The Inn

Author: William Patterson

Publisher: Pinnacle Books

ISBN: 078603324X

Category: Fiction

Page: 448

View: 3891

If you're very lucky. . . The ramshackle B&B in western Massachusetts isn't just an inheritance--it seems like the best chance for Jack and Annabel Devlin to save their marriage and start over. But Annabel's first impressions of the remote inn don't ease her nerves. In fact, everything about the gloomy Victorian draws Annabel back into childhood nightmares. . . They might let you leave. . . Locals whisper about the Blue Boy Inn and its long history of murders and mysterious disappearances. Soon Annabel hears noises within the walls and glimpses something--some things--scurrying in the shadows. The locked attic, the bricked-up fireplace. . .for years they've helped keep a ravenous evil at bay. Now Jack and Annabel's arrival has stirred the house to life again. Debts must be paid, hungers will be satisfied, and one by one, Annabel's worst fears are about to come true. . . "The Conjuring meets The Shining in William Patterson's deliciously creepy thriller, The Inn. Fast-paced, horror-filled, clever and impossible-to-predict, this heart-pounding tale will leave you breathless." --Kevin O'Brien, New York Times bestselling author

The Inn Between

Author: Marina Cohen

Publisher: Roaring Brook Press

ISBN: 162672203X

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 208

View: 4044

Eleven-year-old Quinn has had some bad experiences lately. She was caught cheating in school, and then one day, her little sister Emma disappeared while walking home from school. She never returned. When Quinn's best friend Kara has to move away, she goes on one last trip with Kara and her family. They stop over at the first hotel they see, a Victorian inn that instantly gives Quinn the creeps, and she begins to notice strange things happening around them. When Kara's parents and then brother disappear without a trace, the girls are stranded in a hotel full of strange guests, hallways that twist back in on themselves, and a particularly nasty surprise lurking beneath the floorboards. Will the girls be able to solve the mystery of what happened to Kara's family before it's too late?

The Inn at Ocean's Edge

Author: Colleen Coble

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1401690270

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 512

USA TODAY Bestseller! Claire’s visit to a luxury hotel in Maine awakens repressed memories, threatening all she holds dear. In 1989, Claire Dellamare disappeared from her own fourth birthday party at the Hotel Tourmaline on the island of Folly Shoals, Maine. She showed up a year later at the same hotel, with a note pinned to her dress but no explanation. Nobody knows where Claire spent that year—and until now, Claire didn’t even know she had ever been missing. But when Claire returns to the Hotel Tourmaline for a business meeting with her CEO father, disturbing memories begin to surface . . . despite her parents’ best efforts to keep them forgotten. Luke Rocco lost his mother under equally mysterious circumstances—at the same time Claire disappeared. After a chance encounter reveals the unlikely link between them, Claire and Luke set out together to uncover the truth about what happened that fateful year. With flashbacks swimming just beneath her consciousness and a murderer threatening her safety, Claire’s very life depends on unscrambling her past . . . even if her family refuses to acknowledge it. Someone—maybe everyone—is hiding something from Claire Dellamare, and it will cost her everything to drag the truth out into the light.

No Clue at the Inn

Author: Kate Kingsbury

Publisher: Wheeler Publishing, Incorporated

ISBN: 9781597221962

Category: Fiction

Page: 421

View: 666

When asked to manage the Pennyfoot Hotel over the Christmas holiday, former owner Cecily Sinclair Baxter is delighted. When a housemaid goes missing, soon followed by one of London's most renowned barristers, Cecily realizes that she may be on holiday, but death is not.

Thanksgiving at the Inn

Author: Tim Whitney

Publisher: Bancroft Press

ISBN: 1890862746

Category: Fiction

Page: 222

View: 9158

Ever since his mother left, life has not been easy for Heath Wellington, III. Between his father's (Junior's) bouts with alcoholism and literary rejection, and Heath's own wrongful suspension from school, there has not been all that much to be thankful for. But following the tragic death of estranged grandfather Senior, father and son alike stand to inherit a life-changing fortune... with one catch. Heath and Junior must spend the next three months managing Senior's bed and breakfast, located in the same Massachusetts home Junior has spent the last eight years trying to escape. As Heath adjusts to his new world, what he needs most is to understand that Junior, too, is dealing with loss, and to realise that, even in the most tragic of times, there is a lot in life to be thankful for. This is a beautiful story of family and forgiveness, and a sure holiday classic.

The Inn

A Cocoa Beach Ghost Story

Author: Ron Starr

Publisher: Booklocker.Com Incorporated

ISBN: 9781601453365

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 3655

Guests may rave about their stay in Room 108 of The Inn. Maybe they'll check in and never check out--at least not through the front desk.

