The Kartoss Gambit (The Way of the Shaman: Book #2) LitRPG series

Author: Vasily Mahanenko

Publisher: Magic Dome Books

ISBN: 8088231663

Category: Fiction

Page: 519

View: 5417

An original LitRPG fantasy from one of the fathers of LitRPG. #1 bestseller in audiobooks. The unrelenting #1 LitRPG bestseller since 2012. Translated into English, German, Polish, Czech and Korean languages. Barliona is a brand-new virtual world which offers everyone the chance to start a new life as a valiant knight, a hero or a beautiful princess. Many people have come here in search of a new identity. Still, for some users Barliona has become their biggest nightmare. They are convicts sentenced to serving their term in virtual reality with their sensory filters disabled. They can feel everything that happens to their character whether it’s pleasure or pain, strain or fatigue. For them, the difference between the real and virtual worlds is so slim that some of the inmates lose all sense of reality. Daniel Mahan is one such convict, tried and sentenced for hacking the city sewage network. He’s assigned the class of Shaman which can become his blessing or his curse. Will he fail - or will he rise to unthinkable heights, founding the greatest clan ever, winning the most amazing woman and going on the most incredible escapades? The seven books of the series tell the story of the Shaman’s virtual adventures in Barliona: his ups and downs, his treacherous allies and trusty friends. Because there’s no other path if you want to become a player capable of taking the Way of the Shaman.

The Kartoss Gambit (the Way of the Shaman Book #2)

Author: Vasily Mahanenko

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781519552266

Category: Fiction

Page: 494

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A product of the latest technologies, Barliona is a virtual world brimming with fun and entertainment. The government has become the guarantor for the in-game currency, allowing its free circulation. As a result, the population floods Barliona in pursuit of easy money. It doesn't take long for the game developers to discover a source of free labor: real-world prison convicts. While their bodies are locked in special auto-maintenance virtual capsules, the prisoners' minds are released into Barliona's vitual mines. Dmitry Mahan has been through it all. Sentenced to eight years hard labor, he now struggles with an unpopular class - the Shaman - and an equally unpopular profession of a Jeweler. His fight for survival becomes anything but virtual.

Clans War (The Way of the Shaman: Book #7) LitRPG Series

Author: Vasily Mahanenko

Publisher: Magic Dome Books

ISBN: 8088231787

Category: Fiction

Page: 539

View: 8793

An original LitRPG fantasy from one of the fathers of LitRPG. #1 bestseller in audiobooks. The unrelenting #1 LitRPG bestseller since 2012. Translated into English, German, Polish, Czech and Korean languages. Not long ago, Daniel Mahan, known to everyone as Shaman Mahan, thought that he had taken his sixth and final step in the Barliona gameworld. Yet life has other ideas. The Corporation decides to resurrect the Lord of Shadow and his entire host. The Corporation’s CEO personally pushes the reset button. Geranika and his Dragon of Shadow spring back to life as, meanwhile, the Corporation makes an offer the Shaman can’t refuse.

Survival Quest (the Way of the Shaman Book #1)

Author: Vasily Mahanenko

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781516872336


Page: 422

View: 9166

Barliona. A virtual world jam-packed with monsters, battles - and predictably, players. Millions of them come to Barliona, looking forward to the things they can't get in real life: elves and magic, dragons and princesses, and unforgettable combat. The game has become so popular that players now choose to spend months online without returning home. In Barliona, anything goes: you can assault fellow players, level up, become a mythical hero, a wizard or a legendary thief. The only rule that attempted to regulate the game demanded that no player was allowed to feel actual pain. But there's an exception to every rule. For a certain bunch of players, Barliona has become their personal hell. They are criminals sent to Barliona to serve their time. They aren't in it for the dragons' gold or the abundant loot. All they want is to survive the virtual inferno. They face the ultimate survival quest.

Restart (Dark Paladin Book #3)

LitRPG Series

Author: Vasily Mahanenko

Publisher: Magic Dome Books

ISBN: 8088231922

Category: Fiction

Page: 467

View: 4548

An original LitRPG fantasy from one of the fathers of LitRPG. The unrelenting LitRPG bestseller. Translated into English, German, Czech and Korean languages. The Game is in turmoil. All the players’ strength and resources are invested in preparing for Restart: only twenty percent of the players will make it to the next era. Murders are becoming commonplace; bribes and nepotism are at their height. Betrayal is becoming an inherent part of everyday interactions. The Game has spread its perfidious influence to the farthest corners of the Universe, affecting every sentient being. Will the Dark Judge reach the right verdict? Will he follow the ideals of his class to the end, or will he reject them, becoming an ordinary player? Yaropolk must make a fateful choice: he is the Guide. The one who will launch the Restart.

