The Last Four Things

Author: Paul Hoffman

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 110154340X

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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The epic story of Thomas Cale—introduced so memorably in The Left Hand of God—continues as the Redeemers use his prodigious gifts to further their sacred goal: the extinction of humankind and the end of the world... To the warrior-monks known as the Redeemers, “the last four things” represent the culmination of a faithful life. Death. Judgment. Heaven. Hell. The last four things represent eternal bliss—or endless destruction, permanent chaos, and infinite pain. Perhaps nowhere are the competing ideas of heaven and hell exhibited more clearly than in the dark and tormented soul of Thomas Cale. Betrayed by the girl he loves but still marked by a child’s innocence, possessed of a remarkable aptitude for violence but capable of extreme tenderness, Cale will lead the Redeemers into a battle for nothing less than the fate of the human race. And though his broken heart foretells the bloody trail he will leave in pursuit of a personal peace he can never achieve, a glimmer of hope remains—the question even Cale can’t answer: When it comes time to decide the fate of the world, to ensure the extermination of humankind or spare it, what will he choose? To express God’s will on the edge of his sword, or to forgive his fellow man—and himself?

The Four Last Things

Death, Judgment, Hell, Heaven

Author: Rev. Fr. Martin von Cochem

Publisher: TAN Books

ISBN: 1505103061

Category: Religion

Page: 223

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It has ever been the practice of the Catholic Church to recommend to her spiritual children the meditation on man's Four Last Things - death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell. Keeping these sobering aspects of human destiny ever before our eyes, we will be that much less likely to fall into mortal sin and be lost eternally. Gives many facts we should meditate on as we contemplate death. This book has converted numerous Protestants in our day because of its cogent reasons for rectifying our lives.

Four Last Things

A Catechetical Guide to Death, Judgment, Heaven, and Hell

Author: Fr. Wade Menezes

Publisher: Sophia Institute Press

ISBN: 1682780422

Category: Religion

Page: 128

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Few things in this earthly life are absolutely certain, but the most undebatable of these is death. Every person, even the atheist, will admit that death is certain. Death, however, is not the last event in this life of ours. Immediately after death, we shall be judged and then again on the Day of Judgment when all humanity will know us for what we are. Too often the reality of Heaven and salvation are highlighted at the expense of the Church's teachings on Death, Judgment, Purgatory, and Hell. Yet, these important doctrines of the Church hold the truths of salvation truths that can lead us to Heaven or can pull us away from it. In these pages, Fr. Wade Menezes, EWTN television host and Assistant General of the Fathers of Mercy, shows us that God has not called us to His wrath, but to salvation. He shows us that Heaven and Hell, salvation and damnation, eternal life and eternal punishment are all complementary doctrines. They need each other to be complete and we must understand the Church's teachings on all of these doctrines in order to have a balanced view of the world. Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell these are the Four Last Things toward which we are moving each hour of the day and night. Read this book, and you'll have a firm grasp of one of the most important doctrines of Holy Mother Church that holds the truths of Heaven and our own salvation.

The Left Hand of God

Author: Paul Hoffman

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141969121

Category: Fiction

Page: 512

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The Left Hand of God by Paul Hoffman is the gripping first instalment in a remarkable trilogy. "Listen. The Sanctuary of the Redeemers on Shotover Scarp is named after a damned lie for there is no redemption that goes on there and less sanctuary." The Sanctuary of the Redeemers is a vast and desolate place - a place without joy or hope. Most of its occupants were taken there as boys and for years have endured the brutal regime of the Lord Redeemers whose cruelty and violence have one singular purpose - to serve in the name of the One True Faith. In one of the Sanctuary's vast and twisting maze of corridors stands a boy. He is perhaps fourteen or fifteen years old - he is not sure and neither is anyone else. He has long-forgotten his real name, but now they call him Thomas Cale. He is strange and secretive, witty and charming, violent and profoundly bloody-minded. He is so used to the cruelty that he seems immune, but soon he will open the wrong door at the wrong time and witness an act so terrible that he will have to leave this place, or die. His only hope of survival is to escape across the arid Scablands to Memphis, a city the opposite of the Sanctuary in every way: breathtakingly beautiful, infinitely Godless, and deeply corrupt. But the Redeemers want Cale back at any price... not because of the secret he now knows but because of a much more terrifying secret he does not. The Left Hand of God is a must read. It is the first instalment in a gripping trilogy by Paul Hoffman. Imagine if Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials met Umberto Eco's Name of the Rose. Fans of epic heroic fiction will love this series. Praise for Paul Hoffman: 'This book gripped me from the first chapter and then dropped me days later, dazed and grinning to myself' Conn Iggulden 'Tremendous momentum' Daily Telegraph 'A cult classic . . .' Daily Express

