Surveys in General Topology

Author: George M. Reed

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 148326386X

Category: Mathematics

Page: 572

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Surveys in General Topology presents topics relating to general topology ranging from closed mappings and ultrafilters to covering and separation properties of box products. Ordered topological spaces and the use of combinatorial techniques in functional analysis are also considered, along with product spaces and weakly compact subsets of Banach spaces. Applications of stationary sets in topology are presented as well. Comprised of 15 chapters, this volume begins with an analysis of some of the techniques and results in the area of closed mappings, followed by a discussion on the theory of ultrafilters. The reader is then introduced to the question of when a box product of compact spaces is paracompact, and how badly a box product of compact or metrizable spaces can fail to be normal. Subsequent chapters focus on the transfinite dimension; the properties of metacompactness, submetacompactness, and subparacompactness; the dimension of ordered topological spaces; the use of combinatorial techniques for the treatment and solution of fundamental problems in functional analysis, particularly in the isomorphic theory of Banach spaces; and order-theoretic base axioms. This monograph will be of significant value both to researchers in general topology and to mathematicians outside the field who wish an overview of current topics and techniques.

Recent Progress in General Topology II

Author: Miroslav Hušek,J. van Mill

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0444509801

Category: Mathematics

Page: 638

View: 3222

The book presents surveys describing recent developments in most of the primary subfields of General Topology and its applications to Algebra and Analysis during the last decade. It follows freely the previous edition (North Holland, 1992), Open Problems in Topology (North Holland, 1990) and Handbook of Set-Theoretic Topology (North Holland, 1984). The book was prepared in connection with the Prague Topological Symposium, held in 2001. During the last 10 years the focus in General Topology changed and therefore the selection of topics differs slightly from those chosen in 1992. The following areas experienced significant developments: Topological Groups, Function Spaces, Dimension Theory, Hyperspaces, Selections, Geometric Topology (including Infinite-Dimensional Topology and the Geometry of Banach Spaces). Of course, not every important topic could be included in this book. Except surveys, the book contains several historical essays written by such eminent topologists as: R.D. Anderson, W.W. Comfort, M. Henriksen, S. Mardeŝić, J. Nagata, M.E. Rudin, J.M. Smirnov (several reminiscences of L. Vietoris are added). In addition to extensive author and subject indexes, a list of all problems and questions posed in this book are added. List of all authors of surveys: A. Arhangel'skii, J. Baker and K. Kunen, H. Bennett and D. Lutzer, J. Dijkstra and J. van Mill, A. Dow, E. Glasner, G. Godefroy, G. Gruenhage, N. Hindman and D. Strauss, L. Hola and J. Pelant, K. Kawamura, H.-P. Kuenzi, W. Marciszewski, K. Martin and M. Mislove and M. Reed, R. Pol and H. Torunczyk, D. Repovs and P. Semenov, D. Shakhmatov, S. Solecki, M. Tkachenko.

Topology I

General Survey

Author: S.P. Novikov

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3662105799

Category: Mathematics

Page: 322

View: 4667

This up-to-date survey of the whole field of topology is the flagship of the topology subseries of the Encyclopaedia. The book gives an overview of various subfields, beginning with the elements and proceeding right up to the present frontiers of research.

Recent Progress in General Topology III

Author: K.P. Hart,Jan van Mill,P Simon

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 946239024X

Category: Mathematics

Page: 903

View: 988

The book presents surveys describing recent developments in most of the primary subfields of General Topology, and its applications to Algebra and Analysis during the last decade, following the previous editions (North Holland, 1992 and 2002). The book was prepared in connection with the Prague Topological Symposium, held in 2011. During the last 10 years the focus in General Topology changed and therefore the selection of topics differs from that chosen in 2002. The following areas experienced significant developments: Fractals, Coarse Geometry/Topology, Dimension Theory, Set Theoretic Topology and Dynamical Systems.

Open Problems in Topology II

Author: Elliott M. Pearl

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780080475295

Category: Mathematics

Page: 776

View: 2029

This volume is a collection of surveys of research problems in topology and its applications. The topics covered include general topology, set-theoretic topology, continuum theory, topological algebra, dynamical systems, computational topology and functional analysis. * New surveys of research problems in topology * New perspectives on classic problems * Representative surveys of research groups from all around the world

Studies in Topology

Author: Nick M. Stavrakas,Keith R. Allen

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 1483259110

Category: Mathematics

Page: 672

View: 1250

Studies in Topology is a compendium of papers dealing with a broad portion of the topological spectrum, such as in shape theory and in infinite dimensional topology. One paper discusses an approach to proper shape theory modeled on the "ANR-systems" of Mardesic-Segal, on the "mutations" of Fox, or on the "shapings" of Mardesic. Some papers discuss homotopy and cohomology groups in shape theory, the structure of superspace, on o-semimetrizable spaces, as well as connected sets that have one or more disconnection properties. One paper examines "weak" compactness, considered as either a strengthening of absolute closure or a weakening of relative compactness (subject to entire topological spaces or to subspaces of larger spaces). To construct spaces that have only weak properties, the investigator can use the various productivity theorems of Scarborough and Stone, Saks and Stephenson, Frolik, Booth, and Hechler. Another paper analyzes the relationship between "normal Moore space conjecture" and productivity of normality in Moore spaces. The compendium is suitable for mathematicians, physicists, engineers, and other professionals involved in topology, set theory, linear spaces, or cartography.