The Inn at Rose Harbor

A Novel

Author: Debbie Macomber

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 0345535111

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 3211

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber comes the first book in a series set in the beloved Pacific Northwest town of Cedar Cove. Jo Marie Rose first arrives in Cedar Cove seeking a fresh start. A young widow coping with the death of her husband, she purchases a local bed-and-breakfast—the newly christened Rose Harbor Inn—ready to begin her life anew. Her first guest is Joshua Weaver, who has come home to care for his ailing stepfather. The two have never seen eye to eye, and Joshua has little hope that they can reconcile their differences. Jo Marie’s other guest is Abby Kincaid, who has returned to Cedar Cove to attend her brother’s wedding. Back for the first time in twenty years, she almost wishes she hadn’t come, the picturesque town harboring painful memories. And as Abby and Joshua try to heal from their pasts, and Jo Marie dreams of the possibilities before her, they all realize that life moves in only one direction—forward. Praise for Debbie Macomber and The Inn at Rose Harbor “No one tugs at readers’ heartstrings quite as effectively as [Debbie] Macomber.”—Chicago Tribune “Debbie Macomber is the reigning queen of women’s fiction.”—The Sacramento Bee “Charming . . . warm and serene . . . a wonderful novel.”—Bookreporter BONUS: This edition includes a The Inn at Rose Harbor discussion guide, excerpts from Debbie Macomber’s Rose Harbor in Bloom and Last One Home, and the short story When First They Met.

No Room at the Inn

The Nativity Story

Author: Jean M. Malone,Bryan Langdo

Publisher: Penguin Young Readers

ISBN: 9780448452173

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 48

View: 984

The story of the birth of Jesus, presented in language appropriate for developing readers.

The Inn at Lake Devine

Author: Elinor Lipman

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0307814211

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

View: 8464

It was not complicated, and, as my mother pointed out, not even personal: They had a hotel; they didn't want Jews; we were Jews...It's the early 1960s and Natalie Marx is stunned when her mother inquires about vacation accommodations in Vermont and receives a response that says, "The Inn at Lake Devine is a family-owned resort, which has been in continuous operation since 1922. Our guests who feel most comfortable here, and return year after year, are Gentiles." So begins Natalie's fixation with the Inn and the family who owns it. And when Natalie finagles an invitation to join a friend on vacation there, she sets herself upon a path that will inextricably link her adult life into this peculiar family and their once-restricted hotel. The Inn at Lake Devine will enchant readers with the beguiling voice, elegant charm, and deft storytelling that have been hallmarks of Elinor Lipman's previous novels and have made her beloved by her fans. Her characters sparkle on the page and delight us with their wit and grace--even when anti-Semitism rears its head in Vermont and the tables are turned in the Catskills. Elinor Lipman is the undisputed master of the art of screwball comedy. From the Hardcover edition.

The Inn at Little Washington Cookbook

A Consuming Passion

Author: Patrick O'Connell

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 0679644962

Category: Cooking

Page: 208

View: 8817

This cookbook is the distillation of a life's work by a self-taught American chef who learned to cook by reading cookbooks and went on to become one of the world's most renowned chefs. O'Connell began his career with a catering business in an old farmhouse, cooking on a wood stove with an electric frying pan purchased for $1.49 at a garage sale. (The pan was used for boiling, sautéeing and deep frying for parties of up to 300 guests.) This experience sharpened his awareness of how much could be done with very little. The catering business evolved into a country restaurant and Inn which opened in 1978 in a defunct garage and which is now America's only 5 star Inn. Craig Claiborne raves, "the most magnificent inn I've ever seen, in this country or Europe, where I had the most fantastic meal of my life." This is not a typical "Chef's Cookbook" filled with esoteric, egomanical, and impossibly complicated recipes which only a wizard with a staff of eighty would ever attempt to produce. Rather, the recipes assembled here make up a practiced, finely honed repertoire of elegant, simple and straight-forward dishes. Everyday ingredients are elevated to new heights through surprising combinations and seductive presentations. []A Consuming Passion[] propels the home cook into a new world of American Haute Cuisine and provides the formulas for reproducing it at home. Careful and detailed instructions, all written by the author, assure success. NOTE: This edition does not include photos.

