The Closers

Author: Jim Pickens

Publisher: The LJR Group, Inc.

ISBN: 9780942645002

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 280

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The keystone of Gay's world-famous series of books, first published in 1980, is a complete reference on closing sales and a guide to new sales presentations in today's marketplace. Not a beginner's manual or self-help book, this classic is designed to help master closers brush up and study total closing procedures.

The Closers

The Sales Closer's Bible

Author: Ben Gay

Publisher: LJR Group

ISBN: 9780942645088

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 300

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In this follow-up to the original "The Closers," Gay describes sophisticated, high-powered subtleties that only a handful of master closers possess. Easy to read and informative, this is the second of two little blue sales bibles knows nationally by the best sales professionals.

The Closers

Author: Michael Connelly

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1409121844

Category: Fiction

Page: 432

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After three years as a PI, Harry Bosch returns to the LAPD. The superb page-turning eleventh Bosch novel from the award-winning No. 1 bestselling author. Harry is back, assigned to the LAPD's Open-Unsolved Unit with his former cop ally and partner, Kizmin Rider. These detectives are the Closers. They are thrown into a politically sensitive and dangerous case when a white supremacist is connected to the 1988 murder of a mixed race girl. The police department has changed, but one thing hasn't - Harry's nemesis, Irving. The former Deputy Chief has been pushed from power and given a virtually meaningless new role. Full of vengeance, Irving calls Harry a 'retread'. He watches from the sidelines like an injured bear, hoping Harry will make a mistake . . .

The Harry Bosch Novels

The Narrowers, The Closers, Echo Park

Author: Michael Connelly

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781741755664

Category: Bosch, Harry (Fictitious character)

Page: 808

View: 8769

Three great novels in one volume from the unstoppable international bestseller. The Narrows: Harry Bosch is adjusting to life in Las Vegas as a private investigator and as a new father. Then he gets a call from the widow of a friend who died recently. A friend who worked on the famous case tracking the killer known as The Poet, which makes his death doubly suspicious. Now Bosch is heading straight into the path of the most ruthless and inventive murderer he has ever encountered ... The Closers: Three years after leaving the LAPD, Harry is back, working with his former cop ally and partner, Kizmin Rider. Assigned to the LAPD's Open-Unsolved Unit, Harry and Kiz are immediately thrown into a politically sensitive and dangerous case when a DNA match connects a white supremacist to the 1988 murder of a mixed race 16-year-old girl. But there are some people who want the case to remain unsolved ... Echo Park: In 1993, Harry Bosch was assigned the case of a missing person, Marie Gesto. The young woman was never found and the case has haunted Bosch ever since. Thirteen years later, a man accused of two heinous killings is willing to confess to several other murders, including that of Gesto. Bosch's whole being as a cop begins to crack when he comes to realise that he missed a clue that could have led him to the killer and prevented the nine murders that followed ...

The Closers - Part 3

Become a Sales Infiltrator and Explore the Bowels of a Deal with the Secret Blue Books That Could 10x Your Income

Author: Ben Gay,Paul Democritou

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781548577483


Page: 398

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Struggling in sales? Want to increase your closing percentage? Without selling your soul? When newly appointed Online Marketing Manager, Ben, asks old-timer Ned how much selling has changed, he's surprised by Ned's answer, "Not much." Ben bets that he can put together an online system that will out-sell Ned. The latest installment in the Famous Blue Books Series, The Closers - Part 3, follows the mentoring relationship between Ned and Ben that leads them to the deal of their lives. Living legend Ben Gay III and Entrepreneur and Sales Expert Paul Democritou teach you how to explode your sales career and finally win in closing in this teaching novel with commentary. Learn the only close you will ever need if you follow the principles of Sales Infiltration. Understand the "Levels of Salesmanship" and how to climb the Ladder of Success by thinking differently. See how Sales Infiltrators approach each stage of a deal, and understand the true meaning of "always be closing." Eavesdrop on real-life heavy-hitters' conversations with transcripts of the authors' conversations in the commentary Enjoy the narrative, read the notes for a crash-course in Sales Infiltration, or combine the two for a complete masterclass. The Closers - Part 1, which explains selling the way it really is, not the way some salespeople wish it was, sold over 5 million copies before the publisher stopped counting 20 years ago. The Closers - Part 2 picked up where that left off, showing you what successful, sophisticated salespeople really do with that basic information. The Closers - Part 3 moves beyond Master Closers to Sales Infiltration, combining classic sales closing techniques with modern technology and sales psychology to demystify why some salespeople succeed while others are left floundering. Whether you're familiar with the Secret Blue Books and need to complete your Sales Infiltration education, or this is your first exposure to the Sales Closers' Bible, you need to read The Closers - Part 3 before you make another sales call!

