The Beach and Other Short Lesbian Romance Stories

Author: J. A. Lymer

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781978146273


Page: 204

View: 7128

The Beach and Other Short Stories is a collection of lesbian romance and erotic short stories that will get your heart and pulse racing. When Mia and Lauren stumble across each other in 'The Beach', neither are prepared for what lies ahead. That frisson of excitement which starts the beginning of any relationship leads to much, much more, and they very quickly fall in love. 'The Pool Table' and 'The Writer' have a distinctively dark edge to them, too, and are perfect for readers who enjoy lesbian erotic fiction with a refreshing difference. With unconventional characters and irresistible storylines, there is plenty of heat and romance to indulge those with a penchant for this genre. 'The Wasted Years' is the heart-warming tale of how two women's love for each other stands the test of time, and will keep you captivated from the very start. And there are plenty more to discover too... Join a whole cast of colourful, gorgeous and fascinating characters - from writers and gardeners to nightclub owners and female bouncers - on their page-turning, steamy and exciting adventures of lust, love and romance. Discover the connection between women who have loved and lost, those who have reignited that spark after taking wrong paths, and spending years apart, and find out what happens when they have been deceived and cheated on. If you love lesbian romance/erotic fiction and happy endings, you really won't be able to resist this tantalising collection.

The Gay Detective Novel

Lesbian and Gay Main Characters and Themes in Mystery Fiction

Author: Judith A. Markowitz

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 078648277X

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 312

View: 493

Gertrude Stein called it “the only really modern novel form that has come into existence,” yet the mystery genre was a century old before it featured its first gay main character in a novel. Since then, gay and lesbian detective fiction has been one of the fastest growing segments of the genre. It incorporates gay and lesbian cultural elements and offers crossover appeal. Its authors call upon a century of development in the mystery genre, while providing new, more accurate images of lesbians and gay men than generally found in mainstream literature and popular media. This groundbreaking study of gay and lesbian detective fiction examines mystery series and historically significant stand-alone novels published since the early 1960s. Part I is an overview that describes how these novels make gay and lesbian life visible and forge new, powerful images. It also examines how they fit into the larger history of mystery fiction. The series analyses in Part II are grouped according to the type of main character (police officer, private investigator, amateur sleuth, etc.). Each section discusses main and secondary characters of that type, characteristic themes for the group, and more. The analyses of individual series cover main characters, themes, plot points and other elements. Comments from authors interviewed for this book play a central role in those analyses. Part III lists series-spanning themes (e.g., homophobia, the closet, gay marriage) and the novels and series that address each of those themes.

Encyclopedia of Lesbian and Gay Histories and Cultures

Author: George Haggerty,Bonnie Zimmerman

Publisher: Garland Science

ISBN: 1135578710

Category: Social Science

Page: 800

View: 2724

Beginning in 1869, when the study of homosexuality can be said to have begun with the establishment of sexology, this Encyclopedia offers accounts of the most important international developments in an area that now occupies a critical place in many fields of academic endeavours. While gays and lesbians have shared many aspects of life, their histories and cultures developed in profoundly different ways. To reflect this crucial fact, the Encyclopedia has been prepared in two separate volumes assuring that both histories receive full, unbiased attention and that a broad range of human experience is covered. Written by some of the most famous names in the field, as well as new researchers this is intended as a reference for students and scholars in all areas of study, as well as the general public.

Tempted by Her: First Time Lesbian Erotica Bundle

Author: Kylie Ashcroft

Publisher: Kylie Ashcroft Stories


Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 4627

This steamy bundle collects three of the hottest tales of bi-curious women exploring their naughtiest fantasies. Each is a stand alone short story of first time lesbian encounters. Seduced at the Resort Tanya thought her girls' trip to Jamaica would be a good time to relax and enjoy the beach. But when Heather tags along on the trip, Tanya doesn't know what to think. Heather is gorgeous and attracts the attention of every guy she sees, but she's a lesbian. As the ladies enjoy fruity drinks at a dance party, Tanya realizes Heather is flirting with her. Will Tanya give in to her new desires and spend a sexy night with Heather in paradise? Seduced by my Bi Roommate Just a few months after her new, wild roommate moved in, Taylor is annoyed by Missy's messiness and her endless string of new lovers. But when Missy brings home a new woman, Taylor realizes there may be other feelings lurking there. When Taylor ends up kissing her roommate, she questions what her new feelings mean and whether she's willing to go further with Missy. Seduced at the Spa Mel is overwhelmed by work and stress when she agrees to a spa day with her openly bi-sexual friend Kandi. After their massage, they decide to spend some time in the sauna. While they relax, Kandi suggests Mel let her inhibitions go and try dating women for once. Before Mel realizes what's happening, her best friend is putting the moves on her. Will Mel try something new or let her assumptions get in the way of a truly relaxing spa trip? All of the stories include explicit content meant for adult readers only!

