Soul on Bikes

The East Bay Dragons MC and the Black Biker Set

Author: Tobie Levingston,Keith Zimmerman

Publisher: Motorbooks International

ISBN: 076034535X

Category: Transportation

Page: 272

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"The history of the East Bay Dragons Motorcycle Club, an all-black, all-Harley, all-chopper group of motorcyclists in Oakland, California. Written by the club's founder and president, it presents an often-untold portion of African-American history"-Provided by publisher.

Soul on Bikes

Author: Tobie Levingston

Publisher: Motorbooks

ISBN: 1610600657

Category: Transportation

Page: 288

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DIVWhen Sonny Barger formed the Oakland Hell's Angels in 1957, a few miles up East 14th Street in East Oakland, a young black bike rider form Louisiana named Tobie Gene Levingston was soon to follow in Barger's footsteps. The two knew and respected each other and had ridden their Harleys together in the same East Bay neighborhood. In 1959, Tobie Gene organized the Dragons, a loosely knit, all-black men's club, one of the first of its kind. The dragon's earliest incarnation began as an all-black car club. It originally stemmed from Tobie Gene's big brother role to keep his younger brothers and friends occupied and out of trouble. The Dragons became ten strong, including members like MacArthur, Hooker, Tobie's brothers Joe Louis and Jonas, Baby Joe, Sam and Cousin Rabbit. Tobie Gene became the East Bay Dragons MC's first and only president, still reigning and riding after forty-four years.'/div

Brooklyn Kings

New York City's Black Bikers

Author: Martin Dixon,Greg Tate

Publisher: powerHouse Books

ISBN: 9781576870440

Category: Photography

Page: 138

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Presents an insider's view of the African American motorcycle clubs in New York City.

Life As a Black Outlaw Biker

Author: Unforgiven Outlaw,Keith T. Armon

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub

ISBN: 9781478187417

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

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This His Story is an Autobiography True and Uncut... Some Names Were Changed to PROTECT the Stupid!!! This Manuscript contains predications of Manic Depression Behavior, References to Illegal Drug use, Sexual Behavior and Ultra Violence. Some of the Names are used as Nicknames do not reflect as behavior of the users nor it is meant to Harm or bring Harm to the Author or Others, Living or Deceased. It is to be Use as Entertainment Only!!! Parental Discretion is Advised

The One Percenter Encyclopedia

The World of Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs from Abyss Ghosts to Zombies Elite

Author: Bill Hayes

Publisher: Motorbooks International

ISBN: 0760360537

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

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Ever wonder how the Hells Angels got their name, or about that little demonic critter on the Pagan's patch? What about the local one-percenter motorcycle club that hangs out at the corner bar? What goes on there? This book answers these questions and more. The One-Percenter Encyclopedia: The World of Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs from Abyss Ghosts to Zombies Elite features concise entries that include information on founding chapters, founding dates, number of chapters and members, club and leadership biographies, and more. This book covers all the major clubs--Hells Angels, Outlaws, Pagans, Mongols, Vagos--as well as lesser-known clubs from around the world.

Prospect's Bible

How to Prospect for a Traditional, Law Abiding Motorcycle Club

Author: John "Black Dragon" Edward Bunch II, 2nd,MR John E Bunch II,Christin Chapman,Robert Coleman,Robert Schultz,Philip 'Koolaid' Coney

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780692340127


Page: 156

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Do you have what it takes to earn the full patch brotherhood of a Mighty Motorcycle Club Nation? Can you adhere to the strict codes, protocol, customs, discipline and traditions of the MC that are not obvious to casual observers and are not readily shared with strangers? Can you ride in the harsh elements side by side with your brothers, sleeping under the stars and loving the life of two-wheeled iron obsession? Can you be trusted with the secrets and internal business of the MC? Can you serve the MC with loyalty putting the MC first in all endeavors other than God, family, and job? Can you love your full patch brothers as deeply as any blood family? Are you worthy of the trust of the MC? Can you be fearless in the face of danger? Can you stand by your full patch brothers, come what may, through thick and thin, until the very end? Can you do the work required to earn your full patch? If your answers to the questions above are yes then perhaps you might be ready to begin prospecting for a Motorcycle Club. Prospect's Bible will guide you, step by step, through the process of realizing that dream. It will give you an edge your full patch brothers never had. It will give you clarity through the process and guide you to becoming the hottest running prospect your MC has ever seen! You will learn how to prospect for a traditional, 99%er, law abiding motorcycle club. You will Learn MC protocol, Biker Set traditions and outlaw 1% MC history. You will learn the duties of the President, Sgt-at-Arms, Road Captain and other MC Officers. You will learn the foundation of what forms the MC's bylaws. You will learn MC politics, conflict resolution and how to successfully crossover! Prospect's bible contains: *a biker terms glossary *254 question MC protocol, history and traditions test *the Prospect's Proverbs "Daily affirmations to keep you strong" Good luck Prospect!

