The Jean-Michel Basquiat Show. Catalogo della mostra (Milano, 19 settembre 2006-28 gennaio 2007). Ediz. italiana e inglese

Author: Gianni Mercurio

Publisher: Skira - Berenice

ISBN: 9788876249273

Category: Art

Page: 318

View: 5589

This is a large monograph, in an impressive format, that brings together about one hundred and seventy paintings and drawings, and a vast array of photographic documentation, examining the work of Basquiat (New York, 1960-1988) and the context in which his art was inspired and developed; New York in the 1980s.

L'arte di Banksy: una critica al "sistema" contemporaneo

Author: Karin Cruciata

Publisher: Karin Cruciata

ISBN: 6050305447

Category: Art

Page: N.A

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Per lo street artist Banksy, il muro è uno spazio per creare ed esprimersi, in aperta critica verso gli aspetti negativi della società contemporanea. Uno strumento comunicativo che serve per opporsi al “sistema” e dar voce ai più deboli. Passando dagli albori della Street Art, alla sua evoluzione in tutto il mondo, ripercorrendo la carriera di Banksy, dagli esordi a Bristol (Regno Unito), alle sue opere più recenti a Londra, New York e sul Muro di separazione israeliano, questo testo descrive l’attività di critica sociale del misterioso artista inglese. Una critica pungente che si riversa non solo nella sua arte, ma anche nei suoi libri. L'ultima parte di questo lavoro è dedicata alle traduzioni inedite di estratti da "Banging Your Head Against a Brick Wall", "Existencilism" e "Cut it Out", i primi scritti dell'artista.

The World of Anna Sui

Author: Tim Blanks

Publisher: Abrams

ISBN: 168335026X

Category: Design

Page: 288

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Anna Sui is one of New York’s most beloved and accomplished fashion designers, known for creating contemporary original clothing inspired by spectacular amounts of research into vintage styles and cultural arcana. She is especially famous for her textile prints. Sui joined New York’s intensely creative cultural underground in the 1970s, forging important relationships in the worlds of fashion, photography, art, music, and design. The World of Anna Sui looks at Sui’s eclectic career as a designer and artist, both through her clothing and studio. Through interviews with fashion journalist Tim Blanks, the book explores Sui’s lifelong engagement with fashion archetypes—the rocker, the schoolgirl, the punk, the goth, the bohemian—and reveals their inspiration and influence. Complete with detailed photographs of garments, sketches, moodboards, runway shots, and cultural ephemera, The World of Anna Sui is an inside look at this iconic New York designer with a worldwide cult following.

Michelangelo e il Novecento

Author: Pietro Ruschi,Emanuela Ferretti,Marco Pierini

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9788836629169

Category: Art

Page: 302

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Il volume, pubblicato nell'ambito delle celebrazioni per il 450° anniversario della morte di Michelangelo (Caprese Michelangelo, 1475 - Roma, 1564) offre un interessante percorso per comprendere l'influenza di Michelangelo nelle arti visive, nell'architettura e nel design nel corso del Novecento. Attraverso numerosi saggi critici, viene illustrato il progressivo abbandono della retorica fiorita attorno all'artista fino agli anni quaranta, improntata a un eroico titanismo, sottolineando come il linguaggio di Michelangelo abbia assunto man mano un significato esistenziale, offrendosi anche come esempio formale per la politica della ricostruzione, fino a riacquistare lo status di un vero e proprio mito nazionale a ridosso dei festeggiamenti per il centenario dell'unificazione italiana. In questo contesto, il volume da conto delle celebrazioni che si svolsero nel 1964 e nel 1975 in occasione dei centenari michelangioleschi, e i dei restauri che portarono al rifiorire di Casa Buonarroti. Accanto a una scelta di disegni di Michelangelo, e presentata una ricca selezione di opere di artisti del Novecento e contemporanei. Completa il volume una bibliografia aggiornata.


Boom for Real

Author: Dieter Buchhart,Eleanor Nairne

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783791356365


Page: 280

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Focusing on Jean-Michel Basquiat's extraordinary breadth of influences, from graffiti to bebop jazz to Hollywood cinema, this exciting new survey charts his ground-breaking career. Basquiat first came to prominence when he collaborated with Al Diaz to spray-paint enigmatic statements under the pseudonym SAMO(c). He went on to work on collages, Xerox art, postcards, performances, and music before establishing his reputation as one of the most important painters of his generation. Accompanying a major exhibition at the Barbican Art Gallery, this book opens with introductory essays from the curators, which place his practice in a wider art historical context and look at his career through the lens of performance. Six thematic chapters offer new research, with essays from poet Christian Campbell on SAMO(c); curator Carlo McCormick on New York / New Wave; writer Glenn O'Brien on the downtown scene; academic Jordana Moore Saggese on Basquiat's relationship to film and television; and music scholar Francesco Martinelli on Basquiat's obsession with jazz. This insightful new survey also features extended captions, rare archival material, and extensive photography, demonstrating how Basquiat's legacy remains more powerful and relevant than ever today.


