The Future of the Book

Author: Geoffrey Nunberg

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520204515

Category: Computers

Page: 306

View: 6921

The death of the book has been duly announced, and with it the end of brick-and-mortar libraries, traditional publishers, linear narrative, authorship, and disciplinarity, along with the emergence of a more equitable discursive order. These essays suggest that it won't be that simple. While the contributors to this volume are enthusiastic about the possibilities created by digital technologies, they also see the new meida raising serious critical issues that force us to reexamine basic notions about rhetoric, reading, and the nature of discourse itself.

Die Zukunft der Architektur in 100 Bauwerken

TED Books

Author: Marc Kushner

Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag

ISBN: 3104035482

Category: Architecture

Page: 176

View: 4086

Die Zukunft der Architektur hat schon begonnen – 100 faszinierende Bauwerke an ungewöhnlichen Orten Ein Pavillon aus Papier, eine aufblasbare Konzerthalle, ein Forschungslabor, das durch den Schnee laufen kann – von den Gebäuden von morgen wird mehr verlangt. Marc Kushner hat 100 innovative Gebäude auf der ganzen Welt ausgewählt, um sie uns in Bild und Text vorzustellen. Eine faszinierende Reise durch die Architektur der Zukunft.

Ab morgen ein Leben lang


Author: Gregory Sherl

Publisher: Dumont Buchverlag

ISBN: 3832187820

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 471

Gibt es die große Liebe? Evelyn Shriner und Godfrey Burkes sind füreinander bestimmt. Doch das ahnen sie nicht, sie kennen sich nicht einmal. Evelyn ist Bibliothekarin und hat eine Schwäche für große Liebesgeschichten. Außerdem hat sie eine Obsession für Dr. Chins erstaunliche Vergegenwärtigungsapparatur entwickelt, mit der man seine romantischen Aussichten mit einem bestimmten Menschen sehen kann. Sie testet einen Mann nach dem anderen, doch laut Maschine ist der Richtige einfach nicht dabei ... Godfrey arbeitet im Fundbüro. Obwohl er selbst ständig Dinge verliert. Er glaubt, sein Leben brauche mehr Struktur, also macht er seiner Freundin einen Heiratsantrag. Bevor diese Ja sagt, hat sie allerdings eine Bedingung: Sie sollen erst bei Dr. Chin einen Blick in ihre Zukunft werfen – um sicherzugehen, dass sie auch wirklich zusammengehören. Also macht sich Godfrey auf zu Dr. Chins Praxis. In der Schlange unterhält er sich mit einer bezaubernden Frau namens Evelyn, die ihm danach partout nicht mehr aus dem Kopf gehen will. Und Evelyn gibt bei ihrer nächsten Sitzung einfach mal den Namen dieses Typen aus der Schlange an, der wirkte doch ganz nett. Wie hieß er noch mal, Godfrey Burkes? Doch eines hat Evelyn nicht bedacht: »In Fällen von wahrer Liebe kann es zu Systemfehlern kommen.«

The Future of the Book in the Digital Age

Author: Bill Cope,Angus Phillips

Publisher: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 9781843342403

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 226

View: 5633

With contributions from some of the world's leading authorities, this publication considers the future of the book in the digital age. As more books are published than ever before, this timely publication addresses a range of critically important themes relating to the book - including the present and future for publishing, libraries, literacy and learning in the information society. In the early 1990s the printed word appeared to be facing a terminal crisis, threatened from all sides by new media and other forms of entertainment. Subsequently the book has proved to be resilient in the face of these challenges, confounding the predictions of those who saw its replacement, whilst digital technology is providing mechanisms that enhance our ability to produce and distribute printed books. New developments, such as the growth of self-publishing and print on demand, and initiatives from major players such as Amazon and Google, mean that the printed book is in the middle of great changes. Chapters by leading experts in the field of publishing studies and information science A broad range of perspectives on key issues such as print on demand and digital publishing Contributions from around the world