The Perfect Hope

Author: Nora Roberts

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101612231

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 7743

#1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts completes the Inn BoonsBoro trilogy with a novel of starting over and star-crosed love. Ryder is the hardest Montgomery brother to figure out—with a tough-as-nails exterior and possibly nothing too soft underneath. He’s surly and unsociable, but when he straps on a tool belt, no woman can resist his sexy swagger. Except, apparently, Hope Beaumont, the innkeeper of his own Inn BoonsBoro… The former manager of a D.C. hotel, Hope is now where she wants to be—except for in her love life. Her only interaction with the opposite sex has been sparring with the infuriating Ryder, who always seems to get under her skin. Still, no one can deny the electricity that crackles between them…a spark that ignited with a New Year’s Eve kiss. While the inn is running smoothly, thanks to Hope’s experience and unerring instincts, her big-city past is about to make an unwelcome—and embarrassing—appearance. Seeing Hope vulnerable stirs Ryder’s emotions and makes him realize that while Hope may not be perfect, she just might be perfect for him… Don't miss the other books in the Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy The Next Always The Last Boyfriend From the Paperback edition.

Tea-Time at the Inn

Author: Gail Greco

Publisher: Rutledge Hill Press

ISBN: 9781558538481

Category: Cooking

Page: 224

View: 5522

Containing over 200 recipes, "Tea-Time at the Inn" is an invitation to enjoy the experience of tea-time at more than 40 of America's finest country inns and bed and breakfasts. Gail Greco, host of PBS-TV's "Country Inn Cooking", shows readers how to recreate the teas in their own homes. Full-color photos.

The Destruction of the Inn

Author: Randy Lee Eickhoff

Publisher: Forge Books

ISBN: 1429973366

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 5133

Randy Lee Eickhoff continues the Celtic Ulster Cycle; following up his highly acclaimed retelling of The Three Sorrows, with The Destruction of the Inn. Part impacted myth, part heroic saga, and part literary tour de force; this is the tale of a king who dares to ignore the prophecy that foretells his fate. Conaire Mór's reign has ushered in a period of great happiness and good fortune, but his three foster brothers take advantage of his position and plunder the countryside. Conaire refuses to put them to death, however, and out of brotherly love banishes them to Scotland. Where they fall in with merciless sea pirates who raid the coasts of England and Ireland, brutally slaying all whom stands against them, until finally the three brothers come back to the land of Conaire Mór. Filled with the adventure and tragedy, and told in the style that Randy Lee Eickhoff has made his own, The Destruction of the Inn is a story of Ireland's past, and one of her most enduring tales. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Magic of the Inn

Author: Glenn Siler

Publisher: Llumina Press

ISBN: 9781932303582


Page: 180

View: 4189

Eric inherits an inn from his grandfather, but it isn't long before he and his best friend, Matt, become prime suspects in an FBI investigation of a series of bizarre murders. The inn brought Eric's grandfather opportunities. Will Eric find his own magic there? Will it save him from the FBI? Magic of the Inn will leave you guessing until the very end.

Christmas Forever (The Inn at Sunset Harbor—Book 8)

Author: Sophie Love

Publisher: Sophie Love

ISBN: 1640292489

Category: Fiction

Page: 250

View: 5705

“Sophie Love's ability to impart magic to her readers is exquisitely wrought in powerfully evocative phrases and descriptions….This is the perfect romance or beach read, with a difference: its enthusiasm and beautiful descriptions offer an unexpected attention to the complexity of not just evolving love, but evolving psyches. It's a delightful recommendation for romance readers looking for a touch more complexity from their romance reads.” --Midwest Book Review (Diane Donovan re For Now and Forever) CHRISTMAS FOREVER is book #8 in the #1 bestselling clean romance series THE INN AT SUNSET HARBOR, which begins with For Now and Forever (book #1)—a free download! 35 year old Emily Mitchell fled her job, apartment and ex-boyfriend in New York City for her father's historic, abandoned home on the coast of Maine, needing a change in her life and determined to make it work as a B&B. She had never expected, though, that her relationship with its caretaker, Daniel, would turn her life on its head. Christmas and New Years are fast approaching in Sunset Harbor, and Emily Mitchell is nearing her third trimester. While they continue to develop their new private island, a new business opportunity arises—one Emily had never anticipated, and which could change everything. Roy’s time left to live is running out fast, and as Christmas looms and all are busy preparing, Emily knows that this will be the most meaningful one of her life. It will be an inspirational holiday season, one that changes their lives forever. CHRISTMAS FOREVER is book #8 in a dazzling, wholesome romance series that will make you laugh, cry, keep you turning pages late into the night—and make you fall in love with the contemporary romance novel all over again. Sophie’s new romantic comedy, LOVE LIKE THIS, is now also available! “A very well written novel, describing the struggle of a woman (Emily) to find her true identity. The author did an amazing job with the creation of the characters and her description of the environment. The romance is there, but not overdosed. Kudos to the author for this amazing start of a series that promises to be very entertaining.” --Books and Movies Reviews, Roberto Mattos (re For Now and Forever)

