A Biography

Author: P. G. Maxwell-Stuart

Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited

ISBN: 1445608812

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 192

View: 373

The story of Devil from antiquity to the present.

The Celebration

Author: Ivan Angelo,Thomas Colchie

Publisher: Dalkey Archive Press

ISBN: 9781564782908

Category: Fiction

Page: 203

View: 4321

In the early morning of March 31, 1970 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, the annual birthday celebration of a prominent and wealthy young artist is taking place; and a train docked in Plaza Station filled with starving, drought-stricken migrant workers seeking relief gets turned away by the authorities, sparking a riot. From these seemingly unrelated events, Ivan Angelo's remarkable debut novel connects and implicates the lives of a complex of characters spanning three decades of tumultuous social and political history in twentieth-century Brazil. But with the central event - the celebration - missing, the reader is thrust into the middle of an intricate puzzle, left to construct the story from the evidence that accrues in a range of comic, unnverving, misleading and tragic episodes.

Madame C. J. Walker

Author: Katie Marsico

Publisher: Cherry Lake

ISBN: 1602792097

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 48

View: 4950

Madam C. J. Walker's business skills, motivation, and determination helped her to develop a hair product and become the first African American woman millionaire. Readers will learn how those same skills also helped her reach out and help people living in poverty and speak out against injustice.

Investment Opportunities for a Low Carbon World

Author: Will Oulton

Publisher: Gmb Pub Limited


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 365

View: 6242

Summary: "Providing insights from leading global experts from the environmental technology and finance sectors, under the guidance of Will Oulton, Director of Responsible Investment at FTSE Group, this important book looks at the prospects for low carbon technologies and services which are fundamental to mitigating climate change. The book also shows how the fast developing global environmental technology sector can provide excellent long term, sustainable and superior investment opportunities." -- Back cover.

Information Theory and Artificial Intelligence to Manage Uncertainty in Hydrodynamic and Hydrological Models

Author: Abebe Andualem Jemberie

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9789058096951

Category: Science

Page: 184

View: 3989

The complementary nature of physically-based and data-driven models in their demand for physical insight and historical data, leads to the notion that the predictions of a physically-based model can be improved and the associated uncertainty can be systematically reduced through the conjunctive use of a data-driven model of the residuals. The objective of this thesis is to minimise the inevitable mismatch between physically-based models and the actual processes as described by the mismatch between predictions and observations. Principles based on information theory are used to detect the presence and nature of residual information in model errors that might help to develop a data-driven model of the residuals by treating the gap between the process and its (physically-based) model as a separate process. The complementary modelling approach is applied to various hydrodynamic and hydrological models to forecast the expected errors and accuracy, using neural network and fuzzy rule-based models. Complementary modelling offers the opportunity of incorporating processes and data that are not considered by the model, without affecting the routine operation of physically-based models. The possibility that information may be obtained which will help to improve the physically-based model is also demonstrated.

The Earthscan reader on risk

Author: Ragnar Löfstedt,Åsa Boholm

Publisher: Earthscan / James & James

ISBN: 9781844076871

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 320

View: 3739

This new anthology is a comprehensive introduction to the field of risk theory. The introduction provides the ideal starting point for students and professionals new to risk studies and offers a concise refresher for researchers and practitioners. Coverage includes the origins of the concept of risk and its often misunderstood cousin uncertainty, before moving on to address risk perception, risk communication, the idea of trust and post-trust as well as risk in policy and regulation with a close look at the Precautionary Principle. Following the introduction, the volume includes a selection of the most significant and influential works on risk in their entirety. These selections, organized thematically to cover the breadth and depth of the field, provide greater detail and elaborate on the key themes and major developments in risk studies. Together they comprise the essential literature necessary for a full understanding of risk theory and practice on any issue and in any context.

Absolute Beginner's Guide to Networking

Author: Mark Gibbs

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780672311086

Category: Local area networks (Computer networks)

Page: 500

View: 9279

Aimed at novice network users, this book starts with an historical perspective of the computing industry. Having described the forces that brought networking about, the book, which has been updated to reflect improvements, outlines the components of a network and how the pieces fit together.

