The Grave Tattoo

Author: Val McDermid

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 0007327668

Category: Fiction

Page: 560

View: 9905

The award-winning and Number One bestselling Val McDermid crafts an electrifying psychological suspense thriller that mixes history, heritage and heinous crimes.

Und ewig singen die Krabben

Ein Küsten-Roman

Author: Marie Matisek

Publisher: Ullstein eBooks

ISBN: 3843710570

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

View: 5480

Harte Schale, weicher Kern – von Krabben und Männern auf Süderum Eigentlich ist Heini Hinrichsen ein ganz lieber Kerl. Der Tätowierer aus Hamburg sieht zwar ziemlich wild aus, doch er sehnt sich nach Liebe. Als sein Vater stirbt, kehrt er zurück in die Heimat auf die schöne Nordseeinsel Süderum. Das Erbe: ein marodes Haus und ein hochverschuldetes Bestattungsunternehmen. Außerdem weckt die Insel Erinnerungen an seinen Vater und seine Kindheit. Mit seiner Stiefmutter sollte er sich auch endlich mal versöhnen. Mit Hilfe eines alten Schulfreundes und einer wunderschönen, lispelnden Floristin macht er sich auf und stellt fest: Die Nordseeküste stellt sein Leben gründlich auf den Kopf. Der vierte Roman von Bestsellerautorin Marie Matisek

Issue #17

Author: N.A

Publisher: The Cat's Meow Magazine



Page: N.A

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Metzler Lexikon literarischer Symbole

Author: Günter Butzer,Joachim Jacob

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3476053024

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 505

View: 5838

Jetzt mit 44 neuen Symbolen. Sieben , Esel oder Zwerg nur drei Wörter? Oft steckt hinter den Zahlen, Farben oder Pflanzen, Tieren, Orten oder Dingen ein weiterer Sinn. In über 450 Artikeln erläutert das Lexikon die wichtigsten literarischen Symbole und deren Bedeutungen von der griechisch-römischen bis hin zur Gegenwartsliteratur. Mit vielen Beispielen unverzichtbar für die Textinterpretation. Mit Symbolen aus folgenden Sachgebieten: Dinge/Kleidung/Technik und Verkehrsmittel Farben Himmel und Erde Körper/Mensch/Figuren Literatur Musik/Musikinstrumente Naturphänomene/Naturprodukte Pflanzen/Blumen/Früchte/Bäume Räume/Orte/Bauwerke Spiel Steine/Metalle Tiere Zahlen/Geometrie Zeit/Tageszeiten/Jahreszeiten/Feste

Higher English: Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation

Author: Ann Bridges,Colin Eckford

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1471838080

Category: Study Aids

Page: 300

View: 4802

Exam Board: SQA Level: Higher Subject: English First Teaching: September 2014 First Exam: June 2015 A brand new edition of the former Higher English Close Reading, completely rewritten for the new Higher element - worth 30% of marks in the final exam. Written by two highly experienced authors, this book shows you how to practise for the Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation section of the CfE Higher English exam. It introduces the terms and concepts that lie behind success and offers guidance on the interpretation of questions and targeting answers. - Acquire and improve the skills needed for success in this area of CfE Higher - Includes questions and passages to reflect the style of assessments in this section of the paper - Revise for the exam using the practice papers and accompanying book of suggested answers


Die Parodie

Author: Lars Arffssen

Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 3644447217

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

View: 9226

Alter Schwede, ist das spannend! Ein Killer geht um in Schweden. Er enthauptet Rentiere. Bald findet er offenbar auch ein erstes menschliches Opfer: den einzigen nichtveröffentlichten Krimiautor des Landes. Die Stockholmer Polizei steht unter Erfolgszwang und verhaftet Lizzy Salamander, denn verdächtiger als die schwer tätowierte und irgendwie auch schwer gestörte Hackerbraut kann man ja wohl nicht sein. Mikael Blomberg mag nicht an Salamanders Schuld glauben. Das flachbrüstige Mädchen, das auf dem Überwachungsvideo mit dem Kopf des erfolglosen Schriftstellers Fußball spielt, sieht ihr allerdings verflucht ähnlich. Dem Leser stellen sich derweil viele Fragen: Haben Schweden eigentlich immer Sex? Ist «Svenjamin» ein jüdischer Name? Wie schmeckt Heringlakritz? Und was ist dran an dem explosiven Gerücht, die Möbel dieser großen schwedischen Kette seien von Adolf Hitler persönlich entworfen worden?

