A Guide to an American Subculture

Author: Tiffini A. Travis,Perry Hardy

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 0313359539

Category: Social Science

Page: 161

View: 3979

This book provides a fascinating examination of one of the most notorious countercultures in the United States. * Includes images of American skinheads from the 1980s, 1990s, and today that depict skinhead fashion, hairstyles, and lifestyles * Provides an annotated bibliography of primary and secondary sources in a variety of formats, including articles from magazines and scholarly journals, books, and websites

The Mafia: A Guide to an American Subculture

A Guide to an American Subculture

Author: Nate Hendley

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1440803617

Category: History

Page: 201

View: 8498

Based on original sources and research, not legends and myth, this book presents a lively, in-depth analysis of how the American Mafia epitomizes organized crime. • Includes historical, social, economic, and cultural context that further clarifies the significance of the Mafia's operations and makes for more engaging reading • Focuses on verifiable information about the Mafia while avoiding hearsay and speculation, such as the widely discussed theories regarding possible Mafia involvement in the assassination of John F. Kennedy • Provides a comprehensive bibliography of materials used for the book's research, including police reports, court documents, FBI files, television and radio broadcasts, and online information

Crips and Bloods: A Guide to an American Subculture

A Guide to an American Subculture

Author: Herbert C. Covey

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 0313399301

Category: True Crime

Page: 201

View: 9260

This book provides a concise and engaging examination of the subculture of the Crips and Bloods—the notorious street gangs that started in Los Angeles, but have now spread throughout the United States. • Includes a timeline of significant events related to the counterculture • Offers a bibliography of print and non-print resources for student research • Describes the symbols, objects, words, colors, and images used to represent the gangs • Provides a comprehensive glossary of street literacy terms

The Black Panther Party: A Guide to an American Subculture

Author: Jamie J. Wilson

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 0313392544

Category: History

Page: 134

View: 7151

This compact volume offers a compelling introduction to a group once deemed the greatest threat to the internal security of the United States, the Black Panther Party. • Synthesizes the latest scholarship on the Black Panther Party • Explains topics clearly and in accessible language • Offers a compelling narrative that examines in depth the breadth of Black Panther Party politics and political activity • Examines the ways in which the Black Panther Party has been depicted in popular culture, including in films and in hip-hop culture • Includes biographical sketches of the most significant Panther members, along with a selection of primary documents

Skinheads Shaved for Battle

A Cultural History of American Skinheads

Author: Jack B. Moore

Publisher: Popular Press

ISBN: 9780879725839

Category: Social Science

Page: 200

View: 1250

This book describes who American skinheads are, how they have developed within larger youth group scenes, their ideas and activities, the role of music in their formation and development, how they have been perceived by the media in America, and what damage they have done in American society. Jack B. Moore focuses on the cultural history of this group in America during the 1980s and suggests that while they were originally a minor distraction on the punk scene, they have grown into a dangerous and far more politically engaged source of hate thought and crime.

Die Vernetzung der Welt

Ein Blick in unsere Zukunft

Author: Eric Schmidt,Jared Cohen

Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 3644030618

Category: Political Science

Page: 448

View: 1269

Welche Konsequenzen wird es haben, wenn in Zukunft die überwiegende Mehrheit der Weltbevölkerung online ist? Wenn Informationstechnologien so allgegenwärtig sind wie Elektrizität? Was bedeutet das für die Politik, die Wirtschaft – und für uns selbst? Diese Fragen beantwortet ein außergewöhnliches Autorenduo: Eric Schmidt, der Mann, der Google zu einem Weltunternehmen gemacht hat, und Jared Cohen, ehemaliger Berater von Hillary Clinton und Condoleezza Rice und jetzt Chef von Googles Denkfabrik. In diesem aufregenden Buch führen sie uns die Chancen und Gefahren jener eng vernetzten Welt vor Augen, die die meisten von uns noch erleben werden. Es ist die sehr konkrete Vision einer Zukunft, die bereits begonnen hat. Und ein engagiertes Plädoyer dafür, sie jetzt zu gestalten – weil Technologie der leitenden Hand des Menschen bedarf, um Positives zu bewirken.

Alt. Culture

An A-to-z Guide to the '90s : Underground, On-line, and Over-the-counter

Author: Nathaniel Wice

Publisher: Harpercollins


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 297

View: 2225

Alphabetically arranged entries with Internet addresses for further information cover popular and youth culture topics and personalities

La Haine

French Film Guide

Author: Ginette Vincendeau

Publisher: I.B.Tauris

ISBN: 0857730525

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 128

View: 8608

Released in 1995, La Haine is the black and white chronicle of 24 hours in the life of a mixed-race young male trio from a run-down Parisian suburb. The work of a then unknown young team (director and actors were all under 30), it became hugely and unexpectedly successful, launching director Mathieu Kassovitz and lead player Vincent Cassel to stardom.The film's combination of hard-hitting social exposé, stylish black and white cinematography and hip-hop culture also turned it into an enduring cult movie with younger viewers. With great style and insight, Ginette Vincendeau provides a thorough understanding of the context of the film's making, its narrative tension, stylistic sophistication and ideological ambiguity and of its extraordinary success nationally and internationally. She thus explains why, out of so many films about disaffected youth, La Haine is the one that caught the imagination, becoming an instant classic.

