Poems and Prose Poems

Author: Mary Oliver

Publisher: Beacon Press

ISBN: 0807069140

Category: Poetry

Page: 59

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""Mary Oliver moves by instinct, faith, and determination. She is among our finest poets, and still growing."-Alicia Ostriker, The Nation" ""Mary Oliver's poetry is fine and deep; it reads like a blessing. Her special gift is to connect us with our sources in the natural world, its beauties and terrors and mysteries and consolations."-Stanley Kunitz" ""One would have to reach back perhaps to [John] Clare or Christopher Smart to safely cite a parallel to Oliver's lyricism."-David Barber, Poetry" ""One music in Oliver's writing is unmistakable. Her poetry can be read as the best of the real lyrics we have these days, and it's no surprise that she's already won a Pulitzer Prize for it, as well as many other honors."Los Angeles Times" ""Joy is not made to bea crumb," writes Mary Oliver, and certainly joy abounds in her new book of poetry and prose poems. Swan, her twentieth volume, shows us that, though we may be "made out of the dust of stars," we are of the world she captures here so vividly: the acorn that hides within it an entire tree; the wings of the swan like the stretching light of the river; the frogs singing in the shallows; the mockingbird dancing in air. Swan is Oliver's tribute to "the mortal way" of desiring and living in the world, to which the poet is renowned for having always been "totally loyal."" "As the Los Angeles Times noted, innumerable readers go to Oliver's poetry "for solace, regeneration and inspiration:' Few poets express the immense complexities of human experience as skillfully, or capture so memorably the smallest nuances. Speaking, for example, of stones, she writes, "the little ones you can/hold in your hands, their heartbeats / so secret, so hidden it may take years / before, finally, you hear them:' It is no wonder Oliver ranks, according to the Weekly Standard, "among the finest poets the English language has ever produced.""--BOOK JACKET.

Winter Hours

Prose, Prose Poems, and Poems

Author: Mary Oliver

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 0547349483

Category: Poetry

Page: 128

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"What good company Mary Oliver is!" the Los Angeles Times has remarked. And never more so than in this extraordinary and engaging gathering of nine essays, accompanied by a brief selection of new prose poems and poems. (One of the essays has been chosen as among the best of the year by The Best American Essays 1998, another by The Anchor Essay Annual.) With the grace and precision that have won her legions of admirers, Oliver talks here of turtle eggs and housebuilding, of her surprise at the sudden powerful flight of swans, of the "thousand unbreakable links between each of us and everything else." She talks of her own poems and of some of her favorite poets: Poe, writing of "our unescapable destiny," Frost and his ability to convey at once that "everything is all right, and everything is not all right," the "unmistakably joyful" Hopkins, and Whitman, seeking through his poetry "the replication of a miracle." And Oliver offers us a glimpse as well of her "private and natural self -- something that must in the future be taken into consideration by any who would claim to know me."

White Pine

Poems and Prose Poems

Author: Mary Oliver

Publisher: Harcourt


Category: Poetry

Page: 55

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Forty poems deal with the bonds between people and the natural world, the writing experience, and the importance of silence

Blue Iris

Poems and Essays

Author: Mary Oliver

Publisher: Beacon Press

ISBN: 0807096601

Category: Poetry

Page: 96

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For poet Mary Oliver, nature is full of mystery and miracle. From the excitation of birds in the sky to the flowers and plants that are "the simple garments" of the earth, the natural world is her text of both the earth's changes and its permanence. In Blue Iris, Mary Oliver collects ten new poems, two dozen of her poems written over the last two decades, and two previously unpublished essays on the beauty and wonder of plants. The poet considers roses, of course, as well as poppies and peonies; lilies and morning glories; the thick-bodied black oak and the fragrant white pine; the tall sunflower and the slender bean. James Dickey has said of her, "Far beneath the surface-flash of linguistic effect, Mary Oliver works her quiet and mysterious spell. It is a true spell, unlike any other poet's, the enchantment of the true maker." In Blue Iris, she has captured with breathtaking clarity the true enchantment and mysterious spell of flowers and plants of all sorts and their magnetic hold on us. From the Hardcover edition.

