Saving the Family Cottage

A Guide to Succession Planning for Your Cottage, Cabin, Camp Or Vacation Home

Author: Stuart Hollander,Rose Hollander,David S. Fry

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 1413323499

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 232

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This book explains a proven method for keeping your cottage in the family for generations and avoiding family fights. Almost anyone who inherits real estate with siblings will want guidance.

Saving the Family Cottage

A Guide to Succession Planning for Your Cottage, Cabin, Camp or Vacation Home

Author: Stuart Hollander,Rose Hollander,David S. Fry

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 1413323502

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

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Whether you’re a parent planning to pass on a cottage to your children, someone who has inherited a cabin with your siblings or other relatives, or someone who is thinking about buying a vacation home, you want to know how to keep the property in the family—and avoid squabbles over it. This book tells you how. You’ll find out how to: Prevent a family member from forcing a sale of the cottage. Keep your cottage out of the hands of in-laws and creditors. Develop a legal structure to take care of the business of ownership, freeing you and your family to enjoy your precious time at the cottage. Make a smooth transition from one generation’s ownership to the next. Saving the Family Cottage explains the problems that almost always pop up when family members with different interests and financial situations inherit a vacation home together. And it offers solutions for families who want to preserve this valuable asset for generations to come.

Saving the Family Cottage

A Guide to Succession Planning for Your Cottage, Cabin, Camp Or Vacation Home

Author: Stuart J. Hollander,David S. Fry,Rose Hollander

Publisher: NOLO

ISBN: 9781413310344

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 220

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The first attorney authored book written for the vacation home owner describes the problems inherent to shared cottage ownership and the concerns of parents who wish to pass it on.

Saving the Family Cottage

A Guide to Succession Planning for your Cottage, Cabin, Camp or Vacation Home

Author: Stuart Hollander Attorney

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 1413315577

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

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Keep your vacation home in the family with the definitive guide to succession planning. Now published by Nolo, Saving the Family Cottage is written in plain English by estate planning and succession attorney-experts Stuart Hollander and David S. Fry, to help you plan to pass on your vacation home and keep it in the family. Complete with real-world examples and stories of cottage "wars" gone awry, this book breaks down the essentials for passing your cottage to the next generation. Find out how to: figure out which estate planning entity is right for you and your family develop a cottage schedule deal with co-owners who fail to pay their assessments decide whether to establish an endowment allocate control between and within generations of owners Although the term "cottage" is used throughout, the practical advice from the authors applies to any property that a family wants to retain. With information for owners, attorneys and financial planners, this guide to succession planning makes a complex problem understandable and offers concrete solutions to what can be a delicate family matter. The 3rd edition acknowledged the addition of Attorney David S. Fry as an author of the book and successor to the author's cottage law practice. The updated 3rd edition is now published by Nolo and has been revised to include the latest state and federal rules that apply to vacation home owners, including fully up-to-date estate tax information.

The Business Transition Crisis

Plan Your Succession Now to Beat the Biggest Business Selloff in History

Author: Wayne Vanwyck

Publisher: BPS Books

ISBN: 9781926645599

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 192

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Wayne Vanwyck is on a mission. A leading Business Transition Coach, he is alarmed that literally millions of boomer business owners intend to retire in the next ten years but only 7 percent of them have a written succession plan. This means a tsunami of business selloffs is looming on the horizon. Vanwyck points out that business owners who don't plan their business transition now may have to kiss all their creativity, passion, and hard work goodbye as they face a market glutted with businesses for sale and scant few buyers. But he also says that those who do start planning their transition can increase the value of their business, increase their profitability today, and keep their options open. In The Business Transition Crisis he offers practical advice for you, including how you can: Sort out your personal and professional transition options Prepare your business, your employees, and yourself for transition Build an "A" team of advisors who will make transition easier and more profitable Create a business plan that makes sense now and multiplies the valuation later Take a sabbatical as a test run for retirement Leave a legacy that you can be proud of

The Cottage Rules

An Owners Guide to the Rights and Responsibilities of Sharing Recreational Property

Author: Nikki Koski

Publisher: Self Counsel Press

ISBN: 9781770402003

Category: House & Home

Page: 112

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No-nonsense rules for shared-ownership cottages to help prevent conflicts and make the best of any property-sharing situation.

