Strangers in the Land

Patterns of American Nativism, 1860-1925

Author: John Higham

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9780813531236

Category: History

Page: 447

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Higham's work stands as the seminal work in the history of American nativism. The work is a careful, well-documented study of nationalism and ethnic prejudice, and chronicles the power and violence of these two ideas in American society from 1860 to 1925. He significantly moves beyond previous treatments of nativism, both in chronology and in interpretive sophistication. Higham defines nativism as a defensive type of nationalism or an intense opposition to an internal minority on the grounds of the group's foreign connections. By defining nativism as a set of attitudes or a state of mind, he sets the course for his book as tracing "trace an emotionally charged impulse" rather than "an actual social process or condition." As he argues that the ideological content of nativism remained consistent, he uses emotional intensity as a measure to trace in detail public opinion from the relative calm following the Civil War to the Johnson-Reed act of 1924 that severely limited European immigration. Strangers in the Land is, then, a history of public opinion, whose purpose is to show how nativism evolved in society and in action. Higham seeks to explain what could inflame xenophobia and who resisted it. He saw his work as part of a renewed interest in the study of nationalism following the national upheavals in the wake of the McCarthy hearings. Surely Higham's mentor at the University of Wisconsin, intellectual historian Merle Curti, influenced Higham's approach in seeking to examine the power of nationalism as an idea. Also influential was the intellectual climate of the 1950s with its of distrust of ideology and distain of prejudice. Higham admits being repelled by the nationalist delusions of the Cold War, again helping to explain why his study concentrates on seeking some explanation for the irrational and violent outbreaks. The book thus focuses on points of conflict, "antagonisms that belong within ideologies of passionate national consciousness." For example, Higham's explains the 100 percent American movement in terms of progressive ideals and the desire of Americans to shape immigrants into a particular ideal of "Americanness" through education and assimilation. This intellectual construct eventually gave way to the racial thinking to which Higham assigns much influence in the efforts to restrict immigration. Ideology is also central to his chapter on the history of the idea of racism in which he argues that Anglo-Saxon nationalism, literary naturalism and a nascent understanding of genetics combined to bring forth arguments for immigration restriction to preserve the racial purity of the American people. Thus, key for Higham's argument is the power of ideas in shaping individual behavior and thereby shaping history. This text is an absolute must-read for anyone seeking to understand American nativism and the darker side of nationalism.

Fremd in ihrem Land

Eine Reise ins Herz der amerikanischen Rechten

Author: Arlie Russell Hochschild

Publisher: Campus Verlag

ISBN: 3593507668

Category: Political Science

Page: 429

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In vielen westlichen Ländern sind rechte, nationalistische Bewegungen auf dem Vormarsch. Wie ist es dazu gekommen? Arlie Russell Hochschild reiste ins Herz der amerikanischen Rechten, nach Louisiana, und suchte fünf Jahre lang das Gespräch mit ihren Landsleuten. Sie traf auf frustrierte Menschen, deren "Amerikanischer Traum" geplatzt ist; Menschen, die sich abgehängt fühlen, den Staat hassen und sich der rechtspopulistischen Tea-Party-Bewegung angeschlossen haben. Hochschild zeigt eine beunruhigende Entwicklung auf, die auch in Europa längst begonnen hat. Hochschilds Reportage ist nicht nur eine erhellende Deutung einer gespaltenen Gesellschaft, sondern auch ein bewegendes Stück Literatur. "Jeder, der das moderne Amerika verstehen möchte, sollte dieses faszinierende Buch lesen." Robert Reich "Ein kluges, respektvolles und fesselndes Buch." New York Times Book Review "Eine anrührende, warmherzige und souverän geschriebene, ungemein gut lesbare teilnehmende Beobachtung. ... Wer ihr Buch liest, versteht die Wähler Trumps, weil sie auf Augenhöhe mit ihnen und nicht über sie spricht." FAZ