The Last Things

Death, Judgment, Hell, Heaven

Author: Regis Martin

Publisher: Ignatius Press

ISBN: 0898706629

Category: Religion

Page: 167

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While much of the world remains in neurotic flight from death, from the Judgment that ineluctably follows, it is vital to the vocation of the Christian that he face, unflinching, the Last Things, including that eternity of joy or woe awaiting every man born into this world. How will we face the end? On whom does our hope finally rest? What are the very Last Things ever to be remembered? These and other breath-catching questions are examined in this book, whose pages abound with insight and imagery drawn from the rich patrimony of the Church's wisdom. Here is a fresh compendium of the thought of saints and sages as disparate as Augustine, Aquinas, Dante, Newman, Hopkins, Eliot, Lewis, James Joyce and Flannery O'Connor who adorn the pages of this literary/theological look at Death, Judgment, Heaven, Hell. Here, then, is a complete canvassing of the Last Things, whose understanding remains fixed on Christ and his Church, thus awakening that sense of hope on which we depend in our journey home to God.

The Beating of His Wings

Author: Paul Hoffman

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0698168984

Category: Fiction

Page: 512

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Following the bestselling novels The Left Hand of God and The Last Four Things comes the final installment of Paul Hoffman’s stark, epic trilogy. Thomas Cale has been running from the truth…. Since discovering that his brutal military training has been for one purpose—to destroy God’s greatest mistake, mankind itself—Cale has been hunted by the very man who made him into the Angel of Death: Pope Redeemer Bosco. Cale is a paradox: arrogant and innocent, generous and pitiless. Feared and revered by those who created him, he has already used his breathtaking talent for violence and destruction to bring down the most powerful civilization in the world. But Thomas Cale’s soul is dying. As his body is racked with convulsions, he knows that the final judgment will not wait. As the day of reckoning draws close, Cale’s sense of vengeance leads him back to the heart of darkness—the Sanctuary—and to confront the person he hates most in the world….

Four Things My Geeky-Jock-of-a-Best-Friend Must Do in Europe

Author: Jane Harrington

Publisher: Darby Creek

ISBN: 1467732141

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 160

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Brady is going to Europe—with her mother! It's a family coming-of-age tradition, so there's no way out of it. To make the trip more interesting, Brady's best gal pal, Delia, has written four things Brady must do while she's in Europe—and Delia used permanent marker so Brady can't chicken out. Brady would never do these things without some encouragement (AKA pressure) from Delia.

Eschatology: The Catholic Study of the Four Last Things

Author: Matthew R. Plese


ISBN: 1312890940

Category: Religion

Page: 270

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Eschatology is the study of the end of life, the end of time, and the Final Coming of Christ. In Eschatology, Christian Theology focuses primarily on the "Four Last Things" that comprise its study. They are Death, Judgment, Heaven, and Hell. In addition to these areas, Mr. Plese explores as part of the five-part series on these topics, Purgatory, the place of temporary purification after death for souls that die in the state of grace (i.e. are destined for Heaven) but are not yet perfect and able to enter Heaven.

John Dies at the End

Author: David Wong

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 031255513X

Category: Fiction

Page: 375

View: 1977

A full-length tale based on the cult online serial by the editor-in-chief of finds an increasing number of people changed into threatening inhuman creatures by a hallucinogen, a situation that places the fate of the world in the hands of a pair of anti-heroes. 50,000 first printing.

The Four Last Things

Author: Thomas More, Sir Saint

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub

ISBN: 9781482526295

Category: Religion

Page: 110

View: 1709

THE following treatise of Blessed Thomas More may be justly styled unknown, for it is now transcribed for the first time from the black letter type of Rastell's edition of 1517. Written in 1522, soon after More's promotion to knighthood, while he was living amidst the splendours of Henry VIII's court, De Quatuor Novissimis might be the work of a Carthusian monk or of some austere solitary of the desert.It possesses for us a twofold interest: it illustrates the holy martyr's general tone of mind even from his early years; and it remains as a very lofty example of pre-reformation books of devotion. The author's ready wit and genial humour mingled with his deep consciousness of the vital truths of Christian life make us regret that the treatise is unfinished; but it is well worth perusal even as it stand. It is the best of More's ascetical works. The Dialogue of Comfort against Tribulation and the Treatise Upon the Passion, though of greater length and containing many fine passages, do not possess the peculiar charm of this little treatise.As the late Father Bridgett appropriately remarked, "Blessed Thomas More stands quite alone among the ascetic writers of the Church; for while he is not inferior to the best ecclesiastics in his use of Holy Scripture, his knowledge of the human heart, his analysis of the workings of passion and counter-workings of grace, he considered it his layman's privilege to use a livelier style and to illustrate his matter with abundance of merry stories."Saint Thomas More comments on Saint Augustine's proposition of gladness in sorrow: “Lo! the holy doctor, St Austin, exhorting penitents and repentant sinners to sorrow for their offences, sayeth unto them: "Sorrow," saith this holy man, "and be glad of thy sorrow." In vain should he bid him be glad of his sorrow if man in sorrow could not be glad. But this holy father sheweth by this counsel not only that a man may be joyful and glad for all his sorrow, but also that he may be and hath cause to be glad because of his sorrow.”Saint Thomas More discussed the seven deadly sins as part of this holy treatise. More comments on Eve's pride and gluttony: “Now have we to consider how this part of ourmedicine, that is to wit the remembrance of death, may be applied to the cure and help of gluttony, which is a beastly sickness and an old sore. For this was in the beginning joined with pride in our mother Eve, who beside the proud appetite that she had to be by knowledge made in manner a goddess, yet took she such delight also in the beholding of the apple that she longed to feel the taste. And so entered death at the windows of our own eyes into the house of our heart, and there burnt up all the goodly building that God had wrought therein.”Following the teachings of the Fathers of the Church Saint Thomas concludes: “For no mandoubteth but sloth and lechery be the very daughters of gluttony. And then needs mustit be a deadly enemy to the soul, that bringeth forth two such daughters, of which either one killeth the soul eternally-I mean not the substance of the soul but the wealth and felicity of the soul, without which it were better never to have been born.”

