The Essential Guide to Workplace Investigations

A Step-By-Step Guide to Handling Employee Complaints & Problems

Author: Lisa Guerin

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 1413322735

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 448

View: 6236

Mishandling workplace complaints can lead to lawsuits and other legal trouble. By following the ten steps laid out in the book, managers and HR professionals can learn how to take complaints, conduct interviews, document findings, and ultimately make decisions that will keep employees safe and the company out of the courtroom.

Dealing With Problem Employees

How to Manage Performance & Personal Issues in the Workplace

Author: Amy Delpo,Lisa Guerin

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 1413324436

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 408

View: 3962

Manage employee problems, legally and effectively Every workplace has occasional problems with employees. This book is packed with the legal and practical information you need to handle those problems without getting into legal trouble. It provides proven techniques—and immediate solutions. Find out how to quickly and legally: manage performance issues investigate problems and complaints help problem employees get back on track handle severances and references avoid hiring problem employees in the future This edition of Dealing With Problem Employees is completely updated to reflect the latest employment laws in every state. It provides sample policies, forms, and checklists to help you at every step.

Workplace Investigations

A Step-By-Step Guide

Author: Lisa Guerin

Publisher: NOLO

ISBN: 9780873379823

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 362

View: 2525

Thorough, fair-minded and practical information for employees, managers and business owners. Paula Brantner, Program Director, Workplace Fairness

The Essential Guide to Handling Workplace Harassment & Discrimination

Author: Deborah C. England

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 1413325580

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 312

View: 4218

A practical, step-by-step guide for HR representatives and managers on how to create effective harassment and discrimination policies, how to enforce them fairly and consistently, and how to deal with employee complaints about discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Creating a clear, reasonable, and consistent method of dealing with employee complaints can go a long way in developing employee morale and avoiding costly lawsuits.

101 Sample Write-Ups for Documenting Employee Performance Problems

A Guide to Progressive Discipline and Termination

Author: Paul Falcone

Publisher: AMACOM

ISBN: 0814415474

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 400

View: 1811

There’s no escaping problem employees. But with 101 prewritten disciplinary write-ups at a manager’s fingertips, there is a way to escape the headaches, anxiety, and potential legal trouble of performance review or counseling sessions. Completely updated and covering the latest developments in employment law, the second edition of 101 Sample Write-Ups for Documenting Employee Performance Problems explains the disciplinary process from beginning to end and provides ready-to-use model documents—in print and on disk—that eliminate the stress and second-guessing about what to do and say. Expertly written, the write-ups cover every kind of problem—substandard work quality, absenteeism, insubordination, e-mail misuse, sexual harassment,drug or alcohol abuse, and more. Readers will also find new information on laying the ground work for a tidy dismissal; tying progressive discipline to annual performance reviews; formally addressing intermittent FMLA abuse; ways to avoid drafting documentation that could later be used against their company; and much more. There is perhaps no more dreaded managerial task than communicating with an employee about a disciplinary problem, but this one-of-a-kind guide helps managers handle any scenario fairly, constructively, and, most importantly—legally.

Create Your Own Employee Handbook

A Legal & Practical Guide for Employers

Author: Lisa Guerin,Amy Delpo

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 1413323979

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 440

View: 1776

Every company needs an employee handbook, but not every company has one. Lawyers charge thousands of dollars for a handbook; other “do-it-yourself” products don’t offer the updated legal information and careful guidance necessary to do a good job. Create Your Own Employee Handbook bridges the gap, with detailed explanations, information on current state and federal laws, and more than a hundred sample policies you can tailor to your own workplace.

Dealing With Problem Employees

How to Manage Performance & Personal Issues in the Workplace

Author: Amy Delpo,Lisa Guerin

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781413326796

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 424

View: 4456

This book tells business owners, managers, and supervisors everything they need to know about how to identify difficult employees, how to manage them during the employment relationship, and how to terminate them in a way that reduces the company's legal risk of a wrongful termination lawsuit. It will give them the confidence to deal with problem employees directly and make the tough decision to terminate when it's clear that the situation isn't improving.

Essential Guide to Federal Employment Laws

Author: Lisa Guerin,Amy DelPo,Sachi Barreiro

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 1413322816

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 512

View: 6416

This book is an invaluable resource for managers, supervisors, HR professionals, and anyone else who needs to know about federal employment laws. It takes the 20 most important federal workplace laws and breaks them down into plain English, chapter by chapter. Managers and HR professionals can pick up this easy-to-use reference guide any time they have questions about their obligations under federal employment laws.

