Struck By Lightning

The Carson Phillips Journal

Author: Chris Colfer

Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

ISBN: 0316232920

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 256

View: 5878

Struck By Lightning: The Carson Phillips Journal follows the story of outcast high school senior Carson Phillips who blackmails the most popular students in his school into contributing to his literary journal to bolster his college application; his goal in life is to get into Northwestern and eventually become the editor of The New Yorker. At once laugh-out-loud funny, deliciously dark, and remarkably smart, Struck By Lightning unearths the dirt that lies just below the surface of high school. The film Stuck By Lightning features Colfer's own original screenplay. Colfer also stars in the film alongside Allison Janney, Christina Hendricks, Dermot Mulroney, Sarah Hyland, and Polly Bergen.

Struck by Lightning:

The Curious World of Probabilities

Author: Jeffrey S. Rosenthal

Publisher: National Academies Press

ISBN: 9780309097345

Category: Science

Page: 270

View: 9470

From terrorist attacks to big money jackpots, Struck by Lightning deconstructs the odds and oddities of chance, examining both the relevant and irreverent role of randomness in our everyday lives. Human beings have long been both fascinated and appalled by randomness. On the one hand, we love the thrill of a surprise party, the unpredictability of a budding romance, or the freedom of not knowing what tomorrow will bring. We are inexplicably delighted by strange coincidences and striking similarities. But we also hate uncertainty's dark side. From cancer to SARS, diseases strike with no apparent pattern. Terrorists attack, airplanes crash, bridges collapse, and we never know if we'll be that one in a million statistic. We are all constantly faced with situations and choices that involve randomness and uncertainty. A basic understanding of the rules of probability theory, applied to real-life circumstances, can help us to make sense of these situations, to avoid unnecessary fear, to seize the opportunities that randomness presents to us, and to actually enjoy the uncertainties we face. The reality is that when it comes to randomness, you can run, but you can't hide. So many aspects of our lives are governed by events that are simply not in our control. In this entertaining yet sophisticated look at the world of probabilities, author Jeffrey Rosenthal--an improbably talented math professor--explains the mechanics of randomness and teaches us how to develop an informed perspective on probability.

A Postillion Struck by Lightning

A Memoir

Author: Dirk Bogarde

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1448214432

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 303

View: 2125

First published in 1977, A Postillion Struck by Lightning is volume one of Dirk Bogarde's best-selling memoirs Following Bogarde from childhood through adolescence, to the beginnings of his budding career, A Postillion Struck by Lightning is a heartfelt memoir, offering insight into what created the drive and charisma that eventually made him a star. Dreamy, sun-soaked summers full of freedom spent with his younger sister are mixed with holidays in France and rambling the countryside. Writing plays instead of playing sports, Dirk's talents lay in the creativity of painting and expression rather than in the precision of maths or science, much to the growing concern of his parents. Packed off to live with relatives in Scotland, his father hoped that a proper Scottish education would equip his son to follow in his footsteps for a career in Newspapers. In Scotland, Dirk learned to defend himself, to sound like a native Glaswegian, and to hide his intense homesickness. In essence; he learned to act.

Struck by Lightning

My Journey from the Shadow to the Light

Author: Debbie Gill

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781732630505

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 248

View: 4207

Debbie Gill's unusual life includes being born a "pickle," getting struck by lightning, andimporting a husband from Germany that didn't speak English. In Struck by Lightning: MyJourney from the Shadow to the Light , Debbie also shares her struggle with lowself-esteem, shame, fear, as well as addiction, and the toll it took on her life andrelationships.This poignant book reflects her emergence from the shadow caused by traumaticwounds, to the light where truth brings awareness and healing. Follow along as Debbiediscovers the shadow and light aspects of her archetypes that lead her down a darkabyss where she hits rock bottom. Alone and nowhere to go, she stands at a turningpoint where she has to ask God for help - or die.Witness Debbie's Spiritual Awakeningand journey as she walks down the path of the Wounded Healer and becomes thechange she wants to see in the world.

