Ein Kerl macht noch keinen Sommer


Author: Milly Johnson


ISBN: 3838704568

Category: Fiction

Page: 524

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"Mann" (lateinisch vir): nächster Verwandter des Schimpansen. Merkmale: ausgeprägtes Revierverhalten, notorisches Jammern, Hang zur Untreue und Eitelkeit. Braucht Frau so etwas wirklich, um glücklich zu sein? Christie und ihre Kolleginnen sind sich einig: Nein! Denn mal ganz ehrlich: Wozu sich mit den Kerlen rumschlagen, wenn es gute Freundinnen gibt?!

Summer Fling

Author: Mari Carr,Jayne Rylon

Publisher: Carried Away Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 200

View: 5300

Summertime and the lovin’ is easy…until it’s not. Compass Girls, Book 3 Too much love and loss taught Jade Compton to protect her heart and her sanity by steering clear of all that romance nonsense. She’s doing just fine, working two jobs, hanging out with her cousins and her best friend, Liam. But when a combination of unbearable heat wave and a case of the boredom blues knock her down, she longs to do something spontaneous…maybe even a little bit reckless. Liam Harrison met Jade when she was sixteen—in the local cemetery. If he’s learned anything after eight years of friendship, it’s that Jade has a wild streak a mile wide. And while he doesn’t want to tame the adventurous woman, he wouldn’t mind showing her a few sexy ways to channel some of her impulsiveness. With him. In the bedroom. When he proposes a sexy, no-strings-attached summer fling, Jade jumps at the chance to spice things up and indulge some pretty kinky fantasies. Then summer ends…and Jade comes to the uncomfortable realization that there’s only one place she’s comfortable in her own skin—Liam’s arms.

Summer Fling

Author: Jerica MacMillan

Publisher: Marycliff Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 274

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Summer Fling

A 2-in-1 Collection

Author: Sarah Morgan

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1488053375

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 3599

Indulge with these irresistible and heart-warming summer romances by USA Today bestselling author Sarah Morgan! Featuring previously published titles A Bride for Glenmore and Single Father, Wife Needed. Have you heard? The place to be this summer is in love! Life in the sleepy island of Glenmore is filled with tranquil lazy days. Bliss! But this summer the gossip mill is running overtime—love is most definitely in the air… Kyla MacNeil, the heart of the Glenmore Island’s community, is distracted—the new island doctor is gorgeous! Dr Ethan Walker sticks out on the picture-perfect island like a very handsome sore thumb. But Ethan real reason for being on the island is a secret he can’t reveal. Can Kyla, and the tranquil island, capture his heart…? Poor Evanna Duncan has been infatuated with her boss, single father Dr. Logan MacNeil forever—but to him she’s just part of the furniture. Rumour has it this summer she’s decided to get noticed. No more sensible suits for her…she’s bringing out the stilettos! But as she finally decides to move on with her life, Logan begins to see her in a completely different light… Ripples are running through the tranquil waters of Glenmore—secrets, scandal and more than a little flirtation! It’s going to be a summer to remember!

A Summer Fling

Author: Milly Johnson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1849831025

Category: Fiction

Page: 496

View: 5640

When five women become friends, it's one for all, and all for one! A heartwarming and hilarious novel from the bestselling author of Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Cafe and The Queen of Wishful Thinking. When dynamic, power-dressing Christie blows in like a warm wind to take over their department, five very different women find themselves thrown together at work. But none of them could have predicted the fierce bond of friendship that her leadership would inspire ... Anna, 39, is reeling from the loss of her fiancé, who ran off with a much younger woman. Her pride in tatters, these days Anna finds it difficult to leave the house. So when a handsome, mysterious stranger takes an interest in her, she's not sure whether she can learn to trust again? Then there's Grace, in her fifties, trapped in a loveless marriage with a man she married because, unable to have children of her own, she fell in love with his motherless brood. Grace worries that Dawn is about to make the same mistake: orphaned as a child, engaged to love-rat Calum, is Dawn more interested in the security that comes with his tight-knit, boisterous family? When a sexy, footloose rock singer catches her eye, will Dawn have the courage to follow her heart? At 28, Raychel is the youngest member of their little gang. And with a loving husband, Ben, and a cosy little nest for two, she would seem to be the happiest. But what dark secrets are lurking behind this perfect facade, that make sweet, pretty Raychel so guarded and unwilling to open up?

Just a Summer Fling

Author: Cate Cameron

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0698198328

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 1396

First in the new Lake Sullivan Romance series. Lake Sullivan, Vermont, has plenty of attractions for movie star Ashley Carlsen—pristine nature, local color, and a handyman with a bad reputation for all the right reasons . . . Ashley’s movie-star life is starting to feel like an act. She’s desperate to be taken seriously, and after her boyfriend’s affair with a costar, she’s ready for a new scene. A vacation at Lake Sullivan with Hollywood power player Jasmine McArthur might be the answer to all her problems. And according to Jasmine, all Ashley needs is a hot summer fling with local stud Josh Sullivan. After one look at the handsome handyman, Ashley has a hard time saying no. But Josh is tired of playing boy toy for rich women like Jasmine and her friends. As determined as he is to stay away, he can’t shake the feeling that Ashley is different—and he can’t help noticing her auburn hair and dancing green eyes. But when their budding romance hits the tabloids, will it be another Hollywood scandal, or happily ever after? From the Paperback edition.