Suddenly Single

Money Skills for Divorcees and Widows

Author: Kerry Hannon

Publisher: Wiley


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

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"Suddenly Single provides divorced or widowed women with essential information that can transform their lives. The book should be viewed as an essential survival kit for all suddenly singles." --Dr. Christopher Hayes Executive Director, National Center for Women and Retirement. "This book will help you protect the assets you have, pay the bills, organize your income, and--maybe--eventually come to believe you can survive the grief and be a wiser person for it." --Marthy Priddy Patterson Author, The Working Woman's Guide to Retirement Planning. "This is the personal finance book for women. Whether you are married, divorced, widowed, or single, you should read Suddenly Single and use the advice and guidance today that this book provides." --Ronald W. Roge, MS, CFP President R. W. Roge & Company, Inc., Financial & Investment Advisory Firm. "I have spoken to many women whose financial lives have been devastated by divorce or widowhood. Now, with Suddenly Single, there's an excellent resource to help them financially through the difficult transition." --Gerri Detweiler Author, The Ultimate Credit Handbook.

The Best Way to Save for College

A Complete Guide to 529 Plans

Author: Joseph F. Hurley

Publisher: Savingforcollege Publication

ISBN: 9780981549101

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 302

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Provides an overview of how to use 529 plans to help finance future costs of education, including what to look for in a plan and state-by-state comparisons.

Estate Planning for Blended Families

Providing for Your Spouse & Children in a Second Marriage

Author: Richard E. Barnes

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 1413310184

Category: Law

Page: 346

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Targeting parents in second marriages who want to provide for their current spouse and their children from both marriages, the author provides sample estate plans and covers such topics as estate and gift taxes in a second marriage, choosing executors and trustees, the latest federal and state laws, and much more. 15,000 first printing. Original.

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 1413325114


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The Big House

A Century in the Life of an American Summer Home

Author: George Howe Colt

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1439124914

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 336

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National Book Award Finalist and a New York Times Notable Book of the Year Faced with the sale of the century-old family summer house on Cape Cod where he had spent forty-two summers, George Howe Colt returned for one last stay with his wife and children. This poignant tribute to the eleven-bedroom jumble of gables, bays, and dormers that watched over weddings, divorces, deaths, anniversaries, birthdays, breakdowns, and love affairs for five generations interweaves Colt's final visit with memories of a lifetime of summers. Run-down yet romantic, The Big House stands not only as a cherished reminder of summer's ephemeral pleasures but also as a powerful symbol of a vanishing way of life.

The Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald

Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald,Matthew Joseph Bruccoli

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0684842505

Category: Fiction

Page: 797

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F. Scott Fitzgerald is best known for his novels such as THE GREAT GATSBY, but during his all-too-brief literary life, he sold some 160 short stories to popular magazines. Here, noted scholar and biographer Matthew Bruccoli assembles in one volume the full scope of the best of Fitzgerald's short fiction. These 43 sparkling masterpieces are offered in a handsome Scribner Classics edition, perfect for the home library.

A Treatise on State and Federal Control of Persons and Property in the United States

Considered from Both a Civil and Criminal Standpoint

Author: Christopher Gustavus Tiedeman

Publisher: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.

ISBN: 1584772298

Category: Law

Page: 1274

View: 4723

Tiedeman, Christopher G. A Treatise on State and Federal Control of Persons and Property in the United States Considered from both a Civil and Criminal Standpoint. St. Louis: The F.H. Thomas Law Book Co., 1900. Two volumes. Reprinted 2002 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN 1-58477-229-8. Cloth. $195. * A conservative jurist known for his important study A Treatise on the Limitations of Police Power in the United States Considered from Both a Civil and Criminal Standpoint, Tiedeman [1857-1903] completed this work at a time when the spirit of social and economic laissez-faire of the Gilded Age was giving way to demands for greater degrees of governmental regulation in response to the emergence of modern corporate capitalism and, especially, the rapid growth of Socialism, Communism, and Anarchism. For Tiedeman, the fundamental issue is the need to control these groups in the interests of public order while preserving their rights of self-determination as guaranteed by the Constitution. He was optimistic that popular faith in the Constitution is strong enough to maintain this delicate balance.

