Savoring Sage Time

The Journey from No One to Wise One

Author: I. Leahanna Young

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781475957587

Category: Self-Help

Page: 162

View: 4111

The media’s focus on the assumption that we should avoid growing old at all costs creates a fear of approaching these aging years. But in Savoring Sage Time, author I. Leahanna Young provides a road map for growing old and wise and appreciating the mature years of life’s journey. Young offers insights into the value of the role of the wise sage in today’s world and shares vignettes from real people whose experiences provide evidence that aging can be a rich adventure and that there is value in years lived. Savoring Sage Time tells the humorous, courageous, and colorful stories of Smokey the motorcycle sage, a sage in disguise, Nancylee the range boss sage, and the bounce-back sage. Savoring Sage Time discusses the ABCs of becoming wise and shows you how to appreciate life’s gifts of taste, smell, hearing, touch, and sight by being awake and open in each moment. It reveals the ways to live a life of learning, to be fully alive, and to leave a legacy of wisdom.

Savoring Sweet

My Journey to Discovering the Ins & Outs of Using Herbs & Florals in Sweets

Author: Flora Caputo

Publisher: BookBaby

ISBN: 1483517187

Category: Cooking

Page: 75

View: 1599

There is a revival in using savory herbs and edible florals in the kitchen, particularly in cocktails and desserts. This book gives some guideposts as to what herbs and flowers work with what ingredients so that you can get creative with your garden bounty in a smart way. Each herb and flower has a recipe developed by the author to give you some inspiration in the kitchen.


A New Model of Positive Experience

Author: Fred B. Bryant,Joseph Veroff

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 1351550063

Category: Psychology

Page: 294

View: 3031

This book is about savoring life—the capacity to attend to the joys, pleasures, and other positive feelings that we experience in our lives. The authors enhance our understanding of what savoring is and the conditions under which it occurs. Savoring provides a new theoretical model for conceptualizing and understanding the psychology of enjoyment and the processes through which people manage positive emotions. The authors review their quantitative research on savoring, as well as the research of others, and provide measurement instruments with scoring instructions for assessing and studying savoring. Authors Bryant and Veroff outline the necessary preconditions that must exist for savoring to occur and distinguish savoring from related concepts such as coping, pleasure, positive affect, emotional intelligence, flow, and meditation. The book’s lifespan perspective includes a conceptual analysis of the role of time in savoring. Savoring is also considered in relation to human concerns, such as love, friendship, physical and mental health, creativity, and spirituality. Strategies and hands-on exercises that people can use to enhance savoring in their lives are provided, along with a review of factors that enhance savoring. Savoring is intended for researchers, students, and practitioners interested in positive psychology from the fields of social, clinical, health, and personality psychology and related disciplines. The book may serve as a supplemental text in courses on positive psychology, emotion and motivation, and other related topics. The chapters on enhancing savoring will be especially attractive to clinicians and counselors interested in intervention strategies for positive psychological adjustment.

Savoring San Francisco

Recipes from the City's Neighborhood Restaurants

Author: Carolyn Miller,Sharon Smith

Publisher: Silverback Books

ISBN: 9781596370425

Category: Cooking

Page: 302

View: 6010

San Francisco is a city of neighborhoods, where fine restaurants are a part of everyday life. Savoring San Francisco gathers recipes from 100 of the city's favorite eating places, which range from boutique hotel dining rooms to tiny storefronts. One third of the restaurants in this second edition are new to Savoring San Francisco, as are over half of the recipes, which come from nationally acclaimed chefs as well as strictly local culinary heroes. The recipes range from simple ethnic offerings (Mango Chicken) to San Francisco classics (Hangtown Fry), and from elegant company dishes (King Salmon with Dungeness Crab Fondue) to Asian fusion cuisine (Wok-Roasted Mussels with Asian Aromatics) and everything in between. With photos and essays on the neighborhoods and special sections on artisan breads and cheeses, favorite local prepared foods, farmers' markets, and northern California ingredients like artichokes, salmon, and Dungeness crab, this stylish cookbook brings to life one of the world's most exciting food cities. Book jacket.