Strangers in the Land of Paradise

Creation of an African American Community in Buffalo, New York, 1900-1940

Author: Lillian Serece Williams

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253214089

Category: History

Page: 273

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Now in paperback! Strangers in the Land of Paradise The Creation of an African American Community, Buffalo, NY, 1900–1940 Lillian Serece Williams Examines the settlement of African Americans in Buffalo during the Great Migration. "A splendid contribution to the fields of African-American and American urban, social and family history.... expanding the tradition that is now well underway of refuting the pathological emphasis of the prevailing ghetto studies of the 1960s and '70s." —Joe W. Trotter Strangers in the Land of Paradise discusses the creation of an African American community as a distinct cultural entity. It describes values and institutions that Black migrants from the South brought with them, as well as those that evolved as a result of their interaction with Blacks native to the city and the city itself. Through an examination of work, family, community organizations, and political actions, Lillian Williams explores the process by which the migrants adapted to their new environment. The lives of African Americans in Buffalo from 1900 to 1940 reveal much about race, class, and gender in the development of urban communities. Black migrant workers transformed the landscape by their mere presence, but for the most part they could not rise beyond the lowest entry-level positions. For African American women, the occupational structure was even more restricted; eventually, however, both men and women increased their earning power, and that—over time—improved life for both them and their loved ones. Lillian Serece Williams is Associate Professor of History in the Women's Studies Department and Director of the Institute for Research on Women at Albany, the State University of New York. She is editor of Records of the National Association of Colored Women's Clubs, 1895–1992, associate editor of Black Women in United States History, and author of A Bridge to the Future: The History of Diversity in Girl Scouting. 352 pages, 14 b&w illus., 15 maps, notes, bibl., index, 6 1/8 x 9 1/4 Blacks in the Diaspora—Darlene Clark Hine, John McCluskey, Jr., and David Barry Gaspar, general editors

Fremder in einer fremden Welt

Meisterwerke der Science Fiction - Roman

Author: Robert A. Heinlein

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 3641032733

Category: Fiction

Page: 656

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Der Mann vom Mars Die erste Mars-Expedition ist auf dem roten Planeten abgestürzt, und erst zwanzig Jahre später erreichen erstmals wieder Menschen den Nachbarplaneten. Sie finden Michael Valentine Smith, einen jungen Mann, der als Kind die Katastrophe überlebt hat und von Marsianern erzogen wurde, und nehmen ihn mit zur Erde. Die Heimatwelt seiner Eltern ist für ihn eine fremde, unverständliche Welt, und er verwendet seine mentalen Kräfte dazu, sie zu verändern. Damit wird er für die einen zum Messias, und für die anderen zu einem Feind, den man mit allen Mitteln bekämpfen muss ...

Strangers in the Land

Blacks, Jews, Post-Holocaust America

Author: Eric J Sundquist

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674044142

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 672

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Strangers in the land

the Judaeo-Arabic exegesis of Tanḥum ha-Yerushalmi on the books of Ruth and Esther

Author: Michael G. Wechsler

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9789654934800

Category: Bibles

Page: 464

View: 8451

Strangers in the Land

The Rise and Decline of the British Indian Empire

Author: Roderick Cavaliero

Publisher: I.B.Tauris

ISBN: 0857717073

Category: History

Page: 312

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An enigma within a paradox might best describe the nature of British rule in India. The Indian Empire was the `jewell in the crown', Queen Victoria was Empress of India and her successors similarly raised to the purple, India was the lodestone of the British Empire and her loss regarded as an irretrievable blow to Britain's status as a world power. The British in India, first as adventurers and traders, and finally as rulers through the India Office in London and the Viceroy's Government in India oversaw all aspects of Indian life - district administration, law, police, army, economics and trade, education and culture, relations with Princely states and foreign powers. And all was recorded in detail yielding the rich sources which, together with a vast library of travellers's tales and personal memoirs, underpin this study. And there was mixing of cultures, certainly at the elite level, and Indian writers could say that `all that was good and living within us was made, shaped and quickened by ... British rule. But the deep sense of alienation remained and the British were always `little community of aliens'. The end came quickly at independence in 1947 and the British left a bitterly divided sub-continent. This is not a blow-by-blow traditional history but a narrative social and cultural history although naturally framed by the political and military story and the imperial context.It tries to get beneath the skin of the British-Indian relationship at all levels, enlivened by striking personality and anecdote, throughout the long history to the present when India is a regional super-power and, with Pakistan, a member of the nuclear club.