The Art of Closing Any Deal

How to be a "master Closer" in Everything You Do

Author: James W. Pickens

Publisher: SP Books

ISBN: 9780944007402

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 254

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The book that has earned the reputation as the "Sales Closers Bible" in six countries. Invest in this quick-read and you will learn sales techniques and strategies that will improve your success in both your business and personal lives. This book delivers hundreds of master sales closing tips that include: Recognising and acting upon the customers personality profiles; Playing to customers expectations based on their ethnic, economic, and professional backgrounds; Using reverse psychology and subtle intimidation to trap and close difficult customers; Is this sales book right for you? This book shows you practical approaches for turning familiar customer objections to your favour and into sales. From subtle insights to ingenious tactics youll learn the fine art of being a master closer at: The initial customer approach; The sales presentation; The set-up; The final close.

The Closer's Survival Guide

Over 100 Ways to Ink the Deal

Author: Grant Cardone

Publisher: Grant Cardone

ISBN: 0615558879

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 392

View: 1323

The Closer’s Survival Guide is perfect for sales people, negotiators, deal makers and mediators but also critically important for dreamers, investors, inventors, buyers, brokers, entrepreneurs, bankers, CEO’s, politicians and anyone who wants to close others on the way they think and get what they want in life. Show me any highly successful person, and I will show you someone who has big dreams and who knows how to close! The end game is the close.

More Art of Closing Any Deal

Battle Strategies to Become a Master Sales Closer and Manager

Author: James W. Pickens

Publisher: SP Books

ISBN: 9780944007587

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 199

View: 9062

Battle strategies to become a "Master Sales Closer" and manager

Washington's Dirigible

Author: John Barnes

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1497625920

Category: Fiction

Page: 222

View: 8473

The war for a million Earths spreads to an alternate eighteenth century in the second book of the epic science fiction series the Timeline Wars John Barnes has reinvented alternate-history science fiction in his ingenious saga of the battle to save the multiverse from enslavement by an alien enemy who can transcend time and reality. In the second volume of his remarkable trilogy, the war moves to a new battlefield: a different colonial America still happily tied to the British crown, where miraculous machines prowl the skies. There are a million different Earths across an infinite number of timelines—and every one of them is in peril. Former Pittsburgh private investigator Mark Strang is now a fully trained and blooded Crux Ops special agent, dedicated to the fight against the alien Closers who are invading every Earth in every time. Now the eternal struggle is carrying Strang to a different 1775 Boston, home of astounding technologies, where the colonists remain fiercely loyal to their king across the ocean. Something is rotten in England, though, and Strang must ally himself with the well-respected commander George Washington, the Duke of Kentucky, to derail a terrifying Closer plot and put this world’s history back on its proper course. But the enemy has unleashed a secret weapon that could permanently shift the balance: an unstoppable agent of destruction . . . named Mark Strang.