Summer Fling

Author: Asrai Devin

Publisher: Asrai Devin


Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

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Kyle McLachlan heads home after winning the Stanely Cup only to find his room's been taken over by a sexy Oiler's Fan.Serena has had a crush on Ky since she started renting a room from the McLachlan's. But he's only here for a few weeks. All the time that's needed for a summer fling.Neither of them want a relationship. So why do each of them keep putting off leaving Bow Island?

Summer Fling

Author: Serenity Woods

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781458793256


Page: 282

View: 9096

A love story that starts at the top of the world. For Chloe, a tandem skydive seems like the perfect opportunity to prove to her ex that she's not as boring as he declared. But planning to jump and actually jumping are very different things. Luckily, there's a gorgeous instructor who is happy to come up with an ingenious way to distract her. After escaping captivity in Afghanistan, Garth Rowland spends most of his time outdoors, trying to forget the terrifying memory of being imprisoned and tortured. Then he meets Chloe, who embodies freedom with her sky - blue eyes and hair the colour of the summer sun Soon, a one - night stand on the beach quickly leads to a summer fling. But they both have ghosts to exorcise before love can set them free

Summer Fling

Author: MJ Compton

Publisher: Loose Id

ISBN: 1623009154

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 3377

Caroline Maplethorpe spent a summer as plaything for a minor league baseball team?and oh, how Win Winston played. Seven years later, she?s respectable, and he?s in the big leagues. Now that he?s found her again, he still wants her in a major way. But their second-chance relationship attracts too much publicity, and the third member of their long-ago m‚nage threatens to destroy the respectable life Caroline so carefully reconstructed after that crazy summer.

Summer Fling

Author: Jean Copeland

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781626399815

Category: Fiction

Page: 242

View: 6576

Still jaded from a breakup years earlier, Kate struggles to trust falling in love again when a summer fling with sexy young singer Jordan rocks her off her feet.

Second Chance Summer

Author: Kait Nolan

Publisher: Kait Nolan


Category: Fiction

Page: 218

View: 4382

2018 RITA Award ® Nominee Professor Audrey Graham shouldn't be alive. But she didn't walk away from the accident that should've taken her life. She shouldn't have ever walked again according to the doctors. But after two years of physical therapy and countless surgeries, she's got a second lease on life. First stop? Camp Firefly Falls to try and catch up on some of the living she never did before her accident. Firefighter Hudson Lowell shouldn't be alive. In the wake of losing two members of his team in a structure fire gone wrong, he's been unable to work, unable to pull himself out of the survivor's guilt. In a last ditch effort to snap him out of it, his family surprises him with a 2 week reunion session at Camp Firefly Falls, reminder of a simpler, better time. The last thing he expects to find is the woman he helped cut out of a snarled up wreck of a car two years before. As sparks ignite between rescuer and rescuee, Audrey finally gets the chance to repay her hero. But can she convince this proud, stubborn man that life is still worth living? Or will Hudson let this chance at happiness slip through his fingers?

Mein Sternschnuppensommer

Author: Alisha Sevigny

Publisher: Ravensburger Buchverlag Otto Maier GmbH

ISBN: 3473479012

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 288

View: 7286

Unter dem Sternenhimmel beginnt der Sommer unserer Liebe ... Eine Sommernacht unter den Sternen auf ihrem Steg am See - das ist Julias Lieblingsort auf dem Campingplatz ihrer Familie inmitten der atemberaubenden Natur Kanadas. Doch schon bald platzen Julias Träume für den Sommer: Ihre Familie gerät in finanzielle Schwierigkeiten und ein Bauunternehmer will ihr Naturparadies in eine seelenlose Casino-Anlage umwandeln. Verzweifelt sucht Julia Rat in den Sternen - und trifft am See auf einen einfühlsamen und unverschämt gutaussehend Jungen, der ihr helfen will, den Campingplatz zu retten. Doch Nick ist der Sohn des Bauunternehmers. Kann Julia ihm wirklich das Schicksal ihrer Familie - und ihr Herz - anvertrauen? Ein wunderschöner Sommerroman zum Wegträumen - romantisch, tiefgründig und einfach hinreißend erzählt.

Kinky Summer Fling

Author: Talia Wilder

Publisher: Year of Bdsm

ISBN: 9781717856647

Category: Fiction

Page: 70

View: 3562

"I envied that intimacy. I envied all of it. What I needed was a summer fling. Something to set me back into the game. What I needed...was a Master." Dacia Collins has had it with being alone. Ever since her Master moved to the other side of the world she's been at loose ends. Unable to let go of the past, she's miserable and lonely until Hunter Adamson comes to town. Hunter is a temporary solution waiting to happen. In town for only the summer, he's keeping his days busy in repairing his grandmother's house that it can be put on the market. But the nights are long without the warmth of a woman. When he meets Dacia he sees a submissive out of control. Luckily he's a Dom with enough experience to know just what to do about that.

