Poems and Prose Poems

Author: Mary Oliver

Publisher: Beacon Press

ISBN: 0807069140

Category: Poetry

Page: 59

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""Mary Oliver moves by instinct, faith, and determination. She is among our finest poets, and still growing."-Alicia Ostriker, The Nation" ""Mary Oliver's poetry is fine and deep; it reads like a blessing. Her special gift is to connect us with our sources in the natural world, its beauties and terrors and mysteries and consolations."-Stanley Kunitz" ""One would have to reach back perhaps to [John] Clare or Christopher Smart to safely cite a parallel to Oliver's lyricism."-David Barber, Poetry" ""One music in Oliver's writing is unmistakable. Her poetry can be read as the best of the real lyrics we have these days, and it's no surprise that she's already won a Pulitzer Prize for it, as well as many other honors."Los Angeles Times" ""Joy is not made to bea crumb," writes Mary Oliver, and certainly joy abounds in her new book of poetry and prose poems. Swan, her twentieth volume, shows us that, though we may be "made out of the dust of stars," we are of the world she captures here so vividly: the acorn that hides within it an entire tree; the wings of the swan like the stretching light of the river; the frogs singing in the shallows; the mockingbird dancing in air. Swan is Oliver's tribute to "the mortal way" of desiring and living in the world, to which the poet is renowned for having always been "totally loyal."" "As the Los Angeles Times noted, innumerable readers go to Oliver's poetry "for solace, regeneration and inspiration:' Few poets express the immense complexities of human experience as skillfully, or capture so memorably the smallest nuances. Speaking, for example, of stones, she writes, "the little ones you can/hold in your hands, their heartbeats / so secret, so hidden it may take years / before, finally, you hear them:' It is no wonder Oliver ranks, according to the Weekly Standard, "among the finest poets the English language has ever produced.""--BOOK JACKET.

White Pine

Poems and Prose Poems

Author: Mary Oliver

Publisher: Harcourt


Category: Poetry

Page: 55

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Forty poems deal with the bonds between people and the natural world, the writing experience, and the importance of silence

Winter Hours

Prose, Prose Poems, and Poems

Author: Mary Oliver

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780547349480

Category: Poetry

Page: 128

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"What good company Mary Oliver is!" the Los Angeles Times has remarked. And never more so than in this extraordinary and engaging gathering of nine essays, accompanied by a brief selection of new prose poems and poems. (One of the essays has been chosen as among the best of the year by The Best American Essays 1998, another by The Anchor Essay Annual.) With the grace and precision that have won her legions of admirers, Oliver talks here of turtle eggs and housebuilding, of her surprise at the sudden powerful flight of swans, of the "thousand unbreakable links between each of us and everything else." She talks of her own poems and of some of her favorite poets: Poe, writing of "our unescapable destiny," Frost and his ability to convey at once that "everything is all right, and everything is not all right," the "unmistakably joyful" Hopkins, and Whitman, seeking through his poetry "the replication of a miracle." And Oliver offers us a glimpse as well of her "private and natural self -- something that must in the future be taken into consideration by any who would claim to know me."

New and Selected Poems

Author: Mary Oliver

Publisher: Beacon Press (MA)


Category: Poetry

Page: 255

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A collection of poems covering such topics as nature, writing, and art

Blue Iris

Poems and Essays

Author: Mary Oliver

Publisher: Beacon Press (MA)


Category: Poetry

Page: 75

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A collection of ten nature poems and essays about different types of flowers, including roses, peonies, lillies, and others.