What Do We Know

Poems And Prose Poems

Author: Mary Oliver

Publisher: Da Capo Press

ISBN: 9780306809941

Category: Poetry

Page: 88

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For the many admirers of Mary Oliver's dazzling poetry and luminous vision, as well as for those who may only now be discovering her work, What Do We Know will be a revelation and, in the words of Stanley Kunitz, "a blessing." These forty poems—of observing, of searching, of pausing, of astonishment, of giving thanks—embrace in every sense the natural world, its unrepeatable moments and its ceaseless cycles. Mary Oliver evokes unforgettable images—from one hundred white-sided dolphins on a summer day to bees that have memorized every stalk and leaf in a field—even as she reminds us, after Emerson, that "the invisible and imponderable is the sole fact."What was most wonderful?The sea, and its wide shoulders;the sea and its triangles;the sea lying back on its long athlete's spine.What did you think was happening?The green breast of the hummingbird;the eye of the pond;the wet face of the lily;the bright, puckered knee of the broken oak;the red tulip of the fox's mouth;the up-swing, the down-pour, the frayed sleeve of the first snow—so the gods shake us from our sleep.—from "Gratitude"

Red Bird


Author: Mary Oliver

Publisher: Beacon Press

ISBN: 9780807068922

Category: Poetry

Page: 78

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A collection of poems celebrates the many forms that love can take and bemoans the fate of the natural world.

Owls and Other Fantasies

Poems and Essays

Author: Mary Oliver

Publisher: Beacon Press

ISBN: 0807068756

Category: Poetry

Page: 67

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A collection of poetry and essays celebrates the birds that have played an important role in the author's life, including the owl, goldfinch, swan, hummingbird, and loon.

Twelve Moons

Author: Mary Oliver

Publisher: Back Bay Books

ISBN: 9780316650007

Category: Poetry

Page: 77

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In her fourth volume of poetry, Twelve Moons, Pulitzer Prize-winning Mary Oliver continues to explore the alluring, yet well-nigh inaccessible kingdoms of nature and human relationships, and man's profound, persistent desire for a joyous union with them. these vibrant, magical poems pulse with an aching awareness of nature's unaffected beauty. Her absorbing intimate vision leads us into the natural and human kingdoms we only fleetingly grasp.

Wild Geese

Selected Poems

Author: Mary Oliver

Publisher: Gardners Books

ISBN: 9781852246280

Category: Poetry

Page: 160

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Mary Oliver is one of America's best-loved poets, the winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award. Her luminous poetry celebrates nature and beauty, love and the spirit, silence and wonder, extending the visionary American tradition of Whitman, Emerson, Frost and Emily Dickinson. Her extraordinary poetry is nourished by her intimate knowledge and minute daily observation of the New England coast, its woods and ponds, its birds and animals, plants and trees.

New and Selected Poems, Volume Two

Author: Mary Oliver

Publisher: Beacon Press

ISBN: 0807068888

Category: Poetry

Page: 192

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Mary Oliver has been writing poetry for nearly five decades, and in that time she has become America's foremost poetic voice on our experience of the physical world. This collection presents forty-two new poems-an entire volume in itself-along with works chosen by Oliver from six of the books she has published since New and Selected Poems, Volume One.

The Wild Swans at Coole

A Facsimile Edition

Author: William Butler Yeats

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1501106058

Category: Poetry

Page: 176

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A stunning facsimile of the 1919 first edition of William Butler Yeats’s The Wild Swans at Coole: an elegant volume showcasing these poems as they would have first been read and a complement to facsimile editions The Winding Stair and The Tower. Published in 1919 during W.B. Yeats’s “middle stage” and composed of poems written during World War I, The Wild Swans at Coole is contemplative and elegiac. This collection captures Yeats at a time when he was looking back on his life, coming to terms with the realities of modern war, reflecting on lost love, and defining his place in the world as a poet. It features forty poems, among them “The Fisherman,” “In Memory of Major Robert Gregory,” “The Wild Swans at Coole,” and “On Being Asked for a War Poem.” This facsimile of the original 1919 edition presents the reader with the work in its original form, with handsome old fashioned type, how readers and Yeats himself would have seen it in the early twentieth century. A great gift book and collector’s item, The Wild Swans at Coole also includes an Introduction and notes by esteemed Yeats scholar George Bornstein.

