Risk and Reward

The Science of Casino Blackjack

Author: N. Richard Werthamer

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319913859

Category: Science

Page: 150

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For decades, casino gaming has been steadily increasing in popularity worldwide. Blackjack is among the most popular of the casino table games, one where astute choices of playing strategy can create an advantage for the player. RISK AND REWARD analyzes the game in depth, pinpointing not just its optimal strategies but also its financial performance, in terms of both expected cash flow and associated risk. The book begins by describing the strategies and their performance in a clear, straightforward style. The presentation is self-contained, non-mathematical, and accessible to readers at all levels of playing skill, from the novice to the blackjack expert. Careful attention is also given to simplified, but still nearly optimal strategies that are easier to use in a casino. Unlike other books in the literature the author then derives each aspect of the strategy mathematically, to justify its claim to optimality. The derivations mostly use algebra and calculus, although some require more advanced analysis detailed in supporting appendices. For easy comprehension, formulae are translated into tables and graphs through extensive computation. This book will appeal to everyone interested in blackjack: those with mathematical training intrigued by its application to this popular game as well as all players seeking to improve their performance.

Gaming Guide - Gambling in Europe

Author: Nicolae Sfetcu

Publisher: Nicolae Sfetcu


Category: Games

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Since the emergence of the internet in the 1990s, an increasing number of gambling services have come available on-line or through other new remote communications technologies. The rapid technological advancements, commercial initiatives, and market penetration of such commerce have made this sector of the gambling services industries extremely dynamic and potentially transformative in the years ahead. Demand for gambling services in the early 21 century and for the past half-century in the European Union – as well as in most other parts of the world – has been and is expanding rapidly, for a number of reasons. The commercial and government owned gaming industries of the European Union are organized under a wide variety of ownership regimes and market structures. Ownership and market structures are affected by numerous factors, including Member State laws and regulations; restrictions on product types, characteristics, points of sale, availability, and marketing effort; economies of scale; network effects; and impacts of new technologies. The overall gambling market in Europe is growing, both land-based and online. Lotteries and gambling machines remain the biggest sectors in the overall gambling market. While not all EU Member States have a legal definition of the concepts of “games of chance” and of “gambling”, in most jurisdictions a game of chance is defined as a game that offers an opportunity to compete for prizes, where success depends completely or predominantly on coincidence or an unknown future result and cannot be influenced by the player. At least one of the players loses his or her stake. The first important element characterising a game of chance is that of stake money or monetary value. The second essential characteristic of a game of chance is the element of chance. Success or loss must depend completely or predominantly on coincidence and not on abilities and knowledge. Success is considered to depend in any case on coincidence, if the relevant aspect is the occurrence of an uncertain event. The section Gambling in Europe includes several independent adaptations of the corresponding European Commission works, free to use and freely available via the EU website with © European Union, and translation of the European Commission works with © Nico9lae Sfetcu, the author of this book. Most of the work are published by the European Union during 2004 - 2008, so it is possible to be outdated.

When to Rob a Bank

A Rogue Economist's Guide to the World

Author: Steven D. Levitt,Stephen J. Dubner

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141980974

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 400

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Why don't flight attendants get tipped? If you were a terrorist, how would you attack? And why does KFC always run out of fried chicken? Over the past decade, Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner have published more than 8,000 blog posts on Freakonomics.com. Now the very best of this writing has been carefully curated into one volume, the perfect solution for the millions of readers who love all things Freakonomics. Discover why taller people tend to make more money; why it's so hard to predict the Kentucky Derby winner; and why it might be time for a sex tax (if not a fat tax). You'll also learn a great deal about Levitt and Dubner's own quirks and passions. Surprising and erudite, eloquent and witty, Freaks and Friends demonstrates the brilliance that has made their books an international sensation.