The Land Founding

Author: Aleron Kong

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781546496212

Category: Video games

Page: 346

View: 8850

Discover Dr. Aleron Kong, the Father of American LitRPG! #1 in Cyberpunk and Video Game Science Fiction! Over EIGHTEEN HUNDRED positive reviews on Goodreads!!!When Richter was drawn into the greatest virtual reality MMORPG ever created,it seemed like a dream come true... until he found that nightmares walked The Land. He was confronted not only with a life and death struggle, but also with questions that would define his very soul. What would YOU do if you were transported into your favorite video game?What would YOU do if the gore, adventure and pain became real?What would YOU do to win?Richter confronted these questions while an enemy lay savaged and screaming at his feet. His lips pulled back in a blood-streaked smile. The answer was simple."Absolutely anything..."Welcome my friends! Welcome... to THE LAND!

The Hour of Pain (The Way of the Shaman: a bonus story) LitRPG Series

Author: Vasily Mahanenko

Publisher: Magic Dome Books

ISBN: 8088231795

Category: Fiction

Page: 31

View: 2316

An original LitRPG fantasy from one of the fathers of LitRPG. #1 bestseller in audiobooks. The unrelenting #1 LitRPG bestseller since 2012. Translated into English, German, Polish, Czech and Korean languages. Attention all LitRPG readers! This is a special-edition bonus story for those Way of the Shaman fans who don't want to wait for the translation of Book Six. This isn't a new novel but a short story chock full of spoilers. The story retells the climactic ending of Book Five from the viewpoint of Anastaria.

The Way of the Shaman

Author: Michael Harner

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0062038125

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 256

View: 1233

This classic on shamanism pioneered the modern shamanic renaissance. It is the foremost resource and reference on shamanism. Now, with a new introduction and a guide to current resources, anthropologist Michael Harner provides the definitive handbook on practical shamanism – what it is, where it came from, how you can participate. "Wonderful, fascinating… Harner really knows what he's talking about." CARLOS CASTANEDA "An intimate and practical guide to the art of shamanic healing and the technology of the sacred. Michael Harner is not just an anthropologist who has studied shamanism; he is an authentic white shaman." STANILAV GROF, author of 'The Adventure Of Self Discovery' "Harner has impeccable credentials, both as an academic and as a practising shaman. Without doubt (since the recent death of Mircea Eliade) the world's leading authority on shamanism." NEVILL DRURY, author of 'The Elements of Shamanism' Michael Harner, Ph.D., has practised shamanism and shamanic healing for more than a quarter of a century. He is the founder and director of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies in Norwalk, Connecticut.

A Game With No Rules (Perimeter Defense Book #4) LitRPG Series

Author: Michael Atamanov

Publisher: Magic Dome Books

ISBN: 8088231868

Category: Fiction

Page: 452

View: 8450

An original LitRPG fantasy from one of the fathers of LitRPG. Translated into English, German, Polish, Czech and Korean languages. The Empire is splitting at the seams. The Great Houses refuse to obey the Throne World and have begun to conduct increasingly independent politics. Sensing the weakness of the central government, even the most loyal star systems of the Imperial Core are refusing to take orders from above. Is this just a string of coincidences, or a coordinated campaign? Can a disjointed humanity rally around a strong leader to deflect an alien invasion? Who of the many figures in intergalactic politics can rise to this challenge? And is there a basis to the creeping rumors that some influential aristocrats have joined forces with the enemy and allied with the aliens? This book will be the last in the series and will give the readers the answers to all their questions, including the most important of all: "What is Perimeter Defense?"

Kingdom of the Dead

(An NPC's Path Book #2) LitRPG Series

Author: Pavel Kornev

Publisher: Magic Dome Books

ISBN: 808829567X

Category: Fiction

Page: 488

View: 7560

The Towers of Power is a virtual world of sword and sorcery: a perfect escapist entertainment allowing one a break from the daily grind. Some of its users join epic battles, others refine their thieving skills while yet others lounge around in taverns. This is only a game - and in a game, you can’t die for real. Or can you? I didn’t think I could die, either, until I was locked in the dead body of my murdered character. Now I’m neither a player nor an NPC: an undead creature stuck in my virtual prison. And in order to escape it, I need to be the first to find the legendary Scroll of Rebirth. And as if turning a rogue player into an undead killing machine wasn’t enough, my failed murderers are now trying to finish what they started and polish me off for good.