West Wind

Poems and Prose Poems

Author: Mary Oliver

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780547525761

Category: Poetry

Page: 80

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The New York Times has called Mary Oliver's poems "thoroughly convincing - as genuine, moving, and implausible as the first caressing breeze of spring." In this stunning collection of forty poems - nineteen previously unpublished - she writes of nature and love, of the way they transform over time. And the way they remain constant. And what did you think love would be like? A summer day? The brambles in their places, and the long stretches of mud? Flowers in every field, in every garden, with their soft beaks and their pastel shoulders? On one street after another, the litter ticks in the gutter. In one room after another, the lovers meet, quarrel, sicken, break apart, cry out. One or two leap from windows. Most simply lean, exhausted, their thin arms on the sill. They have done all they could. The golden eagle, that lives not far from here, has perhaps a thousand tiny feathers flowing from the back of its head, each one shaped like an infinitely small but perfect spear.

Rules for the Dance

A Handbook for Writing and Reading Metrical Verse

Author: Mary Oliver

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780395850862

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 194

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An introduction to the sound, rhyme, meter, and scansion of metrical poetry with examples from the Elizabethan Age to Elizabeth Bishop

Swan Light

Author: Diane Frank

Publisher: 1st World Publishing

ISBN: 9781421886626

Category: Poetry

Page: 122

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Diane Frank presents in Swan Light a finely wrought choreography of poetry that intersects with the music of language and the spirit of dance. These poems of love returning to love, and light returning to light, are a heart gone supernova. Page by page Frank burns a path to her readers' hearts. The alignments are profound, the connections electric from heart to bone, from marrow to star. These are radiant poems, where we earthbound creatures may find simultaneous escape and renewal. Diane Frank is an award-winning poet and author of six books of poems, including Swan Light, Entering the Word Temple and The Winter Life of Shooting Stars. Her friends describe her as a harem of seven women in one very small body. She lives in San Francisco, where she dances, plays cello, and creates her life as an art form. Diane teaches at San Francisco State University and Dominican University. She leads workshops for young writers as a Poet in the School and directs the Blue Light Press On-line Poetry Workshop. She is also a documentary scriptwriter with expertise in Eastern and sacred art. Blackberries in the Dream House, her first novel, won the Chelson Award for Fiction and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. Yoga of the Impossible, her new novel, will be published soon. To schedule readings, book signings and workshops, and to invite her to speak to your book club, contact: E-mail: [email protected] Website: www.dianefrank.net BOOKS BY DIANE FRANK Yoga of the Impossible Swan Light Blackberries in the Dream House Entering the Word Temple The Winter Life of Shooting Stars The All Night Yemenite Cafe Rhododendron Shedding Its Skin Isis: Poems by Diane Frank "These poems of love returning to love, and light returning to light, are a heart gone supernova. Page by page, Frank burns a path to her readers' hearts. The alignments are profound, the connections electric - from heart to bone, from marrow to star. These are radiant poems, where we earthbound creatures may find simultaneous escape and renewal." -George Wallace, Walt Whitman Birthplace Writer in Residence "There may be those who think of poetry as optional, but Diane Frank's Swan Light does not support that thinking, since it addresses a hunger you didn't know you had, first with trace nutrients of the soul, and as you progress, with the solid food of organic experience. Read, savour and be nourished." -Paul Stokstad, Author of Butterfly Tattoo "In Swan Light Diane Frank has written an irrepressible and epic love story: a love story for lover, artist, parent, child, earth, heaven, spirit, body, and music; a love story for what we are forced to leave behind, and for what we are lucky enough to keep; a love story whose thread is the music of love found in the many narratives and lyrics we live while walking, writing, running, dancing, painting, and praying. This is Diane Frank's most ambitious body of poetry to date, and I say "body" because the word "collection" is so inaccurate. This book is a whole, breathing the same breath as the author, and singing a meaning threaded with intricate images and motifs." -Rustin Larson, author of Crazy Star and The Wine-Dark House "Diane Frank presents in Swan Light a finely wrought choreography of poetry that intersects with the music of language and the spirit of dance. In these poems are whole constellations of imagery, a resplendent aurora of words showering down to light up the geography of the page. If poetry should not mean but be, as MacLeish proclaimed, then these poems by Diane Frank truly are." -Andrena Zawinski, author of Something About, PEN Oakland Award "Here is a book to treasure, to take down frequently for no particular reason, a book to help us remember why we took to poetry in the first place." -Daniel J. Langton, Creative Writing Program, San Francisco State University