Poem Central

Word Journeys with Readers and Writers

Author: Shirley McPhillips

Publisher: Stenhouse Publishers

ISBN: 1571109633

Category: Education

Page: 320

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In Poem Central, Shirley McPhillips helps us better understand the central role poetry can play in our personal lives and in the life of our classrooms. She introduces us to professional poets, teachers, and students--people of different ages and walks of life--who are actively engaged in reading and making poems. Their stories and their work show us the power of poems to illuminate the ordinary, to nurture, inspire and stand alongside us for the journey. Poem Central is divided into three main parts--weaving poetry into our lives and our classrooms, reading poems, and writing poems. Shirley has structured the book in short sections that are easy to read and dip into. Each section has a specific focus, provides background knowledge, shows poets at work, highlights information on crafting, defines poetic terms, features finished work, includes classroom examples, and lists additional resources.

Blue Pastures

Author: Mary Oliver

Publisher: Harcourt


Category: Nature

Page: 122

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With consummate craftsmanship, Mary Oliver has fashioned fifteen luminous prose pieces: of nature, of writing, of herself and those around her. She praises Whitman ("the brother I did not have") and denounces cuteness ("we are, none of use, cute"). She notes where the extraordinary is to be found ("it is more likely to stick to the risk-taker than the ticket-taker") and extols solitude ("creative work needs the whole sky to fly in, and no eye watching until it comes to that certainty which it aspires to"). Nature speaks to her, and she speaks to nature ("I put my face close to the lily, where it stands just above the grass, and give it a good greeting from the stem of my heart"). Says Mary Oliver, "This book is biased, opinionated; also it is joyful, and probably there's despair here too - can a life slide forward sixty years without it? But the reader will find the pleasures more certain, and more constant, than the rills of despond. Thus it has turned out in my life so far, influenced by the sustaining passions: love of the wild world, love of literature, love for and from another person".

Drawing of a Swan Before Memory


Author: Laynie Browne

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 9780820327297

Category: Poetry

Page: 59

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How do we experience the world before memory, before language, before the senses have separated, or before the concepts of “you” and “I” have been distinguished? Laynie Browne investigates both the limits and potential of such an inchoate world in her new book of poetry, Drawing of a Swan Before Memory. In a series of elegant prose poems, Browne guides the reader through the intricate development of human perception, where the haunting vastness of childhood slowly gives way to the defining features of adult cognition. Subtly nuanced verse constructs a world of color before sight and utterance before language--all the while aware that, ironically, language itself makes this ethereal world possible.

Living in God

Contemplative Prayer and Contemplative Action

Author: Nicholas Amato

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1512754242

Category: Religion

Page: 190

View: 1076

In addition to learning practices to dispose yourself to Gods presence, you will be able to describe the experience and then live out of it. You will also learn a method for tracking your actions and over a period of time learn how God is moving in your life and to where God may be calling you.

Your Story

Author: Joanne Fedler

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 1401954324

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 264

View: 5317

We either think our lives are so special that everyone should be interested in what’s happened to us, or so ordinary that we can’t imagine anyone would care. The truth lies somewhere in between: yes, we are all special, and no, people will not care —unless we write with them in mind. Joanne Fedler, a beloved writing teacher and mentor, has written Your Story to help all people, even those who don’t necessarily identify as “writers,” value their life stories and write them in such a way that they transcend the personal and speak into a universal story. She shows how to write from your life, but for the benefit of others. Filled with practical wisdom and tools, this book tackles: • mind-set issues that prevent us from writing • ways to develop trust (in yourself, the process, the mystery) • triggers or prompts to elicit our own stories • Joanne’s original techniques for “lifewriting,” developed over a decade of teaching and mentoring • and much more “Joanne understands the writer’s loneliness,” says one such writer whose life she’s touched, the award-winning author Nava Semel. “In this book she has created a menu of encouraging possibilities on how to overcome our fears and dig deep into our souls, so that our true voice can emerge.”