Hemingway's Neglected Short Fiction

New Perspectives

Author: Susan F. Beegel

Publisher: University of Alabama Press

ISBN: 0817305866

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 373

View: 6167

In 1924 Ernest Hemingway published a small book of eighteen vignettes, each little more than one page long, with a small press in Paris. Titled in our time , the volume was later absorbed into Hemingway’s story collection In Our Time . Those vignettes, as Milton Cohen demonstrates in Hemingway’s Laboratory , reveal a range of voices, narrative strategies, and fictional interests more wide-ranging and experimental than any other extant work of Hemingway’s. Further, they provide a vivid view of his earliest tendencies and influences, first manifestations of the style that would become his hallmark, and daring departures into narrative forms that he would forever leave behind.

Summer Nights On Fantasy Island : Lesbian Erotica Sex

(Adults Only Erotica)

Author: Shala Breece

Publisher: Xplicit Press

ISBN: 1623272289

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 8308

When Jen and Karla travel to Fantasy Island during their summer vacation, their only intention is to have some fun in the sun and relax on the beach with some tropical cocktails. Both are seeking some escape one from the pain of losing her mother, the other struggling with rumors of her father's infidelity and her parent's divorce. In each others arms they find comfort and security. But the island provides the perfect romantic setting for excitement and attraction, and they find themselves in the grips of passion. In the middle of the night on the beach, the girls give in to temptation, exploring each others bodies, finding ecstasy and fulfillment. And both know it is the first of many more pleasure-filled nights to come.

Bisexual Beach Reads

6 Sizzling Summertime Novels and Novellas

Author: Giselle Renarde

Publisher: Giselle Renarde

ISBN: 1311025545

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 927

View: 2818

Get ready for an unforgettable summer! With this collection of sizzling bisexual novels and novellas by award-winning queer Canadian author Giselle Renarde, you’re in for some seriously hot nights. Nothing beats a beach vacation with a side order of seduction, so get ready for six spicy tales of longing, lust, and fearless love. From fun-filled romps to dark desires, from love triangles to blissful romance, you’ll find it all in Bisexual Beach Reads! Included in this collection: Cherry, Callie and the College Boys, Seven Kisses, The Birthday Gift, Ondine, and Forbidden Folk.

Die Muschelöffnerin

Author: Sarah Waters

Publisher: Verlag Krug & Schadenberg

ISBN: 3944576225

Category: Fiction

Page: 574

View: 2841

»Die Muschelöffnerin«, ein fesselnder, vielschichtig-erotischer Liebesroman, spielt in der viktorianischen (Halb-) Welt der wilden 1890er Jahre und erzählt von der schillernden Karriere der Nancy Astley: Als Kind arbeitet sie als Muschelöffnerin im elterlichen Austernrestaurant an der Küste von Kent. Zu ihren wenigen Vergnügungen zählen die Besuche in der Music Hall im nahegelegenen Canterbury. Dort sieht sie eines Tages die »Herrendarstellerin« Kitty Butler auf der Bühne - und ist hingerissen! Die junge Künstlerin lässt sich auf Nancys verliebte Schwärmerei ein und beginnt eine Liebesbeziehung mit ihr. Nancy folgt Kitty nach London. Bald schon stehen die beiden als Duo in Männerkleidern auf der Bühne und feiern Triumphe ...

GIRLS ONLY: Girl Scout Trip

(Steamy Erotica, Barely Legal, Lesbian Romance, FF, Girl on Girl Erotic Sex Stories)

