The Journal: Cracked Earth

Author: Deborah Moore

Publisher: Permuted Press

ISBN: 1618683233

Category: Fiction

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Allexa Smeth has believed in being prepared ever since she got caught up in a grocery store mob hours before a big snow storm in Detroit. Many years later she’s living a quiet and peaceful life in a remote region of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and still preparing. This serves her well when a horrendous natural disaster rocks the entire country and brings all shipping to a halt, leaving many without food and other necessary supplies. In her small town of Moose Creek, Allexa serves as the little needed emergency manager, but is called on when many start to feel the effects of the food and gas shortage and they don’t know where else to turn. The nearby county seat is overwhelmed and leaves Allexa to handle the problems that arise on her own. With the crisis worsening, power plants begin to divert electricity to the major cities, leaving the town a casualty of the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few. With this happening at the beginning of winter, the timing couldn’t be worse. The lack of heat pushes the residents to the limits of endurance; some leave for the city to be taken care of, others stay only to die of exposure, starvation or illness. Still others that have stayed survive by working together, only to be attacked by outsiders wanting what little the town has left. As the winter progresses, more and more issues come up for Allexa to deal with, some of a very personal nature. Her son turns to her for help in caring for his autistic child when his wife goes missing. She then learns to prioritize and she learns she can’t save everyone.

The Journal

Cracked Earth, Ash Fall, Crimson Skies

Author: Deborah D. Moore

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1618686321

Category: Fiction

Page: 672

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An omnibus edition of the first three books in Deborah Moore’s The Journal series. After a major crisis rocks the nation, all supply lines are shut down. In the remote Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the small town of Moose Creek and its residents are devastated when they lose power in the middle of a brutal winter, and must struggle alone with one calamity after another. The Journal series take the reader head first into the fury that only Mother Nature can dish out.

Cracked, Not Broken

Surviving and Thriving After a Suicide Attempt

Author: Kevin Hines

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 1442222417

Category: Psychology

Page: 184

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This work is about the art of living mentally well. Told through the first-hand experience of mental health advocate, activist and speaker Kevin Hines (who has bipolar disorder), the story is an honest account of the struggle to live mentally well, and teach others how to do the same. It educates the public about mental illness and helps anyone reading find hope in any situation.

Heaven Cracks, Earth Shakes

The Tangshan Earthquake and the Death of Mao's China

Author: James Palmer

Publisher: Basic Books

ISBN: 0465023495

Category: History

Page: 296

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When an earthquake of historic magnitude leveled the industrial city of Tangshan in the summer of 1976, killing more than a half-million people, China was already gripped by widespread social unrest. As Mao lay on his deathbed, the public mourned the death of popular premier Zhou Enlai. Anger toward the powerful Communist Party officials in the Gang of Four, which had tried to suppress grieving for Zhou, was already potent; when the government failed to respond swiftly to the Tangshan disaster, popular resistance to the Cultural Revolution reached a boiling point. In Heaven Cracks, Earth Shakes, acclaimed historian James Palmer tells the startling story of the most tumultuous year in modern Chinese history, when Mao perished, a city crumbled, and a new China was born.

A Crack in the Edge of the World

America and the Great California Earthquake of 1906

Author: Simon Winchester

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0062277456

Category: History

Page: 512

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Unleashed by ancient geologic forces, a magnitude 8.25 earthquake rocked San Francisco in the early hours of April 18, 1906. Less than a minute later, the city lay in ruins. Bestselling author Simon Winchester brings his inimitable storytelling abilities to this extraordinary event, exploring the legendary earthquake and fires that spread horror across San Francisco and northern California in 1906 as well as its startling impact on American history and, just as important, what science has recently revealed about the fascinating subterranean processes that produced it—and almost certainly will cause it to strike again.

Global Warming and Political Intimidation

How Politicians Cracked Down on Scientists as the Earth Heated Up

Author: Raymond S. Bradley

Publisher: Univ of Massachusetts Press

ISBN: 1558498699

Category: Nature

Page: 167

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In this powerful book, highly respected climate scientist Raymond Bradley provides the inside story from the front lines of the global warming debate. He describes the tactics those in power have used to intimidate him and his colleagues.

