The Art of Driving

According to the Guidelines of Benno Von Achenbach

Author: Max Pape

Publisher: J. A. Allen, Limited

ISBN: 9780851313399

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 191

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In this his classic work on driving and harnessing, Colonel Max Pape has recorded all that he learnt during their long friendship from Benno von Achenbach, an undisputed master of the field and to whom this book is dedicated. Max Pape's own ideas are closely associated with those of von Achenbach whose methods he has both taught and developed further. The book not only covers clearly and concisely the principles of harness and equipment but almost every possible aspect of driving, from one horse to a team, from the show-ring to agriculture. It has earned its place in driving circles throughout Europe as a standard guide and reference book. This edition has been copiously illustrated with drawings by Gisela Holstein, as well as numerous photographs from the original German edition and others featuring well-known drivers.

The Art of Driving

The Ultimate Driving Guide

Author: Ong Zhong Hsien

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 1468959646

Category: Education

Page: N.A

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This is an e-Book giving you some guidelines on driving, saving fuel and buying a car.

The Art of Driving Stick

Author: Mark Johnston

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781511632829


Page: 86

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So you want to drive stick... You've heard that driving stick gives you more control of your car in every situation, from a passing maneuver to descending a snowy hill. You've heard driving a stick shift car is more economical at the gas pump. You've heard it's more fun. But you've also heard it's hard to learn. There are gearshifts to master, your engine can stall, and understanding the clutch is a nightmare: "Lift the clutch pedal and the clutch is engaged." Engaged? I've never even seen a clutch with a girlfriend! So, what if I told you using a clutch is no more difficult than using a faucet, or that I can teach you - in one sentence - how to avoid ever stalling your engine? I've already taught thousands of people to drive stick - men and women of all ages - normal people, not engineering students or race car engineers. And I can teach you.

The Dao of Doug: the Art of Driving a Bus or Finding Zen in San Francisco Transit: a Bus Drivers Perspective

Author: Douglas Meriwether

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 145256650X

Category: Transportation

Page: 206

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There is much to know about being a bus driver. It takes about thirty-five days to train a new employee. But as Doug points out, some skills come through experience that takes years to develop. This book contains material needed to choose your style on how to pass by the fare box and how to maintain Zen when the bus is full. “The Dao of things cannot be complete without the Dao of driving a bus. I’d ride with Doug all the way to the Himalayas just to listen to the art of his wisdom.” - David Biddle, author of Implosions of America — A Story Collection “Nice read. I like the mix of situational context and life lessons.” - Chad Upham, graduate, Art Center College of Design

The Art of Driving to Prevent Collisions

Author: Glen William Waddell

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781418422080

Category: Transportation

Page: 100

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This Book Could Save Your Life It is a must read for both the novice and the experienced driver. Let's face it; even one collision could devastate your life. Aside from the monetary aspects, a collision could put you, or someone else in a wheel chair for life, or worse. collision. The rules are very simple and easy to follow. You probably already follow many of them, but if you are not following all of them, you are at risk. Once you know, and follow these rules, driving becomes a relaxed, enjoyable task. of this book will make it even more enjoyable. If you are one of the people who don't enjoy driving, this book just might change that, and give you the enjoyment you are missing. Deal with the negatives. The way to have a positive and relaxed attitude, or feeling, about anything is to deal with the negatives. Pretending they don't exist is just foolhardy, and does not work. If you are a beginning driver, this little book is must reading to compliment your present driver training, whether you are taking a formal driving course, or are learning from someone else. I recommend both; a formal driving course, and lots of practice. There simply is no substitute for experience. recommend that you read it through, and then go back into it and really study it. Ask yourself if you really are practicing these steps. Make it a real part of your driving.


An Introduction to the Car and the Art of Driving it

Author: Algernon E. Berriman

Publisher: N.A


Category: Automobile driving

Page: 312

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The Art of Driving a Bus: Finding Zen in San Francisco Transit

Getting Around San Francisco in Public Transportation

Author: N.A

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781722704100


Page: 154

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Readers are in the driver's seat as Driver Doug takes them through a typical day as a transit operator of a trolley coach. He describes the operator's duties and the typical transit passenger rush that he witnesses and addresses potential problems such as overcrowded cars, lost tourists, luggage, and transit malfunctions to help riders deal with such hassles. Also are golden clues about running time, recovery time, headway time, and leaving times.With his book, Driver Doug provides both a humorous and enlightening view of a transit operator's daily life. He hopes it will educate and entertain readers.Find out where to stand and how to pay!

The Dao of Doug 2: The Art of Driving A Bus

Author: Douglas Meriwether

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 1452522804

Category: Transportation

Page: 196

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"Do you have a car?" "Yes, I do, and you're sitting in it! Today's car number is 5481. I get a new car everyday, and I can hold up to fifty people at once! I get to take you where you want to go and get paid to do it. I don't have to worry about parking, because it is free. I don't have to pay for gas because this car uses free city hydroelectric power. I have a camera to send a bill to someone blocking my parking space. If there is any trouble, help can be here in three minutes. I sold my truck when I moved here and I haven't had to pay for tires, batteries, gas, parking, or insurance. My employer is my insurance company. The money is coming in, not going out. I am kind of like the ultimate in ride share, without any carbon emission!"