The Dragon Tattoo and Its Long Tail

The New Wave of European Crime Fiction in America

Author: David Geherin

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786461691

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 198

View: 4373

"This critical text offers an introduction to current European crime writing by exploring ten of the best new crime and mystery authors from Sweden (Stieg Larsson and Henning Mankell), Norway (Karin Fossum and Jo Nesb²), Iceland (Arnaldur Indridason), Italy (Andrea Camilleri), France (Fred Vargas), Scotland (Denise Mina and Philip Kerr), and Ireland (Ken Bruen)"--Provided by publisher.

Cross Roads

A Short Story Collection

Author: Val McDermid

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0751553433

Category: Fiction

Page: 32

View: 398

Available in ebook for the first time ever, this duo of classic short stories by Sunday Times number one bestseller, Val McDermid - Driving a Hard Bargain, The Road & the Miles to Dundee - brings back the popular Kate Brannigan and shows a different side of her writing. In Driving a Hard Bargain, PI Kate Brannigan investigates a car theft with a twist. In The Road & the Miles to Dundee, a moving father-daughter relationship is remembered through Scottish songs.

The Grave for Bad Memories Full Circle

Full Circle

Author: K.J. Wallace

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1479740845

Category: Drama

Page: 560

View: 9225

Unconditional Love The saga continues in the lives of longtime friends Gerald and Catherine. On December 23, 1984, Catherine Russell marries her best friend, Gerald Lucas. Shortly after theyre married, a lover from Geralds past makes her presence known and causes Catherine to doubt his fidelity. Will old lovers threaten their marriage? While dealing with this drama, an internal affairs agent constantly rehashes the tragic events surrounding Catherines mothers death. Will her unwarranted inquiries into their past jeopardize Geralds career in law enforcement? Over the years, Catherine refused to discuss the traumatic events of her childhood. Ultimately, a secret that she has kept for more than twenty years is revealed, and she is forced to make the hardest decision of her life. Will this secret tear the family apart?

The Crying Heart Tattoo

A Novel

Author: David Lozell Martin

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1416556095

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 2247

An international cult classic and a New York Times Notable Book of the Year, The Crying Heart Tattoo follows the unlikely romance between a young man and a woman more than twice his age. Beginning their relationship when Sonny is just fourteen and Felicity thirty-four, the couple share a poignant history together that ends only upon Felicity's passing -- despite four marriages, numerous obstacles, and enough misadventures to challenge the most loyal of lovers. At once heartbreaking and euphoric, their story mirrors the tale that Felicity has passed down to Sonny, a story uncanny in its similarity to their own: when a prehistoric outcast locates her former tribe, she falls in love with a young boy. A masterful novel first published a quarter of a century ago, The Crying Heart Tattoo keeps the impossible within reach, proving once and for all that the struggle for true love is worth everything.

Russian Tattoo

A Memoir

Author: Elena Gorokhova

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451689845

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 336

View: 8694

Finalist for the William Saroyan International Prize for Writing From the bestselling author of A Mountain of Crumbs, a “brilliant and illuminating” (BookPage) portrait of mothers and daughters that reaches from Cold War Russia to modern-day New Jersey to show how the ties that hold you back can also teach you how to start over. Elena Gorokhova moves to the US in her twenties to join her American husband and to break away from her mother, a mirror image of her Soviet Motherland: overbearing, protective, and difficult to leave. Before the birth of Elena’s daughter, her mother comes to help care for the baby and stays for twenty-four years, ordering everyone to eat soup and wear a hat, just as she did in Leningrad. Russian Tattoo is the story of a unique balancing act and a family struggle: three generations of strong women with very different cultural values, all living under the same roof and battling for control. As Elena strives to bridge the gap between the cultures of her past and present and find her place in a new world, she comes to love the fierce resilience of her Soviet mother when she recognizes it in her American daughter. “Gorokhova writes about her life with a novelist’s gift,” says The New York Times, and her second memoir is filled with empathy, insight, and humor.