A Match to the Heart

One Woman's Story of Being Struck By Lightning

Author: Gretel Ehrlich

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440621086

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 208

View: 9252

A powerful chronicle of a wounded woman’s exploration of nature and self After nature writer Gretel Ehrlich was struck by lightning near her Wyoming ranch and almost died, she embarked on a painstaking and visionary journey back to the land of the living. With the help of an extraordinary cardiologist and the companionship of her beloved dog Sam, she avidly explores the natural and spiritual world to make sense of what happened to her. We follow as she combs every inch of her new home on the California coast, attends a convention of lightning-strike victims, and goes on a seal watch in Alaska. Ehrlich then turns her focus inward, exploring the tiny but equally fascinating ecosystem of the human heart, and culminated in a stunningly beautiful description of open-heart surgery.

Struck by Lightning

The story of Garry Lynch

Author: Gina Lennox

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 1743432100

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 264

View: 8760

Struck by Lightning is the life story of Garry Lynch, told in his own words. Garry Lynch is the father of Anita Cobby, the nurse who was brutally murdered in Sydney, Australia in 1986. Garry's story begins in 1918 and traces his life as a runaway child in the Great Depression to being an airframe fitter in the Second World War; then afterwards as a bohemian artist in Sydney, to a knock-about adventurer in the remote Kimberley region of north Western Australia. Two days after his daughter was murdered, Garry was catapulted into the public arena where he has stayed for the past ten years. As a victim of crime, he was asked to become a member of the Serious Offenders Review Council. Between 1990 and 1995 he was to meet some of Australia's most notorious murderers in the Council's work of recommending appropriate classifications for serious offenders within the Corrective Services. During this time Garry became a founding member of a Homicide Victims Support Group and continues to spend much of his life helping others who have had a loved one murdered. Struck By Lightning is a deeply moving story of personal change and spiritual growth, which shows how good can come from evil.

Cars Chapter Book #1 (Disney/Pixar Cars)

Author: Dave Keane

Publisher: RH/Disney

ISBN: 9780736438209

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 128

View: 9913

An exciting chapter book extension story based on characters from Disney/Pixar Cars 3--cruising into theaters June 16, 2017! Just in time for the release of Disney/Pixar Cars 3, this fun-filled chapter book reveals the origin of the racer known as Lightning McQueen! Children ages 6 to 9 will love this dramatic chapter book extension story based on the Cars franchise.

Violet Raines Almost Got Struck by Lightning

Author: Danette Haworth

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9780802722409

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 192

View: 3331

Violet Raines is happy with things just the way they are in her sleepy Florida town, but when Melissa moves to town from big-city Detroit, all of a sudden things seem like they're changing whether Violet likes it or not. It'll take a few run-ins with lightning and a whole lot of courage for her to realize that growing up doesn't have to mean changing who you are.

Tower Struck by Lightning


Author: Fernando Arrabal

Publisher: New York, N.Y., U.S.A. : Viking


Category: Fiction

Page: 242

View: 5997

The final game of a championship chess match between Elias Tarsis and Marc Amary becomes the backdrop for a confrontation between the two over the kidnapping of a Soviet diplomat


Author: Jennifer Bosworth

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 0374372837

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 384

View: 9218

After a major earthquake devastates Los Angeles, seventeen-year-old Mia wants only to take care of her younger brother and traumatized mother, but two fanatical doomsday cults vie for her powers, drawn from the multiple lightning strikes she has experienced.


Author: Dean Koontz

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1440619883

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 7322

#1 New York Times bestselling author Dean Koontz’s brilliantly thrilling novel of suspense. In the midst of a raging blizzard, lightning struck on the night Laura Shane was born. And a mysterious blond-haired stranger showed up just in time to save her from dying. Years later, in the wake of another storm, Laura will be saved again. For someone is watching over her. Is he the guardian angel he seems? The devil in disguise? Or the master of a haunting destiny beyond all time and space? “A gripping novel…fast-paced and satisfying.”—People

