The Closers

Author: Michael Connelly

Publisher: Little, Brown

ISBN: 9780759513631

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

View: 6747

He walked away from the job three years ago. But Harry Bosch cannot resist the call to join the elite Open/Unsolved Unit. His mission: solve murders whose investigations were flawed, stalled, or abandoned to L.A.'s tides of crime. With some people openly rooting for his failure, Harry catches the case of a teenager dragged off to her death on Oat Mountain, and traces the DNA on the murder weapon to a small-time criminal. But something bigger and darker beckons, and Harry must battle to fit all the pieces together. Shaking cages and rattling ghosts, he will push the rules to the limit--and expose the kind of truth that shatters lives, ends careers, and keeps the dead whispering in the night...

The Closers

Author: Michael Connelly

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780316144612

Category: FICTION

Page: 248

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He walked away from the job three years ago. But Harry Bosch cannot resist the call to join the elite Open/Unsolved Unit. His mission: solve murders whose investigations were flawed, stalled, or abandoned to L.A.'s tides of crime. With some people openly rooting for his failure, Harry catches the case of a teenager dragged off to her death on Oat Mountain, and traces the DNA on the murder weapon to a small-time criminal. But something bigger and darker beckons, and Harry must battle to fit all the pieces together. Shaking cages and rattling ghosts, he will push the rules to the limit--and expose the kind of truth that shatters lives, ends careers, and keeps the dead whispering in the night.

The Closers

Author: Michael Connelly

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 1742371744

Category: Bosch, Harry (Fictitious character)

Page: 419

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Harry Bosch is back with a badge. Teaming with former partner Kizmin Rider, Harry is assigned to the Open-Unsolved team.

The Closers

Author: Jim Pickens

Publisher: The LJR Group, Inc.

ISBN: 9780942645002

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 280

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The keystone of Gay's world-famous series of books, first published in 1980, is a complete reference on closing sales and a guide to new sales presentations in today's marketplace. Not a beginner's manual or self-help book, this classic is designed to help master closers brush up and study total closing procedures.

The Closer's Survival Guide

Over 100 Ways to Ink the Deal

Author: Grant Cardone

Publisher: Grant Cardone

ISBN: 0615558879

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 392

View: 9299

The Closer’s Survival Guide is perfect for sales people, negotiators, deal makers and mediators but also critically important for dreamers, investors, inventors, buyers, brokers, entrepreneurs, bankers, CEO’s, politicians and anyone who wants to close others on the way they think and get what they want in life. Show me any highly successful person, and I will show you someone who has big dreams and who knows how to close! The end game is the close.

The Closer's Bible

The Book of Books on Sales Training and Techniques to Close the Deal!

Author: Knight Writer

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781534865884


Page: 168

View: 4113

You are not paid to sell. You are paid to close. Your ability to turn an -I need to think about it- into a -YES- will determine your job security, promotion worthiness, and most importantly your paycheck! The Closer's Bible is necessary reading material for all professional salespeople. A resource you can refer back to every time you need a refresh on a specific topic or a new word track for an objection. This book exposes the exact word tracks you need to know in order to overcome all objections ranging from -The payments are too high- to -I need to talk it over with my wife-, and then dives deeper explaining psychology, body language, and vocal tonality. The Closer's Bible is a weapon which will broaden and sharpen your closing arsenal.

Crime Beat

A Decade of Covering Cops and Killers

Author: Michael Connelly

Publisher: Little, Brown

ISBN: 9780759515680

Category: Social Science

Page: 384

View: 8907

From #1 bestseller Michael Connelly's first career as a prizewinning crime reporter--the gripping, true stories that inspired and informed his novels. Before he became a novelist, Michael Connelly was a crime reporter, covering the detectives who worked the homicide beat in Florida and Los Angeles. In vivid, hard-hitting articles, Connelly leads the reader past the yellow police tape as he follows the investigators, the victims, their families and friends--and, of course, the killers--to tell the real stories of murder and its aftermath. Connelly's firsthand observations would lend inspiration to his novels, from The Black Echo, which was drawn from a real-life bank heist, to Trunk Music, based on an unsolved case of a man found in the trunk of his Rolls Royce. And the vital details of his best-known characters, both heroes and villains, would be drawn from the cops and killers he reported on: from loner detective Harry Bosch to the manipulative serial killer the Poet. Stranger than fiction and every bit as gripping, these pieces show once again that Michael Connelly is not only a master of his craft, but also one of the great American writers in any form.

