The Law of Torts

A Treatise on the Principles of Obligations Arising from Civil Wrongs in the Common Law: to which is Added the Draft of a Code of Civil Wrongs Prepared for the Government of India

Author: Frederick Pollock

Publisher: N.A


Category: Torts

Page: 636

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A Modern View of the Law of Torts

The Commonwealth and International Library: Pergamon Modern Legal Outlines Division

Author: J. S. Colyer

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 1483156389

Category: Law

Page: 254

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A Modern View of the Law of Torts provides the important aspects of the law of torts, which is an area of law that covers the majority of all civil lawsuits. This book begins with a description of the civil rights of an individual who is wronged by another person, followed by a particular attention to the remedies that are available to people who are wronged by any of the standard torts. Chapters of this book are devoted to specific torts, such as negligence, defamation, and trespass. Specifically, the law of negligence has been fully dealt with, as more and more of the problems of the law of torts are being solved by the courts with reference to the developing principles of the law of negligence. This publication provides an interesting approach to the study of torts, which is equally useful to students and the lay person.

Philosophical Foundations of the Law of Torts

Author: John Oberdiek

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0198701381

Category: Law

Page: 447

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This book offers a rich insight into the law of torts and cognate fileds, and will be of broad interest to those working in legal and moral philosophy. It has contributions from all over the world and represents the state-of-the art in tort theory.

The German Law of Torts

A Comparative Treatise

Author: B. S. Markesinis,Hannes Unberath

Publisher: Hart Publishing

ISBN: 1841132977

Category: Law

Page: 1050

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Since its first appearance in 1986 this book has won uniform praise from many of the world's leading comparatists, has been acclaimed by senior judges, and has been cited by the courts of many countries. This new edition of the work, substantially rewritten and systematically updated, contains over 150 leading judgments, most translated in their entirety, along with references to over 2,000 other decisions from Germany and the common law world. While the book remains an ideal tool for teaching comparative torts and comparative methodology, the fact that it has been extensively rewritten and enlarged now also makes it an indispensable source of inspiration for those with a professional interest in tort litigation and tort reform. Topics discussed include economic loss, psychiatric injury, wrongful birth, life and sterilization cases, products liability, traffic accidents, accidents at work, environmental liability and compensation for personal injuries and death.

Guide to the Law of Tort

Author: Roger Caldwell

Publisher: Straightforward co Ltd

ISBN: 9781847160508

Category: Torts

Page: 144

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The perfect introductory text to the complicated are of the law of tort - which deals with negligence generally and liability for negligence and breach of duty. It is the ideal book for those wishing to develop their knowledge of the area - whether professional, layperson or student - and covers topics including negligence in general, breach of duty, causation, employer liablity, nuisance, defamation, strict liability and defences.

Landmark Cases in the Law of Tort

Author: Charles Mitchell,Paul Mitchell

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1847317553

Category: Law

Page: 400

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Landmark Cases in the Law of Tort contains thirteen original essays on leading tort cases, ranging from the early nineteenth century to the present day. It is the third volume in a series of collected essays on landmark cases (the previous two volumes having dealt with restitution and contract). The cases examined raise a broad range of important issues across the law of tort, including such diverse areas as acts of state and public nuisance, as well as central questions relating to the tort of negligence. Several of the essays place cases in their historical context in ways that change our understanding of the case's significance. Sometimes the focus is on drawing out previously neglected aspects of cases which have been – undeservedly – assigned minor importance. Other essays explore the judicial methodologies and techniques that worked to shape leading principles of tort law. So much of tort law turns on cases, and there are so many cases, that all but the most recent decisions have a tendency to become reduced to terse propositions of law, so as to keep the subject manageable. This collection shows how important it is, despite the constant temptation to compression, not to lose sight of the contexts and nuances which qualify and illuminate so many leading authorities.

The Province of the Law of Tort

Author: Percy H. Winfield

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107635586

Category: Law

Page: 268

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Originally published in 1931, the lectures contained in this book trace the relationship between tortious obligation and other regions of the law, suggesting that the Common Law gains greatly in effectiveness by the absence of clearly marked barriers on the boundary of any one of the subjects analysed.

The Law of Torts Or Private Wrongs

Author: Francis Hilliard

Publisher: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.

ISBN: 1584775416

Category: History

Page: N.A

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Reprint of the first edition. This was the first English-language treatise on the subject. As the Dictionary of American Biography points out, it marked the "beginning of a revolution in legal thought" because it was the first to approach torts as a distinct legal category. Before Hilliard, "practical text-writers...regarded such wrongs as too divergent in nature for unified treatment and merely discussed some distinct wrong" (V:53-54). Hilliard [1806-1878], a Harvard-educated attorney who lived in Boston, was a prolific and distinguished author of treatises on jurisprudence, real property, contracts, business law and other subjects.

Personal Injury and the Law of Torts for Paralegals

Author: Emily Lynch Morissette

Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business

ISBN: 1454887176

Category: Law

Page: 480

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This text for the paralegal course emphasizes personal injury and medical information useful in litigating torts cases. The text has two in-depth chapters on litigation before and during trial. It provides paralegal students with the foundational information on torts and teaches them how to apply the skills they will need when working as personal injury paralegals. The text features teachable and comprehensive coverage, beginning with an introduction to the concept of torts and then moving into each element of negligence. The book then tackles medical malpractice as a type of negligence. Intentional torts are covered next, followed by a chapter on workers’ compensation. The book concludes with chapters on how to discover medical records, tort discovery, and litigation. An introduction to medicine is provided as an appendix. A special emphasis is given to medical information specifically related to personal injury, including a guide on how to obtain medical records and how to understand those records.

The law of tort

Author: Andrew Grubb

Publisher: N.A


Category: Law

Page: 1338

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Covering a wide range of issues, from the characteristics of tortious liability to the abuse of the legal process, this new book provides an accessible, comprehensive & authoritative account of UK common law as it stands & how it will develop. It is an indispensable reference guide which will broaden the practitioner's understanding & knowledge of what is a fast-moving & complex area of law.

Law of Tort

Author: John Cooke

Publisher: Pearson Education

ISBN: 9781405846943

Category: Torts

Page: 587

View: 309

John Cooke'sLaw of Tort is a trusted, clear and engaging explanation of the main principles of tort law, written specifically with the student in mind. It also includes a statute section at the end of the text and summaries of the main cases throughout meaning that students have everything they need to gain a good understanding of the law at their fingertips.

Law of Torts

Author: David W. Oughton,John Marston,Barbara Harvey

Publisher: Blackstone Press

ISBN: 9780199299485

Category: Law

Page: 257

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This text is intended to give students the chance to evaluate and assess their progress in the study of the law of torts. It shows students how to successfully tackle the sort of problems found in examination papers.

The Law of Tort

Policies and Trends in Liability for Damage to Property and Economic Loss

Author: M. P. Furmston

Publisher: Gerald Duckworth


Category: Law

Page: 231

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This contains the views and opinions of scholars from all over the world on the policies and trends in liability for damage to property and economic loss. Topics include the debate on economics and law , the relationship between contract and tort law, characterization and the context and problems of economic loss in American tort law, and more.