Savoring the Past

The French Kitchen and Table from 1300 to 1789

Author: Barbara Ketcham Wheaton

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1439143730

Category: Cooking

Page: 368

View: 6744

Wheaton effortlessly brings to life the history of the French kitchen and table. In this masterful and charming book, food historian Barbara Ketcham Wheaton takes the reader on a cultural and gastronomical tour of France, from its medieval age to the pre-Revolutionary era using a delightful combination of personal correspondence, historical anecdotes, and journal entries.

The Sage of Time and Chance

Author: Kathleen L. Housley

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1498201784

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 138

View: 7901

The Sage of Time and Chance is a work of fiction based on Ecclesiastes, the most skeptical book in the Bible. Ecclesiastes was written by a Hebrew sage called Koheleth who had the courage to wonder whether human beings were different from animals, and why the mind was limited in its ability to comprehend life. In The Sage of Time and Chance, Koheleth summons translators from all the corners of the Earth to review his provocative manuscript before he dies. The story is set in Jerusalem in the third century BCE, a peaceful period rich in cultural exchange and scholarship. Among the translators who come to the council are a monk from India, a Scythian warrior, and a shaman. Bitter rivalries and misunderstandings make reaching consensus difficult and dangerous. So also does the presence of actual translators of Ecclesiastes from the future, including Jerome (Latin) and Saadia ben Yosef (Arabic). The most unusual translator is a silent child who understands more than all the others what it means to be human--the essential question that drives Koheleth. Led by the child, Koheleth navigates around the pitfalls of cynicism and finds his way back to joy.

Strengths-Based Supervision in Clinical Practice

Author: Jeffrey K. Edwards

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 1483307042

Category: Social Science

Page: 264

View: 2159

Moving away from the usual medical-modeled framework of mental health focused on problems, Strengths-Based Supervision in Clinical Practice by Jeffrey K. Edwards takes a postmodern, social construction approach, looking for and amplifying strengths and encouraging stakeholders to use them. Based on research in brain science, as well as from the Information Age/Connectivity Age thinking, the book reframes the focus of supervision, management, and leadership to one that collaborates and builds on strengths with supervisees as competent stakeholders in their work with their clients.

The Time Ship

A Chrononautical Journey

Author: Enrique Gaspar

Publisher: Wesleyan University Press

ISBN: 081957239X

Category: Fiction

Page: 240

View: 3691

H. G. Wells wasn’t the only nineteenth-century writer to dream of a time machine. The Spanish playwright Enrique Gaspar published El anacronópete—“He who flies against time”—eight years before Wells’s influential work appeared. The novel begins at the 1878 Paris Exposition, where Dr. Don Sindulfo unveils his new invention—which looks like a giant sailing vessel. Soon the doctor embarks on a voyage back in time, accompanied by a motley crew of French prostitutes and Spanish soldiers. The purpose of his expedition is to track down the imprisoned wife of a third-century Chinese emperor, believed to possess the secret to immortality. A classic tale of obsession, high adventure, and star-crossed love, The Time Ship includes intricately drawn illustrations from the original 1887 edition, and a critical introduction that argues persuasively for The Time Ship’s historical importance to science fiction and world literature.

Strengths-Based Therapy

Connecting Theory, Practice and Skills

Author: Elsie Jones-Smith

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 1483321983

Category: Social Science

Page: 480

View: 3053

Combining both the theory and practice of strengths-based therapy, Elsie Jones-Smith introduces current and future practitioners to the modern approach of practice—presenting a model for treatment as well as demonstrations in clinical practice across a variety of settings. This highly effective form of therapy supports the idea that clients know best about what has worked and has not worked in their lives, helps them discover positive and effective solutions through their own experiences, and allows therapists to engage their clients in their own therapy. Drawing from cutting-edge research in neuroscience, positive emotions, empowerment, and change, Strengths-Based Therapy helps readers understand how to get their clients engaged as active participants in treatment.

