The Orchard Book of First Greek Myths

Author: Saviour Pirotta

Publisher: Orchard Books

ISBN: 9781841217758

Category: Legends

Page: 96

View: 942

Here are ten of the greatest and best-loved Greek legends retold with warmth and humour for young children and illustrated with bright, friendly artwork. Meet Theseus and the Minotaur, Odysseus, Pandora, King Midas and a whole cast of larger-than-life characters in a series of extraordinary adventures. The perfect introduction to Greek Myths.

The Orchard Book of Greek Myths

Author: Geraldine McCaughrean

Publisher: Orchard Books

ISBN: 9781852133733

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 96

View: 4015

A retelling of popular Greek myths, including Pandora's box, King Midas, and the Wooden Horse. Suggested level : primary, intermediate.

The Orchard Book of Roman Myths

Author: Geraldine McCaughrean,Emma Chichester Clark

Publisher: Orchard Books (NY)

ISBN: 9781860397530

Category: Mythology, Roman

Page: 93

View: 8216

From the same author and artist team as The Orchard Book of Greek Myths, this book of Roman myths includes the story of how Romulus and Remus founded Rome, how the guardian geese of Juno''s temple saved Rome and why Rome was blessed with vines.'

Icarus, the Boy Who Could Fly

Author: Saviour Pirotta

Publisher: Orchard

ISBN: 9781843627852

Category: Icarus (Greek mythology)

Page: 30

View: 6866

Icarus's dad is a great inventor but when he gives his son wings, so they can escape the island they live on, things don't go according to plan at all. Join a cast of larger-than-life characters in a series of extraordinary adventures.

Arachne, the Spider Woman

Author: Saviour Pirotta

Publisher: Orchard

ISBN: 9781843627807

Category: Arachne (Greek mythology)

Page: 29

View: 5996

Arachne is always boasting that her weaving is better than the goddess Athena's. So Athena decides to teach the boastful girl a terrible lesson... Join a cast of larger-than-life characters in a series of extraordinary adventures.

Terrific Topics: Lower primary book 1

Author: Blake Education

Publisher: Blake Education

ISBN: 186509191X

Category: Classroom activities

Page: 136

View: 7836

First in a series of resources for middle primary school teachers. Provides 80 photocopiable pages with integrated units on explorers, famous Australians, myhs and legends, religions and beliefs, endangered animals, natural disasters, and moving pictures. Each unit addresses a key learning area for lower primary - either Science or SOSE/HSIE. Includes an overview of unit content and an assessment grid.

Odysseus and the Wooden Horse

Author: Saviour Pirotta

Publisher: Orchard

ISBN: 9781843627838

Category: Mythology, Greek

Page: 30

View: 5494

Troy is the most well-protected city in the land. So how will Odysseus and his men get in? The great hero comes up with an ingenious plan... Join a cast of larger-than-life characters in a series of extraordinary adventures.

Jason and the Golden Fleece

Author: Saviour Pirotta

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781846164750

Category: Argonauts (Greek mythology)

Page: 30

View: 9083

This series offers friendly and accessible Greek myth retellings, with clear type and illustrations. In 'Jason and the Golden Fleece', Jason goes to find the golden fleece so he can get the throne back from his wicked uncle. First he must brave evil skeletons and get past a terrible serpent.

Arion the Dolphin Boy

Author: Saviour Pirotta

Publisher: Orchard (NY)

ISBN: 9781846164743

Category: Arion (Greek mythology)

Page: 30

View: 3071

This series offers friendly and accessible Greek myth retellings, with clear type and illustrations. Arion was the greatest poet in the world. On his way home from a far-off land, sailors want to steal his treasure and leave him to drown. Who will save him?

The Secret of Pandora's Box

Author: Saviour Pirotta

Publisher: Orchard Books

ISBN: 9781843627814

Category: Children's stories

Page: 29

View: 3924

Epimetheus is happy when beautiful Pandora comes to live with him. But when she opens Epimetheus's special chest, the one the Gods warned him not to touch, something terrible escapes... Join a cast of larger-than-life characters in a series of extraordinary adventures.

Choosing and Using Fiction and Non-Fiction 3-11

A Comprehensive Guide for Teachers and Student Teachers

Author: Margaret Mallett

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136994246

Category: Education

Page: 416

View: 1535

Winner of the United Kingdom Literacy Association's Author Award 2011 for its contribution to extending children's literacy. Praise for the book: 'This book is about making readers. A compact summary of its contents would not do it justice. It is the accountof a life's work and it deserves thanks and readers. *****'. - Margaret Meek, Books for Keeps on-line, Number 185, November 2010. 'This book is a cornucopia of varied pleasures, offering something for all tastes, presented with an awareness of the complexities of the field and communicated with commitment, enthusiasm and deep knowledge'. - Eve Bearne, English 4-11, the primary school journal of The English Association, Number 42, Summer 2011. Choosing and Using Fiction and Non-Fiction 3-11 is a guide to the many kinds of text we want children to encounter, use and enjoy during their nursery and primary school years. So children’s non-fiction literature – including autobiography, biography, information and reference texts – is given equal status with fiction – nursery rhymes, picturebooks, novels, traditional tales, playscripts and poetry. The author addresses important issues and allows the voices of teachers, reviewers and children to be heard. The book supports teachers as they help children on their journey to becoming insightful and critical readers of non-fiction and sensitive and reflective readers of fiction. It also contains suggestions for practice which are in the spirit of the more flexible and creative approach to learning towards which primary schools are moving. It includes: help on using criteria to select quality texts of all kinds; annotated booklists for each kind of text for different age groups; suggestions for keeping a balance between print and screen-based texts; case studies showing teachers and children using texts in interesting and imaginative ways to support learning in English lessons and across the curriculum; advice on developing children’s visual and multimodal literacy; guidance on using the school library and embedding study skills in children’s wider purposes and learning; critiques of key theoretical perspectives and research projects. Although the main readership will be primary and student teachers, it is hoped that the book will be of interest and use to anyone concerned with the role of texts in children’s learning.