German Companies doing Business in Post Communist Bulgaria: Legal & Economical Aspects

Author: Kjell Stein

Publisher: diplom.de

ISBN: 3832478396

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 84

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Inhaltsangabe:Introduction: In this thesis, I will strive to understand how German companies can be successful in post-Communist Bulgaria and why they might want to move their operations to Bulgaria. The central objective of this thesis is to assess the post-Communist business environment for German companies in Bulgaria. Hence, I will closely examine the present legal and economical environment of Bulgaria and will demonstrate the realm of opportunities this country has to offer to Western European entrepreneurs. Indeed the thesis can be presented that: German companies may avoid the disadvantages of globalisation by moving operations to Bulgaria. In order to highlight certain possibilities and achievements I will refer to German companies, which have already successfully built up operations in Bulgaria. One way to successfully analyse a certain industry, country or region is by applying a SWOT analysis. Especially the transition countries in Eastern Europe are interesting to analyse, because the region is faced with many opportunities as well as threats to the changing process. Consequently, reference will be made to the theoretical framework of a SWOT analysis. The SWOT analysis provides a broad overview of the situation of a country and should, therefore, be applied on the transforming countries such as Bulgaria. Further I will also deal with the question of Foreign Direct Investment, its main motives and Bulgarian legal framework. Before I begin to analyse Bulgaria s present economical, social and political situation, however, I believe it is necessary to provide a brief historical overview of the period, which preceded the imposition of communism, along with the performance of the Communist regime and its legacy. This seems especially vital since the Communist period shaped and controlled Bulgarian society for well over 40 years. As Emil Giatzidis states in his book An introduction to post-Communist Bulgaria: Political, economic and social transformation Communist regimes had no civil society since Communist society was totally patronised and controlled by a party that was equivalent to the state. Therefore, in all cases of former Communist countries special attention should be given to the issue of economic consolidation, since, as Giatzidis further argues the implementation of programmes to stabilise and more fundamentally to reform economies have posed formidable political challenges that have implications that go well beyond their [...]

Heuristics and the Law

Author: Gerd Gigerenzer,Christoph Engel

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 0262072750

Category: Law

Page: 485

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"Report of the 94th Dahlem Workshop on Heuristics and the Law, Berlin, June 6-11, 2004"--Page ii.

The Unofficial Guide to Casino Gambling

Author: Basil Nestor

Publisher: Wiley

ISBN: 9780028629179

Category: Games

Page: 352

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The casino games seem simple, but every year, millions of people lose billions of dollars at casinos and other gaming establishments. Why? Because they lack information, rather than luck. Beyond Las Vegas and Atlantic City, this book discusses riverboat and dockside gambling, as well as the boom in Indian Reservation gambling destinations and bingo parlors. In addition to the most popular card and dice games, readers discover the latest gambling craze -- virtual casinos found on the Internet. Basil Nestor delivers to the reader the kind of insider information that casinos, other books, or experts can't or won't tell them: * Thoroughly explains casino games, like blackjack, poker, craps, roulette, and more * Analyze odds and guaranteed advantages of certain types of play * Identifies isucker betsi and expose scam betting systems that lose gamblers money * Clarifies casino security protocol and explicate state operations regulations * Teaches prospective gamblers to implement methods that increase winning potential


The Magazine for Database Professionals

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What are the Odds?

An A-Z of Sports & Prop Betting

Author: Liam O'Brien

Publisher: ebookpartnership.com

ISBN: 1783012897

Category: Games

Page: 217

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The most comprehensive reference book on sports betting on the market with over 500 entries. Wide ranging, often quirky, sometimes offbeat but never boring if you’re interested in betting on sports or even just reading about it. Laid out in an A-Z format, the book takes a wide angled definition of the genre and also covers related areas such as political and prop betting. The history and growth of sports betting is examined in detail and the scams, scandals and coups scattered throughout its history are brought to life. Terminology and theories are explained in a highly readable manner and entries are systematically cross referenced so you can explore the most unlikely connections. The author knows what he’s talking about and after reading this, you will too.

Taking Sides

Library index and guide

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Chambers UK

A Client's Guide to the UK Legal Profession

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Category: Lawyers

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