Trees of Michigan and the Upper Great Lakes

Author: Norman Foster Smith

Publisher: Thunder Bay Press Michigan


Category: Nature

Page: 178

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Of Michigan's great wealth of natural resources, few have been more important in the past or are more highly valued today than our forests and the trees which compose them. Not only are they a continuous source of raw materials for industry and agriculture but they affect the climate, water resources, and soil, purify our air, furnish food and shelter for wildlife and are indispensable to our vast recreational and scenic areas. They form a basic part of our diverse natural environment - our ""biodiversity."" Their protection and management are vital to the state's wellbeing. Industries which depend upon trees for their existence are major employers and rank high in the state's economy. The annual production and manufacture of forest products is measured in billions of dollars. The recreation ""industry,"" including vacation travel, resorts, food, lodging, hunting, fishing, and camping, is likewise a multi-billion dollar a year business. Equally important is the intangible wealth which trees bring to us through sheer enjoyment of beauty and love of nature. Whether in field, fencerow, woodlot or forest, or along highways, rural roads, urban streets, or greenbelts, this bounty is ours for the taking. We have only to picture ourselves without trees to appreciate this value.

Tourism Marketing for Cities and Towns

Using Branding and Events to Attract Tourism

Author: Bonita M. Kolb

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 075067945X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 310

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Provides coverage of marketing theory specific to the tourism industry. This work focuses on developing the branded destination with emphasis on promotional planning. It contains international examples, discussion questions, and strategic planning worksheets. Comienzo página.

Cottage Rules

Owner's Guide to Sharing Recreational Property

Author: Nikki Koski

Publisher: Self-Counsel Press

ISBN: 1770407707

Category: House & Home

Page: 112

View: 1286

The Cottage Rules sets out no-nonsense, easy-to-use guidelines for cottage owners who share ownership with others. It deals with everything from succession to laundry. The rules work to prevent conflicts, so that your relationship with your partners can be either as close or as distant as you desire. This book shows cottage owners how to manage their cottage like a business, which in turn prevents disputes and frees their time and energy so they can use it to enjoy the cottage. With four cornerstones to the system (meetings, bookings, banking, and work weekends), the rules are easy to implement, flexible, and reliable. The Cottage Rules can help owners attain their dream of peaceful cottage ownership.

The House Matters in Divorce

Untangling the Legal, Financial & Emotional Ties Before You Sign On the Dotted Line

Author: Laurel Starks

Publisher: BookBaby

ISBN: 1936268272

Category: Law

Page: 87

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In divorce, deciding what to do with the house can become a huge source of strife, confusion, and even financial ruin. Most are unprepared for the unique legal, financial, and emotional ramifications of either holding on to or selling their house at one of the worst times in their life. The House Matters in Divorce presents the numerous legal, emotional, and practical challenges of equitably settling your marital home—and offers specifics on how to handle those issues and who to turn to for professional help. This book clears up common misconceptions about dividing real estate assets and empowers both parties to be proactive, make smart decisions, and emerge from this complex process financially sound and prepared for the future. It includes detailed information on: • Whether to sell or not • Common pitfalls that plague the uninformed • How to determine what the house is really worth • Making housing decisions that are truly in your children’s best interests • What to do about the deed and the mortgage if one spouse stays in the home • Proceeds of the sale (if any) and what to do if there is no equity • The court’s perspective and power Learn how best to deal with your most important financial asset—your home—from a real estate expert who specialize in divorce. Get the facts about how to make wise and purposeful choices to set yourself up for success as you move forward with building a new life—a life that includes financial health.

Country Acres

A Guide to Buying and Managing Rural Property

Author: Lowell L. Klessig

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 0788178237

Category: Country life

Page: 52

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