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Your Life After Death

Author: Michael G Reccia


ISBN: 1456604449

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 169

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Your Life After Death The book that answers life's BIGGEST QUESTION ...what happens to me when I die? According to Joseph - the ancient, highly evolved spirit who has lived in an enlightened sphere of reality 'beyond the veil' for thousands of years - there are countless opportunities and wonders awaiting you beyond physical 'death'. Communicated through respected trance medium, Michael G. Reccia, this unique book is arguably the most comprehensive account ever written of what lies ahead for you when you leave this world behind. Whether you're a spiritual seeker or simply curious as to what comes next, this definitive guide to the afterlife will answer all your questions and be an essential source of comfort and inspiration it and you'll never look at the next life, or, indeed, this one, in quite the same way again. ............................................ Joseph: 'Some of the concepts we will talk about are frightening and they should be in the public knowledge; some of them are uplifting and take souls to places beyond physical description in terms of beauty and love and ecstasy. The book will give people a better grounding on the subject of death and the afterlife than has been given before in many books.'

The Joseph Communications

The Fall

Author: Michael G Reccia


ISBN: 1456609378

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 288

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The Fall Aeons ago everything changed... and you were there! According to Joseph - the ancient, highly evolved spirit communicator who has lived in an enlightened sphere of reality for thousands of years - you are 'not yourself'... ... there's much more to you than you imagine, and you have forgotten the cataclysm that created today's dysfunctional societies and wounded planet... In the Fall, Joseph's new book, communicated through respected trance medium, Michael G. Reccia, he seeks to reactivate that astonishing inner knowledge, explaining and revealing your spiritual origins. Each chapter is a eureka moment... helping you to 'at last make sense of it all' and, by the last page, many, if not all, of those elusive answers regarding existence and the great mysteries will be elusive no longer. From the beginnings of the universe to the essential part you take in creation and the reason you are here ... if you seek meaning to life in general, and your life in particular, you absolutely, definitely should read the Fall. ...Your views of spirituality, science, and reality are about to change forever. ............................................ Joseph: The whole point of this book is to explain why you are as you are now, why you come back here, and why the Earth is a hostile and violent place of seeming lack... to give you knowledge that should resonate with your soul from a time before the Fall so you can, through your heart-centre, reason your way out of reincarnation and out of the effects of the Fall. Then the planet can be restored to its former purpose and you can be restored to your former heritage.

The Joseph Communications

Revelation. Who You Are; Why You're Here

Author: Michael G Reccia


ISBN: 1456610295

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 162

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This unique book, with its revolutionary insight into who we really are and why we are here, will change your viewpoint forever. Through the mediumship of Michael G. Reccia, Joseph - a highly evolved spirit who is deeply concerned about the state and fate of the world - delivers his vital message for mankind and reveals truths about life and reality that have never been written about before. Intelligent, thought-provoking, non-religious and written in direct, concise language, this truly astonishing book covers a variety of topics and addresses in a revolutionary way the questions that most people ask themselves at some point during their lives: - Who and what am I - and what is the purpose of life? - Why can I never find true happiness? - Does God really exist and, if so, why is He so distant and indifferent to the suffering in the world? - If God is benevolent, why is there so much violence, illness and discord in the world? Are we destined to destroy this planet or is there something we can do before it is too late? With its practical approach to spirituality, Revelation will empower you by disclosing the essential truth about yourself and your spiritual heritage whilst making you aware of the active part you play in creation and the miraculous things you are capable of achieving.

Hello from Heaven

A New Field of Research-After-Death Communication Confirms That Life and Love Are Eternal

Author: Bill Guggenheim,Judy Guggenheim

Publisher: Bantam

ISBN: 0307824632

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 416

View: 9125

"After-death communications," or "ADCs, " occur when someone is contacted spontaneously and directly by a deceased family member or friend, without the help of any medium. The authors' research shows that these spiritual experiences offer hope, love, and comfort for thousands of people. Included are more than 350 first-hand accounts of those whose lives have been changed and even protected by messages or signs from the deceased.