Author: Selena Kitt

Publisher: Excessica Publishing

ISBN: 160982606X

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 6129

From NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling & Award-Winning Author Selena Kitt - OVER 2 MILLION BOOKS SOLD! Selena Kitt’s *Girls Only*—where the girls get naughty together, but it feels oh, so good! Paige isn’t looking forward to chaperoning her younger sister’s Girl Scout Troop for a camping trip outing—burning S’mores, telling the same old ghost stories and listening to little girls giggle all night long—until she meets the new Girl Scout Troop leader, Brandi. The petite blond is just her type, so when a tent mishap leaves Paige without one, forcing the two women to share, the trip goes from tame to thrilling faster than either of them could have imagined. Warning: This title contains hot panty-melting girl-on-girl action! EXCERPT: What can you do with a dozen fourteen-year-old Girl Scouts, three dozen Hershey’s chocolate bars, two boxes of graham crackers and four bags of marshmallows when you’re thirty miles from any known civilization? Paige could think of a few things, not the least of which involved going to prison for homicide—those pointy marshmallow sticks would make a great weapon, she mused—but she gritted her teeth and agreed to take them all down to the lake to swim so Brandi could finish setting up camp. “Are you sure you know how to pitch a tent?” Paige asked doubtfully, watching the other “adult volunteer” in their little band of merrymakers pulling tent poles out of a bag. Even though Brandi had taken charge once the bus had arrived at the camp site, barking orders clearly enough to get the girls moving, setting up their tents and unpacking their gear, Paige still wasn’t quite sure Brandi knew what she was doing, exactly. Maybe it was her own brunette’s natural prejudice against the petite blond—or maybe it was Brandi’s bright idea that using some of the kerosene would help the fire start a little faster. Paige had thankfully made it to the girls before they tried that brilliant idea, or all of them would have gone home to their parents without eyebrows. “I’ll be fine!” Brandi blew a stray length of blond hair out of her eyes, sitting back on her heels in her hiking boots. She was wearing her green Girl Scout sash with all her badges, everything from her Brownie wings to her Senior Scout badge and Paige had to resist the urge to make a joke about Girl Scout cookies being made from real Girl Scouts so hard she actually bit her tongue. “Please, just take the girls down to the lake. Let them swim and have fun. I’ll finish up here.” “If you’re sure?” Paige glanced over at the giggling group of girls, already in their suits, towels slung over their shoulders, among them Paige’s little sister, Jess—the sole reason she’d agreed to come along on this exasperating outing in the first place. “Go!” Brandi insisted, flashing her a very broad smile as she struggled with the tent bag. “I’ll have it all fixed up by the time you get back. That’s your tent, isn’t it?” “Uh, yeah, but…” Paige looked over at her gear—less than half of what most of the other girls had dragged along. She was a seasoned camper, even if she’d never been a Girl Scout. “I’ll set your tent up too, as payback, okay?” Brandi stood, brushing her hands off on her khaki shorts and shooing Paige toward the waiting gaggle of girls. “Then we can get that fire going and roast hot dogs and marshmallows!” “Okayyy, but no kerosene, right?” Paige backed away, still doubtful, but there was no arguing with that blinding, over-confident smile and squeaky reassurance. Besides, what trouble could she get into setting up tents, Paige reasoned, directing her charges down the path toward the beach. Keywords: Lesbian romance, Steamy Romance, Virgin, Erotic Sex Stories, Barely Legal, First Time, Erotica

Our Caribbean

A Gathering of Lesbian and Gay Writing from the Antilles

Author: Thomas Glave

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9780822342267

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 405

View: 872

The first anthology of lesbian and gay writing from the Caribbean.

Die Assistentinnen

Author: Camille Perri


ISBN: 3863965884

Category: Fiction

Page: 318

View: 4550

Weiter nach den Regeln spielen oder endlich auch ein Stück vom Kuchen abbekommen? Vor dieser Entscheidung steht Tina Fontana, die als Assistentin für Robert Barlow, den übermächtigen CEO eines internationalen Medienkonglomerats, arbeitet. Ihr Gehalt reicht kaum für ein Leben in New York, geschweige denn dafür, ihren Studienkredit abzubezahlen. Nach sechs Jahren, in denen die 30-Jährige ihrem Boss Tische in Restaurants reserviert hat, die sie sich nicht leisten kann, und ihm Drinks aus Flaschen ausgeschenkt hat, die mehr als ihre Miete kosten, steckt ihre Karriere in einer Sackgasse. Ein Fehler bei der Spesenabrechnung eröffnet Tina die Chance, ihre Schulden auf einen Schlag zu tilgen. Eine Summe, die für sie die Welt bedeutet, für ihren Chef aber nur Taschengeld ist. Ihre Entscheidung setzt eine Kette von Ereignissen in Gang, die das Leben der vielen überqualifizierten und unterbezahlten jungen Frauen der Stadt verändern wird ...

Red Hot Reads Two

A collection of five erotic stories

Author: Lucy Felthouse,Fulani,,Jen Ricci,J. Manx,Eva Hore

Publisher: Accent Press Ltd

ISBN: 1907016724

Category: Fiction

Page: 60

View: 6289

Red Hot Reads offers five fabulous, varied stories by the very best erotic writers, including: Beach Babe by Lucy Felthouse, A Question of Control by Fulani, Fun on Cam by Jen Ricci, Dionysus by J. Manx and Divorced... in my Forties by Eva Hore. A wonderful collection of erotic reading to suits everyone's tastes...