Car Sharks and Closers

A Master Closer's Secrets to Closing Car Deals

Author: Gary Swanson

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub

ISBN: 9781480025172

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 374

View: 7023

Car Sharks and Closers is a complete automobile sales training manual with only one goal - To train salespeople, Sales Managers, and Finance Managers to close sales at maximum gross profit, with the highest customer satisfaction ratings! That's it - Closing sales! Period! It's a shame to see a dealer invest a fortune on a magnificent facility, allocate enormous advertising budgets, and then struggle with outdated, unprofessional, and crude sales techniques! This book will rejuvenate and professionalize your sales team. It begins with helping new people through their training, and puts them on a fast track to success! It virtually eliminates the high turnover by preparing them for the frustrations, and helps to overcome the “mind games,” and misdirection from their peers, and the “wait and see if they make it” attitude from their trainers. This manual contains “exact” closing scripts, along with the body language so critical to their success! It also explores the psychology of why these closes work so well. The secrets of making “multiple passes” to achieve the maximum profit, while maintaining guaranteed customer satisfaction are revealed in detail. The author is a Master Closer with 30 years of perfecting these techniques with some of the largest dealerships and auto groups in the country. He has personally closed over 17,000 sales of cars, trucks and motorhomes. Having held every dealership position, from salesman to Sales Manager, Finance Manager, Closer, and owner of a multi-line dealership. He has perfected the art of closing car deals! Consider Car Sharks and Closers as a complete course for achieving your “Master's Degree” in closing car deals! Every dealership sales team must be using the same song sheet for maximum success. Even sharks hunt better when “schooled!” This book will absolutely raise your closing ratio and bottom line profit!

The Narrows

Author: Michael Connelly

Publisher: Little, Brown

ISBN: 9780759510739

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

View: 6934

FBI agent Rachel Walling finally gets the call she's dreaded for years, the one that tells her the Poet has surfaced. She has never forgotten the serial killer who wove lines of poetry in his hideous crimes--and apparently he has not forgotten her. Former LAPD detective Harry Bosch gets a call, too--from the widow of an old friend. Her husband's death seems natural, but his ties to the hunt for the Poet make Bosch dig deep. Arriving at a derelict spot in the California desert where the feds are unearthing bodies, Bosch joins forces with Rachel. Now the two are at odds with the FBI...and squarely in the path of the Poet, who will lead them on a wicked ride out of the heat, through the narrows of evil, and into a darkness all his own...

Coffee's for Closers

Author: Tony Morris

Publisher: New Generation Publishing

ISBN: 9781909395534

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 162

View: 4096

In the current marketplace it's key to always be on the top of your game: on every sales opportunity. This book contains hundreds of practical ideas and real like techniques that can help you: - Prospect more effectively with key decision makers. - GAIN MORE REFERRALS. - Built rapport and be adaptable. - HANDLE EVERY OBJECTION. Close more business over the phone and in the field. - MANAGE YOUR TIME MORE EFFECTIVELY. This book is perfectly suited for sales professionals, sales managers, sales directors and business owners that want to consistently stay one step ahead of the competition. Tony Morris is the Co-Director of the Sales Doctor, a leading sales training company that have helped over three thousand sales professionals across seventy industries. He's a much sought after speaker, trainer and sales coach. "Tony is a real character, hard working, resourceful, ambitious and very funny, and those traits jump out from every page. He tracks his career from a painful start, matched only by an obstinate passion to succeed. He shares his techniques he employs to circumvent roadblocks and create opportunities." Claude Littner - Entrepreneur, Trouble-shooter and star of the show 'The Apprentice'

The Lincoln Lawyer

A Novel

Author: Michael Connelly

Publisher: Little, Brown

ISBN: 9780759514713

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

View: 3650

This #1 bestselling legal thriller from Michael Connelly is a stunning display of novelistic mastery - as human, as gripping, and as whiplash-surprising as any novel yet from the writer Publishers Weekly has called "today's Dostoevsky of crime literature." Mickey Haller is a Lincoln Lawyer, a criminal defense attorney who operates out of the backseat of his Lincoln Town Car, traveling between the far-flung courthouses of Los Angeles to defend clients of every kind. Bikers, con artists, drunk drivers, drug dealers - they're all on Mickey Haller's client list. For him, the law is rarely about guilt or innocence, it's about negotiation and manipulation. Sometimes it's even about justice. A Beverly Hills playboy arrested for attacking a woman he picked up in a bar chooses Haller to defend him, and Mickey has his first high-paying client in years. It is a defense attorney's dream, what they call a franchise case. And as the evidence stacks up, Haller comes to believe this may be the easiest case of his career. Then someone close to him is murdered and Haller discovers that his search for innocence has brought him face-to-face with evil as pure as a flame. To escape without being burned, he must deploy every tactic, feint, and instinct in his arsenal - this time to save his own life.


From Good to Great to Unstoppable

Author: Tim S. Grover,Shari Wenk

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1476714207

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 233

View: 7636

An award-winning trainer draws on experience with such top athletes as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Ken Griffey, Jr. to explain how to tap dark competitive reflexes in order to succeed regardless of circumstances, explaining the importance of finding internal resources and harnessing the power of personal fears and instincts.