No Room at the Inn

A Christmas Play in One Act

Author: Dorothy Yost

Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

ISBN: 9780573662973

Category: Christmas plays

Page: 29

View: 7755

The Next Always

Author: Nora Roberts

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 110154578X

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 6839

“America's favorite writer” (The New Yorker) begins a trilogy inspired by the inn she owns and the town she loves. The historic hotel in BoonsBoro, Maryland, has endured war and peace, changing hands, even rumored hauntings. Now it's getting a major facelift from the Montgomery brothers and their eccentric mother. As the architect of the family, Beckett has little time for a social life. But there’s another project he’s got his eye on: the girl he’s been waiting to kiss since he was sixteen. After losing her husband and returning to her hometown, Clare Brewster soon settles into her life as the mother of three young sons while running the town’s bookstore. Though busy, Clare is drawn across the street by Beckett’s transformation of the old inn, wanting to take a closer look…at both the building and the man behind it... Don't miss the other books in the Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy The Last Boyfriend The Perfect Hope From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Inn at Little Washington

A Magnificent Obsession

Author: Patrick O'Connell

Publisher: Rizzoli International Publications

ISBN: 0847845133

Category: Architecture

Page: 256

View: 7492

The remarkable story of the architecture and interior design of America’s most famous country inn and restaurant. The transformation of the internationally acclaimed Inn at Little Washington—from a rural garage into a sumptuous country house hotel—reads like an enchanted fairy tale. Legendary chef and owner Patrick O’Connell tells the story of how this property was reimagined with a team of skilled designers and architects. The inn, which opened in 1978, is considered a masterpiece in American hotel and restaurant design and has expanded to include not only the original main building, but an entire village of cottages, guesthouses, and gardens. British interior designer Joyce Conwy Evans collaborated with O’Connell in creating the sensational English-style ambience. Lavishly photographed and enhanced by Conwy Evans’s watercolor renderings, this gorgeous book features luxurious guest rooms, stunning bathrooms, exquisite tabletop vignettes, floral arrangements, and displays of art, which will inspire every home decorator.

The Inn

Author: Guy de Mauspassant

Publisher: Read Books Ltd

ISBN: 1473360005

Category: Fiction

Page: 24

View: 6781

This early work by Guy de Maupassant was originally published in the 1880's. Guy de Maupassant was born in 1850 at the Château de Miromesnil, near Dieppe, France. He came from a prosperous family, but when Maupassant was eleven, his mother risked social disgrace by trying to secure a legal separation from her husband. After the split, Maupassant lived with his mother till he was thirteen, and inherited her love of classical literature. In 1880, Maupassant published his first – and, according to many, his best – short story, entitled 'Boule de Suif' ('Ball of Fat'). It was an instant success. He went on to be extremely prolific during the 1880s, working methodically to produce up to four volumes of short fiction every year. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900's and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions.

Japanese Inn

Author: Oliver Statler

Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing

ISBN: 1786251744

Category: Philosophy

Page: 319

View: 9432

The beguiling story of the Minaguchi-ya, an ancient inn on the Tokaido Road, founded on the eve of the establishment of the Tokugawa shogunate. Travellers and guests flow into and past the inn — warriors on the march, lovers fleeing to a new life, pilgrims on their merry expeditions, great men going to and from the capital. The story of the Minaguchi-ya is a social history of Japan through 400 years, a ringside seat to some of the most stirring events of a stirring period. ‘Statler has created a strangely beautiful book that succeeds in conveying intact not only a great deal of its history but the mood of that land. The result is sheer delight. Japanese Inn is the work of a master craftsman; it is so well conceived that the narrative moves from past to present in the same paragraph without the slightest confusion to the reader; it is so well written that only in retrospect is one aware of its remarkable flawless style. Through the author’s particular magic, the stories unfold as one narrative, as beautifully and memorably as the unrolling of a long Japanese scroll.’—CURT GENTRY ‘The reader learns much of Japan’s past — and, as is inevitable in a study of that country, of present-day Japanese as well. Mr Statler’s prose succeeds in evoking the pageantry of the past in the brilliant color of the kabuki stage. Nothing seems to have been overlooked by the author. Mr Statler’s book is Japanese history made easy, and grand entertainment.’— NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW ‘Much of it is told in fictional form. Some of the episodes have come out of family annals and memories, some from the records of the temple; some are imagined; but all could have happened ... Mr Statler has told the story vividly and with sympathy. It moves. It has the authentic feel of Japan.’—INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE