The Eye of Night

Author: Pauline Alama

Publisher: Spectra

ISBN: 9780553584639

Category: Fiction

Page: 464

View: 9218

Disillusioned and alone, ex-priest Jereth abandons his old life to wander the world in search of meaning, but his quest takes a new direction when he meets Lady Trenara and her servant Hwyn, as they attempt to save the world.

The Eyes of Darkness

Author: Dean Ray Koontz

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0425153975

Category: Fiction

Page: 369

View: 3145

One year after her little boy Danny dies, his mother swears that she sees him in a stranger's car, and becoming obsessed with the mystery, she journeys to Las Vegas and the High Sierras in search of the truth. Reissue.

The Eye of Childhood

Author: William E. Rand

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595189571

Category: Fiction

Page: 237

View: 6018

Exorcist John Hardin arrives in central Florida where he must determine the true result of an attempted exorcism. The victim seems to have been freed, but the devil lies, and the secret Vatican group remains suspicious. This demon has taken many souls, including that of Hardin's brother, driving the Church to a critical point. If the exorcism has failed, the evil cannot be allowed to spread. Based on Hardin's assessment, the victim of the possession will either be released or executed. As the fearful group tries to determine one man's fate, Hardin hears the stories of each member's youthful encounter with the powers of supernatural evil. As the stories unfold, the final confrontation awaits them in a dark room above.

The Eye of Odin

Author: James Richard Larson

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595289479

Category: Fiction

Page: 496

View: 6339

Banished from his homeland in Norway for religious beliefs that ultimately resulted in murder, a Viking chieftain and his family must leave their home and travel to a new land. With the Christian king determined to stamp out the old gods, Thorvald Asvaldsson and his son Erik, who will one day be known as Erik the Red, embark on a perilous journey destined to change the world accompanied by the powerful seer Ragnar. Once restricted to sailing near their native shores, the dawn of the longship brings Viking warriors to the unsuspecting coastal areas of Europe. The warriors descend on settlements like a plague, attacking towns at will and displaying a savagery never before seen. At the height of the Viking expansion into Europe and the spread of the pagan religion, there is an evil in the world awaiting the travelers, an evil from the depths of hell itself.

The Eye of Cybele

Author: Daniel Chavarría

Publisher: Akashic Books

ISBN: 9781888451672

Category: Fiction

Page: 450

View: 6290

Paperback reissue of the Ancient-Greek thriller nominated for an Anthony Award and a 2004 IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. The Eye of Cybele is equal parts historical epic, whodunnit-style thriller, highbrow erotica and philosophical discourse. Set in the fifth century B.C. - during the reign of Pericles - the novel fictionally recreates the behind-the-scenes scandals and political intrigues that occupied the Athenian home front at the height of the Peloponessian War.

The Eye of Mephistopheles

Author: Tyrone L. Bennett

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1493185020

Category: Fiction

Page: 150

View: 1750

Marty liked first. When he saved her from the boys taunting her and calling her a witch, he thought maybe they could be friends. Yvonne thought so too... until she saw him, later that night, kissing someone else. Then all hell, literally, broke loose. The Eye of Mephistopheles is an action-packed tale of witchcraft set in modern-day New York City. Author Dr. Tyrone L. Bennett has created believable characters who find themselves at the hands of the evil Yvonne. Based on a true story, this tale will have you turning pages in anticipation until the thrilling climax. A modern tale of terror, The Eye of Mephistopheles will mesmerize its readers.

The Eye of the Law

Two Essays on Legal History

Author: Michael Stolleis

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1134028113

Category: History

Page: 96

View: 9930

Written by the eminent German legal historian, Michael Stolleis, these two ‘Essays on Legal History’ offer an original and compelling history of the symbolism through which law is characterised as being 'above' us. In ‘The Eye of the Law’, the history of this metaphor is followed from antiquity through to the present day: from the Greek Eye of Justice, the eye of the impartial judge of the Underworld, the Eye of God watching past, present and future, the Eye of the Prince, guiding his subjects, to the almighty Eye of the Law. While our belief in the law may have become brittle, nothing escapes what is now the Eye of Big Brother. ‘In the Name of the Law’ takes up the various formulas used to legitimate the decisions of the courts, from the times of absolutism over the 19th century until today. The speaker who speaks in the name of a higher being underlines his function: his authority comes from above. And it is ‘in the name of’ god, king, people, state, nation, or law, that a weak, earthly, justice receives its support.