An Atlas of Composite Resin Stratification

Author: Jordi Manauta,Anna Salat

Publisher: Quintessence Publishing (IL)

ISBN: 9788874921737

Category: Medical

Page: 444

View: 755

Despite the many advances of contemporary dental research in biomaterials and tissue regeneration, no dental material can perfectly correspond to natural tooth. The authors of this dynamic atlas posit that it is the mastery of layering technique and not the material itself that is most important in recreating natural- looking restorations. This reference book uses over a thousand images to explore the stratification of natural tooth and demonstrate solutions for how to arrange layers of composite resin to recreate the color, opacity, shape, and surface abnormalities of natural tooth. The authors provide step-by-step instruction in basic layering techniques as well as in advanced applications of dental characteristics, which are possible with a wide range of esthetic dental materials. In addition, each chapter is prefaced with insights from luminaries in esthetic dentistry, including Luiz Narciso Baratieri, Galip G rel, Pascal Magne, Francesco Mangani, Ricardo Mitrani, and Angelo Putignano, among others. Optimal stratification techniques not only create natural-looking beauty in restorations but also imitate the innate bioarchitecture of teeth, which is the foundation of functional and esthetic results.

Roy Lichtenstein

Meditations on Art

Author: Roy Lichtenstein,Gianni Mercurio

Publisher: Skira - Berenice

ISBN: 9788857204604

Category: Art

Page: 371

View: 4947

One of the most complete monographs of the artist to date, this volume depicts the career of Roy Lichtenstein, one of the finest American pop artists of his era. Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997) was the master of the stereotype, and the most sophisticated of the major pop artists. An emblematic protagonist of the New York art scene of the second half of twentieth century, he became a legend in his prolific lifetime. Even now, thirteen years after his death, his works and lexicon of symbols, subjects and themes continue to intrigue the art world. Published on the occasion of the major exhibition at the Milan Triennial, this monograph covers the entire artistic development of Roy Lichtenstein, through more than 250 paintings and sculptural works, a rich photographic section including unpublished material, and critical text. The reproductions of Lichtenstein’s work are large-format, in full color. The insightful quotes and most of the references to his personal life serve to explain how his art evolved or how he came to be in a particular place in the world. This deluxe edition (large square format with padded cover) offers a dynamic and provocative look at the works of Lichtenstein through a powerful combination of text and visual elements. It will appeal to Lichtenstein fans, critics, dealers, and anyone interested in contemporary art.

Felsina Pittrice

Life of Marcantonio Raimondi and Critical Catalogue of Prints by Or After Bolognese Masters

Author: Elizabeth Cropper,Lorenzo Pericolo

Publisher: Felsina Pittrice: The Lives of

ISBN: 9781909400665

Category: Art

Page: 700

View: 954

Malvasia's life of Marcantonio Raimondi includes Malvasia's critical catalogue of prints by or after Bolognese artists, from Giulio Bonasone to Giovan Battista Pasqualini. A great connoisseur and avid collector of prints, Malvasia recognizes the intelligence and novelty inherent in Giorgio Vasari's life of Marcantonio with its list of prints produced by the Bolognese engraver. In republishing Vasari's life, Malvasia not only adds valuable new information, but also completes Vasari's list by cataloguing all the prints unnoticed by his Florentine predecessor. Aware of the interest of amateurs and collectors in identifying old and new prints, establishing their states, and building up an exhaustive collection, Malvasia undertakes the groundbreaking task of describing, one by one or by coherent series, the whole corpus of prints executed by or after Bolognese masters as far as he could determine. He describes the subjects of these works accurately, transcribes their inscriptions, specifies their techniques (whether engraving, etching, or woodcut), supplying their measurements in Bolognese once. In listing the works of Bonasone, the Carracci, Giovan Luigi Valesio, Guido Reni, and Simone Cantarini, among others, Malvasia often comments on their technical and aesthetic qualities, resorting to a refined and complex terminology that reveals his profound knowledge of printmaking. In her introductory essay, Naoko Takahate explains the historical significance of Malvasia's innovative production of the first extensive print catalogue, shedding new light on the unique context of Bolognese printmaking in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. In her notes, Takahatake identifies over eight hundred prints mentioned by Malvasia, almost all of which are reproduced in color in a separate volume. Underscoring the importance of Malvasia's critical catalogue for amateurs and collectors, Carlo Alberto Girotto offers a critical edition of the annotations made by the French art theorist Roger de Piles to his own copy of the Felsina pittrice (now in the library of the Institut National d'Histoire de l'Art, Paris). At the end of the translation and notes, Lorenzo Pericolo publishes the sections of Malvasia's Scritti originali (Ms. B16, Biblioteca Comunale dell'Archiginnasio, Bologna) relating to Bonasone.