The Virgin Blue

A Novel

Author: Tracy Chevalier

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101174401

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 5053

Meet Ella Turner and Isabelle du Moulin—two women born centuries apart, yet bound by a fateful family legacy. When Ella and her husband move to a small town in France, Ella hopes to brush up on her French, qualify to practice as a midwife, and start a family of her own. Village life turns out to be less idyllic than she expected, however, and a peculiar dream of the color blue propels her on a quest to uncover her family’s French ancestry. As the novel unfolds—alternating between Ella’s story and that of Isabelle du Moulin four hundred years earlier—a common thread emerges that unexpectedly links the two women. Part detective story, part historical fiction, The Virgin Blue is a novel of passion and intrigue that compels readers to the very last page.


Death and Eternal Life

Author: Pope Benedict XVI,Joseph Ratzinger

Publisher: CUA Press

ISBN: 9780813215167

Category: Religion

Page: 307

View: 8878

Originally published in English in 1988, Joseph Ratzinger's Eschatology remains internationally recognized as a leading text on the "last things"--heaven and hell, purgatory and judgment, death and the immortality of the soul. This highly anticipated second edition includes a new preface by Joseph Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI and a supplement to the bibliography by theologian Peter A. Casarella. Eschatology presents a balanced perspective of the doctrine at the center of Christian belief--the Church's faith in eternal life. Recognizing the task of contemporary eschatology as "to marry perspectives, so that person and community, present and future, are seen in their unity," Joseph Ratzinger brings together recent emphasis on the theology of hope for the future with the more traditional elements of the doctrine. His book has proven to be as timeless as it is timely.

The Last Kids on Earth

Author: Max Brallier

Publisher: Viking Books for Young Readers

ISBN: 0670016616

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 240

View: 7297

"After a monster apocalypse hits town, average thirteen-year-old Jack Sullivan builds a team of friends to help slay the eerily intelligent monster known as Blarg"--

100 Books To Read Before The Four Last Things

The Essential Guide to Catholic Spiritual Classics

Author: Marie I. George

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781621382690

Category: Religion

Page: 320

View: 6244

Here are short reviews, written by lay people of all walks of life, for lay people equally diverse, that will not only guide readers through our rich heritage of Catholic works on the spiritual life, past and present, but help each select works and formulate a path tailored to their own background, temperament, and stage of spiritual development.

The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die

Author: John B. Izzo


ISBN: 1442966343

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 260

View: 1493

An award-winning writer and author, corporate culture crusader, and global sustainability advocate, Izzo has devoted his life and career to facilitating deeper conversations about personal values, work culture, life-fulfillment, leadership responsibility, and the true definition of "success."

The Four Last Things

Death, Judgement, Hell, and Heaven

Author: Robert Bolton

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1498200885

Category: Religion

Page: 144

View: 3888

What I Learned Losing a Million Dollars

Author: Jim Paul,Brendan Moynihan

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231164688

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 208

View: 368

Jim Paul's meteoric rise took him from a small town in Northern Kentucky to governor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, yet he lost it all--his fortune, his reputation, and his job--in one fatal attack of excessive economic hubris. In this honest, frank analysis, Paul and Brendan Moynihan revisit the events that led to Paul's disastrous decision and examine the psychological factors behind bad financial practices in several economic sectors. This book--winner of a 2014 Axiom Business Book award gold medal--begins with the unbroken string of successes that helped Paul achieve a jet-setting lifestyle and land a key spot with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. It then describes the circumstances leading up to Paul's $1.6 million loss and the essential lessons he learned from it--primarily that, although there are as many ways to make money in the markets as there are people participating in them, all losses come from the same few sources. Investors lose money in the markets either because of errors in their analysis or because of psychological barriers preventing the application of analysis. While all analytical methods have some validity and make allowances for instances in which they do not work, psychological factors can keep an investor in a losing position, causing him to abandon one method for another in order to rationalize the decisions already made. Paul and Moynihan's cautionary tale includes strategies for avoiding loss tied to a simple framework for understanding, accepting, and dodging the dangers of investing, trading, and speculating.