The Crack in the Lens

Author: Darlene A. Cypser

Publisher: Foolscap & Quill LLC

ISBN: 0971855269

Category: Fiction

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If someone had asked Sherlock Holmes later in the year, there is little doubt that he would have said his life began that spring day in 1871 when he met Violet Rushdale upon the moors and ended in the winter some months distant. His mother would have disputed the former claim, and many, both friend and foe, would come to deny the latter. Yet what happened that year nearly cost him his life and his sanity, and strongly influenced the man he was to become.It is well known that the toughest steel that makes the sharpest swords must be plunged into the fire, then beaten and reshaped. So it is as well with the best and wisest of men.

Ghost Wave

The Discovery of Cortes Bank and the Biggest Wave on Earth

Author: Chris Dixon

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 1452110093

Category: Travel

Page: 272

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Rising from the depths of the North Pacific lies a fabled island, now submerged just 15 feet below the surface of the ocean. Rumors and warnings about Cortes Bank abound, but among big wave surfers, this legendary rock is famous for one simple (and massive) reason: this is the home of the biggest rideable wave on the face of the earth. In this dramatic work of narrative non-fiction, journalist Chris Dixon unlocks the secrets of Cortes Bank and pulls readers into the harrowing world of big wave surfing and high seas adventure above the most enigmatic and dangerous rock in the sea. The true story of this Everest of the sea will thrill anyone with an abiding curiosity of and respect for mother ocean.

The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things

Author: Carolyn Mackler

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 1681198002

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 256

View: 6262

A Michael L. Printz Honor Book * An ALA Best Book for Young Adults * A YALSA Teens' Top Ten Book * An NYPL Book for the Teen Age Carolyn Mackler's Printz Honor book--starring the unforgettably funny, body-conscious Virginia Shreves--returns in this 15th anniversary edition featuring text updates and never-before-seen material from the author. Fifteen-year-old Virginia feels like a plus-sized black sheep in her family, especially next to her perfect big brother Byron. Not to mention her best friend has moved, leaving Virginia to navigate an awkward relationship with a boy alone. He might like her now . . . but she has her doubts about how he'll react if he ever looks under all her layers of clothes. In order to survive, Virginia decides to follow a "Fat Girl Code of Conduct,†? which works, until the unthinkable causes her family's façade to crumble. As her world spins out of orbit, she realizes that being true to herself might be the only way back. Told in a perfect blend of humor and heart, this acclaimed Printz Honor winner resonates as much today as it did when it first published, and now features a new author foreword, text updates, and other bonus content.

Cracked Rotors

A Survey on Static and Dynamic Behaviour Including Modelling and Diagnosis

Author: Nicoló Bachschmid,Paolo Pennacchi,Ezio Tanzi

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783642014857

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 399

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Cracks can develop in rotating shafts and can propagate to relevant depths without affecting consistently the normal operating conditions of the shaft. In order to avoid catastrophic failures, accurate vibration analyses have to be performed for crack detection. The identification of the crack location and depth is possible by means of a model based diagnostic approach, provided that the model of the crack and the model of the cracked shaft dynamical behavior are accurate and reliable. This monograph shows the typical dynamical behavior of cracked shafts and presents tests for detecting cracks. The book describes how to model cracks, how to simulate the dynamical behavior of cracked shaft, and compares the corresponding numerical with experimental results. All effects of cracks on the vibrations of rotating shafts are analyzed, and some results of a numerical sensitivity analysis of the vibrations to the presence and severity of the crack are shown. Finally the book describes some crack identification procedures and shows some results in model based crack identification in position and depth. The book is useful for higher university courses in mechanical and energetic engineering, but also for skilled technical people employed in power generation industries.

The Cracked Earth

A Jack Liffey Mystery

Author: John Shannon

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781933648521

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

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"Philip Marlowe would have been proud of his contemporary heir."-Michael Connelly "Shannon has written an intelligent, surprising book, found the heart of his working-class characters, and delivered a first-rate thriller in the bargain."-George Pelecanos "The hands-down winner in the long-running 'Where is the Next Raymond Chandler Coming From?' sweepstakes-this honor belongs to The Cracked Earth. "-Dick Adler, Chicago Tribune John Shannon is the author of the Jack Liffey mystery series, which has produced a number of national best-selling novels. The Cracked Earth is the second novel in the series. Shannon lives in Los Angeles.

The Journal

Author: South Australia. Department of Agriculture

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