Sinn, Wert und Erfahrung

Internalismus und Externalismus bei Max Weber, Alfred Schütz und Niklas Luhmann

Author: Peter Isenbock

Publisher: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft

ISBN: 9783848719464


Page: 202

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Solange Max Webers Soziologie auf den methodologischen Individualismus beschrankt bleibt, kann die theoretische Einheit von wertrationalem Handeln und der Geltung von Wertspharen nicht hergestellt werden. Vor dem Hintergrund einer aktualisierten Lesart der neukantianischen Werttheorie schlagt die Arbeit eine konsequent externalistische Lesart Webers vor. Diese entfaltet die Arbeit in kritischer Auseinandersetzung mit pragmatistischen, phanomenologischen und systemtheoretischen Argumenten. Dabei zeigt sich, dass eine naturalistische genauso wie eine internalistische und konstruktivistische Transformation des Wertbegriffs die Tiefendimension der Qualitat der menschlichen Weltbeziehung verkennt. Der Autor ist geschaftsfuhrender Redakteur der Zeitschrift fur Theoretische Soziologie. Seine Arbeitsschwerpunkte sind: Theoretische Soziologie, Wissenssoziologie, Religion und Lebensfuhrung.

The Social and Economic Roots of the Scientific Revolution

Texts by Boris Hessen and Henryk Grossmann

Author: Gideon Freudenthal,Peter McLaughlin

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1402096046

Category: Science

Page: 273

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The texts of Boris Hessen and Henryk Grossmann assembled in this volume are important contributions to the historiography of the Scienti?c Revolution and to the methodology of the historiography of science. They are of course also historical documents, not only testifying to Marxist discourse of the time but also illustrating typical European fates in the ?rst half of the twentieth century. Hessen was born a Jewish subject of the Russian Czar in the Ukraine, participated in the October Revolution and was executed in the Soviet Union at the beginning of the purges. Grossmann was born a Jewish subject of the Austro-Hungarian Kaiser in Poland and served as an Austrian of?cer in the First World War; afterwards he was forced to return to Poland and then because of his revolutionary political activities to emigrate to Germany; with the rise to power of the Nazis he had to ?ee to France and then Americawhilehisfamily,whichremainedinEurope,perishedinNaziconcentration camps. Our own acquaintance with the work of these two authors is also indebted to historical context (under incomparably more fortunate circumstances): the revival of Marxist scholarship in Europe in the wake of the student movement and the p- fessionalization of history of science on the Continent. We hope that under the again very different conditions of the early twenty-?rst century these texts will contribute to the further development of a philosophically informed socio-historical approach to the study of science.


Fichte and Hegel on the Other

Author: Robert R. Williams

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 1438424124

Category: Philosophy

Page: 332

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States of Affairs

Author: Maria Elisabeth Reicher

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110326027

Category: Philosophy

Page: 219

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States of affairs raise, among others, the following questions: What kind of entity are they (if there are any)? Are they contingent, causally efficacious, spatio-temporal and perceivable entities, or are they abstract objects? What are their constituents and their identity conditions? What are the functions that states of affairs are able to fulfil in a viable theory, and which problems and prima facie counterintuitive consequences arise out of an ontological commitment to them? Are there merely possible (non-actual, non-obtaining) states of affairs? Are there molecular (i.e., negative, conjunctive, disjunctive etc.) states of affairs? Are there modal and tensed states of affairs? In this volume, these and other questions are addressed by David M. Armstrong, Marian David, Herbert Hochberg, Uwe Meixner, L. Nathan Oaklander, Peter Simons, Erwin Tegtmeier and Mark Textor.