Coffee 4 Closers

A Book about Salespeople

Author: Amani Kelly

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780989931502


Page: 180

View: 9099

Are you in sales? Do you buy from sales people? Do you want to be in sales? Well if you answered YES to any of the aforementioned, then put down that coffee and pick up a copy of "Coffee 4 Closers." Based on research from sales professionals and non-sales people alike, COFFEE 4 CLOSERS offers a complete and honest look into the sales profession directly from the professionals that you buy from. C4C looks at what non-sales people think of the sales profession, and how the media portrays sales in popular culture. You'll see how sales professionals from all walks of life and industries think, and you'll learn about the most common types of sales people that typical consumers encounter on a daily basis. With dozens of diverse stories from consumers, and sales professionals from around the country, Coffee 4 Closers is the only resource out there that gives everyone a clearer understanding as to what it is sales people actually do!


A Repairman Jack Novel

Author: F. Paul Wilson

Publisher: Forge Books

ISBN: 1429967366

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 8354

Repairman Jack, F. Paul Wilson's vigilante hero from the New York Times bestseller The Tomb, returns in a thriller that thrusts him back into the weird, supernatural world that he thrives in. Looking for clues to the mysterious disappearance of leading conspiracy theorist Melanie Ehler, Jack attends a convention of bizarre and avid conspiracy theorists. It's a place where aliens are real, the government is out to get you, and the world is hurtling toward an inevitable war of good versus evil incarnate. Jack finds that nobody can be trusted--and that few people are what they seem. Worse yet, Jack's been having vivid dreams that make him wonder whether he's headed for a clash with his own past--maybe The Tomb's evil rakoshi beasts aren't through with him quite yet. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The Closer's Song

Author: Christopher Cole

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781425770426

Category: Fiction

Page: 372

View: 6619

The Closer's Song is set in Greenwich Connecticut. Gerald Calderone now wealthy, ponders the cost of his fame and fortune. He expresses his fondness for fast cars and for a particular subliminal tape that he plays incessantly. Immediately the author draws us back to his childhood in suburban New York. We are introduced to an autistic child, ridiculed and abused by those around him. Shy and reserved he ultimately turns to religion for solace, only to encounter innumerable obstacles to self-fulfillment. It is in his youth that Gerald meets a unique individual named Francis. These two outcasts form a bond, and together search out their own personal salvation. Their relationship is intense and it leads them from Sleepy Hollow to Woodstock, Greenwich Village and back. They have such a profound effect on each other that the distinction between them becomes somewhat blurred. Drugs sex and rock and roll intertwine, with raw human emotion. Gerald ultimately embraces materialism, as Francis retreats into the woods. At the height of his career Gerald stumbles. Plugging in his favorite tape once too often, he reaches out to his long lost friend only to be made acutely aware, of the secret he has been carrying for twenty years.

Lost Light

Author: Michael Connelly

Publisher: Little, Brown

ISBN: 9780759527898

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 4745

The vision has haunted him for four years--a young woman lying crumpled in death, her hand outstretched in silent supplication. Harry Bosch was taken off the Angella Benton murder case when the production assistant's death was linked with the violent theft of two million dollars from a movie set. Both files were never closed. Now retired from the L.A.P.D., Bosch is determined to find justice for Angella. Without a badge to open doors and strike fear into the guilty, he's on his own. And even in the face of an opponent more powerful and ruthless than any he's ever encountered, Bosch is not backing down.

Harry Bosch Novels, The:

The Last Coyote, Trunk Music, Angels Flight

Author: Michael Connelly

Publisher: Little, Brown

ISBN: 9780759508408

Category: Fiction

Page: 832

View: 326

The Last Coyote: LAPD homicide detective Harry Bosch is suspended from the force for attacking his commanding officer. Unable to remain idle, he investigates the long-unsolved murder of a Hollywood prostitute. Trunk Music: Harry returns to the force to investigate the murder of a movie producer with Mafia ties. Up against both the LAPD's organized crime unit and the mob, Harry follows the money trail to Las Vegas, where the case becomes personal. Angels Flight: The murder of a prominent African-American attorney who made his career suing the police for racism and brutality means that Harry's friends and associates have become suspects; and he must work closely with longtime enemies suspicious of his maverick ways to investigate them. Together for the first time, these three chilling, pulse-pounding novels chart the volatile, breakneck career of the sleuth the New York Post calls "the quintessential mystery book hero" and prove that "Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch novels are the most impressive body of work by any writer of crime thrillers now active" (Washington Post).

Beyond Networks

Feedback in International Migration

Author: Oliver Bakewell,Godfried Engbersen,Maria Lucinda Fonseca,Cindy Horst

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137539216

Category: Social Science

Page: 262

View: 6016

This edited volume explores migration movements to Norway, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Portugal from Brazil, Morocco and Ukraine, focusing on how the migration processes of yesterday influence those of today. The central analytical tool for this undertaking is the concept of feedback. This volume identifies various feedback mechanisms that initiate, perpetuate and reverse migration movements. It pays attention to the role of personal networks, but it also moves beyond networks by analysing the role of institutions, macro-level factors and forms of broadcast feedback operating through impersonal channels. Based on extensive surveys and in-depth interviews, it changes our understanding of how and why patterns of international migration change over time.