Encyclopedia of General Topology

Author: K.P. Hart,Jun-iti Nagata,J.E. Vaughan

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780080530864

Category: Mathematics

Page: 536

View: 8020

This book is designed for the reader who wants to get a general view of the terminology of General Topology with minimal time and effort. The reader, whom we assume to have only a rudimentary knowledge of set theory, algebra and analysis, will be able to find what they want if they will properly use the index. However, this book contains very few proofs and the reader who wants to study more systematically will find sufficiently many references in the book. Key features: • More terms from General Topology than any other book ever published • Short and informative articles • Authors include the majority of top researchers in the field • Extensive indexing of terms

Algebraic Topology

Homology and Cohomology

Author: Andrew H. Wallace

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486462390

Category: Mathematics

Page: 272

View: 1070

Surveys several algebraic invariants, including the fundamental group, singular and Cech homology groups, and a variety of cohomology groups.

Pseudocompact Topological Spaces

A Survey of Classic and New Results with Open Problems

Author: Michael Hrušák,Ángel Tamariz-Mascarúa,Mikhail Tkachenko

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319916807

Category: Mathematics

Page: 299

View: 9752

This book, intended for postgraduate students and researchers, presents many results of historical importance on pseudocompact spaces. In 1948, E. Hewitt introduced the concept of pseudocompactness which generalizes a property of compact subsets of the real line. A topological space is pseudocompact if the range of any real-valued, continuous function defined on the space is a bounded subset of the real line. Pseudocompact spaces constitute a natural and fundamental class of objects in General Topology and research into their properties has important repercussions in diverse branches of Mathematics, such as Functional Analysis, Dynamical Systems, Set Theory and Topological-Algebraic structures. The collection of authors of this volume include pioneers in their fields who have written a comprehensive explanation on this subject. In addition, the text examines new lines of research that have been at the forefront of mathematics. There is, as yet, no text that systematically compiles and develops the extensive theory of pseudocompact spaces, making this book an essential asset for anyone in the field of topology.

Modern General Topology

Author: Jun-Iti Nagata

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 1483278166

Category: Mathematics

Page: 376

View: 1381

Bibliotheca Mathematica: A Series of Monographs on Pure and Applied Mathematics, Volume VII: Modern General Topology focuses on the processes, operations, principles, and approaches employed in pure and applied mathematics, including spaces, cardinal and ordinal numbers, and mappings. The publication first elaborates on set, cardinal and ordinal numbers, basic concepts in topological spaces, and various topological spaces. Discussions focus on metric space, axioms of countability, compact space and paracompact space, normal space and fully normal space, subspace, product space, quotient space, and inverse limit space, convergence, mapping, and open basis and neighborhood basis. The book then ponders on compact spaces and related topics, as well as product of compact spaces, compactification, extensions of the concept of compactness, and compact space and the lattice of continuous functions. The manuscript tackles paracompact spaces and related topics, metrizable spaces and related topics, and topics related to mappings. Topics include metric space, paracompact space, and continuous mapping, theory of inverse limit space, theory of selection, mapping space, imbedding, metrizability, uniform space, countably paracompact space, and modifications of the concept of paracompactness. The book is a valuable source of data for mathematicians and researchers interested in modern general topology.

Surveys on Surgery Theory

Papers Dedicated to C.T.C. Wall

Author: Sylvain E. Cappell,Charles Terence Clegg Wall,Andrew Ranicki,Jonathan R​osenberg

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691049380

Category: Mathematics

Page: 448

View: 5271

Surgery theory, the basis for the classification theory of manifolds, is now about forty years old. There have been some extraordinary accomplishments in that time, which have led to enormously varied interactions with algebra, analysis, and geometry. Workers in many of these areas have often lamented the lack of a single source that surveys surgery theory and its applications. Indeed, no one person could write such a survey. The sixtieth birthday of C. T. C. Wall, one of the leaders of the founding generation of surgery theory, provided an opportunity to rectify the situation and produce a comprehensive book on the subject. Experts have written state-of-the-art reports that will be of broad interest to all those interested in topology, not only graduate students and mathematicians, but mathematical physicists as well. Contributors include J. Milnor, S. Novikov, W. Browder, T. Lance, E. Brown, M. Kreck, J. Klein, M. Davis, J. Davis, I. Hambleton, L. Taylor, C. Stark, E. Pedersen, W. Mio, J. Levine, K. Orr, J. Roe, J. Milgram, and C. Thomas.

General Topology

Author: Stephen Willard

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486434797

Category: Mathematics

Page: 369

View: 7102

Among the best available reference introductions to general topology, this volume is appropriate for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students. Includes historical notes and over 340 detailed exercises. 1970 edition. Includes 27 figures.

New Ideas In Low Dimensional Topology

Author: Manturov Vassily Olegovich,Kauffman Louis H

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9814630632

Category: Mathematics

Page: 540

View: 7127

This book consists of a selection of articles devoted to new ideas and developments in low dimensional topology. Low dimensions refer to dimensions three and four for the topology of manifolds and their submanifolds. Thus we have papers related to both manifolds and to knotted submanifolds of dimension one in three (classical knot theory) and two in four (surfaces in four dimensional spaces). Some of the work involves virtual knot theory where the knots are abstractions of classical knots but can be represented by knots embedded in surfaces. This leads both to new interactions with classical topology and to new interactions with essential combinatorics.