Savoring Success

Effects of Basking and Acknowledgement of Others in Response to Achievement

Author: Jessica Keeney

Publisher: ProQuest


Category: Electronic dissertations

Page: 242

View: 3399

Age Protectors

Stop Aging Now with the Latest Breakthroughs

Author: Edward Claflin

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780875964553

Category: Self-Help

Page: 548

View: 9544

A natural approach to coping with aging presents strategies designed to help one look and feel younger

Nothing but Time

A Triumph over Trauma

Author: Judy Light Ayyildiz

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1462834531

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 211

View: 9656

"Our great author of CATCH 22, Joseph Heller, told of his experience with Guillain-Barre in NO LAUGHING MATTER. Now Judy Light Ayyildiz equals--and in some ways surpasses--his account in her book, Nothing but Time." --Walter James Miller author, co-author, or editor of 67 books and LOVES MAINLAND "This book is truly an inspiration for anyone who has ever run into a brick wall in life." --Simone Poirier-Bures, author of three memoirs including, CANDYMAN. "...interesting and well-written...great job of interspersing personal vignettes...purchase copy for...neurology house staff library and also for chaplains office...insightful for health care workers dealing with GBS patients--perhaps especially nurses, P.T.s etc." --Dr. James Q. Miller, Prof. Neurology, Univ. VA Medical Center. Judys body is tricked by a virus into attacking itself. She wakes up paralyzed. Her creative mind fights back with the themes and spirit in the stories of her life. Armed with insight gleaned from her own stories about events and people in her past and present both in Turkey and the US, and told with restrained humor and often with Appalachian flavor -- Judy discovers that her spiritual desire to "walk" is stronger than the fear of "falling." "Throughout, the reader feels like an intimate friend....Her sudden immobility motivates her to look for meaning in this unexpected crisis...caused when a virus tricks the bodys immune system into attacking itself...betrayal of an ememy within brings out a more relavant need for self-reflection, which Ayyildiz does in a gentle and insightful way. She relates memories of childhood, courtship, child raising and other life events revealing the interconnections within her life. NbT is a beautiful study of a womans psyche as she experiences great trauma and portrays how one can balance her own recovery with her responsibilities to her children and partner. With wonderful metaphors and a healthy dose of humor Judy engages the reader and turns a depressing situation into an inspiring story about courage in the face of a huge setback in life. --Eser Turan, TURQUAZ MAGAZINE a compelling odyssey of lifes house of cards dealing with the hand dealtvery inspirational, terrificskillful style of looking back casting the net to bring the reader in to the psyche, the reality check of the present, the wary peering around the uncertain corner ahead with its capricious nature. The emotional detail throughout is what makes the book because its riveting honesty pulls the reader forward, encouraging understanding, its independent strength not necessarily seeking sympathy for its own sake. --Helen Canuk, DC "...a heartening book that takes you by the hand through a fearful landscape, and out onto the other side. The writing is often lyrical, the emerging, self-buoyant; but what I valued most is the unremitting honesty." --Bell Gale Chevigny DOING TIME: 25 YEARS of PRISON WRITING, a PEN American Center prize anthology, NYC "...gripping."Donna Miles,Toronto,Canada A captivating testimony to the human spirit and the power of the collective self. Ayyildiz is living proof of the healing potential residing within everything we have known be it within ourselves or in and among the life we have shared with those around us. --Chris Briddi, Ph.D. Counselor Education, Kent State University how moved I am by your story! The book is a beautiful and deeply life affirming testimony to those who choose the path of life, even in the face of such difficulty. taught me something about positive intention, love, faith and the human spirit. --Andrea Clearfield, composer, NYC an amazing and inspiring story of recovery.such courage, strength, optimism and humor, leaves you feel

Interactive Evaluation Practice

Mastering the Interpersonal Dynamics of Program Evaluation

Author: Jean A. King,Laurie Stevahn

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 1483313735

Category: Social Science

Page: 456

View: 5883

You've taken your introduction to evaluation course and are about to do your first evaluation project. Where do you begin? Interactive Evaluation Practice: Managing the Interpersonal Dynamics of Program Evaluation helps bridge the gap between the theory of evaluation and its practice, giving students the specific skills they need to use in different evaluation settings. Jean A. King and Laurie Stevahn present readers with three organizing frameworks (derived from social interdependence theory from social psychology, evaluation use research, and the evaluation capacity building literature) for thinking about evaluation practice. These frameworks help readers track the various skills or strategies to use for distinctive evaluation situations. In addition, the authors provide explicit advice about how to solve specific evaluation problems. Numerous examples throughout the text bring interactive practice to life in a variety of settings.