Historical Dictionary of Holocaust Cinema

Author: Robert C. Reimer,Carol J. Reimer

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 0810879867

Category: History

Page: 272

View: 2096

The Historical Dictionary of Holocaust Cinema examines the history of how the Holocaust is presented in film, including documentaries, feature films, and television productions. It contains a chronology of events needed to give the films and their reception a historical context, an introductory essay, a bibliography, a filmography of more than 600 titles, and over 100 cross-referenced dictionary entries on films, directors, and historical figures. Foreign language films and experimental films are included, as well as canonical films. This book is a must for anyone interested in the scope of films on the Holocaust and also for scholars interested in investigating ideas for future research.

Wizard's Bane

Author: Rick Cook

Publisher: Baen Publishing Enterprises

ISBN: 1618241575

Category: Fiction

Page: 310

View: 9533

Q: How does a shanghaied computer geek conquer all the forces of Darkness and win the love of the most beautiful witch in the world? A: By transforming himself from a demon programmer into a programmer of demons! It all began when the wizards of the White League were under attack by their opponents of the Black League and one of their most powerful members cast a spell to bring forth a mighty wizard to aid their cause. What the spell delivered was master hacker Walter "Wiz" Zumwalt. The wizard who cast the spell was dead and nobody¾ not the elves, not the dwarves, not even the dragons¾could figure out what the shanghaied computer nerd was good for. But spells are a lot like computer programs, and, in spite of the Wiz's unprepossessing appearance, he was going to defeat the all-powerful Black League, win the love of a beautiful red-haired witch, and prove that when it comes to spells and sorcery, nobody but nobody can beat a Silicon Valley computer geek! At the publisher's request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management).

The Land

Alliances; a Litrpg Saga

Author: Aleron Kong

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781974157204

Category: Video games

Page: 640

View: 7735

Everything is not well in The Land. The dead lay restless in their graves and Richter's actions have not gone unnoticed. He arrogantly tried to create something good. How could he not understand that the forces of destruction would demand their due ... in blood. Reichter will learn that his earlier sacrifices were nothing. Not when compared to what will be taken. His enemies will leave him broken, but they will learn something as well. The wrath of a chaos seed is not to be taken lightly!


Author: D. Rus

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780990707905


Page: N.A

View: 5104

A new pandemic - the perma effect - has taken over Earth of the near future. Whenever you play your favorite online game, beware: your mind might merge with the virtual world and dump its comatose host. Woe be to those stuck forever in Tetris! And still they're the lucky ones compared to those burning alive eternally within the scorched hulls of tank simulators.But some unfortunates - the handicapped and the terminally ill, shell-shocked army vets, wronged crime victims and other society misfits - choose to flee real life willingly, escaping to the limitless world of online sword and sorcery MMORPGs.Once a seasoned gamer and now a terminal cancer patient, Max grasps at this final chance to preserve his life and identity. So he goes for it - goes for the promise of immortality shared with a few trusty friends and the woman he loves. Together they roam the roads of AlterWorld and sample its agony and ecstasy born of absolute freedom.

Underground Druid

A New Adult Urban Fantasy Novel

Author: M. D. Massey

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781976362910


Page: 236

View: 6927

Colin McCool is hellbent on bringing vengeance to the doorstep of the Fae. But to do so, he'll have to complete an impossible task in exchange for his passage to the mystical realm of Underhill. Will he outwit the Fae and survive this deadly undertaking? Or, will he be trapped in Underhill... forever? UNDERGROUND DRUID A New Adult Urban Fantasy Novel From M.D. Massey Book 4 In The Colin McCool Paranormal Suspense Series I thought the job was done when we broke up the Fae's child sex trafficking ring. We rescued the kids, killed the ringleaders, and everyone was supposed to live happily ever after. But as it turns out, that only happens in fairy tales. Because when you're dealing with the Fae I know, there's always another nightmare waiting in the wings. Now I'm traveling into the belly of the beast-straight into Underhill, the mystical realm of the Fae. And to pay for my passage to and from the Faery lands, I'll have to do something no one has ever done before. I'm going to steal the source of magic that powers Underhill itself. All I have to do is get to Underhill, steal a few uber-powerful magical relics from some Celtic gods, rescue the remaining children the Fae abducted, and get us all home in one piece. Oh, and I also have to outsmart Maeve, Austin's local faery queen... because I know she's not helping me travel to Underhill out of the goodness of her heart. Piece of cake, right? Yeah, right. One thing's for certain... if this mission is going to be my swan song, I intend to go down spell-slinging.