Projection-Based Clustering through Self-Organization and Swarm Intelligence

Combining Cluster Analysis with the Visualization of High-Dimensional Data

Author: Michael Christoph Thrun

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3658205407

Category: Computers

Page: 201

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This book is published open access under a CC BY 4.0 license. It covers aspects of unsupervised machine learning used for knowledge discovery in data science and introduces a data-driven approach to cluster analysis, the Databionic swarm (DBS). DBS consists of the 3D landscape visualization and clustering of data. The 3D landscape enables 3D printing of high-dimensional data structures. The clustering and number of clusters or an absence of cluster structure are verified by the 3D landscape at a glance. DBS is the first swarm-based technique that shows emergent properties while exploiting concepts of swarm intelligence, self-organization and the Nash equilibrium concept from game theory. It results in the elimination of a global objective function and the setting of parameters. By downloading the R package DBS can be applied to data drawn from diverse research fields and used even by non-professionals in the field of data mining.

Both Judge and Justifier

Biblical Legal Language and the Act of Justifying in Paul

Author: James B. Prothro

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck

ISBN: 3161561163

Category: Religion

Page: 293

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Paul often says that God "justifies" people in Christ, but what does that mean God does? The language appears legal, but many other interpretations have been suggested. BEginning from the use of this language in Judaism and early Christianity, James B. PRothro investigates biblical legal conflicts and the terminology of "justification" in Paul s letters to determine what it means for Paul to say that God as judge is the "justifier" of those who trust in Christ.

Russell Vs. Meinong

The Legacy of "On Denoting"

Author: Nicholas Griffin,Dale Jacquette

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135893152

Category: Philosophy

Page: 14

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A century after ‘On Denoting’ was published, the debate it initiated continues to rage. On the one hand, there is a mass of new historical scholarship, about both Russell and Meinong, which has not circulated very far beyond specialist scholars. On the other hand, there are continuing problems and controversies concerning contemporary Russellian and Meinongian theories, many of them involving issues that simply did not occur to the original protagonists. This work provides an overview of the latest historical scholarship on the two philosophers as well as detailed accounts of some of the problems facing the current incarnations of their theories.

Migration and Refugee Policies in Germany

New European Limits of Control?

Author: Andreas Ette

Publisher: Verlag Barbara Budrich

ISBN: 3847410776

Category: Social Science

Page: 314

View: 6965

International migration is one of the most controversial political topics today which demands innovative approaches of global and regional governance. The book provides a fresh theoretical framework to understand European responses to the international migration of people and explains the dynamics of Germany’s migration and refugee policy during the last two decades. Against traditional theories and their inherent focus on the national political sphere, the book highlights supranational and multi-level political processes as increasingly important factors to account for national policy changes. Confronted with the most recent developments of international migration, the study offers students and practitioners the necessary background to participate in today’s debates.

The Early Karl Barth

Historical Contexts and Intellectual Formation 1905–1935

Author: Paul Silas Peterson

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck

ISBN: 3161553608

Category: Religion

Page: 488

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"Paul Silas Peterson presents Karl Barth (1886-1968) in his sociopolitical, cultural, ecclesial, and theological contexts from 1905 to 1935. In the foreground of this inquiry is Barth's relation to the features of his time, especially radical socialist ideology, WWI, an intellectual trend that would later be called the Conservative Revolution, the German Christians, the Young Reformation Movement, and National Socialism."--From back of book.


Its Nature and Justification

Author: Bernard Gert

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 0195122569

Category: Philosophy

Page: 408

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In this final revision of the classic work, the author has produced the fullest and most sophisticated account of this influential theoretical model. Here, he makes clear that morality is an informal system that does not provide unique answers to every moral question but does always limit the range of morally acceptable options, and so explains why some moral disagreements cannot be resolved. The importance placed on the moral ideals also makes clear that the moral rules are only one part of the moral system. A chapter that is devoted to justifying violations of the rules illustrates how the moral rules are embedded in the system and cannot be adequately understood independently of it. The chapter on reasons includes a new account of what makes one reason better than another and elucidates the complex hybrid nature of rationality.