Dead in 5 Heartbeats

Author: Sonny Barger

Publisher: HarperTorch

ISBN: 9780060532536

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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The no–holds–barred first novel from Sonny Barger, author of the New York Times bestseller Hell's Angel. The mass market edition will be an ideal format for Sonny's legions of fans. ⏡tch⟋inkade thought that things were winding down. The former President of the Infidelz, the most powerful motorcycle club in Northern California, Patch has drifted east, hoping to start a new life in Arizona. He wants to forget his old life, a life where being the President of the Infidelz cost him his family. Now, he is responsible for no one but himself. But everything changes one night in Nevada, as bad blood between members of the Infidelz and a rival club, the 2Wheelers, errupts into a firefight, littering a casino with the corpses of both club members and ordinary citizens. The newspapers call it ⁩ke Wars,⟡nd Patch knows he's needed, either to help make a peace––or win a war. Responding to the call to duty, Patch straps on his knives and wipes the dust off his Harley, ready to cruise down the highway for what could be his final ride.

The Motorcycle Queen of Miami

A Story Based on the Life of Bessie B. Stringfield

Author: Phyllis Lamattina

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781508755456


Page: 28

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Before the Civil Rights Movement, there was a Jamaican-American woman who shattered boundaries by riding her motorcycle across America. Her name was Bessie B. Stringfield. Adopted at age five by a wealthy, white Irish Catholic family, her parents gave her whatever she asked for including a motorcycle. She relied heavily on her faith in God to get her through encounters with racism, sexism and denial of essentials such as fuel for her motorcycle and hotel rooms on her road trips. Her nothing-can-stop-me attitude, outstanding riding skills along with her faith in God has made her one of the most incredible and talked about Twentieth Century female motorcycle pioneers.

Greatest One-Percenter Myths, Mysteries, and Rumors Revealed

Author: Bill Hayes

Publisher: Motorbooks

ISBN: 076035099X

Category: Transportation

Page: 240

View: 5381

Learn the real stories behind legendary events in motorcycle outlaw history. Pretty much everything the world has ever heard about one-percenter motorcycle clubs has been pure, unadulterated bullshit. Take the so-called Hollister riot of 1947 that started it all. LIFE magazine convinced America that what Hunter Thompson called "The Menace" was about to ride into town spewing rage and 30-weight motor oil, and America believed it. So what really happened in Hollister? Greatest One-Percenter Myths, Mysteries, and Rumors Revealed divulges the truth about that incident and many more legendary events, including Charles Manson's desire for a biker army, what really happened to the Easy Rider bikes, and an examination of the mystery of the Waco shootings. The truth will be revealed, but only if you crack the spine on this book and read the real story. Topics covered in this book include the following: Lost Lore of the Laughlin River Run The Straight Satans and Charles Manson Inside the Heads of the Infiltrators The Growth of the Three-Piece Patch in Red China The Mystery of the Easy Rider Bikes Blunders Down Under Women in the Wild: Mamas, Sheep, Ol' Ladies, and Lies Purple Wings: Codes, Secrets, and Anti-Everything Acronyms The Holiness of Hollister, the Sins of the Scribes The Strange Rise and Fall of Japan's Bosozoku Putin's Angels: Throwing the Separation of MC and State to the Wolves Who Really Hatched Easy Rider? Confessions of Murder on National Television "Can You Guys Ride?": Giving the Cast of Sons of Anarchy Their Keys Waco: The Biggest Mystery of All

The One Percenter Code

How to Be an Outlaw in a World Gone Soft

Author: Dave Nichols

Publisher: Motorbooks

ISBN: 0760342725

Category: Transportation

Page: 256

View: 3256

DIVIn The One Percenter Code, best-selling Motorbooks author and editor of Easyriders magazine Dave Nichols takes up where he left off in One Percenter: The Legend of The Outlaw Bikers. Nichols takes readers inside the world of outlaw motorcycle clubs and pulls back the secretive curtain on the biker lifestyle. He explores the concept of brotherhood, ultimately arriving at a new definition of family and community in the process. Being a member of a one percenter motorcycle club requires extreme discipline; in this book, Nichols shows us what that life offers in return./div Nichols delves into the one percenter code of conduct and honor and finds something that is sorely lacking in modern society. In this book, he shows us how we can apply those values in our own lives. The world of the outlaw biker has its own rough-hewn rules of order, and The One Percenter Code acts as a guidebook to that truth-, honor-, and brotherhood-based world.

Sergeant-At-Arms Bible

Soldier-Sergeant of the Brotherhood

Author: MR John Edward Bunch II

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780997432220


Page: N.A

View: 4495

The Sergeant-at-Arms is the guardian of the bylaws, and protector of the brotherhood. Learn the skills necessary to ply your trade as the Sergeant-at-Arms of your mighty Brotherhood Nation. This handbook is the only one of its kind that will give you the templates, guides, information and direction to quickly get you up and running as a soldier-sergeant. Learn the Sergeant's administrative, law enfor- cement and military duties as an MC leader. Use National President John E. Bunch II's 27 years of experience to learn how to protect your MC and manage its accountability system..