Employment Law

The Essential HR Desk Reference

Author: Lisa Guerin J.D.

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 1413315933

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 367

View: 4686

If you're a human resources professional, it's important that you have quick access to the information you need to do your job. Enter Nolo's latest quick reference guide, Employment Law: The Essential HR Desk Reference, the all-in-one, easy-to-read guide every HR pro should have handy. From Absenteeism to Zero-Tolerance Policy, read entries on topics such as: Bereavement Leave Class Action Ergonomics Hostile Work Environment Minimum Wage Privacy Stock Options Trade Secret Whistleblower ...and much more In usual Nolo fashion, Employment Law combines legal and practical information that can be used in real-world HR situations. Real-life case references, statistics, trends, and even pop culture references help to illustrate each entry's summary of the law. Let this guide, the latest in Nolo's Quick Reference series, give you easy and affordable access to the information you need.

The Essential Guide to Workplace Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Rebuilding Working Relationships

Author: Nora Doherty,Marcelas Guyler

Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers

ISBN: 0749450193

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 196

View: 5063

The Essential Guide to Workplace Mediation and Conflict Resolution examines the nature, process, uses and skills for employing and using mediation. The authors examine what mediation is and how it can be successfully applied to resolve issues, by presenting a range of techniques and case studies. Applicable to not only one-on-one conflict, but also at team and board room level, this is the book for you whether you are in the front line and have to anticipate, pre-empt or defuse conflicts in support of productive working relationships, are already a mediator or are training to become one.

How to Manage Problem Staff Successfully

Author: Lynda Macdonald

Publisher: Straightforward co Ltd

ISBN: 9781847160584

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 205

View: 6347

Practical guide for managers who face a range of problems associated with employees' behaviour, attendance, performance and general conduct at work. Managers and supervisors at all levels within all sizes and types of organisation will benefit from this comprehensive guide, which is designed to provide a straightforward and intelligble explanantion of relevant employment law and practical hands-on guidance on how to deal with problems at work.

The Managers Pocket Guide to Preventing Sexual Harassment

Author: Terry Fitzwater

Publisher: Human Resource Development

ISBN: 1599967901

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 140

View: 1768

Learn how to protect your employees as well as your company from sexual harassment. The Manager's Pocket Guide to Preventing Sexual Harassment approaches the issue globally, from creating policy statements on sexual harassment and conducting employee audits to determine vulnerabilities (and appropriate cures), to the five A's of understanding, to handling and dealing with stereotypes and biases. The pocket guide also covers the investigation process and how to properly document incidents; it also includes exercises to instill ownership and facilitate understanding among employees to generate commitment to harassment prevention.

The HR Answer Book

An Indispensable Guide for Managers and Human Resources Professionals

Author: Shawn Smith,Rebecca Mazin

Publisher: AMACOM

ISBN: 0814417191

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

View: 3592

With changes in the economy, the job market, technology, and the law, human resources professionals and department managers alike are facing new challenges. Luckily, the second edition of The HR Answer Book covers these developments and addresses more than 200 questions that every employer needs to deal with, from recruiting and hiring to discipline and downsizing, compensation and benefits to training and employee relations. The new edition contains revised and expanded sections on FMLA, health insurance changes, and compensation laws, as well as information on salary reductions and using social networking to recruit employees. It is also packed with ready-to-use tools and checklists including: * 10 Questions to Ask Before Scheduling an Interview * Job Applicant Flow logs * Performance Goals forms * Exit Interview Questionnaire * And more The HR Answer Book is an easy-to-use problem solver that can be read cover-to-cover or as a quick reference in specific situations.

Vault Guide to Human Resources Careers

Author: Susan D. Strayer

Publisher: Vault Inc.

ISBN: 1581313691

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 179

View: 7681

The human resources (HR) profession has changed a great deal over the past 15 years. Once seen as only administrative, HR now plays a major role in helping organizations run better and employees become more satisfied. This Vault guide gives you the inside scoop on careers in HR, including recruiting, training and development, labor and employee relations, compensation and benefits and more.

A Practical Guide to Human Resources Management

Author: Jeff Stinson,Grp Cbp Jeff Stinson Sphr Gphr Ccp

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1469760835

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 266

View: 4257

Leading people in today's complex world is challenging. There are regulations, unions, lawyers, and more to deal with on a daily basis. Written by a longtime human resources consultant, this guidebook helps you develop your leadership skills so you can recruit qualified applicants; interview candidates with confidence; hire the right people; train new employees and keep the best performers; deal with unions; and stay out of court. In addition to the basics, you'll learn how to respond to situations that catch you off guard. For instance, what do you do if your best employee tells you that he or she is leaving to join a competitor? What if one of your employees takes a public stand against one of your policies? What if someone you fire for theft hires a lawyer who sends you a nasty letter? Other textbooks on human resources management focus on theories and statistics, but "A Practical Guide to Human Resources Management "provides real-life examples to help you handle any situation with leadership that inspires confidence.