Russia's Skinheads

Exploring and Rethinking Subcultural Lives

Author: Hilary Pilkington,Al'bina Garifzianova,Elena Omel'chenko

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136978771

Category: Social Science

Page: 304

View: 9635

Russia’s Skinheads: Exploring and Rethinking Subcultural Lives provides a thorough examination of the phenomenon of skinheads, explaining its nature and its significance, and assessing how far Russian skinhead subculture is the ‘lumpen’ end of the extreme nationalist ideological spectrum. There are large numbers of skinheads in Russia, responsible for a significant number of xenophobic attacks, including 97 deaths in 2008 alone, making this book relevant to Russian specialists as well as to sociologists of youth subculture. It provides a practical example of how to investigate youth subculture in depth over an extended period – in this case through empirical research following a specific group over six years – and goes on to argue that Russian skinhead subculture is not a direct import from the West, and that youth cultural practices should not be reduced to expressions of consumer choice. It presents an understanding of the Russian skinhead as a product of individuals’ whole, and evolving, lives, and thereby compels sociologists to rethink how they conceive the nature of subcultures.

Die Geschichte einer Kulturrevolte

Author: Craig O'Hara

Publisher: Ventil Verlag Kg

ISBN: 9783930559725

Category: Music

Page: 163

View: 8786

The German edition of the AK Press book "Philosophy of Punk: More Than Noise!," Additions include a preface by Joachim of OX fanzine. This is the first book to give an inside look at the thriving subculture as an important present day movement and a way of life. Covering such topics as skinheads, fanzines, anarchism, homosexuality, and, of course, punk rock! Includes over 70 photos and graphics.


Zur Soziologie abweichenden Verhaltens

Author: Howard S. Becker

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3658012544

Category: Social Science

Page: 197

View: 3476

​ „Der Mensch mit abweichendem Verhalten ist ein Mensch, auf den diese Bezeichnung erfolgreich angewandt worden ist; abweichendes Verhalten ist Verhalten, das Menschen als solches bezeichnen“: Es ist einer der klassischen Sätze der Devianzsoziologie in einem der Klassiker des Feldes. Howard S. Becker betont fernab von alten und simplistischen Fragen danach, „warum Menschen Regeln brechen“, welche Situationen und welche Prozesse dazu führen, dass Menschen in Positionen geraten, in denen sie als „Regelbrecher“ betitelt werden, wie sie mit diesen Positionen umgehen und sich auch gegen diese wehren. „Außenseiter“ erschien erstmals 1963 in New York und wurde 1981 bei S. Fischer in deutscher Übersetzung publiziert. Seit den frühen neunziger Jahren vergriffen, liegt hier nun eine von Michael Dellwing überarbeitete und herausgegebene Version vor.

Street Culture

50 Years of Subculture Style

Author: Gavin Baddeley

Publisher: Plexus Publishing

ISBN: 0859658775

Category: Photography

Page: 300

View: 9349

Street Culture explores the family tree of youth movements, examining the lines that tie Beatniks to Bikers, Punks to Emos, Goths to Metal Heads. Illustrated throughout, the book presents a sumptuous visual history of youth culture, and the style, behaviour and values of the groups who have defined it.

No Future

Youth and Society

Author: Ernest Cashmore

Publisher: Heinemann Educational Publishers


Category: Children

Page: 111

View: 2965

The Global Village Companion

An A-to-Z Guide to Understanding Current World Affairs

Author: David Levinson,Karen Christensen

Publisher: Abc-Clio Incorporated

ISBN: 9780874368291

Category: History

Page: 438

View: 5232

The Global Village Companion will help readers understand how new and developing influences around the world are affecting the way we live and work, as well as our political and economic situations. With more than 400 general entries that describe over 1,000 terms, The Global Village Companion covers several related topics within a single entry. In addition to individual definitions, the historical context and global significance of included phrases are also covered. Extensive cross-referencing, a detailed subject index, a bibliography, appendix, and maps help readers explore and uncover connections between related ideas.

Mein Kampf

Author: Adolf Hitler

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781911417682


Page: N.A

View: 6597

Als glUckliche Bestimmung gilt es mir heute, da das Schicksal mir zum Geburtsort gerade Braunau am Inn zuwies. Liegt doch dieses StAdtchen an der Grenze jener zwei deutschen Staaten, deren Wiedervereinigung mindestens uns JUngeren als eine mit allen Mitteln durchzufUhrende Lebensaufgabe erscheint! DeutschOsterreich mu wieder zurUck zum groen deutschen Mutterlande, und zwar nicht aus GrUnden irgendwelcher wirtschaftlichen ErwAgungen heraus. Nein, nein: Auch wenn diese Vereinigung, wirtschaftlich gedacht, gleichgUltig, ja selbst wenn sie schAdlich wAre, sie mUte dennoch stattfinden. Gleiches Blut gehOrt in ein gemeinsames Reich. Das deutsche Volk besitzt solange kein moralisches Recht zu kolonialpolitischer TAtigkeit, solange es nicht einmal seine eigenen SOhne in einem gemeinsamen Staat zu fassen vermag. Erst wenn des Reiches Grenze auch den letzten Deutschen umschliet, ohne mehr die Sicherheit seiner ErnAhrung bieten zu kOnnen, ersteht aus der Not des eigenen Volkes das moralische Recht zur Erwerbung fremden Grund und Bodens. Der Pflug ist dann das Schwert, und aus den TrAnen des Krieges erwAchst fUr die Nach welt das tAgliche Brot. So scheint mir dieses kleine GrenzstAdtchen das Symbol einer groen Aufgabe zu sein.