Ein Ort für die Ewigkeit

Author: Val McDermid

Publisher: Knaur eBook

ISBN: 342641497X

Category: Fiction

Page: 592

View: 7344

Winter 1963. An einem frostigen Dezembertag verschwindet ein dreizehnjähriges Mädchen spurlos aus dem abgeschiedenen Dorf Scardale in Derbyshire: Ahson Carter, die Stieftochter des Gutsherrn. Der junge Inspector George Bennett erhofft sich den ersten spektakulären Ermittlungserfolg seiner Laufbahn. Doch im Dorf Scardale, wo die Zeit stehengeblieben zu sein scheint, herrscht Mißtrauen - und tiefes Schweigen. Von Stunde zu Stunde, von Woche zu Woche mehren sich die Zeichen, daß Alison brutal ermordet wurde. Doch erst nach Monaten hartnäckigen Suchens und einem aufwühlenden Prozeß wird George Bennett den Fall zu den Akten legen - mit mehr offenen Fragen auf der Seele, als ihm lieb ist. Jahrzehnte später, im Jahre 1998, entschließt sich die junge Journalistin Catherine Heathcote, die Geschichte des berühmten "Mordfalls ohne Leiche" in einem Buch aufzuzeichnen. Kaum aber hat sie ihr Manuskript abgeschlossen, geschieht etwas völlig Unerwartetes: George Bennett verbietet die Veröffentlichung. Catherine wird von jetzt an selbst ermitteln und auf eine Wahrheit stoßen, die zerstörerisch ist - eine Wahrheit, die Leben vernichten oder aber retten kann. Die Entscheidung hegt bei ihr... Val McDermid, die zu den erfolgreichsten britischen Autorinnen von Spannungsliteratur zählt, stellt in ihrem atemberaubenden Roman die Gesetze des Kriminalgenres auf den Kopf. In zwei Akten erzählt sie die Geschichte einer tragischen Täuschung - und treibt dabei das raffinierteste Spiel mit der Leichtgläubigkeit der Leser.

Alle Rache will Ewigkeit


Author: Val McDermid

Publisher: Knaur eBook

ISBN: 3426411873

Category: Fiction

Page: 608

View: 6975

Die Profilerin Charlie Flint bekommt unerwartet Post, ein Päckchen mit Zeitungsausschnitten über einen brutalen Mord an ihrem alten College in Oxford. Dort ist auf einer Hochzeitsfeier der Bräutigam erschlagen worden. Während die Gäste sich den Champagner schmecken ließen, hat man seine blutüberströmte Leiche in den nahen Fluss geworfen. Charlie weiß nicht, wer der Absender ist, doch das Verbrechen will ihr einfach nicht aus dem Kopf gehen. Weil sie gerade vom Dienst suspendiert worden ist, hat sie genug Zeit für Nachforschungen in Oxford. Je mehr sie in die geschlossene Welt der Universität eindringt, desto unbegreiflicher wird die Tat. Und jeder ihrer Schritte könnte einer zu viel sein ...

Restless in the Grave

A Kate Shugak Novel

Author: Dana Stabenow

Publisher: Minotaur Books

ISBN: 1429950382

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 6782

New York Times bestseller Dana Stabenow returns with her most outstanding novel yet, teaming up two of her most beloved characters, Aleut private investigator Kate Shugak and Alaska state trooper Liam Campbell, in the same story for the first time. Alaska aviation entrepreneur Finn Grant died in the fiery crash of his Piper Super Cub. Someone sabotaged his engine, and virtually everyone in southwestern Alaska has a motive, including his betrayed wife, his bullied children, and Liam's wife, bush pilot Wyanet Chouinard. With few places to turn, Liam asks his former mentor Niniltna post commander Sergeant Jim Chopin, for help, and Jim quickly brings Kate onto the case. Working undercover as—of all things—a waitress at Bill's Bar and Grill, Kate learns over beer and burgers that Grant's business had expanded meteorically over the last two years. After buying the closed Air Force base south of town from the federal government at a bargain-basement price, he became a fixed-base operator running his fishing, hunting, and flight-seeing business, servicing planes flying through the area, and most interestingly and lucratively, getting into the air freight business. But what kind of freight was he moving, and where? The answers involve Kate in her most challenging case to date, one that starts with murder and quickly sprawls into a much larger conspiracy ranging from the darkest family secrets to treason and beyond. Restless in the Grave is a treat for fans and another outstanding addition to Dana Stabenow's acclaimed and award-winning series.

The Concubine's Tattoo

Author: Laura Joh Rowland

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1849016836

Category: Fiction

Page: 448

View: 9661

Amid the political machinations of feudal Japan, Sano faces a daunting, complex investigation. Twenty months spent as the shogun's most honourable investigator of events, situations and people have left Sano weary. He looks forward to the comforts of his arranged marriage and month's holiday to celebrate the union with his new wife. However, the death of the shogun's favourite concubine interrupts the couple's wedding ceremony as Sano is recalled to perform his duty. After Sano traces the cause of Lady Harume's death to a self-inflicted tattoo, his must travel into the cloistered world of the shogun's women to untangle the complicated web of Harume's lovers, rivals and troubled past, and identify her killer.