The Closer

Author: Mariano Rivera

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0316400750

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

View: 6278

The greatest relief pitcher of all time shares his extraordinary story of survival, love, and baseball. Mariano Rivera, the man who intimidated thousands of batters merely by opening a bullpen door, began his incredible journey as the son of a poor Panamanian fisherman. When first scouted by the Yankees, he didn't even own his own glove. He thought he might make a good mechanic. When discovered, he had never flown in an airplane, had never heard of Babe Ruth, spoke no English, and couldn't imagine Tampa, the city where he was headed to begin a career that would become one of baseball's most iconic. What he did know: that he loved his family and his then girlfriend, Clara, that he could trust in the Lord to guide him, and that he could throw a baseball exactly where he wanted to, every time. With astonishing candor, Rivera tells the story of the championships, the bosses (including The Boss), the rivalries, and the struggles of being a Latino baseball player in the United States and of maintaining Christian values in professional athletics. The thirteen-time All-Star discusses his drive to win; the secrets behind his legendary composure; the story of how he discovered his cut fastball; the untold, pitch-by-pitch account of the ninth inning of Game 7 in the 2001 World Series; and why the lowest moment of his career became one of his greatest blessings. In The Closer, Rivera takes readers into the Yankee clubhouse, where his teammates are his brothers. But he also takes us on that jog from the bullpen to the mound, where the game -- or the season -- rests squarely on his shoulders. We come to understand the laserlike focus that is his hallmark, and how his faith and his family kept his feet firmly on the pitching rubber. Many of the tools he used so consistently and gracefully came from what was inside him for a very long time -- his deep passion for life; his enduring commitment to Clara, whom he met in kindergarten; and his innate sense for getting out of a jam. When Rivera retired, the whole world watched -- and cheered. In The Closer, we come to an even greater appreciation of a legend built from the ground up.

100 Things Twins Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die

Author: Alex Halsted

Publisher: Triumph Books

ISBN: 1600785549

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 288

View: 2721

Each book in this series provides the best of the best of a particular sports team, indentifying the personalities, events and facts every fan should know--including numbers, nicknames, memorable moments, singular achievements and signature plays--as well as the top things fans should see and do.

#2 Shades of Gray: From Moscow, With Love

Author: Kristie Lynn Higgins

Publisher: Kristie Lynn Higgins


Category: Fiction

Page: 200

View: 3366

#1 Shades of Gray: Noir, City Shrouded By Darkness starts this series and follows the adventures of Kat and Kim. Continue this serial series and find out more about these women and the world of danger and mystery they must survive in. The Shades Of Gray Series follows the adventures of Kat, a woman with no memory of her past who is called the Pandora Project by those who hunt her, and Kim, a woman leading the life of a legal assassin called a Life Closer. The world they live in is plagued by clouds that prevent the sun from shining down on the land called Dry Clouds, making all who live in Noir forced to live in endless night. Start this series for "Free." Kat searches for clues to her past while androids called Un-Men and human bounty hunters try to kill her, and Kim searches for who murdered her mother. The two women's paths collide, and they form a shaky partnership to unravel the mysteries that haunt their lives and they try to protect one another from those who do not wish for them to discover the truth. Everyone's soul is marked by a color. Which shade of gray will they hold to? #2 Shades of Gray: From Moscow, With Love: Worlds collide . . . A shaky partnership . . . In the second book of the Shades of Gray series, Kat found herself teamed up with Kim. Together they searched for clues to their past. Their partnership stood on shaky ground though. Kim, a Life Closer (legal assassin) known as the Phoenix, needed Kat for the moment, to help in her search for her mother's murder. Once Kim no longer needed Kat, would the Phoenix go through with eliminating her for knowing she's a Life Closer? A haunting melody . . . A forgotten time . . . Kat had discovered little about her past. Over a year ago, she woke to a world of endless night and had no memory of who she was. A music box, a letter, and a gun were her only clues. Kat discovered the melody the music box plays, put her in a trance and healed her body of any injures. Why? She didn't't know. Betrayal . . . A desperate fight . . . Voice, the one who regulated the Phoenix, had sent the Raven and the Wolf to Close her. Why? Kim didn't't know, only that she must eliminate the two Life Closers before they terminated her. Deception . . . The two women collide again . . . Kat was caught up in the struggle as the Raven and the Wolf were also hired to Close the sister of someone dear to her. Now she must protect the sister and Kim, but the Phoenix was hiding a dark secret that put the sister in an even deadlier predicament. What was Kim hiding? I will protect them all . . . No one will die today . . . Could Kat and Kim defeat the two Closers? Could Kat keep the promise to herself that no one else would die? What would happen in the end when Kat discovered the Phoenix's secret? **Shades of Gray Series** (STARTING POINT QUADRILOGY) #1 Shades of Gray: Noir, City Shrouded By Darkness "FREE" #2 Shades of Gray: From Moscow, With Love "FREE" #3 Shades of Gray: Cerberus Versus Pandora #4 Shades of Gray: Sisters

