbrook was kidnapped in 1976 and when he never returned home, his grieving family assumed the worst. Then, thirty years later, teenage singing star Leah Wakefield disappears and DI Wesley Peterson has reason to suspect that the same kidnapper is responsible. And another abductor is at work in the area - a man who tricks blonde women into a bogus taxi and cuts off their hair. Has Leah fallen prey to the man the newspapers call 'The Barber' or has she suffered a more sinister fate? But then Marcus Fallbrook returns from the dead. And when DNA evidence confirms his identity, the investigation takes a new twist. Meanwhile, archaeologist, Neil Watson's gruesome task of exhuming the dead from a local churchyard yields a mystery of its own when a coffin is found to contain one corpse too many - a corpse that may be linked to a strange religious sect dating back to Regency times. Wesley has his hands full elsewhere - slowly, Marcus Fallbrook begins to recover memories that Wesley hopes will lead him to cunning and dangerous murderer. But he is about to discover that the past can be a very dangerous place indeed.

The Shining Serpent

Author: M.A. Hadi

Publisher: Twin Rivers Publishing

ISBN: 0957331126


Page: N.A

View: 3279

Within the chaos of a war-torn Iraq, Sarah tries to live a peaceful life with her young son. But everything changes drastically when her son disappears. Contemplating suicide by day, and seeing strange realms by night, she meets a dark serpent who promises to help her. With new found belief in herself, she sets off in search for her son. But who is this mysterious entity? And will she be able to overcome the hazards that lie ahead?

The Shining Isle

An Urban Fantasy

Author: Ly De Angeles

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 0738708348

Category: Fiction

Page: 247

View: 4891

Among us walk a race older than time-called the Travelers, Tuatha dŽ Dannan, the Sidhe, the Fair Folk, and the F‡’dh, they are the magical beings who remember when forests covered much of the earth and people revered the older gods and goddesses. The Shining Isle is the story of Holly Tremenhere and the small island of Inishr’m. Holly was awakened to the mysteries at a young age, but could not cope with their seemingly alien reality and turned away from them. Now, disillusioned with the senselessness of day-to-day existence, she is ripe for change. Meanwhile, Inishr’m has been targeted for takeover by those who do not understand its significance. The isle and its inhabitants harbor an ancient secret-one they will fight to the death to keep safe.

Before the Shining Path

Politics in Rural Ayacucho, 1895-1980

Author: Jaymie Heilman

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 9780804775786

Category: History

Page: 272

View: 992

From 1980 to 1992, Maoist Shining Path rebels, Peruvian state forces, and Andean peasants waged a bitter civil war that left some 69,000 people dead. Using archival research and oral interviews, Before the Shining Path is the first long-term historical examination of the Shining Path's political, economic, and social antecedents in Ayacucho, the department where the Shining Path initiated its war. This study uncovers rural Ayacucho's vibrant but largely unstudied twentieth-century political history and contends that the Shining Path was the last and most extreme of a series of radical political movements that indigenous peasants pursued. The Shining Path's violence against rural indigenous populations exposed the tight hold of anti-Indian prejudice inside Peru, as rebels reproduced the same hatreds they aimed to defeat. But, this was nothing new. Heilman reveals that minute divides inside rural indigenous communities repeatedly led to violent conflict across the twentieth century.

Book of the Shining Path

Author: Yehoiakin-Barukh ben Ya’ocov

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 1628389109

Category: Religion

Page: 812

View: 1485

The Book of the Shining Path is an in depth study of the fundamental and mystical understandings of the doctrines of Messianic Judaism. This book is a fundamental work for Messianic Jews for now and for generations of our people, far into the future, until which time Rabbi King Messiah returns. This book introduces the mystical nature of Messianic Jewish doctrine, as well as exploring understandings which set Messianic Judaism apart from other movements in Judaism as well as the Hebrew-root Christian movements. The Book of the Shining Path explores the various levels of Torah understanding: Peshat—“simple understanding” of the text without embellishments. All other levels of understanding must agree with this simple understanding of the Torah. Any interpretation which contradicts the simple understanding of Torah is either not understood or incorrect. Peshat is the foundation upon which all other knowledge and forms of interpretation are built. Derash—“extrapolation” of understanding by exploring alternate meanings or extended meanings of words, phrases, and context. Most ministers and rabbis use derash for their weekly sermons. The expanded perceptions of derash have been the basis for many intense Bible studies and arguments. Remez—“hinting at” other scripture references. Portions of Torah remind us of other parts of Torah or sacred writings. Frequently, better teachers will quote part of a verse that is elsewhere in the Bible and thereby convey volumes of information with few words. Yeshua used remez when talking to Nicodemus. Sod—“hidden” study of the not-so-obvious aspects of the text. Some of these aspects include homilies, gamatria (numeric value of words), alternate Aleph-Bet set, equidistant spacing, meanings of the letter in context, mystical shapes of the letters, and more. At first glance, some of these techniques of extracting supernatural information from the Torah seem like a far reach. Once one has come to understand the Torah, having done more than just read it once or twice, the sod level of understanding can be seen. In the Book of the Shining Path, Rabbi ben Ya’ocov also teaches about the foundational principles of Messianic Judaism which are as follows: repentance from dead works faith (trusting) toward G-d immersions (washings) s’mikah (laying on of hands for authority or other purposes such as healing) resurrection eternal judgment. Rabbi Yehoiakin-Barukh ben Ya’ocov is the founder and director of Bet Doresh Messianic Jewish Ministries of New Mexico (www.betdoresh.org).

The Shining One

Author: Irene Chandler

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

ISBN: 1595784721

Category: Fiction

Page: 140

View: 9837

A woman on the run, a monster on the hunt, a man with many secrets ... their paths are about to cross! Irene Chandler takes you on a journey to a beautiful, mysterious, and dangerous world in her passion-filled romance, The Shining One. In a world of capricious gods and strange landscapes, Quinn Archer is a fugitive. Presenting herself as a metalworker, she travels with a nomad caravan and tries to stay unnoticed until two new factors enter her life. One is a beastling, a distorted monster with human intelligence, which seems to be hunting her. The other is a healer called Lorr. An enigma, a man who doesn’t seem to fear the gods--or anything else--Lorr is a temptation that Quinn cannot resist. However, both Quinn and Lorr have dangerous secrets. Deep in the Mirrorwood, a land of beauty and deception, both lovers must face their pasts and their fears.