North of the Cities

50 Prose Poems and a Conversation with Garrison Keillor

Author: Louis Jenkins,Garrison Keillor

Publisher: Will O'The Wisp Books

ISBN: 9780979312809

Category: Families

Page: 62

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Author: Mary Oliver

Publisher: Beacon Press

ISBN: 0807069035

Category: Poetry

Page: 88

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Thirst, a collection of forty-three new poems from Pulitzer Prize-winner Mary Oliver, introduces two new directions in the poet's work. Grappling with grief at the death of her beloved partner of over forty years, she strives to experience sorrow as a path to spiritual progress, grief as part of loving and not its end. And within these pages she chronicles for the frst time her discovery of faith, without abandoning the love of the physical world that has been a hallmark of her work for four decades.

Life with Swan

A Novel

Author: Paul West

Publisher: Overlook Books

ISBN: 9781585671236

Category: Fiction

Page: 300

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A fictional account of the author's early days with his wife Diane Ackerman describes lovers transcending the divide between art and science, and offers a glimpse into the rarified world of astronomical discoveries.

Break, Blow, Burn

Camille Paglia Reads Forty-three of the World's Best Poems

Author: Camille Paglia

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0307425096

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 272

View: 9640

America’s most provocative intellectual brings her blazing powers of analysis to the most famous poems of the Western tradition—and unearths some previously obscure verses worthy of a place in our canon. Combining close reading with a panoramic breadth of learning, Camille Paglia sharpens our understanding of poems we thought we knew, from Shakespeare to Dickinson to Plath, and makes a case for including in the canon works by Paul Blackburn, Wanda Coleman, Chuck Wachtel, Rochelle Kraut—and even Joni Mitchell. Daring, riveting, and beautifully written, Break, Blow, Burn is a modern classic that excites even seasoned poetry lovers—and continues to create generations of new ones.

Ghost Fishing

An Eco-Justice Poetry Anthology

Author: Melissa Tuckey

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 0820353159

Category: Poetry

Page: 480

View: 2489

Ghost Fishing is the first anthology to focus solely on poetry with an eco-justice bent. A culturally diverse collection entering a field where nature poetry anthologies have historically lacked diversity, this book presents a rich terrain of contemporary environmental poetry with roots in many cultural traditions. Eco-justice poetry is poetry born of deep cultural attachment to the land and poetry born of crisis. Aligned with environmental justice activism and thought, eco-justice poetry defines environment as “the place we work, live, play, and worship.” This is a shift from romantic notions of nature as a pristine wilderness outside ourselves toward recognition of the environment as home: a source of life, health, and livelihood. Ghost Fishing is arranged by topic at key intersections between social justice and the environment such as exile, migration, and dispossession; war; food production; human relations to the animal world; natural resources and extraction; environmental disaster; and cultural resilience and resistance. This anthology seeks to expand our consciousness about the interrelated nature of our experiences and act as a starting point for conversation about the current state of our environment. Contributors include Homero Aridjis, Brenda Cárdenas, Natalie Diaz, Camille T. Dungy, Martín Espada, Ross Gay, Joy Harjo, Brenda Hillman, Linda Hogan, Philip Metres, Naomi Shihab Nye, Tolu Ogunlesi, Wang Ping, Patrick Rosal, Tim Seibles, Danez Smith, Arthur Sze, Eleanor Wilner, and Javier Zamora.

Hymn for the Black Terrific


Author: Kiki Petrosino

Publisher: Sarabande Books

ISBN: 1936747839

Category: Poetry

Page: 88

View: 3336

Kiki Petrosino’s sophomore effort far exceeds our expectations with wildly inventive lyrics on marriage, eating, and ancestors both dreamed and