The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl

Author: Stacy McAnulty

Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers

ISBN: 152476759X

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 304

View: 753

Middle school is the one problem Lucy Callahan can't solve in this middle-grade novel perfect for fans of The Fourteenth Goldfish, Rain Reign, and Counting by 7s. Lucy Callahan was struck by lightning. She doesn't remember it, but it changed her life forever. The zap gave her genius-level math skills, and ever since, Lucy has been homeschooled. Now, at 12 years old, she's technically ready for college. She just has to pass 1 more test--middle school! Lucy's grandma insists: Go to middle school for 1 year. Make 1 friend. Join 1 activity. And read 1 book (that's not a math textbook!). Lucy's not sure what a girl who does calculus homework for fun can possibly learn in 7th grade. She has everything she needs at home, where nobody can make fun of her rigid routines or her superpowered brain. The equation of Lucy's life has already been solved. Unless there's been a miscalculation? A celebration of friendship, Stacy McAnulty's smart and thoughtful middle-grade debut reminds us all to get out of our comfort zones and embrace what makes us different. "An engaging story, full of heart and hope. Readers of all ages will root for Lucy, aka Lightning Girl. No miscalculations here!" --Kate Beasley, author of Gertie's Leap to Greatness

Struck By Living (2nd Edition)

From Depression to Hope

Author: Julie Hersh

Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group

ISBN: 1626344221

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 248

View: 9963

Struck by Living, originally published in 2010, is a story about me, Julie Kosnik Hersh, my experience with electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), and management of depression. This new version includes a prologue detailing the strange series of events this book spurred, as well as a wellness list in the back. On the original book tour, I decided it was too depressing to just talk about my depression, so I talked about how I stayed well too. People scribbled down these ideas like gospel, which they aren’t. They are common-sense ideas I’ve learned from years of psychotherapy, my own reading, and talking to people about this topic. I’ve included these ideas in this new edition so people don’t have to scribble. I love to read, so I wrote this book like a novel, instead of like a self-help book. I’m not a fan of self-help books as most of them claim to be “the answer.” The older I get, the more I realize how little I know. I do know there is no single answer for managing mental illness. This is a life-long task, where we all have to figure out our own quirks and how to manage them. If my story can help you figure this out—great. Each time I speak about my experience, I find people are often one step removed from the devastation of mental illness or even suicide. Stories about mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, spouses, and children all make me wonder: Could we have stopped those deaths? If we are more aware, can we see the signs earlier and save a life? ​I think we can. In that belief, I offer my story. Proceeds from this book will be donated to programs and research to battle mental illness.

Struck by Lightning!

Author: Stephen Person

Publisher: Bearport Publishing

ISBN: 1936087472

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 9063

Introduces lightning, discussing how it is formed and where it tends to strike, and describing some of the experiences of survivors who have been hit by lightning.

When Lightning Struck!

The Story of Martin Luther

Author: Danika Cooley

Publisher: Fortress Press

ISBN: 1506406300

Category: Religion

Page: 264

View: 1918

Martin Luther’s life was too exciting not to be written for teens and younger readers! In this fast-paced, action-packed novel of Martin Luther’s life, teen readers (and more than a few adults!) will be introduced to a fascinating time when princes ruled Europe and knights roamed the countryside. They’ll learn about a time when powerful forces lined up against each other and believing the wrong thing could get you killed. When Lightning Struck! is far more than just an adventure story, of course. It also tells a theological story. Drawing carefully from Luther’s own words, this book introduces readers to a kindred spirit who struggled with what knowing God through Scripture means for daily life. They will understand what was at stake and how powerfully liberating Luther’s idea of grace through faith was—in his time and in ours! In crisp, enjoyable prose, author Danika Cooley conveys both the drama and the meaning of the Reformation for younger readers like no one before her!

Sunny Says

Author: Jan Hudson

Publisher: Loveswept

ISBN: 9780553440904

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 4926

Intrigued by his network's sexy weather reporter, Sunny Larkin, foreign correspondent Kale Hoaglin has trouble winning her heart after he learns that she is completely devoted to her career. Original.

The Lightning-Struck Heart

Author: Tj Klune

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781634763677

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 8562

Once upon a time, in an alleyway in the slums of the City Of Lockes, a young and somewhat lonely boy named Sam Haversford turns a group of teenage douchebags into stone completely by accident. Of course, this catches the attention of a higher power, and Sam s pulled from the only world he knows to become an apprentice to the King's Wizard, Morgan of Shadows. When Sam s fourteen, he enters the Dark Woods and returns with Gary, the hornless gay unicorn, and a half-giant named Tiggy, earning the moniker Sam of Wilds. At fifteen, Sam learns what love truly is when a new knight arrives at the castle Knight Ryan Foxheart, the dreamiest dream to have ever been dreamed. Naturally, it all goes to hell when Ryan dates the reprehensible Prince Justin, Sam can't control his magic, a sexually aggressive dragon kidnaps the prince, and the King sends them on an epic quest to save Ryan's boyfriend, all while Sam falls more in love with someone he can never have. Or so he thinks. "