The Eye of the Leopard

A Novel

Author: Henning Mankell

Publisher: New Press/ORIM

ISBN: 1595585680

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 6844

From the creator of the acclaimed Kurt Wallander series: A thrilling story set in Sweden and Zambia “told with heart-stopping tension” (Entertainment Weekly). Interweaving past and present, The Eye of the Leopard draws on bestselling author Henning Mankell’s deep understanding of both Scandinavia and post-colonial Africa. Hans Olofson arrives in Zambia in the 1970s, at the start of its independence. There, he hopes to fulfill the missionary dream of a boyhood friend who was unable to make the journey. But he is also there to flee the traumas of his motherless childhood in provincial Sweden: his father’s alcoholism, his best friend’s terrible accident, his fear of an ordinary and stifled fate. Africa is a terrible shock, yet he stays and makes it his home. In all his years as a mzungu, a wealthy white man among native blacks, he never comes to fully understand his adoptive home, or his precarious place in it. Rumors of an underground army of revolutionaries wearing leopard skins warn him that the fragile truce between blacks and whites is in danger of rupturing. Alternating between Hans’s years in Africa and those of his youth in Sweden, The Eye of the Leopard is a bravura achievement and a study in contrasts—black and white, poor and wealthy, Africa and Europe—both sinister and elegiac. “Mankell’s novels are a joy.” —USA Today “A fascinating novel . . . [the] prose is powerful, and the narrative of The Eye of the Leopard is profound.” —BookReporter “A thought-provoking, multilayered novel whose themes will challenge and linger.” —The Courier Mail “Mankell is a master of atmosphere and suspense.” —Los Angeles Times “Mankell’s novels are the best Swedish export since flatpack furniture.” —The Guardian “Beautiful, heartbreaking, yet ultimately hopeful . . . A powerful exploration of the stresses and challenges of freedom.” —Booklist, starred review

The Eye of the Beholder

Author: Robert C. Novarro

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 149186432X

Category: Fiction

Page: 582

View: 1926

Can a talent become a curse? For Laszlo Spiro the answer is “yes”. Learning at his father’s knees, young Laszlo soon surpasses his father’s ability for art forgery. Near the end of World War II in Budapest, Hungary, Laszlo is hidden in the house of the man who markets his forgeries as real works of art. It is there that he meets a beautiful young maid named Magda. Their lives will forever be intertwined even though they become separated. But it is at this point that Laszlo’s life begins a downward spiral. Taken to a concentration camp, he is forced to continue his forgeries unwillingly. Although he makes many efforts to achieve happiness, the curse of his talents continually thwarts him from achieving his dream. His life unfolds in the turbulent years of the “cold war”. Will he ever be reunited with Magda? Only time will tell.

The Eye of God

Author: Jonathan Bourgault

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595443397

Category: Fiction

Page: 340

View: 6953

"The Eye of God sees all." For young Brian Bishop, this statement dominates every conscious thought. Brian eagerly awaits the day when he will join the Church elite and destroy the few remaining Apostates who refuse to bear the Eye. It is a destiny that seems certain until his family suddenly informs him of their plans to leave his beloved Earth. Onboard the colony transport ferrying him to the stars, Brian uncovers a devastating family secret that violently shatters his childhood conceptions. With only his best friend Kim for support, Brian must adapt to life on a world named Elysium, a planet with a secret of its own that threatens the very foundations of human existence.

The Eye of the Hunter

Author: Dennis L. McKiernan

Publisher: Roc

ISBN: 9780451452689

Category: Fiction

Page: 602

View: 9407

Five heroes from the land of Mithgar unite in a hunt for the half-man, half-demon Lord of Darkness, but it is they who become the hunted

The Eye of Ra

The New Dawn

Author: Brian J. Davies

Publisher: Brian J. Davies


Category: Fiction

Page: 167

View: 3730

Joshua Greaves is no ordinary boy, he has supernatural powers. As Joshua grows, tragedy intervenes but this helps to unlock the secrets of his powers and their intended purpose. Joshua must find the 11 other people assigned to help with his task- to find the Eye of Ra, an immensely powerful ancient artefact. Joshua is not alone in wanting to find the Eye of Ra though, and he discovers he has enemies in high places, and Joshua must use his powers and shear nerve to evade capture. With storm clouds gathering over humanity it becomes a deadly race and Joshua must decide who he can really trust.

