The Innocent Man

Author: John Grisham

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1407059092

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 528

View: 5670

John Grisham's first work of non-fiction, an exploration of small town justice gone terribly awry, in his most extraordinary legal thriller yet. In the major league draft of 1971, the first player chosen from the State of Oklahoma was Ron Williamson. When he signed with the Oakland A's, he said goodbye to his hometown of Ada and left to pursue his dreams of big league glory. Six years later he was back, his dreams broken by a bad arm and bad habits - drinking, drugs and women. He began to show signs of mental illness. Unable to keep a job, he moved in with his mother and slept 20 hours a day on her sofa. In 1982, a 21 year-old cocktail waitress in Ada named Debra Sue Carter was raped and murdered, and for five years the police could not solve the crime. For reasons that were never clear, they suspected Ron Williamson and his friend Dennis Fritz. The two were finally arrested in 1987 and charged with capital murder. With no physical evidence, the prosecution's case was built on junk science and the testimony of jaihouse snitches and convicts. Dennis Fritz was found guilty and given a life sentence. Ron Williamson was sent to Death Row. If you believe that in America you are innocent until proven guilty, this book will shock you. If you believe in the death penalty, this book will disturb you. If you believe the criminal justice system is fair, this book will infuriate you.

Longarm 376

Longarm and the Innocent Man

Author: Tabor Evans

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101185430

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 7074

Longarm knows a pardon’s no good to a man if he’s six feet under… Of the many men Longarm’s brought to the gallows, most proclaimed their innocence. But Neal Bird, who’s set to swing for killing a shopkeeper and an Arapaho girl, might not be spinning yarns. Trouble is, his yellow lawyers have abandoned him... Something in Longarm believes Bird. So he sets out to pin the real killer. But finding the suspected cowhand who goes by Billy Boy could prove a challenge—and time’s a-ticking…

The Innocent Man Script

Cui Bono-To Whose Advantage?

Author: T. Mack Durham

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595100139

Category: Fiction

Page: 520

View: 742

Over 200 million Americans disbelieve the Warren Commission Report's conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone, demented gunman. T. Mack Durham's suspense thriller reveals the identities of those with a motive to kill JFK. Based upon historically factual evidence.

Ghost of the Innocent Man

A True Story of Trial and Redemption

Author: Benjamin Rachlin

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0316311480

Category: True Crime

Page: 400

View: 3896

One of the Best Books of 2017: National Public Radio, San Francisco Chronicle, Library Journal, Shelf Awareness "Remarkable . . . Captivating . . . Rachlin is a skilled storyteller." --New York Times Book Review "A gripping legal-thriller mystery . . . Profoundly elevates good-cause advocacy to greater heights--to where innocent lives are saved." --USA Today "A crisply written page turner." --NPR A gripping account of one man's long road to freedom that will forever change how we understand our criminal justice system During the last three decades, more than two thousand American citizens have been wrongfully convicted. Ghost of the Innocent Man brings us one of the most dramatic of those cases and provides the clearest picture yet of the national scourge of wrongful conviction and of the opportunity for meaningful reform. When the final gavel clapped in a rural southern courtroom in the summer of 1988, Willie J. Grimes, a gentle spirit with no record of violence, was shocked and devastated to be convicted of first-degree rape and sentenced to life imprisonment. Here is the story of this everyman and his extraordinary quarter-century-long journey to freedom, told in breathtaking and sympathetic detail, from the botched evidence and suspect testimony that led to his incarceration to the tireless efforts to prove his innocence and the identity of the true perpetrator. These were spearheaded by his relentless champion, Christine Mumma, a cofounder of North Carolina's Innocence Inquiry Commission. That commission--unprecedented at its inception in 2006--remains a model organization unlike any other in the country, and one now responsible for a growing number of exonerations. With meticulous, prismatic research and pulse-quickening prose, Benjamin Rachlin presents one man's tragedy and triumph. The jarring and unsettling truth is that the story of Willie J. Grimes, for all its outrage, dignity, and grace, is not a unique travesty. But through the harrowing and suspenseful account of one life, told from the inside, we experience the full horror of wrongful conviction on a national scale. Ghost of the Innocent Man is both rare and essential, a masterwork of empathy. The book offers a profound reckoning not only with the shortcomings of our criminal justice system but also with its possibilities for redemption.