Hsieh Liang-tso and the Analects of Confucius

Humane Learning as a Religious Quest

Author: Thomas W. Selover

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand


Category: Religion

Page: 183

View: 6329

Hsieh Liang-tso (c.1050-c.1120, known as master Shang-ts'ai) was one of the leading direct disciples of Ch'eng Hao and Ch'eng I, the two brothers who were the early leaders of the Confucian revival known as Neo-Confucianism in Northern Sung China. Hsieh was thus among the first to recognize and follow the insights of the Ch'eng brothers as definitive of the authentic Confucian tradition, a recognition that became the conviction of the majority of later Confucian scholars and practitioners. The present book is a focused analysis of the core value of Confucian thought, namely jen (humanity or co-humanity), through an investigation of Hsieh Liang-tso's analysis of the Analects of Confucius. Selover argues that Hsieh's handling of key issues in interpreting and applying the Confucian Analects, his experiential reasoning and his deference to scriptural classics and earlier tradition, bear important similarities to the practice of theology in Western religious traditions. The volume also contains a translation of Hsieh's commentary on the Analects, as well as a foreword by the renowned scholar of Confucianism, Tu Wei-ming.

The Contemplative Way

Quietly Savoring God's Presence

Author: Franz Jalics, SJ

Publisher: Paulist Press

ISBN: 1587683229


Page: 88

View: 4643

An experienced Jesuit retreat giver offers an antidote to a world that’s overfilled with noise, ceaseless activity, too many words: a simple and sympathetic guide to quiet contemplative prayer.

Zhuangzi: Basic Writings

Author: Zhuangzi

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231521332

Category: Philosophy

Page: 168

View: 4692

Only by inhabiting Dao (the Way of Nature) and dwelling in its unity can humankind achieve true happiness and freedom, in both life and death. This is Daoist philosophy's central tenet, espoused by the person—or group of people—known as Zhuangzi (369?–286? BCE) in a text by the same name. To be free, individuals must discard rigid distinctions between right and wrong, and follow a course of action not motivated by gain or striving. When one ceases to judge events as good or bad, man-made suffering disappears, and natural suffering is embraced as part of life. Zhuangzi elucidates this mystical philosophy through humor, parable, and anecdote, using non sequitur and even nonsense to illuminate truths beyond the boundaries of ordinary logic. Boldly imaginative and inventively written, the Zhuangzi floats free of its historical period and society, addressing the spiritual nourishment of all people across time. One of the most justly celebrated texts of the Chinese tradition, the Zhuangzi is read by thousands of English-language scholars each year, yet, until now, only in the Wade-Giles romanization. Burton Watson's conversion to pinyin in this book brings the text in line with how Chinese scholars, and an increasing number of other scholars, read it.

Lone Star Politics, 3rd Edition

Author: Ken Collier,Steven Galatas,Julie Harrelson-Stephens

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1452217696

Category: Political Science

Page: 493

View: 3376

Lone Star Politics delves into the stateÆs rich political tradition by exploring how myth often clashes with the reality of everyday governance. Explaining who gets what and how within the state, this Nacogdoches author team provides an engaging narrative on the evolution of Texas politics, utilizing the comparative method to set Texas in context with other statesÆ constitutions, policymaking, electoral practices, and institutions. Responding to user demand, the authors have split or added chapters to provide more in-depth coverage of much-desired topics, including the legislature and legislative process, the governor and bureaucracy, parties and organized interests, as well as fiscal, criminal justice, and social policy. In addition, new chapter objectives and critical thinking questions reinforce learning and encourage analysis. Students will come away with a strong understanding of Texas government and the needed foundation to assess the stateÆs political landscape. Beyond more depth and breadth, the new third edition now features a full-color design. The bookÆs photos, tables, charts, and maps leap off the page in vivid detail and help students focus on key takeaways. Lone Star Politics delivers well-crafted and colorful content without breaking the bank.