Keith Haring

The Political Line

Author: Dieter Buchhart,Julian Cox,Julian Myers-Szupinska,Robert Farris Thompson

Publisher: Prestel Pub

ISBN: 9783791354101

Category: Art

Page: 256

View: 4361

"The first comprehensive study of the political nature of Keith Haring's art"--

A Boy Named Giotto

Author: Paolo Guarnieri,Bimba Landmann,Jonathan Galassi

Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Giroux (BYR)

ISBN: 9780374309312

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 28

View: 4050

Eight-year-old Giotto the shepherd boy confesses his dream of becoming an artist to the painter Cimabue, who teaches him how to make marvelous pigments from minerals, flowers, and eggs and takes him on as his pupil.

Making Art Global (part 2)

Magiciens de la Terre, 1989

Author: Lucy Steeds,Pablo Lafuente

Publisher: Walther Konig, Cologne

ISBN: 9783863352585

Category: Art

Page: 304

View: 9481

In 1989, a large-scale exhibition in Paris bringing together over 100 artists, around half from the 'West' and half from elsewhere, contributed to a radical shift in the Western art system.Magiciens de la Terre (Magicians of the Earth) argued for the universality of the creative impulse and offered direct aesthetic experience of contemporary works of art made globally. This sprawling landmark exhibition concurrently took place at The Grande halle de la Villette and the Centre Georges Pompidou.In this fourth book in Afterall's Exhibition Histories series, photographs and gallery plans reconstruct the exhibition in detail. Essays provide an extended examination of its history and context and look at the discursive and curatorial legacy, and responses from the time.Published with Afterall Books.Titles also available in this series:Making Art Global (Part 1): The Third Havana Biennial 1989 – Exhibition Histories Vol. 2 (9783865609939 £14.95)From Conceptualism to Feminism: Lucy Lippard's Numbers Shows 1969–74 – Exhibition Histories Vol. 3 (9783863351021 £14.95)

The Keith Haring Show

Mostra , Fondazione Triennale Di Milano, 27 Settembre 2005-29 Gennaio 2006

Author: Gianni Mercurio,Demetrio Paparoni,Fondazione La Triennale di Milano

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9788876244766

Category: Art

Page: 404

View: 3978

Art icon of the 1980s, Keith Haring first gained attention in the late 1970s for his drawings in the New York City subways. Over the next decade his subway graffiti, murals, sculptures and paintings gained worldwide recognition. Harings meteoritic artistic career spanned from 1980 to 1990, and in this brief period his boundless energy led him to produce an enormous quantity of legendary works. Here Harings work is re-examined from the perspective of his relations not just with Pop Art and the Neo-Pop movement, but also with Flemish painting and the historic avant-garde movements, reflecting the evolution of his creative poetics and the legacy he left.

Keith Haring

future primeval

Author: Barry Blinderman,Illinois State University. University Galleries

Publisher: Abbeville Pr


Category: Art

Page: 125

View: 2820

Nuvolo and Post-War Materiality

Author: Nuvolo

Publisher: Skira

ISBN: 9788857236261


Page: 304

View: 4011

Nuvolo ( né Giorgio Ascani, 1926-2008) was born in Città di Castello, in the province of Perugia. In 1950 Nuvolo moved to Alberto Burri's studio in Rome. After World War II, the artistic culture in Italy was characterized by a clash between the tradition of figuration and new modes of abstraction, and by a proliferation of artistic and theoretical movements incentivized by a young generation of artists and by a new international exchange of ideas, stimulated by the presence in Italy of European and American artists such as Jean Fautrier, Antoni Tàpies, Franz Kline, Conrad Marca-Relli, Robert Rauschenberg, Salvatore Scarpitta, and Cy Twombly. Nuvolo participated in the cultural ferment of this time, engaging with Ettore Colla and the experimental Gruppo Origine , and the group of artists and intellectuals involved with the magazine Arti Visive . Working within a two-dimensional, rectangular format typically associated with easel painting, Nuvolo introduced new techniques which relied on tension and textural variation, using a range of materials that included commonplace textiles as well as deerskin. Nuvolo also produced an ambitious series of works called " serotipie " using a silkscreen technique that enabled him to create intricate drawings which could be repeated ad infinitum. His work was praised by the poet Emilio Villa and promoted by gallerists such as Plinio De Martiis, Topazia Alliata, and Fiamma Vigo. This publication accompanies the first major exhibition of Nuvolo's work in the United States, held at Di Donna Galleries in Fall 2017. The book features an insightful essay by Germano Celant as well as a thorough chronology of Nuvolo's artistic explorations, contextualized within the non-figurative trends of his contemporaries as they unfolded in Italy, Europe, and the United States. Supporting materials include historical documentation and texts by and about the artist. These materials are supported by a large selection of color illustrations featuring works by Nuvolo produced between 1952 and 1965, some of which are published here for the first time.