An Innocent Man’s Revenge

Author: Eclipse Lomf

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469143119

Category: Fiction

Page: 417

View: 3321

An Innocent Man’s Revenge Sentenced to fifteen years for a crime that he didn’t commit, betrayed and abandoned by everyone he loved, Dwayne Johnson was released seven years later when his innocence was discovered. He was falsely accused by the alleged victims, set up by friends, and maliciously prosecuted by those entrusted to uphold the law. He lost everything. Fueled with hate and fury after losing his son to this injustice, Dwayne seeks revenge on all involved in ruining his life. He embarks on a murderous rampage, forced to kill the wife of one of his unexpectant victims, unaware that she was the daughter of a crooked ex-detective. This is the same detective, Richards, who was forced into early retirement for shooting the man that allegedly killed his wife. Back in active duty, Richards has new plans for himself ... vengeance! He vigorously hunts Dwayne. Even with bodies turning up and linking to each other, Dwayne manages to evade authorities, staying two steps ahead of them at all times. That is until an unexpected, but deeply wanted love, leaves Dwayne confused, lost, and trapped as these two strangers’ worlds are merged into one similar reality! With a trial scene to die for, this book does more than just hold readers. It involves them emotionally, making it impossible to put down.



Author: John Grisham

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 3641110319

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 5569

John Grisham einmal anders – ein Amerikaner entdeckt seine italienische Seele Einst umjubelter Football-Star steht Rick Dockery plötzlich vor dem Aus. Ein Angebot aus dem fernen Italien kommt wie gelegen: Die Parma Panthers suchen einen neuen Spielmacher. Rick zögert nicht, und aus der Reise ins Ungewisse wird die Reise in ein neues Leben.

Aus Mangel an Beweisen


Author: Scott Turow

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 364114857X

Category: Fiction

Page: 528

View: 2837

Das Buch, das Scott Turow weltberühmt machte. Der Mord an einer Staatsanwältin erschüttert das Gerichtssystem. Ihr Kollege Rusty Sabich ermittelt in diesem undurchsichtigen Fall und wird im Laufe der Untersuchung selbst zum Angeklagten. Eine unheilvolle Verquickung von Politik und Recht – erfolgreich verfilmt mit Harrison Ford in der Hauptrolle.

Das Geständnis


Author: John Grisham

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 364111036X

Category: Fiction

Page: 544

View: 3259

Schuldig für immer? Ein Geständnis in letzter Sekunde steht am Anfang von John Grishams großem Roman. Travis Boyette, ein rechtskräftig verurteilter Sexualstraftäter, der mehr als sein halbes Leben hinter Gittern verbracht hat, gesteht einen Mord, für den ein anderer verurteilt wurde: Donté Drumm. Dieser sitzt seit acht Jahren in der Todeszelle und soll in genau vier Tagen hingerichtet werden. Ein verzweifelter Wettlauf gegen die Zeit beginnt.

Theo Boone - Unter Verdacht

Author: John Grisham

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 3641109752

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 336

View: 3016

Theo Boone in höchster Gefahr Der 13-jährige Theo Boone, der allseits bekannte und beliebte »Junganwalt« von Strattenburg, erfährt plötzlich, was es bedeutet, auf der anderen Seite zu stehen: Er wird verdächtigt, in einem Computerladen eingebrochen zu haben! Theo bekommt es mit der Angst zu tun, denn eines ist klar: Irgendjemand hat etwas gegen ihn. Und dieser jemand schreckt vor nichts zurück ... Der 13-jährige Theo Boone ist nicht nur der jüngste Anwalt in der beschaulichen Kleinstadt Strattenburg, er ist aufgrund seiner Hilfsbereitschaft auch einer der beliebtesten Jungen an seiner Schule. Als in einem Computerladen eingebrochen wird und die Diebesbeute kurz darauf in Theos Schulspind auftaucht, fällt er aus allen Wolken: Wer nur hasst ihn so sehr, dass er ihn zum Gegenstand polizeilicher Ermittlungen machen will? Im Handumdrehen steht der unbescholtene Theo unter Verdacht und hat alle Mühe, seine Unschuld zu beweisen. Seine Angst wird noch dadurch gesteigert, dass jemand mehrmals die Reifen seines Fahrrads aufschlitzt – und einen nicht gerade kleinen Stein durch die Scheibe der Boone’schen Kanzlei wirft, als Theo gerade am Fenster steht ...

Theo Boone und der entflohene Mörder

Author: John Grisham

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 3641150388

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 272

View: 8538

Nichts und niemand kann Theo und seine Freunde aufhalten. . . oder? Theo Boone ist auf Klassenfahrt in Washington, D. C.! Ein Abenteuer für ihn und seine Freunde aus dem beschaulichen Städtchen Strattenburg. Doch dann macht Theo in der U-Bahn eine unheimliche Entdeckung: In der Menschenmenge sieht er plötzlich Pete Duffy. Genau den Pete Duffy, der in Theos erstem Fall des Mordes an seiner Frau angeklagt wurde – und flüchtete. Kurz entschlossen springt Theo aus der U-Bahn und verfolgt Duffy. Und tatsächlich gelingt es der Polizei dank ihm, den gefährlichen Täter wieder festzunehmen. Was aber, wenn Pete Duffy freigesprochen wird? Jetzt kennt er Theos Gesicht und hat Rache geschworen. Theo ahnt, dass er in höchster Gefahr schwebt ...