Gold Tested in Fire

A New Pentecost for the Catholic Priesthood

Author: Ronald D. Witherup

Publisher: Liturgical Press

ISBN: 0814634400

Category: Religion

Page: 220

View: 5440

The recent Year for Priests focused considerable attention on the priesthood, resulting in many books, articles, retreats, conferences, and symposia. In Gold Tested in Fire, Ronald D. Witherup, SS, makes an important new contribution. Intersecting scriptural and theological context with lived pastoral insight, Witherup explores both classic and contemporary understandings of the priesthood, offers insights into the four pillars" suggested for priestly formation, and looks at the charism of priests, and the need for ongoing formation across a life-span. Having engaged in priestly formation in seminaries for a number of years, Witherup moves beyond overly idealized or pietistic approaches to the presbyteral life to offer key insights on the challenges and rewards inherent in contemporary priestly ministry. Underlying his approach is the firm conviction that the present testing in the priesthood is a profound summons to a new Pentecost, inopportunity for the priesthood to be cleansed and remade, and ultimately stronger.


1920 - 1954 ; italienisch - deutsch

Author: Eugenio Montale

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783446144910


Page: 492

View: 2094

Meer der Tusche

Author: Richard Weihe

Publisher: Elster Verlag

ISBN: 3906065804

Category: Fiction

Page: 117

View: 3099

Über den wohl einflussreichsten chinesischen Maler und Kalligraphen, Bada Shanren, ist nur wenig überliefert. 1626 als Prinz der kaiserlichen Familie geboren, erlebte er bald den Untergang der uralten Ming-Dynastie. Von da an studierte Bada die Stille, die Natur und die Tusche und begann zu malen. Richard Weihe zeichnet das Porträt dieses Mannes und bringt seine Bilder zum Sprechen.

Die Frau, die liebte


Author: Janet Lewis

Publisher: Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag

ISBN: 3423433787

Category: Fiction

Page: 144

View: 1425

»Dieser Roman gehört mit zum Besten, was die amerikanische Literatur zu bieten hat.« Vikram Seth Als Martin Guerre nach langjähriger, rätselhafter Abwesenheit endlich zu seiner Frau zurückgekehrt, ist Bertrande de Rols, eine Frau von 30 Jahren, von Sinnen vor Glück. Der inzwischen zehnjährige Sohn weicht dem Vater nicht mehr von der Seite, das Gut blüht auf, die große Familie ist wieder vereint. Acht Jahre lang hatte Bertrande sich gesehnt, hatte gebangt und gezürnt, war weder Witwe noch frei gewesen, und jetzt – endlich – kann sie sich hingeben. Der Liebe, ihrer Sinnlichkeit, seinem Begehren. Welcher Dämon treibt ihr plötzlich Zweifel ins Herz? Ist der Mann, den sie liebt, wirklich Martin? Hin- und hergerissen zwischen ihrer Sehnsucht nach Zugehörigkeit und einer düsteren Ahnung, entfesselt sie eine richterliche Untersuchung – und eine Tragödie.

Ligas Welt

Author: Margo Lanagan

Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 3644535914

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 528

View: 9853

Nach den erlittenen Grausamkeiten ihres Vaters und der jungen Männer aus der Stadt flüchtet sich Liga in eine Parallelwelt. Dort, in ihrem friedlichen Häuschen im Wald, zieht sie ihre beiden Töchter Branza und Urdda auf. Doch die Wirklichkeit kann nicht für immer verdrängt werden: Verzauberte Bären und ein gieriger Zwerg dringen in ihre Welt ein, und Urddas Neugierde zwingt Liga schließlich, in die Realität zurückzukehren. Doch können Liga und ihre Töchter in einer Welt bestehen, in der Schönes und Schreckliches nebeneinander existieren? Margo Lanagan stellt in ihrer tief berührenden Interpretation von «Schneeweißchen und Rosenrot» zeitlose Fragen über das Wesen des Menschen. Furchtlos erforscht sie das Böse und das Gute und lehrt uns, dass es unverzichtbar ist, mit beidem leben zu lernen. «Seit Jahren hat mich kein Buch so bewegt.» TOR.COM «Ein Meisterwerk.» LOCUS ONLINE «Niemand schreibt wie Margo Lanagan.» THE BOOKBAG