Hot Summer Fling

Author: Toni Zuma

Publisher: Lyrical Press

ISBN: 1616500530

Category: Fiction

Page: 41

View: 7954

An old, smoldering passion turns into a Hot Summer Fling. Home from college on summer break, Lily Rios is bored to tears after only a week. Just when she's ready to run back to school early, she reunites with Jack Turner, the one who got away. Back in high school, Lily had let others convince her Jack wasn't the "right" kind of guy: no money, no status and no power. Now that she's grown up and calls her own shots, she discovers just how very right Jack can be — he knows where her lust switch is, and knows how to use it. Their hot, steamy trysts give her mind and body satisfaction she never imagined until startling accusations threaten to tear the lovers apart a second time. 16,127 Words

The Four Seasons Collection

A Spring Affair, A Summer Fling, An Autumn Crush, A Winter Flame

Author: Milly Johnson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1471128776

Category: Fiction

Page: 1459

View: 1797

All four of Milly's bestselling seasonal titles - A Spring Affair, A Summer Fling, An Autumn Crush, A Winter Flame- in one exclusive ebook edition, with an introduction from Milly on the inspiration behind the novels.

Just Friends

A Summer Fling With A Billionaire Heir

Author: Cynthia Dane

Publisher: Barachou Press


Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 406

Neither of them wants romance. Too bad that's what they desperately need. Rachel Taylor's freelance business barely pays her own bills, let alone her mother's. Her social life is confined to one friend working at the neighborhood coffee shop. And her love life? Duds and heartbreakers. Then hot, young, and artistically talented Zachary Feldman walks into her life. Too bad she's just made a vow of celibacy. Sometimes what an old, broken heart needs is a second chance at love. Playboy Zack, third son of the affluent Feldman Steel empire, doesn't have a lot expected of him. Which is why he spends his whole day on his yacht when he's not pursuing his next artistic endeavor. Women are amusements. And no one amuses him more than Rachel, the beguiling woman he meets in a quiet coffee shop. "I'm not ashamed to say I'm halfway to loving you." A game of hard to get culminates with Rachel agreeing to one thing: being "just friends" with a man who has made his intentions clear. Set on the serene waters, in the creative studio, and beneath the hot lights of a bangin' Indian wedding, JUST FRIENDS is the perfect way to end your summer romance reading.

Summer Fling

Candlelight Ecstasy 288

Author: Natalie Stone

Publisher: Dell Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780440183501

Category: Travel

Page: 191

View: 2731

Museum of Heartbreak

Author: Meg Leder

Publisher: cbj Verlag

ISBN: 3641163137

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 320

View: 5265

Eine Gebrauchsanleitung in Sachen Liebe sollte wirklich endlich mal jemand schreiben!, findet die 16-jährige Penelope, als sie mit Karacho in ihre erste große Liebesgeschichte reinrauscht und, ohne über Los zu gehen, erst wieder an der Abfahrt »Herzensleid« zum Stehen kommt. Darauf bereitet einen wirklich keiner vor, weder Eltern noch Lehrer noch sonst wer von den angeblich so Erwachsenen. Genau betrachtet haben die nämlich auch kein Patentrezept in Sachen Liebe parat. Also beschließt Penelope, selbst dieses Buch zu schreiben, die Geschichte ihrer großen Liebe und deren Scheitern, entlang an all den kleinen Erinnerungsstücken, die sich durch Penelopes Liebesleben ziehen: vom ersten Händchenhalten im Kindergarten über den ersten kumpelig-peinlichen Kuss mit 11, bis hin zum ultimativen Date mit Mr Right.

Gratis : Summer Fling

an erotica anthology

Author: Chloë Thurlow,Emily Tilton,Hedonist Six,KM Dylan,M.J. Carey,Molly Synthia,Secret Narrative

Publisher: WriteHit (pub-9215829077392417)

ISBN: 1311385657

Category: Fiction

Page: 280

View: 4862

The fourth and final installment of the Gratis Anthologies of quality, literary erotica, Gratis : Summer Fling is going to hit the shelves on the 21st of June. In it you'll again find a mix of various well received authors, sharing little glimpses into their fantasies for your entertainment. And the best part is, you haven't even got to pay for it! Download now to get a novel length collection of perfect beach reads. Contents: Bringing Angels to Life by Chloe Thurlow, Isabelle’s Submissive July by Emily Tilton, A Day in Brighton by Hedonist Six, The Fashion Model Diplomat by KM Dylan, Dear Diary by M.J. Carey, Marsala Sweet by Molly Synthia, and Generation Game by Secret Narrative. Please note: This collection contains explicit erotic stories featuring themes such as bdsm, interracial / multicultural relationships, and age gaps (older woman younger man), among others.