Chase's Calendar of Events 2014

Author: Editors of Chase's Calendar of Events

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 007183091X

Category: Education

Page: 753

View: 5695

As featured on The Today Show! 12,500 entries. 196 countries. 365 days. Find out what's going on any day of the year, anywhere across the globe! If you're looking to tie a promotional event to a special month, create a suggested reading list based on a literary birth anniversary, travel to a music festival halfway around the world, blog about a historical milestone or do a celebrity birthday round-up on your radio show or Twitterfeed, Chase's Calendar of Events is the one resource that has it all. For broadcasters, journalists, event planners, public relations professionals, librarians, editors, writers or simply the curious, this is one reference you can't do without! Chase's Calendar of Events 2014 brings you: Major sporting events such as the Games of the XXII Winter Olympiad at Sochi, Russia (Feb 7-23), and the FIFA World Cup in Brazil (June 12-July 13). Milestones such as the 450th birth anniversary of William Shakespeare; the 200th anniversary of "The Star- Spangled Banner"; the 100th anniversaries of the beginning of World War I and the opening of the Panama Canal; the 75th anniversary of the beginning of World War II; the 50th anniversaries of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Beatlemania and much more. New birthday entries for sports stars such as Mo Farah (Mar 23), Ryan Lochte (Aug 3) and Gabrielle Douglas (Dec 31); actors such as Kerry Washington (Jan 31), Lena Dunham (May 13) and Mads Mikkelsen (Nov 22); musical artists such as Carly Rae Jepsen (Nov 21) and Psy (Dec 31); and authors such as Téa Obreht (Sept 30) and Ann Patchett (Dec 2) and many others. Special days such as National Ferret Day (Apr 2), World Lindy Hop Day (May 26), Extra Mile Day (Nov 1), Lost and Found Day (Dec 12) and more. Search Chase's Any Way You Want! Whether you want to target a specifi c date, location or subject, our fully searchable CD-ROM (PCand MAC-compatible) makes your research quick and easy. Also included is a free installer, so you can load Chase’s directly to your hard drive.

Deep Seduction

10 Erotic Lesbian Short Stories

Author: Shala Breece

Publisher: Xplicit Press

ISBN: 9781623275723


Page: 178

View: 3729

Deep Seduction is the third short story collection from erotica author Shala Breece. This collection contains ten incredibly seductive F/F lesbian short stories. Shala Breece takes the reader to a variety of stimulating locations and sensual situations. Discover how fun it can be to discover an old box of toys in the back of the attic; travel to Fantasy Island, where two best friends discover that their relationship goes to the next level. Her Moment Of Weakness When Molly's husband goes out of town on business for the weekend again, she is convinced that he is having an affair. Left at home alone, she looks to her nanny, Tina, for help. But is Tina really interested in helping out, or is she just waiting for the right time to act on her secret desire to be with Molly? Erotic Fruit Adventures Liz is excited to pursue a degree in Culinary Arts until she realizes how far behind she is. Worried she won't be able to catch up, she seeks some extra tutoring from one of her instructors, Ms. Howard. Time finds Liz growing closer and closer to Ms. Howard, creating a simmering attraction between them. Her Exotic Girl Toy Afraid they are drifting apart, Carmen and Renee are looking for something to add a little excitement and spice to their sex life. A bag full of sex toys and sexy costumes introduces them to the world of role-playing, bondage, domination, and sadomasochism. Seduced By A Bra As Mel walks in on her roommate Ana exercising, her eyes are immediately drawn to the beautiful, red lace bra Ana is wearing. How long can Mel resist the temptation? When the enticement is too much, Mel gives in, and is amazed to find in Ana a lover and a friend. Summer Nights On Fantasy Island When Jen and Karla travel to Fantasy Island during their summer vacation, their only intention is to have some fun in the sun and relax on the beach with some tropical cocktails. Both are seeking some escape, and in each other's arms they find comfort and security. Her Personal Chef Returning home unexpectedly one day she finds her assistant/lover in bed with a blonde, so she fires him and employs a female instead. Bella very quickly falls for Mary Alice's charms and starts to daydream about the two of them together in a steamy situation. CEO For Lunch When Ashley lands her dream job, she wonders how her first few days are going to go. However, she need not have worried, her boss, the sexy Laura Lee Fox, takes an immediate interest in her. She really has landed on her feet with this job. To help her settle in, Laura Lee takes her out to lunch, but it seems that Laura Lee has more than just business on her mind. A Mardi Gras Affair All the talk about traveling to New Orleans for Mardi Gras had Tina's head spinning. After much coaxing from her best friend Joanne, she finally decides to join her on the trip. Once there, in the city that almost never sleeps, the two friends engage in the most erotic and fun-filled adventure of their lives. A Day In The Life Of A Porn Star The glitz and glamour that my friend Macy has always seemed to enjoy had me a bit envious. "I want that life too," I finally begged her. She was not hesitant and took me to work the following day after a phone call to her boss. One can imagine my shock when we walked into the mansion that seemed so elegant outside but was filled with cameras and naked woman on the inside. Seducing La Maestra Senora Ramerz has always been an attractively funny woman. I could hardly wait for my last semester in college when I would be taking Calculus 210 with her. I want her, and there's no doubt about it. I finally come up with a plan as to how I'm going to get her.