Blood and Beauty

The Borgias; A Novel

Author: Sarah Dunant

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 0679603867

Category: Fiction

Page: 544

View: 4455

NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY KIRKUS REVIEWS The New York Times bestselling author of the acclaimed Italian Renaissance novels—The Birth of Venus, In the Company of the Courtesan, and Sacred Hearts—has an exceptional talent for breathing life into history. Now Sarah Dunant turns her discerning eye to one of the world’s most intriguing and infamous families—the Borgias—in an engrossing work of literary fiction. By the end of the fifteenth century, the beauty and creativity of Italy is matched by its brutality and corruption, nowhere more than in Rome and inside the Church. When Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia buys his way into the papacy as Alexander VI, he is defined not just by his wealth or his passionate love for his illegitimate children, but by his blood: He is a Spanish Pope in a city run by Italians. If the Borgias are to triumph, this charismatic, consummate politician with a huge appetite for life, women, and power must use papacy and family—in particular, his eldest son, Cesare, and his daughter Lucrezia—in order to succeed. Cesare, with a dazzlingly cold intelligence and an even colder soul, is his greatest—though increasingly unstable—weapon. Later immortalized in Machiavelli’s The Prince, he provides the energy and the muscle. Lucrezia, beloved by both men, is the prime dynastic tool. Twelve years old when the novel opens, hers is a journey through three marriages, and from childish innocence to painful experience, from pawn to political player. Stripping away the myths around the Borgias, Blood & Beauty is a majestic novel that breathes life into this astonishing family and celebrates the raw power of history itself: compelling, complex and relentless. Look for special features inside. Join the Random House Reader’s Circle for author chats and more. “Dunant transforms the blackhearted Borgias and the conniving courtiers and cardinals of Renaissance Europe into fully rounded characters, brimming with life and lust.” —The New York Times Book Review “Like Hilary Mantel with her Cromwell trilogy, [Sarah] Dunant has scaled new heights by refashioning mythic figures according to contemporary literary taste. This intellectually satisfying historical saga, which offers blood and beauty certainly, but brains too, is surely the best thing she has done to date.” —The Miami Herald “Compelling female players have been a characteristic of Dunant’s earlier novels, and this new offering is no exception. . . . The members of this close-knit family emerge as dynamic characters, flawed but sympathetic, filled with fear and longing.” —The Seattle Times “Dazzling . . . a triumph on an epic scale . . . filled with rich detail and page-turning drama.” —BookPage “The Machiavellian atmosphere—hedonism, lust, political intrigue—is magnetic. . . . Readers won’t want the era of Borgia rule to end.” —People (four stars)

The Ice Queen

A Novel

Author: Alice Hoffman

Publisher: Little, Brown

ISBN: 9780759513488

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 3892

Be careful what you wish for. A woman who was touched by tragedy as a child now lives a quiet life, keeping other people at a cool distance. She even believes she wants it that way. Then one day she utters an idle wish and, while standing in her house, is struck by lightning. But instead of ending her life, this cataclysmic event sparks a strange and powerful new beginning. After the lightning strike, the chill in her spirit starts to have physical manifestations. She feels frozen from the inside out, and everything red looks as colorless as snow. Hearing of a fellow lightning-strike survivor - a man who was apparently dead for forty minutes, then simply got up and walked away - she goes in search of him. Perhaps Lazarus Jones, as he is known, can teach her to live without fear. He turns out to be her perfect opposite, a man whose breath can boil water and whose touch scorches. As an obsessive love affair begins between them, both hide their most dangerous secrets - what happened in the past that turned one to ice and the other to fire. And everyone in her fragile network of friends and family will be drawn into the conflagration of their joining. Alice Hoffman has written a magical story of passion, loss, and renewal. With a spareness and immediacy that only a master could achieve, she illuminates the bonds and mysteries that connect mother and daughter, sister and brother, woman and man.