Las Comunicaciones de Josef: Su Vida Después de la Muerte

Author: Michael G. Reccia


ISBN: 1456610368

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 147

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El libro que responde la PREGUNTA MÁS IMPORTANTE de la vida... ¿qué me sucede cuando muero? De acuerdo a Josef --el espíritu, sabio y altamente desarrollado que ha vivido en una esfera de realidad iluminada "más allá del velo" durante miles de años- existen innumerables oportunidades y maravillas que lo esperan más allá de la muerte "física". Este libro único, comunicado a través del respetado médium, Michael G. Reccia, es indiscutiblemente el relato más comprensible que se haya escrito hasta la fecha sobre lo que existe más allá cuando usted deja atrás este mundo. Ya sea que usted es un investigador espiritual o simplemente curioso sobre lo que viene después, esta guía definitiva responderá todas sus preguntas sobre la vida eterna y será una fuente esencial de consuelo e inspiración. ...léalo y no volverá a mirar la eternidad o esta vida, de la misma forma. Josef: "Algunos de los conceptos que trataremos son aterradores y deberían hacerse públicos; algunos son edificantes y llevarán a las almas a lugares más allá de la descripción física en términos de belleza, amor y gozo. El libro entregará una base mejor sobre el tema de la muerte y de la vida después de la muerte de lo que se ha entregado anteriormente en muchos libros".

When the Dying Speak

How to Listen to and Learn from Those Facing Death

Author: Ron Wooten-Green

Publisher: Loyola Press

ISBN: 9780829416855

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 197

View: 9943

People who are dying often see and hear things that the living do not. In a collection of poignant and hope-filled stories, author Ron Wooten-Green gives us a glimpse of the spiritual reality known only by those nearing death.Relevant Scripture passages, biographical sketches, and thought-provoking questions provide spiritual and historic perspective while encouraging self-reflection.

Destined to Reign

The Secret to Effortless Success, Wholeness and Victorious Living

Author: Joseph Prince

Publisher: Harrison House Publishers

ISBN: 1577949323

Category: Religion

Page: 313

View: 9398

Discover the secret of reigning over every adverstiy, lack and destructive habit that is limiting you from experiencing the success, wholeness and victory that you were destined to enjoy. Find out how it is not about what you have to do, but what has already been done. It is not about what you must accomplish, but what has already been accomplished for you. It is not about using your will power to effect change, but His power changing you. Start reigning over sickness, financial lack, broken relationships and destructive habits today!

The Joseph Communications

Illumination - Change Yourself; Change the World

Author: Michael G Reccia


ISBN: 1456611151

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 189

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Time is running out - our Earth is heading for cataclysm. In this vitally important, spiritually empowering new book the highly evolved spirit guide, Joseph, reveals how each of us can literally save the world ...before it's too late. We need to change and accept personal responsibility now - or Joseph warns there are only three generations left. a The Field' (or collective consciousness we live in) has become so polluted by mankind's negative energy and base vibrations over the millennia that the planet cannot sustain itself for much longer ...unless radical changes are made to the way we think. It is our responsibility as co-creators to renew the Field by infusing the collective consciousness with sufficient Light to redress the balance and return the planet to the paradise it originally was. Illumination provides all the a tools' to achieve both personal and global enlightenment by giving the reader empowering concepts, uplifting meditations and effective ways of directing Light to transmute our negativity and suffering into harmony, joy, love, peace and spiritual progression. All that is needed to save the planet is for enough of us to reconnect to the Light within and to send it out into this illusion we call a reality', but there is a great urgency to Joseph's words - we do not have an infinite number of tomorrows in which to put things right. We need to begin now.

The Afterlife of Billy Fingers

How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved to Me There's Life After Death

Author: Kagan, Annie

Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing

ISBN: 1571746943

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 208

View: 2753

Billy's ongoing after-death communications take his sister on an unprecedented journey into the bliss and wonder of life beyond death --

My Son and the Afterlife

Conversations from the Other Side

Author: Elisa Medhus

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1582704619

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 278

View: 3115

After her son, Erik, committed suicide at age twenty, a physician, who had always placed her faith in science, finds her skepticism of life after death turning into belief when Erik begins communicating with her from the other side.

Three Day Road

Author: Joseph Boyden

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101078170

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 7943

Set in Canada and the battlefields of France and Belgium, Three-Day Road is a mesmerizing novel told through the eyes of Niska—a Canadian Oji-Cree woman living off the land who is the last of a line of healers and diviners—and her nephew Xavier. At the urging of his friend Elijah, a Cree boy raised in reserve schools, Xavier joins the war effort. Shipped off to Europe when they are nineteen, the boys are marginalized from the Canadian soldiers not only by their native appearance but also by the fine marksmanship that years of hunting in the bush has taught them. Both become snipers renowned for their uncanny accuracy. But while Xavier struggles to understand the purpose of the war and to come to terms with his conscience for the many lives he has ended, Elijah becomes obsessed with killing, taking great risks to become the most accomplished sniper in the army. Eventually the harrowing and bloody truth of war takes its toll on the two friends in different, profound ways. Intertwined with this account is the story of Niska, who herself has borne witness to a lifetime of death—the death of her people. In part inspired by the legend of Francis Pegahmagabow, the great Indian sniper of World War I, Three-Day Road is an impeccably researched and beautifully written story that offers a searing reminder about the cost of war.