From the Gutter to the Grave

An American Hood Novel

Author: G.C. Deuce

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469118904

Category: Fiction

Page: 455

View: 9118

From the Gutter to the Grave is an action filled urban tale that will for sure keep readersminds in suspense and fingers anxiously ready to flip the next page. With realistic street dialogue such as that used in favorite successful urban novels like, The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah and Be More Careful by Shannon Holmes, this awesome tale takes one on a wild and vivid journey to a place that other authors seldom lead readers. Through the real ghetto! Written with specificity of ethnic characterized scheme, the general readers of this type novel would in all probability be that of an African-American-Latino audience, but with a plot so alluring and dramatized, the heading multicultural could in fact to be used when categorizing FTGTTG. The author, G.C. Deuce establishes and introduces the main character as Terrance Brown, whom throughout the narrative is referred to by the moniker Trech, a 19 year old man of African American and Puerto Rican descent, who like many his age finds himself encountering several controversial and combative disputes attributed from living within an impoverished, violent, drug infested community and dysfunctional household. Being raised up in an unbalanced home life consisting of prostitution, drug abuse, imprisonment, and other immoral standards, Trech not only learned to survive but also took heed while facing day to day grueling situations, beginning at his residence. Considering all the disadvantages, he coped well and harnessed the skill of maintaining and compensating for any given circumstance that would arise and with astute planning when necessary to continue surviving and protecting his loved ones. With one brother in the grave and another incarcerated, Trech finds himself trapped within the same environment which played a major part in the destruction of his family. He gradually takes on the roll of savior as he links up with three of his closest blood cousins whom all just like him sadly suffer from the same plights associated with slum living. Showing great leadership potential, Trech devises a plan to save his family as well as himself from the struggles suffocating grip. With help from his faithful girlfriend and cousins, (except the betrayer) they clad up in police-swat gear with ammunitions and attempt to pull off the lick-of-a-lifetime, only to in the end have their big dreams turn into a horrific nightmare. After the loss of one of his cousins, Trech, along with his remaining family succeed in locking down their citys drug game; thats until the jealousy of a long forgotten relative causes him to fall deeper into the violent side of the game. Trech finds himself once again playing the role of redeemer but this time its his beloved girlfriend he must rescue from the envious haters dwelling in the streets of the hood. The climax of the story illustrates Trech, and close acquaintances rescuing his girl from a murderous back stabbing cousin, bringing the encounter to what they assumed was definitely the end. After which, boarding a peaceful one-way flight to California with his girl and her young sister, Trech finally believes he has truly been set free from the game, but little does he know that the next five years of his life would be closely monitored by a man that hed watched die from a fatal gunshot. California soon becomes introduced to a new breed of gangsters when Trechs cousin resurfaces and takes command of one of Calis most infamous gangs while keeping a close eye on his detested relative. Trech soon finds himself being blindly haunted by visions of the past! From the Gutter to the Grave fits perfectly in the category of other favorite writings like Dutch by Terry Woods and A Hustlers Wife by Nikki Turner. This intriguing story consists of three different parts, each exposing the reader to a more diverse setting of events with a variety of character

Marked for Life

Author: Jan Grarup,Den Kongelige Livgarde

Publisher: Gyldendal A/S

ISBN: 8702159295

Category: Photography

Page: N.A

View: 2219

What is the impact on a soldier who has a close encounter with death? What physical and emotional scars does a soldier bring home from a warzone? And what does the soldier maintain from these extreme experiences? Marked for Life tells the spectacular story of the tattoos soldiers from The Danish Royal Life Guard got before, during and after their missions abroad. More than 60 soldiers show and tell the texts and images, they have marked in ink on their body to maintain their personal stories from wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans. Marked for Life is photographed by world renowned photographer and World Press Photo-winner Jan Grarup.

The Bible Repairman and Other Stories

Author: Tim Powers

Publisher: Tachyon Publications

ISBN: 161696071X

Category: Fiction

Page: 170

View: 7728

2012 World Fantasy Award Winner In his first new collection since 2005, Tim Powers, the master of the secret history, delves into the mysteries of souls, whether they are sacrificed on the pinnacle of Mount Parnassus or lodged in a television cable box. With two new stories and short fiction only previously available in limited editions, the cornerstone of the collection is a postscript to his harrowing novel of the haunting of the Romantic poets, The Stress of Her Regard. After Byron and Shelley break free of the succubus that claimed them, their associate, Trelawny, forges an alliance with Greek rebels to reestablish the deadly connection between man and the nephilim. Meanwhile, in a Kabbalistic story of transformation, the executor of an old friend’s will is duped into housing his soul, but for the grace of the family cat. A rare-book collector replaces pennies stolen from Jean Harlow’s square in the Hollywood Walk of Fame—and discovers a literary mystery with supernatural consequences. In a tale of time travel between 2015 and 1975, a tragedy sparked by an angel falling onto a pizza shop is reenacted—and the event is barely, but fatally, altered.