The Future of Pakistan

Author: Stephen P. Cohen

Publisher: Brookings Institution Press

ISBN: 0815721803

Category: Political Science

Page: 311

View: 4462

With each passing day, Pakistan becomes an even more crucial player in world affairs. Home of the world's second-largest Muslim population, epicenter of the global jihad, location of perhaps the planet's most dangerous borderlands, and armed with nuclear weapons, this South Asian nation will go a long way toward determining what the world looks like ten years from now. The Future of Pakistan presents and evaluates several scenarios for how the country will develop, evolve, and act in the near future, as well as the geopolitical implications of each. Led by renowned South Asia expert Stephen P. Cohen, a team of authoritative contributors looks at several pieces of the Pakistan puzzle. The book begins with Cohen's broad yet detailed overview of Pakistan, placing it within the context of current-day geopolitics and international economics. Cohen's piece is then followed by a number of shorter, more tightly focused essays addressing more specific issues of concern. Cohen's fellow contributors hail from America, Europe, India, and Pakistan itself, giving the book a uniquely international and comparative perspective. They address critical factors such as the role and impact of radical groups and militants, developments in specific key regions such as Punjab and the rugged frontier with Afghanistan, and the influence of —and interactions with —India, Pakistan's archrival since birth. The book also breaks down relations with other international powers such as China and the United States. The all-important military and internal security apparatus come under scrutiny, as do rapidly morphing social and gender issues. Political and party developments are examined along with the often amorphous division of power between Islamabad and the nation's regions and local powers. Uncertainty about Pakistan's trajectory persists. The Future of Pakistan helps us understand the current circumstances, the relevant actors and their motivation, the critical issues at hand, the different outcomes they might produce, and what it all means for Pakistanis, Indians, the United States, and the entire world. Praise for the work of Stephen P. Cohen The Idea of Pakistan: "The intellectual power and rare insight with which Cohen breaks through the complexity of the subject rivals that of classics that have explained other societies posting a comparable challenge to understanding." — Middle East Journal India: Emerging Power: "In light of the events of September 11, 2001, Cohen's perceptive, insightful, and balanced account of emergent India will be essential reading for U.S. foreign policymakers, scholars, and informed citizens." — Choice

The Book of CSS3

A Developer's Guide to the Future of Web Design

Author: Peter Gasston

Publisher: No Starch Press

ISBN: 1593272863


Page: 304

View: 8411

"The Book of CSS3" uses real-world examples to teach developers the fundamentals of the CSS3 specification, highlighting the latest developments and future features, while paying close attention to current browser implementations.

The Future of the book of the future

thoughts and images on the form of the book of the future presented in a series of "work in progress" exhibitions and publications until the year 2000

Author: Gail Rubini,Conrad Gleber,Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts

Publisher: N.A


Category: Art

Page: 47

View: 4805

The Future of the Page

Author: Peter Stoicheff,Andrew Taylor

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 0802085849

Category: Design

Page: 272

View: 7184

Unique and rewarding in both its scope and approach, The Future of the Page is a collection of essays that presents the best of recent critical theory on the history and future of the page and its enormous influence on Western thought and culture.

The Future of Socialism

The Book That Changed British Politics

Author: Anthony Crosland

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1472112199

Category: Political Science

Page: 160

View: 9849

The 50th anniversary edition of the book that changed English Politics. With an Introduction by Gordon Brown. It is impossible to think of the intellectual landscape of Britain today without recognising the power of Crosland's The Future of Socialism in all aspects of the political debate. Still relevant 50 years after it was first published, Crosland's masterwork was a radical reworking of the role of the post-war Labour Party. This book sets out the philosophy for the New Labour project and also contains the key for reviving the fortunes of the Party of the future. Also included is a piece by Dick Leonard, Crosland's Personal Private Secretary and who knew the radical philosopher well, and an afterword from Susan Crosland.

The Future of Innovation

Author: Bettina Von Stamm,Anna Trifilova

Publisher: Gower Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9780566092138

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 502

View: 6696

Bettina von Stamm and Anna Trifilova have gathered together the thoughts and ideas of over 200 of the most creative innovators from business, professional practice and academia from nearly 60 countries. The contributors look at innovation from almost every angle. Their statements offer an unparalleled view of innovation and provide a depth of insight that is extraordinary. The editors' reflection on each statement and on the sections within the book, provide useful links between themes and reinforce the relationships between many of the ideas. Anyone interested in innovation (student, researcher or practitioner) will benefit from this global thought collection. The contributors' multiple perspectives, models, practical examples and stories provide a sense of innovation that no single writer could ever capture.