Calling Damascus

Author: Ed Fullman

Publisher: Booksurge Llc

ISBN: 9781419669606

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 2805

Ed Fullman blends the world of high technology, corporate politics, espionage, and counter-terrorism into a thriller in the genre of: le Carre', Brown, and Clancy. Tom Donovan becomes the unwitting bait in a complex CIA sting operation to expose the corporate financiers of terrorists. This fact-paced story follows Tom Donovan around the world from the West Bank and Israel to the US, England, Ireland, India, and Syria at the beginning of the second Intifada in 1998.

The Complete Beauty Book

Treatments, Therapies, Foods and Fitness for a Fresh New You

Author: Helena Sunnydale

Publisher: Lorenz Books

ISBN: 9781844775309

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 512

View: 1725

Treatments, Therapies, Foods and Fitness for a Fresh New You.

The Elect Lady

Life's Interruptions Become Godly Opportunities

Author: Eddie L. Long,Bishop Eddie L Long, D.D., D.H.L.

Publisher: Whitaker Distribution

ISBN: 9781603740234

Category: Religion

Page: 191

View: 8395

When Bishop Eddie Long gave the closing address at his wife's Heart to Heart Women's Conference, he told the story of how his own mother opted to stay in an abusive marriage in order to cover him. Begging his mother to stay, he said, "If you leave me, I will die." It was due to her sacrifice that Bishop Long's efforts blossomed into the amazing ministry he has today. Life's interruptions can become godly opportunities for the woman of God! It's time to realize your unique position to influence your children, your community, this generation, and the world if you will embrace your godly destiny. Through the encouragement of Bishop Long, you too can: ¢¢ Recover from disappointment ¢¢ Recognize divine direction ¢¢ Be a covering for your home and family ¢¢ Help your children to achieve great things ¢¢ Overcome past mistakes ¢¢ Turn tragedy into triumph ¢¢ Know that you are not alone in your struggles The Elect Lady is a message that transcends time to touch women in the twenty-first century just as it touched women in the first century. Written to all women, this book reveals that, no matter what your circumstances, God has placed you on earth "for such a time as this" (Esther 4:14).

Yes I Can! Help Save the Animals

Author: Emma Brownjohn

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781857077186

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 18

View: 4444

This lift-the-flap book aims to make children aware of the dangers facing our animals in different habitats—global warming, over-fishing, chopping down the forests, etc.—so they and their parents can make choices for the future. Includes a "Save the Animals" game.

Environmental Policy Law

Problems, Cases, and Readings

Author: Holly D. Doremus,Albert C. Lin,Ronald H. Rosenberg

Publisher: Foundation Press

ISBN: 9781609301736

Category: Law

Page: 1005

View: 1812

This casebook takes a very broad view of environmental law, encompassing the regulation of private and public land use and protection of wildlife as well as pollution control and remediation. It provides sufficient breadth for any introductory environmental or natural resources law course. It also strikes a balance by focusing in detail on those portions of the statutes covered that raise particularly interesting or important conceptual issues. Throughout, it highlights perpetual controversies such as the nature of human relationships to nature and the appropriate extent of individual control over natural resource use. The Fifth Edition includes problems that help students develop and test their facility with the materials in the text and the concepts underlying those materials. The new edition will also have new chapters on international environmental law issues and on enforcement issues.

Foreign Policies of India and Her Neighbours

Author: Ashok Kapur,A. Jeyaratnam Wilson

Publisher: Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire : Macmillan Press ; New York : St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9780312123802

Category: India

Page: 186

View: 6950

This study of perceptions, interests and strategies of South Asian states reveals the analytical and empirical richness of three kinds of states in the region: India - the regional hegemon; Pakistan-India's permanent competitor; and other South Asian states who do not accept Pakistani perceptions, interests and strategies concerning India. This book assesses the diplomatic and strategic principles of countries in the area, concentrating on the developments since 1947.