The Collected Stories of Richard Yates

Short Fiction from the author of Revolutionary Road

Author: Richard Yates

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company

ISBN: 1466853654

Category: Fiction

Page: 496

View: 7589

A literary event of the highest order, The Collected Stories of Richard Yates brings together Yates's peerless short fiction in a single volume for the first time. Richard Yates was acclaimed as one of the most powerful, compassionate, and technically accomplished writers of America's postwar generation, and his work has inspired such diverse talents as Richard Ford, Ann Beattie, André Dubus, Robert Stone, and Kurt Vonnegut Jr. This collection, as powerful as Yate's beloved Revolutionary Road, contains the stories of his classic works Eleven Kinds of Loneliness (a book The New York Times Book Review hailed as "the New York equivalent of Dubliners") and Liars in Love; it also features nine new stories, seven of which have never been published. Whether addressing the smothered desire of suburban housewives, the white-collar despair of Manhattan office workers, the grim humor that attends life on a tuberculosis ward, or the moments of terrified peace experienced by American soldiers in World War II, Yates examines every frayed corner of the American dream. His stories, as empathetic as they are unforgiving, are like no others in our nation's literature. Published with a moving introduction by the novelist Richard Russo, this collection will stand as its author's final masterpiece.

The Last Word

Author: Michael Holmes

Publisher: Insomniac Press

ISBN: 1897414080

Category: Canadian poetry

Page: 170

View: 6808

The Last Word is a snapshot of the next generation of Canadian poets, the poets who will be taught in schoolsNvoices reflecting the '90s and a new type of writing sensibility. The anthology brings together 51 poets from across Canada, reaching into different regional, ethnic, sexual and social groups. This varied and volatile collection pushes the notion of an anthology to its limits, like a startling Polaroid. Proceeds from the sale of The Last Word will go to Frontier College, in support of literacy, programs across the country.

Sex on the Beach

Author: Eva Hore,Lynn Lake,Z. Furguson,Lily Harlem,David Hawthorne,Peter Baltensperger,Amelia Thornton,Dorla Moorhouse,Chrissie Bentley

Publisher: Accent Press Ltd

ISBN: 1907016147

Category: Fiction

Page: 208

View: 6246

Cocktales is a fabulous new series from Xcite Books that offers a quality selection of erotic stories with mixed themes. If you are looking for variety and the very best erotic writing then you will love these especially selected titles. Catch of the DayO Chrissie Bentley Misbehaving Z Ferguson Hound Dogging Around Lily Harlem Liberation Eva Hore Siners on the Beach David Hawthorne Where the Legs Are Lynn Lake Under the Ocean Moon Peter Baltensperger I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside Amelia Thornton Behind the Dunes Dorla Moorhouse

Beach Town

Author: Ann Roberts

Publisher: Bella Books

ISBN: 1594937206

Category: Fiction

Page: 226

View: 6701

Kira Drake lives in the closet to protect her skyrocketing movie career. Controlled by her mother and her domineering agent, Kira's love life consists of hidden affairs and short liaisons. But then a location shoot takes her to Ocean Beach, California—an idyllic seaside town. Away from her mother and agent, Kira savors her freedom and is charmed by the liberal locals who seem to embrace everyone. Flynn McFadden, a veterinary student and surfing instructor, quickly catches Kira's eye, and the women fall for each other almost immediately. But when Kira's mother and agent discover their relationship, a plot is hatched to break them apart. Kira soon realizes she must choose between her love for Flynn and the realization of her lifelong dream.