Wir beide, irgendwann

Author: Jay Asher

Publisher: cbt Verlag

ISBN: 3641075793

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 400

View: 7866

Was wäre wenn ..., ich dich heute küsse? Im Mai 1996 bekommt die 16-jährige Emma ihren ersten Computer geschenkt. Mithilfe ihres besten Freunds Josh loggt sie sich ein und gelangt zufällig auf ihre eigene Facebook-Seite – 15 Jahre später. Geschockt stellt sie fest, dass sie mit 31 Jahren arbeitslos und unglücklich verheiratet sein wird. Josh hingegen, bislang alles andere als ein Frauenheld (der erst kürzlich von Emma einen Korb bekommen hat), wird das hübscheste Mädchen der ganzen Schule heiraten und zudem seinen Traumjob ergattern. Emma ist jedoch nicht gewillt, sehenden Auges in ihr Unglück zu laufen. Um das Zusammentreffen mit dem Jungen zu verhindern, der sie später mal unglücklich machen wird, beginnt sie, bewusste Änderungen in der Gegenwart herbeizuführen. Doch der Versuch, in ihr Schicksal einzugreifen und dadurch ihr künftiges Facebook-Profil zu verändern, setzt eine fatale Kettenreaktion in Gang ...

The Future of the Nhs

Author: Michelle Tempest

Publisher: Emis Professional Pub

ISBN: 9781858113708

Category: Medical

Page: 364

View: 2337

The early chapters in this book express the views of leading members from all three main political parties--Labour, Conservative, and Liberal Democrats--to offer constructive comments about what options they see for the future vision of the NHS. The book continues with chapters from top NHS professionals.

Moving Data

The iPhone and the Future of Media

Author: Pelle Snickars,Patrick Vonderau

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231504381

Category: Social Science

Page: 360

View: 2848

The iPhone has revolutionized not only how people communicate but also how we consume and produce culture. Combining traditional and social media with mobile connectivity, smartphones have redefined and expanded the dimensions of everyday life, allowing individuals to personalize media as they move and process constant flows of data. Today, millions of consumers love and live by their iPhones, but what are the implications of its special technology on society, media, and culture? Featuring an eclectic mix of original essays, Moving Data explores the iPhone as technological prototype, lifestyle gadget, and platform for media creativity. Media experts, cultural critics, and scholars consider the device's newness and usability—even its "lickability"—and its "biographical" story. The book illuminates patterns of consumption; the fate of solitude against smartphone ubiquity; the economy of the App Store and its perceived "crisis of choice"; and the distance between the accessibility of digital information and the protocols governing its use. Alternating between critical and conceptual analyses, essays link the design of participatory media to the iPhone's technological features and sharing routines, and they follow the extent to which the pleasures of gesture-based interfaces are redefining media use and sensory experience. They also consider how user-led innovations, collaborative mapping, and creative empowerment are understood and reconciled through changes in mobile surveillance, personal rights, and prescriptive social software. Presenting a range of perspectives and arguments, this book reorients the practice and study of media critique.

The Ancient Future of the Itza

The book of Chilam Balam of Tizimin

Author: N.A

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 0292789319

Category: Social Science

Page: 240

View: 8030

The title of Edmonson's work refers to the Mayan custom of first predicting their history and then living it, and it may be that no other peoples have ever gone so far in this direction. The Book of Chilam Balam was a sacred text prepared by generations of Mayan priests to record the past and to predict the future. The official prophet of each twenty-year rule was the Chilam Balam, or Spokesman of the Jaguar—the Jaguar being the supreme authority charged with converting the prophet's words into fact. This is a literal but poetic translation of one of fourteen known manuscripts in Yucatecan Maya on ritual and history. It pictures a world of all but incredible numerological order, slowly yielding to Christianity and Spanish political pressure but never surrendering. In fact, it demonstrates the surprising truth of a secret Mayan government during the Spanish rule, which continued to collect tribute in the names of the ruined Classic cities and preserved the essence of the Mayan calendar as a legacy for the tradition's modern inheritors. The history of the Yucatecan Maya from the seventh to the nineteenth century is revealed. And this is history as the Maya saw it—of a people concerned with lords and priests, with the cosmology which justified their rule, and with the civil war which they perceived as the real dimension of the colonial period. A work of both history and literature, the Tizimin presents a great deal of Mayan thought, some of which has been suspected but not previously documented. Edmonson's skillful reordering of the text not only makes perfect historical sense but also resolves the long-standing problem of correlating the two colonial Mayan calendars. The book includes both interpretative and literal translations, as well as the Maya parallel couplets and extensive annotations on each page. The beauty of the sacred text is illuminated by the literal translation, while both versions unveil the magnificent historical, philosophical, and social traditions of the most sophisticated native culture in the New World. The prophetic history of the Tizimin creates a portrait of the continuity and vitality, of the ancient past and the foreordained future of the Maya.