Know it All, Find it Fast for Youth Librarians and Teachers

Author: Christinea Donnelly

Publisher: Facet Publishing

ISBN: 185604761X

Category: Information resources

Page: 323

View: 2379

A brand new version of the best-selling enquiry desk reference text, Know it All, Find it Fast, specifically designed for those working with children and young people in schools, public libraries and at home. Including an invaluable overview of the education system and the school curriculum as well as a comprehensive listing of useful resources by topic, this A-Z covers school subjects from science and maths to reading and literacy, and more general themes such as children's health, wellbeing and hobbies. Each topic is broken down into useful sections that will help to guide your response; Typical questions outline common queries such as 'Have you got any information about volcanoes?' Considerations provides useful hints and tips i.e. 'Geography now encompasses not only physical and human geography but also environmental geography, social geography, geology and geopolitics.' Where to look lists relevant printed, digital and online resources with useful annotations explaining their scope and strengths Readership: This is the must-have quick reference tool arming librarians and teachers with the knowledge to deal with any queries thrown at them from children and young people as well as their parents and caregivers. It will also be a handy reference for parents and anyone working with children and young people in other organizations such as homework clubs and youth workers.

Theseus and the Man-eating Monster

Author: Saviour Pirotta,Jan Lewis

Publisher: Orchard (NY)

ISBN: 9781846167706

Category: Minotaur (Greek mythology)

Page: 30

View: 8399

This series offers friendly and accessible Greek myth retellings, with clear type and illustrations. Every year the King of Athens has to send some of his people to evil King Minos for his man-eating monster. His brave son, Theseus, wants to stop it - will he succeed?

Perseus and the Monstrous Medusa

Author: Saviour Pirotta,Jan Lewis

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781843627869

Category: Medusa (Greek mythology)

Page: 32

View: 3225

Perseus is determined to save his mother from their tyrant king, but to do so he must face the monstrous Medusa, even though one look upon her face can turn a man to stone! Join a cast of larger-than-life characters in a series of extraordinary adventures.

Once Upon an If

The Storythinking Handbook

Author: Peter Worley

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1441165266

Category: Education

Page: 192

View: 4708

If you want to tell more stories in the classroom but lack the confidence to do so... If you need guidance finding stories that are good to get children thinking... If you like using stories in your teaching but want to get more from them than the moral at the end... Once Upon an If is the book for you! In his brand new book, award-winning author Peter Worley provides a comprehensive guide to everything a would-be storyteller needs, including how to bring a story to life, tips on how to memorise a story and improvise descriptions, and techniques for using tone, movement and timing to engage and involve the children in your class. Once Upon an If also comprises a treasury of stories, new and old, written especially to get a young audience thinking actively about the deeper issues that lie behind and within the tales. Guidance notes, lesson plans and activity questions are included with every story and there is a companion website including extra resources for you to use on your interactive whiteboard. Once Upon an If draws on Peter's ten years of experience as a philosophy teacher, trainer and storyteller to help any teacher place stories and storytelling where they should be - back at the heart of teaching.

Orchard Ballet Stories for Young Children

Author: Saviour Pirotta

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1408342324

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 128

View: 3153

Discover all the magic of the ballet with this collection of classic tales and meet enchanted princesses, magical birds, dancing dolls and wicked witches. Travel to a magical kingdom of sweets, twirl at an enchanted fairytale ball, and discover the story of a sleeping princess, woken after 100 years by her true love's kiss. This beautiful gift collection contains six of the best-loved stories from the ballet: The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Coppelia and The Firebird. Award-winning storyteller Saviour Pirotta retells the classic tales in an accessible style that's perfect for young children, while New York Times bestselling artist Brigette Barrager's beautiful full-colour illustrations bring each magical scene to life. The perfect gift for little ballet dancers and ballet fans.

Mark of the Cyclops: An Ancient Greek Mystery

Author: Saviour Pirotta

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472934172

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 224

View: 8830

A thrilling mix of Sherlock Holmes and Ancient Greece from bestselling author Saviour Pirotta, with stunning illustrations from up-and-coming illustrator Freya Hartas. This exciting adventure will have readers gripped from start to finish. Young scribe Nico's new friend Thrax has a strange knack for figuring things out. When they travel to wedding with their master, a valuable vase is broken and Thrax's special skills might just come in useful. Can the boys prove that slave girl Gaia is innocent, and discover what the mark of the cyclops means? This dramatic and mysterious tale is packed with wonderful characters and insight into the daily life of the ancient Greeks, a required topic in the KS2 History curriculum. Perfect for fans of the Roman Mysteries, or anyone interested in ancient Greece.