Disrupt Aging

A Bold New Path to Living Your Best Life at Every Age

Author: Jo Ann Jenkins

Publisher: Public Affairs

ISBN: 1610396766

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 272

View: 3177

The Soul of My Son

A Grieving Father's Journey from Skeptic to Psychic Medium

Author: Steven Joseph

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780692774731

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 100

View: 6228

A true story told by grieving a father of his journey through grief following the loss of his son, discovering his spiritual abilities and becoming a psychic medium.

Under the Same Sky

From Starvation in North Korea to Salvation in America

Author: Joseph Kim,Stephan Talty

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 0544373170

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

View: 5037

A man who escaped the devastating famine in North Korea, despite being abandoned as a boy, tells the story of his survival inside the oppressive country, his escape and subsequent rescue by activists and Christian missionaries and his success in the United States thanks to a newfound faith and courage. 50,000 first printing.

Caring for the Dying

The Doula Approach to a Meaningful Death

Author: Henry Fersko-Weiss

Publisher: Conari Press

ISBN: 1633410366

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 240

View: 6610

Caring for the Dying describes a whole new way to approach death and dying. It explores how the dying and their families can bring deep meaning and great comfort to the care given at the end of a life. Created by Henry Fersko-Weiss, the end-of-life doula model is adapted from the work of birth doulas and helps the dying to find meaning in their life, express that meaning in powerful and beautiful legacies, and plan for the final days. The approach calls for around-the-clock vigil care, so the dying person and their family have the emotional and spiritual support they need along with guidance on signs and symptoms of dying. It also covers the work of reprocessing a death with the family afterward and the early work of grieving. Emphasis is placed on the space around the dying person and encourages the use of touch, guided imagery, and ritual during the dying process. Throughout the book Fersko-Weiss tells amazing and encouraging stories of the people he has cared for, as well as stories that come from doulas he has trained and worked with over the years. What is unique about this book is the well-conceived and thorough approach it describes to working skillfully with the dying. The guidance provided can help a dying person, their family, and caregivers to transform the dying experience from one of fear and despair into one that is uplifting and even life affirming. You will see death in a new light and gain a different perspective on how to help the dying. It may even change the way you live your life right now.

Signs from the Afterlife

Identifying Gifts from the Other Side

Author: Lyn Ragan

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781973984986


Page: 154

View: 4932

Signs From The Afterlife: Identifying Gifts From The Other Side By Lyn Ragan

The Book of Answers

Author: Carol Bolt

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0316449903

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 704

View: 9132

An updated, repackaged edition of the bestselling divination tool and party favorite - ask a yes or no question, open the book, find your answer - with more than a million copies in print. Should you ask your boss for a raise? Call that cutie you met at a party? Sell your Google stock? Tell your best friend her boyfriend's cheating? The answer to these questions (and hundreds of others) is in this fun and weirdly wise little book that's impossible to put down. It's simple to use: just hold it closed in your hands and concentrate on your question for a few seconds. While visualizing or speaking your question, place one palm down on the book's front and stroke the edge of the pages back to front. When you sense the time is right, open to the page your fingers landed on and there is your answer! Fun, satisfying, and a lot less time-consuming than asking everyone you know for advice. Over 1 million copies in print!

God and the Afterlife

The Groundbreaking New Evidence for God and Near-Death Experience

Author: Jeffrey Long,Paul Perry

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0062279564

Category: Religion

Page: 224

View: 5154

Based on the largest near-death experience study in history, involving 3,000 people from diverse backgrounds and religious traditions, including nonbelievers, God and the Afterlife presents startling evidence that a Supreme Being exists—and there is amazing consistency about what he is like. In his bestselling book Evidence of the Afterlife, Dr. Jeffrey Long showed us that there is a strong scientific case for life after death. Now, he goes further, revealing evidence that God is real. At the Near Death Experience Research Foundation, Dr. Long studied the stories of thousands of people who have journeyed to the afterlife. Though there are a wide variety of differences in how people experience NDEs—some see a bright light, others go through a tunnel, still others experience a review of their life—he discovered that many of the accounts shared a remarkably similar description of God; a Supreme Being who radiated love and grace. Expanding on his analysis begun in Evidence of the Afterlife, God and the Afterlife is the first intensive exploration of the people who have reported going to the frontier of heaven, met God, and have returned to share their journey. Groundbreaking and profound, it provides new insight into the human experience and expands our notions of mortality, offering possibility, hope, and comfort.