A Stranger in the Land

Jewish Identity Beyond Nationalism

Author: Daniel Cil Brecher

Publisher: Other PressLlc

ISBN: 9781590512111

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 372

View: 3503

A critical appraisal of the politics of Jewish identity after the holocaust by an Israeli dissenter describes the events and factors that shaped his beliefs and sense of self, his witness to the rise of Jewish nationalist thinking after World War II, and his services as a reserves historian that were marked by a deliberate misrepresentation of historical facts. Original.

Strangers in the Land

A Six-Week Devotional Guide on Immigration, the Church, and the Bible

Author: M. Daniel Carroll R.

Publisher: Sojourners


Category: Religion

Page: N.A

View: 4061

A six-week devotional on immigration, the church, and the Bible. By the editors of Sojourners magazine. Every Christian is an "undocumented foreigner"—in the world but not of it. How does this inform the church’s voice in the contemporary battle over U.S. immigration laws? With Strangers in the Land, you'll never view immigration the same way again. Based on Old Testament scholar M. Daniel Carroll R.’s transformative 2008 book Christians at the Border, this six-week devotional and study guide provides the reader a daily excerpt from Christians at the Border, a scripture on the same theme, a provocative question, and a prayer. Every seventh day is arranged for use with a small group, including a story-based group organizing model, worship suggestions, stimulating discussion questions, and action ideas. Rich resource for: personal meditation small group discussion especially valuable during Advent and Len

Strangers in Their Own Land

A Century of Colonial Rule in the Caroline and Marshall Islands

Author: Francis X. Hezel

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 9780824828042

Category: History

Page: 473

View: 6718

Hezel has written an authoritative and engaging narrative of [a] succession of colonial regimes, drawing upon a broad range of published and archival sources as well as his own considerable knowledge of the region. This is a conventional history, and a very good one, focused mostly on political and economic developments. Hezel demonstrates a fine understanding of the complicated relations between administrators, missionaries, traders, chiefs and commoners, in a wide range of social and historical settings. Pacific Affairs The tale [of Strangers in Their Own Land] is one of interplay between four sequential colonial regimes (Spain Germany, Japan, and the United States) and the diverse island cultures they governed. It is also a tale of relationships among islands whose inhabitants did not always see eye-to-eye and among individuals who fought private and public battles in those islands. Hezel conveys both the unity of purpose exerted by a colonial government and the subversion of that purpose by administrators, teachers, islands, and visitors.... [The] history is thoroughly supported by archival materials, first-person testimonies, and secondary sources. Hezel acknowledges the power of the visual when he ends his book by describing the distinctive flags that now replace Spanish, German, Japanese, and American symbols of rule. the scene epitomizes a theme of the book: global political and economic forces, whether colonial or post-colonial, cannot erode the distinctiveness each island claims. American Historical Review "

Strangers in the Land

Pedagogy, Modernity, and Jewish Identity

Author: H. Svi Shapiro

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated


Category: Social Science

Page: 350

View: 2951

Given the postmodern fixation on the other, it is ironic that the Jewish voice in curriculum studies has remained marginalized. In this anthology of critical studies bridging social theory and biography with multicultural education, 17 leading Jewish contributors seek to correct this oversight in

Ruth and Boaz

Strangers in the Land

Author: Terri L. Fivash

Publisher: Review and Herald Pub Assoc

ISBN: 0828018189

Category: Bible

Page: 317

View: 2188

With a cast of over 70 characters and a plot that tugs at the heart, Terry Fivash, author of Joseph, breathes new life into the story of Ruth--singer of songs, faithful friend, and daughter of royalty. But who would have a stranger from a foreign land? This biblical fiction has been carefully done so as to be historically accurate. The author pulls from her masters degree and love in history to recreate scenarios that put the reader in the culture and times of the real characters in the story. This fiction is educational.