The Lost Art of High-Performance Driving

How to Get the Most Out of Your Modern Performance Car

Author: Ross Bentley

Publisher: Motorbooks

ISBN: 0760359520

Category: Transportation

Page: 160

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Become a better performance driver with Speed Secrets With the promise of autonomous vehicles in our near future, and current cars equipped with all sorts of mind-boggling "driver aides," many feel that the art (and science) of performance driving has been lost - or will be. But no! For every device designed to take the act of driving out of our hands, the desire to actively participate in the control of a car becomes even stronger for driving enthusiasts. One only needs to look at the number of performance cars available today to see that the desire to truly drive is still in strong demand. In Speed Secrets: The Lost Art of Performance Driving, Ross Bentley explains in plain language how you can become an even better performance-oriented driver, whether it's to enjoy a twisty mountain highway, to take that secret back-road route to work, or to participate in a track day on a racing circuit. From how best to use your car's controls, to cornering, to dealing with adverse driving conditions, this book will make you a better performance driver. Along the way, you'll learn what ABS, traction and stability control, self-braking systems, and semi-automatic transmissions do and how best to incorporate them into your driving. Speed Secrets: The Lost Art of Performance Driving will help you understand your car well and be an even better, faster driver. Most importantly, it will fuel your passion for driving!

The Unknown Art of Driving

Author: Lawrence Ribeiro

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780615789590


Page: 128

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Did you ever get the urge to push your limits? This book offers a new perspective on driving, which up to this point has never been known. Your awareness and skills will improve with each chapter so that you can handle ANY situation or driving environment, with ease. - What's the difference between Stunt, Rally Driving and Precision driving? - What is the best way to deal with police or the courts? - How to improve your night driving? - What is the difference between Ethics and Law? - How to remedy your fear about going fast? - How to assess roads, terrains, tracks, etc. so as to increase your speed? - What is the "Cannonball drill" and how it can improve your driving skill? - How to choose or create the right vehicle for your needs? - What to watch out for in any city, locale or country? - Why the U.S. doesn't make the best drivers? - Why it's important to trust your senses and develop your perceptions? - How to get in communication with your vehicle? - Learn about the Champagne slalom: A drill created by a three-time Formula 1 champion that takes your driving skill to a whole new level! This is a practical guide to increase your awareness and your abilities as a driver. It doesn't matter if you are 18 or 80 you will benefit from this book. The son of a European rally driver, Lawrence Ribeiro has driven in blizzards, jungle, the desert, and other hostile environments, where evading pursuit was a very real and necessary skill. Lawrence discovered that there are common denominators in each of these scenarios and environments. Whether your drive is a daily commute to work, you drive professionally, or you require the total concentration and skill of a racer, the information and practical exercises in this book will increase your ability as a driver to a whole new level. Are you ready to enter the unknown?

The Art of Truck Driving

Author: Claude Charron

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1449729355

Category: Self-Help

Page: 74

View: 2095

Do you want to be a truck driver? Would you like to be profitable? Do you drive and just love what you do? Are you training others to become truck drivers? The Art of Truck Driving will give you all you need to know but did not get at truck-driving school, provided by one who has 2.5 million miles under his belt, who always drove with safety in mind and was presented with the Driver of the Quarter Award by Global Driver Services. Discover real-life experiences on the road, enjoy amusing anecdotes, and stay safe!

Going Faster!

Mastering the Art of Race Driving

Author: Carl Lopez

Publisher: Bentley Pub

ISBN: 9780837602264

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 278

View: 6996

This complete racer's reference is the perfect resource for all drivers from novice to expert. The fundamentals of fast driving are revealed in this definitive how-to book for racers. You will find the competition-proven methods of instructors and of professional drivers that will give you the know-how to work up the track and stay at the front. Interested in the world of racing? Just think, you can have all of the lessons and insights from Skip Barber instructors and from professional racers compiled in one handbook. This racing reference reveals the secrets of mastering car control, reducing lap times, as it takes the reader inside the world of racing. Going Faster! is the definitive book for the active race driver, the racer-to-be, and the auto-racing fan who wants to know what driving a racecar is really about.

The Dao of Doug

The Art of Driving a Bus Or Finding Zen in San Francisco Transit - A Bus Driver's Perspective

Author: Douglas Meriwether

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781452566498

Category: Transportation

Page: 206

View: 3134

There is much to know about being a bus driver. It takes about thirty-five days to train a new employee. But as Doug points out, some skills come through experience that takes years to develop. This book contains material needed to choose your style on how to pass by the fare box and how to maintain Zen when the bus is full. ?The Dao of things cannot be complete without the Dao of driving a bus. I'd ride with Doug all the way to the Himalayas just to listen to the art of his wisdom.' - David Biddle, author of Implosions of America ? A Story Collection ?Nice read. I like the mix of situational context and life lessons.' - Chad Upham, graduate, Art Center College of Design