I Am Your Sign

Author: Sean Smith

Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers

ISBN: 0768489326

Category: Religion

Page: 208

View: 6387

Are you hungry for the power of the Holy Spirit? Are you fed up with tired religious traditions? Do you want revival? I Am Your Sign is an inspiring, invigorating look at some of history’s most powerful moves of God. If you think that faith has been drying up for two millennia, get ready to read about numerous believers who have come upon seemingly dead regions and they were ignited by the most unlikely ministers—affecting incredible changes. You will be challenged to press forward in prayer, asking God to begin a new revival, today! Personal, present-day testimonies as well as exciting examples from history and plenty of Scripture support makes I Am Your Sign one of the best revival books in years. It prepares a new breed of revivalist in the same way that the priest Hilkiah brought the truth to Josiah—and he became a Kingdom revolutionary. I Am Your Sign presents prophecies, history, and the Father’s intention to inspire hearts, concluding in a summons to change the course of history!

Ultimo recurso / The Closers

Author: Michael Connelly


ISBN: 9788498723892

Category: Fiction

Page: 432

View: 3017

Despues de tres anos de retiro, Harry Bosch se reincorpora a la policia de Los Angeles, donde debera resolver el caso de Rebecca Verloren, una joven mestiza brutalmente asesinada diecisiete anos atras. Gracias a las pruebas de ADN, se sospecha de un militante de la extrema derecha como autor material del crimen; un indicio mas que probable para desentranar un asesinato que en su momento consterno a la opinion publica.

Miracle Morning

Die Stunde, die alles verändert. Steh auf und nimm dein Leben in die Hand

Author: Hal Elrod

Publisher: Irisiana

ISBN: 3641194113

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 192

View: 4001

Das einzigartige Selbsthilfeprogramm für mehr Glück, Zufriedenheit und Erfolg Dieses Buch ist auf den ersten Blick eine Zumutung, vor allem für die Nachteulen unter uns. Trotzdem stehen inzwischen zehntausende Menschen für Miracle Morning gerne morgens früh auf. Denn Hal Elrod hat damit ein genial einfaches Morgenprogramm entwickelt, dass nicht nur sein eigenes Leben um 100 Prozent verbessert hat, sondern auch das seiner vielen Fans und Leser. Wer Miracle Morning praktiziert, wird endlich der Mensch werden, der er immer sein wollte – und zwar in allen Lebensbereichen. Was man dafür tun muss? Jeden Morgen vor 8 Uhr eine Stunde lang nur sich selbst widmen. Diese Zeit verbringt man mit Meditation, Affirmationen, Visualisierungen, Sport, Lesen und Tagebuchschreiben. Wenn sich der neue Ablauf als Gewohnheit etabliert hat, startet man voller positiver Energie in den Tag. Für ein gesünderes, glücklicheres und zufriedeneres Leben!

Patton's Spaceship

Author: John Barnes

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1453262598

Category: Fiction

Page: 235

View: 1103

An unstoppable conspiracy of terror and death threatens a million alternate Earths in the first book of the Timeline Wars science fiction series There are a million different Earths across an infinite number of timelines—and every one of them is in peril. Mark Strang became a bodyguard and private investigator when terrorists killed his family; now he spends his days protecting Pittsburgh’s helpless and abused. But while on a mission to save the life of a ten-year-old girl, Strang is inexplicably cast into an alternate reality, transported to a different time on another Earth, where America was defeated in the Second World War and now suffers under the brutal yoke of Nazi oppression. Joining up with the remnants of the Resistance in the Free Zone—and allied with such notable commanders as George Patton and John F. Kennedy—Strang is suddenly a marked man and the last hope in a desperate fight for freedom, not only on this world but on countless others. For a war unlike any other is raging across time and dimensions, threatening every possible Earth, including Strang’s own. And the enemy will not rest until the entire multiverse is in chains. In his epic and action-packed science fiction saga the Timeline Wars, John Barnes takes alternate-history SF to new heights, ingeniously reinventing and reinvigorating a genre popularized by such acclaimed authors as Harry Turtledove while joining the stellar ranks of Robert Heinlein and Joe Haldeman.