Lies Deceit and an Innocent Man

Author: Ree Collins

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1475967780

Category: Fiction

Page: 378

View: 3996

Todd Bainbridge had his life planned. His future was secured. And in five years he would be a doctor. Bradford’s local doctor; Doctor Chandler promised him a partnership in his practice. When Katie’s body was found on the York moor a week after her disappearance his life fell apart.

Theo Boone und das verschwundene Mädchen

Author: John Grisham

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 3641109647

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 256

View: 9816

Die Entführung seiner besten Freundin April – auch sein zweiter Fall verlangt Theo Boone alles ab Theo Boone, Anwaltssohn mit ausgeprägtem Sinn für Recht und Gerechtigkeit, ist erst dreizehn. Aber das hält ihn nicht davon ab, die schwierigsten Kriminalfälle zu lösen und die Strafprozesse live vor Gericht zu verfolgen. Ansonsten gehört Theos Leidenschaft seinem Hund Judge – und natürlich seiner besten Freundin April. Als diese plötzlich spurlos verschwindet, steht Theo vor der bislang größten Herausforderung seiner jungen Karriere. Mitten in der Nacht werden die Boones von einem Anruf aus dem Schlaf gerissen – April Finnemore, Theos beste Freundin, ist spurlos verschwunden! Und Theo war offenbar der Letzte, der mit ihr gesprochen hat. Noch in derselben Nacht wird er von der Polizei verhört. Obwohl sich Theo eigentlich nichts Spannenderes vorstellen kann, als in seiner verschlafenen Heimatstadt Verbrecher zu jagen, ist diesmal alles anders: Die Sorge um April bringt ihn fast um den Verstand. Und die Polizei hat offenbar nichts Besseres zu tun, als ihn und seine Klassenkameraden mit sinnlosen Befragungen von ihrer Mission abzuhalten: April zu finden, und zwar so schnell wie möglich! Gemeinsam mit seinen Freunden organisiert Theo Suchtrupps, die systematisch das Stadtgebiet durchkämmen. Doch dann taucht ein zwielichtiger Verwandter der Finnemores wie aus dem Nichts auf. Hat er etwas mit Aprils Verschwinden zu tun?

Confessions of an Innocent Man

Torture and Survival in a Saudi Prison

Author: William Sampson

Publisher: McClelland & Stewart Limited

ISBN: 9780771079054

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 419

View: 9588

"What was it that I did to survive? Where did those ideas come from? Where did I find the resolve to enact them? At the time of my release, I had no ready answers beyond that I did what seemed natural and necessary. In looking back, I realize that the peculiarities of my personality helped me to adopt strategies that allowed for the reclamation of my identity and my integrity while in the hands of barbarians. Yet what I did is neither remarkable nor courageous nor beyond the capabilities of any person that finds himself in similar circumstances. What I have come to believe is that there exists in all of us the potential to stand and fight and reclaim." — William Sampson On Sunday, December 17, 2000, Canadian engineer William Sampson stepped outside his house in Riyadh only to be hauled into a car and beaten by two Saudi men he didn’t know. Within an hour, he was incarcerated in one of the city’s most notorious jails. Within two months, he was tortured into a confession of responsibility for a wave of car bombings he did not commit. Sometime in that first year, he was sentenced to death in a secret trial. For two and a half years, Sampson was continually subjected to beatings and torture, convinced his death was just around the corner. Inept diplomacy failed him but human rights groups took up his cause and on August 8, 2003, he was finally freed in a controversial prisoner exchange. It wasn’t until February 2005 that Sampson’s name was officially cleared when a British inquest exonerated him of the crimes. Angry, intelligent, and compelling, Sampson places his personal story within the context of the geopolitics that engineered his fate, and in doing so has crafted a searing exposé of Western foreign policy in the Arab Middle East. From the Hardcover edition.

An Innocent Man the Life and Times of an American Baby Boomer

Part 1 from the Beginnings Through the 1960S

Author: Gene Baumgaertner

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1426951345

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 8015

Come travel back to a different but vaguely familiar world. Journey to a time when inflation barely existed, gasoline was cheap, cars had big gas-guzzling engines, and people almost never locked their front doors. Written in the first person, An Innocent Man follows the life and time of Edgar Rice Baker from his childhood as he encounters all of the trappings, joys, and nuances of the Baby Boomer years. It was an age of innocence, when kids walked to school, when beer and liquor were the worst things your kids could get in to, and when getting a drivers license and a set of wheels (where the heater worked and the engine ran) were the most important first steps in transitioning to adulthood. If you are over fifty, do you remember the good old days? Those were happy days of wine and roses, when life was simpler, and we all were more innocent. An Innocent Man transports us back to the fifties and sixtiesfor a nostalgic walk down the primrose lane.

Beyond the Glass House

The Journal of an Innocent Man, the First Year

Author: Adam Wolfe

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1412061598


Page: 305

View: 2273

"It would just be utterly repugnant for me to think that I could send a man to prison for a crime that he did not commit."