Managing Health at Work

A Guide for Managers and Workplace Health Specialists

Author: C. Wilkinson

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9780419229803

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 190

View: 4362

Managing Health at Work reviews recent developments in the field of workplace health from a practical point of view. It is aimed at managers and health specialists concerned with initiating new policies to develop and improve workplace health. The book provides essential guidance in managing health at work, gives specific examples of good practice and alerts the reader to relevant guidelines surrounding issues such as stress, cancer, HIV and AIDS, RSI, health eating and exercise. The author argues that increasing attention should be paid to the use of workplace health especially with the growing number of employees making claims against their employers for a wide range of health problems.

Bullying and Sexual Harassment

A Practical Handbook

Author: Tina Stephens,Jane Hallas

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 1780631499

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 116

View: 9174

Bullying and Sexual Harassment provides practical guidance on how to recognise and reduce bullying and harassment. It explains and advises on what steps a manager should take when they first become aware of such problems and how to be pro-active rather than reactive. It is written in an easy to follow, friendly style especially designed for use by those having to grapple with such a difficult and sensitive area. It addresses such issues as: why does it seem so hard to deal with it? When does friendliness or banter become sexual harassment? When does firm management become bullying? How do you recognise bullying in the workplace? How should you deal with complaints of bullying or harassment and what are the pitfalls? The book is considered in the context of the situation in the UK and British case law. Covers how to recognise signs of bullying and sexual harassment The potential consequences of not dealing with allegations of bullying and sexual harassment, including legal action, impact on morale, absenteeism, productivity and reputation Guidance on writing and developing formal policies and procedures to deal with allegations of bullying and harassment

Driving Sustainability to Business Success

The DS Factor -- Management System Integration and Automation

Author: M. Jayne Pilot

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118416937

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 368

View: 6984

Efficient, compliant management systems pave the road tosustainability through integration and automation The book addresses the many definitions of sustainability andwhy CEOs need the links between sustainability, business value, andperformance. Business leaders are committed to leading the way, andthe book outlines the support of a management system structure andbusiness principles that will drive the accomplishment of theirmission. Stakeholder demands on CEOs include many challenges.Investors are assessing companies for financial performance. Theshrinking talent pool of employees is looking to work withorganizations that support social, environment, and economicoperating practices and principles. Great leaders are those that ask questions, who are creative todrive innovation for growth of their company. TheAssess-Reflect-Act section on international business principlesdefined in the book will ask you as the leader thought provokingquestions to stimulate action within your organization to bringpeople, processes, and technology together for businesssuccess. Leaders need to transition to smart decisions that are datadriven. The company's management system structure is important tobuild a strong framework for business process operations andautomation for global competitiveness. Topics include: Business plans vs management systems Management system frameworks: standardization, ISO standards:Quality — ISO 9001, Environment — ISO 14001, OHSAS18001, Integrated Management Systems Three Steps for Process Development: Identify, Insure,Improve Focus for the Organization: Compliance Costs, Best Practices,Strategic Planning Support — Resources: Innovation, Engagement, SuccessionPlanning Data as a Valuable Resource Operation: Process Risks, Management System Control Plan,E-commerce, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Green Awareness-EcoDesign, Automated Controls, Cloud Computing Performance Evaluation — Monitor, Measure, Analyze,Audit, Management Review Competitive Landscape The constant need to improve internal processes and move towardbusiness sustainability and quality standards is a major stressorfor governments and businesses. With one-third of the workforceretiring in the next five to ten years, the need has become moreimmediate, and the focus has shifted to building a strong frameworkfor business process operations and automation for globalcompetitiveness. This book provides a roadmap to efficient,compliant systems, showing businesses how to build towardsustainability goals and capture key knowledge of the employeesinvolved in the process.

Bully Blocking at Work

A Self-Help Guide for Employees, Managers and Mentors

Author: Evelyn M. Field

Publisher: Australian Academic Press

ISBN: 1921513446

Category: Psychology

Page: 230

View: 5770

Provides an overview of workplace bullying, describes the effects of the act on the employees, and offers strategies for tackling the situation individually and as an organization.