2011 National Gang Threat Assessment

Emerging Trends

Author: Federal Bureau of Investigation

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

ISBN: 1614481547

Category: True Crime

Page: 104

View: 8217

Gangs continue to commit criminal activity, recruit new members in urban, suburban, and rural regions across the United States, and develop criminal associations that expand their influence over criminal enterprises, particularly street-level drug sales. The most notable trends for 2011 have been the overall increase in gang membership, and the expansion of criminal street gangs' control of street-level drug sales and collaboration with rival gangs and other criminal organizations.

The Original Wild Ones

Tales of the Boozefighters Motorcycle Club

Author: Bill Hayes

Publisher: Motorbooks International

ISBN: 9780760335376

Category: Transportation

Page: 288

View: 5631

This "raucous and heartfelt recounting of the early days of biker clubs" (Roadbike) gets to the reality behind the myth immortalized in Brando's "The Wild One."

The Big Book of Hair Metal

The Illustrated Oral History of Heavy Metal's Debauched Decade

Author: Martin Popoff

Publisher: Voyageur Press (MN)

ISBN: 0760345465

Category: Music

Page: 224

View: 865

In this ultimate guide to the subgenre, acclaimed heavy-metal journalist Martin Popoff examines hair metal in an all-encompassing oral history jacked up by a kaleidoscope of outrageous and previously unpublished quotes, anecdotes, photos, and memorabilia,

Under and Alone

The True Story of the Undercover Agent Who Infiltrated America's Most Violent Outlaw Motorcycle Gang

Author: William Queen

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781588364401

Category: True Crime

Page: 288

View: 729

In 1998, William Queen was a veteran law enforcement agent with a lifelong love of motorcycles and a lack of patience with paperwork. When a “confidential informant” made contact with his boss at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, offering to take an agent inside the San Fernando chapter of the Mongols (the scourge of Southern California, and one of the most dangerous gangs in America), Queen jumped at the chance, not realizing that he was kicking-starting the most extensive undercover operation inside an outlaw motorcycle gang in the history of American law enforcement. Nor did Queen suspect that he would penetrate the gang so successfully that he would become a fully “patched-in” member, eventually rising through their ranks to the office of treasurer, where he had unprecedented access to evidence of their criminal activity. After Queen spent twenty-eight months as “Billy St. John,” the bearded, beer-swilling, Harley-riding gang-banger, the truth of his identity became blurry, even to himself. During his initial “prospecting” phase, Queen was at the mercy of crank-fueled criminal psychopaths who sought to have him test his mettle and prove his fealty by any means necessary, from selling (and doing) drugs, to arms trafficking, stealing motorcycles, driving getaway cars, and, in one shocking instance, stitching up the face of a Mongol “ol’ lady” after a particularly brutal beating at the hands of her boyfriend. Yet despite the constant criminality of the gang, for whom planning cop killings and gang rapes were business as usual, Queen also came to see the genuine camaraderie they shared. When his lengthy undercover work totally isolated Queen from family, his friends, and ATF colleagues, the Mongols felt like the only family he had left. “I had no doubt these guys genuinely loved Billy St. John and would have laid down their lives for him. But they wouldn’t hesitate to murder Billy Queen.” From Queen’s first sleight of hand with a line of methamphetamine in front of him and a knife at his throat, to the fearsome face-off with their decades-old enemy, the Hell’s Angels (a brawl that left three bikers dead), to the heartbreaking scene of a father ostracized at Parents’ Night because his deranged-outlaw appearance precluded any interaction with regular citizens, Under and Alone is a breathless, adrenaline-charged read that puts you on the street with some of the most dangerous men in America and with the law enforcement agents who risk everything to bring them in. From the Hardcover edition.

Hacker Crackdown

Author: Bruce Sterling

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781535486903


Page: 292

View: 4524

A history of hacker sub-culture in the 1990s - from Operation Sun Devil to the formation of the EFF.

The Chopper

The Real Story

Author: Paul D'Orléans,Robert Klanten

Publisher: Gestalten

ISBN: 9783899555240

Category: Transportation

Page: 285

View: 1341

The chopper is quintessentially American and, since Easy Rider, has embodied the American dream. This book tells the true story of the most rebellious of all motorcycles. The chopper is a quintessentially American invention, rivaling jazz and abstract exp

Alcoholics Anonymous

The Story of How More Than One Hundred Men Have Recovered from Alcoholism

Author: Alcoholics Anonymous

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781258461805


Page: 410

View: 6634

The Rebels

A Brotherhood of Outlaw Bikers

Author: Daniel R. Wolf

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 1442659572

Category: Social Science

Page: 372

View: 6896

The image of the outlaw biker is widely recognize in North American society. The reality is only known to insiders. To study the phenomenon of outlaw biker clubs, anthropologist Daniel Wolf bridged the gap between image and reality by becoming an insider. Electronic Format Disclaimer: Preliminary images removed at the request of the rights holder.

Going Anywhere

Author: David Armstrong

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781935248613

Category: Fiction

Page: 208

View: 6918

Blending the fantastical with universal truths about family and heartache, these stories show a wild, unruly America of the mind.