The Eye of Faith

Discovering the Most Powerful Driving Force of Your Life

Author: Ron L. McIntyre

Publisher: Cedar Fort

ISBN: 9780882907147

Category: Religion

Page: 176

View: 3298

The Eye of Faith is one of the most significant how-to books in Mormondom! Why? Because it shows how to apply the beliefs and the hopes which motivate us into action!In this significant book, Dr. McIntyre combines his scientific skills with his abilities as a professional communicator, teaching readers how to behold with the eye of faith. Applying the procedures spoken of in the book of Mormon, he tells how to use viual tools to help their minds receive positive input from their spiritual intelligence within. He teaches them how to effectively visualize the goals which are the objects of their prayers and other personal activities to help them to come to pass. He also shows how to overcome and eliminate negative images which can impede their progress.This is a carefully prepared, scripturally based book that provides real, workable guidance for turning belief into faith into results into spiritual growth!

The Eyes of Saul

Author: Chad Forsythe

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595228041

Category: Fiction

Page: 436

View: 6505

The murders are gruesome. The notes are puzzling. And in the small town of Foxborough, Virginia a blind, ten year-old orphan is having horrific dreams of a killer she can't see and doesn't know. Enter Special Agent Harry Dolen of the FBI. He's investigating the string of serial killings perpetrated by a person calling themselves Apollyon, a minion of the devil.But some mysteries aren't easily solved. Harry is forced to use all of the knowledge instilled in him to unravel the riddles laid out for him. He is also aided by the mysterious young orphan named Katie Rogers, who on the night of every Apollyon murder has visionary nightmares that give clues and confusion to the identity of the ruthless killer. As the case progresses, Harry will find that many eyes are watching him and his investigation. Some of those eyes will belong to humans. Some will not.At every turn, a surprise. With every new clue, a revelation. And as the list of suspects grows, Harry Dolen will be propelled toward an earth-shattering climax that will alter the life of everyone involved. Including his own.

The Eye of the Storm

Author: Clara Miller

Publisher: Virtualbookworm Publishing

ISBN: 1589397568

Category: Fiction

Page: 444

View: 6567

"The Eye of the Storm," the tenth book in the Brothers Series and sixth in the Shamrocks Saga, continues the story begun in Shamrocks in the Heather with the on-going adventures of the younger members of the Quigley clan. World War II is over and the Quigley cousins (by whatever name they're known) are learning to live in the new, emerging world. 'The Kennison-Quigley family, now living on Long Island, is still coping with mobs attempting a takeover of Shamrocks Ltd. USA property resulting in violence and death. Will the Angels take a hand? A pleasant surprise awaits the twin couples when they discover old and new relatives in an unexpected place. This discovery will cause widespread ramifications. There's also a new wrinkle in the battle with the netherworld as the pregnant members of the family find themselves targets of demons hoping to engratiate themselves to their boss by kidnapping a Quigley child. Each of the women is tested in a different way with sometimes unexpected results. As usual, births, deaths and completely unbelievable events test the family's resolve and courage again and again. Birth is something the Archangel Za'aphi'el never imagined having to cope with. To his secret chagrin, the twins find themselves looking forward to motherhood and all that entails. What kind of mothers will the alter-egos of a high-ranking Archangel make? Their mysterious friend Andre Giroux returns and plays an important part in their ongoing story. Speculation about him continues but those in the know refuse to divulge his secret. Who is he and what effect will he have on the family? Another surprising development is the growing friendship between the twins and their supposed enemy, Beelzebub. The little demon has grown quite attached to the whole family, not to mention his growing bond with the indominable Glory. How will this change affect the outcome of the battle with Lucifer? Even Bub doesn't know. This is not a religious book nor meant to endorse or promote any type of belief. It is intended to provide a verbal roller-coaster ride. Plus, I've grown to quite like 'The Old Man. Enjoy "

The Eye of the Storm

Author: George Bate

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 2765903158

Category: Fiction

Page: 238

View: 3639

London, England, 2013 A corrupt Government branch, nicknamed the Bikers, have an iron grip over the country. With the public in fear, no-one stands a chance... Except M.A.D. A tight knit band of warriors and fighters, who’s soul ambition is to bring the Bikers crashing down. But can Jack master the legendary Spirit Blade in time? And will they live to see tomorrow?