Strangers in the Land

The Coming of the Europeans

Author: Joseph Harding

Publisher: Australian Geographic

ISBN: 9781742455204

Category: Australia

Page: 32

View: 7638

A new series about early Australian history. Written specifically with the new Australian History Curriculum in mind. Covers content for Year 4 -- First Contacts, Year 5 -- The Australian Colonies, Year 6 -- Australia as a Nation. Ages 10-12 years.

Strangers in the Land of Egypt

Author: Stephen March

Publisher: Permanent PressPub Company

ISBN: 9781579621858

Category: Fiction

Page: 248

View: 1470

After vandalizing a synagogue, Jesse Terrill performs community service for Mendel Ebban, a survivor of the Holocaust, and experiences a connection with him, as he chooses between taking revenge on the person who assaulted his father or practicing forgiveness, as espoused by Mr. Ebban.

Strangers in the Land

Author: Louise A. Vernon

Publisher: Review & Herald Publishing

ISBN: 9780828024266

Category: Huguenots

Page: 111

View: 4090

It was October, and morning dawned brisk and cool just like any other autumn day. But by noon Pierres world had turned upside down. The Edict of Nantes had been revoked, and the Huguenots were no longer free to practice their religion. Anyone who refused to convert would be imprisoned, and the dragoons had orders to kill anyone who tried to escape.In just a few days the fate of Pierres family would rest on his 12-year-old shoulders. But in the meantime a mysterious beggar would appear on their doorstep with a cryptic message, and a moonlit journey to Grand-pres estate would expose an unexpected spy.

Strangers in the Wild Place

Refugees, Americans, and a German Town, 1945-1952

Author: Adam R. Seipp

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253006775

Category: History

Page: 285

View: 9587

"This book examines the experiences of ethnic Germans fleeing the Russian advance into Eastern Europe, German civilians seeking refuge from bombed-out urban areas, non-Germans liberated from concentration camps or compulsory labor facilities, refugee bureaucrats from both Germany and the United Nations, American soldiers and erstwhile occupiers, and the community of Wildflecken itself"--Jacket.

Strangers in This Land

Religion, Pluralism and the American Dream, Revised Edition

Author: E. Allen Richardson

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786457279

Category: Religion

Page: 276

View: 6393

This updated, revised version of the important 1988 first edition (“must reading for anyone seriously probing religious pluralism in our society”—Theology Today) examines the complex relationship between American ideals and increasing religious diversity. In the past two decades, American religion has become more pluralistic and the central dynamic of welcoming versus rejecting religious diversity is even more prominent and nuanced. Explored here are two competing visions of the American Dream as it relates to religion: America as a pluralistic society shaped by its diversity, and America as an assimilative society in which people of all backgrounds become “American.”

Strangers in a Foreign Land

The Organizing of Catholic Latinos in the United States

Author: George E. Schultze

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9780739117460

Category: Religion

Page: 175

View: 8176

The Roman Catholic Church and the U.S. labor movement are missing an opportunity to work together to promote the well-being of Latino immigrants, the majority of whom are Catholic. The relationship between the Church and labor has stagnated because the U.S. labor movement (not unlike the Democrat Party) is taking political and social positions on abortion, same sex marriage, and school vouchers that are inimical to Catholic thinking despite the fact that the Church and Latinos immigrants are culturally conservative. Strangers in a Foriegn Land: The Organizing of Catholic Latinos in the U.S. argues that labor groups would enjoy a better relationship with a natural institutional ally by taking no position on these culture war positions. Author George Schultze also takes the position that the Catholic Church should should be taking steps to promote worker-owned cooperatives in the Mondrag-n Cooperative Corporation tradition, which recognizes the beneficial role of free market economies.