Rethinking Neo-Institutional Statebuilding

The Knowledge Paradox of International Intervention

Author: Peter Finkenbusch

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1315402734

Category: Political Science

Page: 174

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This book examines how neo-institutional statebuilding undercuts international policy agency. Post-Cold War interventions are marked by a peculiar paradox. From peace and statebuilding projects in war-shattered societies to World Bank development programmes in Africa, the scope of external regulation has grown consistently while international policymakers are finding it increasingly difficult to formulate a political project regarding the Global South. This book seeks to make sense of a contradictory situation in which international policymakers are doing more statebuilding than ever while knowing less about it. The study argues that the crisis of international agency is driven by the demise of reductionist liberal-universal knowledge. It critically explores neo-institutionalism as a dominant policy framework, bringing out how the failure of intervention paves the way for more comprehensive, context-sensitive and bottom-up engagement. As a precondition and side-effect of this expansive process, reductionist liberal-universal knowledge is deconstructed. Paradoxically, the more policymakers learn within a neo-institutional frame of reference, the less they positively know. Without this epistemic foundation, it becomes difficult to act purposively in the world and formulate instrumental policy. The study illustrates these conceptual insights with reference to the Merida Initiative, a U.S.-Mexican security agreement signed in 2007. Rethinking Neo-Institutional Statebuilding will be of much interest to students of statebuilding, international intervention, peace and conflict studies, Latin American politics and IR in general.

There Is No Place Like Home

Migration and Cultural Identity of the Sonsorolese, Micronesia

Author: Stephanie Walda-Mandel

Publisher: Universitatsverlag Winter

ISBN: 9783825366926


Page: 332

View: 9584

The remote island of Sonsorol with its unique culture and language belongs to the Micronesian archipelago Palau in the Western Pacific. Based on intensive multi-sited fieldwork, this comprehensive ethnography analyzes the social transformation of a small island community caused by migration of a large number of its members. Long journeys with their outrigger canoes have always been cultural practice of the Sonsorolese people. Today, caused by global processes, their world has broadened and they move to destinations such as Guam, Saipan or the USA - faraway places that sometimes become a permanent home. In these even smaller dispersed communities in mostly urban centers, notions of home, belonging and nation take on new significance. Following their routes and footsteps, the author explores how mobility and change affect their cultural identity. In their own words, the Sonsorolese express their motifs, hopes and experiences and are shown as active decision makers in a changing world.

The Ethics of Bioethics

Mapping the Moral Landscape

Author: Lisa A. Eckenwiler,Felicia G. Cohn

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9780801892264

Category: Medical

Page: 352

View: 4306

Through twenty-five lively essays examining the field’s history and trends, shortcomings and strengths, and the political and policy interplay within the bioethical realm, this comprehensive book begins a much-needed critical and constructive discussion of the moral landscape of bioethics.

Essays on Bioethics

Author: Richard Mervyn Hare

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0198236786

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 248

View: 1239

R. M. Hare is well known both for his seminal work in ethical theory and for his applications of it to practical issues. For this volume he has selected the best of his writings on medical ethics and related topics. Its chief theoretical interest lies in its synthesis between utilitarian and Kantian ethics, which are shown to have the same practical consequences. The main practical thesis in the book is that we can harm possible people by preventing them from becoming actual people. This thesis, if understood and accepted, would radically alter the terms of the public debate about embryo experimentation and population policy, and (perhaps surprisingly) support a fairly liberal view on abortion. The book also features general introductions to medical and psychiatric ethics, and essays on the concept of healh, on the morality of experimentation on children, on health care policy, on free will, and on vegetarianism.

Sage Philosophy

Indigenous Thinkers and Modern Debate on African Philosophy

Author: H. Odera Oruka

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004092839

Category: Philosophy

Page: 281

View: 1520

Rašn Yašt

The Avestan Hymn to 'justice'

Author: Leon Goldman

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783954901081


Page: 257

View: 5060