SAP Data Services

The Comprehensive Guide

Author: James Hanck,Bing Chen,Patrick Hanck,Allen Lissarrague,Scott Hertel,Paul Medaille

Publisher: SAP PRESS

ISBN: 9781493211678

Category: Computers

Page: 524

View: 8130

Datenmigration in SAP

Author: Frank Densborn,Frank Finkbohner,Johann Gradl,Michael Roth,Michael Willinger

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783836230520

Category: Computers

Page: 570

View: 9251

Practical Guide to SAP HANA and Big Data Analytics

Author: Dominique Alfermann,Stefan Hartmann

Publisher: Espresso Tutorials GmbH

ISBN: 3960128649


Page: 235

View: 8541

In this book written for SAP BI, big data, and IT architects, the authors expertly provide clear recommendations for building modern analytics architectures running on SAP HANA technologies. Explore integration with big data frameworks and predictive analytics components. Obtain the tools you need to assess possible architecture scenarios and get guidelines for choosing the best option for your organization. Know your options for on-premise, in the cloud, and hybrid solutions. Readers will be guided through SAP BW/4HANA and SAP HANA native data warehouse scenarios, as well as field-tested integration options with big data platforms. Explore migration options and architecture best practices. Consider organizational and procedural changes resulting from the move to a new, up-to-date analytics architecture that supports your data-driven or data-informed organization. By using practical examples, tips, and screenshots, this book explores: - SAP HANA and SAP BW/4HANA architecture concepts - Predictive Analytics and Big Data component integration - Recommendations for a sustainable, future-proof analytics solutions - Organizational impact and change management

Predictive Analysis with SAP

The Comprehensive Guide

Author: John MacGregor

Publisher: SAP PRESS

ISBN: 9781592299157

Category: Computers

Page: 525

View: 9770

From your customer's purchasing habits to your employee's key performance indicators, data can provide business insight and predict future market trends. With this comprehensive guide to SAP's Predictive Analysis toolset, anticipate market changes, drive decision making and unlock the potential of your data sources. Filled with practical examples, case studies, and business explanations, this book will simplify the complex predictive analysis process and teach you how to use SAP's Predictive Analysis toolset to understand what your data has been trying to tell you. Extensive coverage of the Predictive Analysis module, the PAL Library, R-Integration, and HANA will enable you to choose the best algorithm for your needs. Learn how to organize large amounts of data into comprehensive data models, visualizations, and reports with ease!.

SAP Predictive Analytics

Vorausschauende Analysen inkl. SAP HANA, PAL, R und Lumira

Author: Nargiz Bakhshaliyeva,Ulrich Dommer,Ekaterina Samlenski,Helge Schmedt,Nico Schulze,Robert Wilczek,Jian Liang Chen

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783836244152

Category: Computers

Page: 433

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SAP Master Data Governance

The Comprehensive Guide to SAP MDG

Author: Homiar Kalwachwala,Antony Isacc

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781493214334

Category: Computers

Page: 627

View: 9407

SAP master data governance - overview -- Data modeling -- Overview -- Data migration

Universe Design with SAP BusinessObjects BI

The Comprehensive Guide

Author: Christian Ah-Soon,Didier Mazoué,Pierpaolo Vezzosi

Publisher: SAP PRESS

ISBN: 9781592299010

Category: Computers

Page: 729

View: 5339

* Everything you need to know about the new Information Design Tool and UNX universes * Explore step-by-step universe design, from connecting to different data sources, to creating data foundations, to building business layers * Compare and convert UNV to UNX universes Bend the cosmos to your will! For SAP data and non-SAP data alike, this comprehensive resource spans universe creation to universe publication. Learn to build single- and multisource data foundations and business layers and to convert UNV to UNX using the new Information Design Tool. Using step-by-step instructions and guiding screenshots, explore the important Information Design Tool features and functionalities that will put intelligent design within your grasp. Information Design Tool Explore its interface and find tips to design and manage universes that fit your needs. Not Just Semantics Begin with a conversation on the fundamental role of the semantic layer and then move into the pillars of universe design: the data foundation and the business layer.Connecting to any Data Source and to SAP Systems Connect to any relational data source or OLAP cube with your universe, and make sure you're using the right parameters and access methods to retrieve enterprise data from SAP systems. Publishing and Sharing Universes Learn how to make universes available for consumption by SAP BusinessObjects BI tools and for collaboration with other designers. Comparing the Old with the New Differentiate between universes created with the Universe Design Tool and Information Design Tool, and learn how to convert UNV to UNX.

Archiving Your SAP Data

A Comprehensive Guide to Plan and Execute Archiving Projects

Author: Helmut Stefani

Publisher: Sap PressAmerica

ISBN: 9781592290086

Category: Computers

Page: 334

View: 1287

Practical Guide to SAP GTS Part 1: SPL Screening and Compliance Management

Author: Kevin Riddell, Rajen Iyer

Publisher: Espresso Tutorials GmbH



Page: 240

View: 9880

SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) helps companies maximize supply chain performance and reduces the overall cost and risk of global trade by ensuring regulatory compliance, accelerating trade activity, and enabling trade compliance automation. The Practical Guide to SAP GTS helps the user navigate the system, while offering compliance insight to maximize their return on investment. Dive into difficult-to-navigate menus and review available functionality. Using screenshots and detailed instructions, readers will obtain best practices for meeting and exceeding compliance standards. Includes suggested audit plans to sustain long term compliance. The book is current to version 10.1 and explores version 11.0 and its new features. This book offers: - Tips and tricks for leveraging SAP GTS to automate trade compliance - Walk step by step through business processes - Overview of regulatory requirements and compliance suggestions - Review of Version 11.0 with screenshots

SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics

The Comprehensive Guide

Author: Jürgen Butsmann,Thomas Fleckenstein,Anirban Kundu

Publisher: SAP Press

ISBN: 9781493217335

Category: Computers

Page: 430

View: 5836

"See how SAP S/4HANA will change your BI processes! Explore the embedded analytics architecture and data model to learn how to perform analytics on live transactional data. Business user? Walk step-by-step through SAP Smart Business KPIs and multidimensional reporting. Analytics specialist? Master the virtual data model and creating KPIs. Jack of all trades? Create CDS views, apply custom fields and logic, or see what's coming up with machine learning. This is your complete guide to SAP S/4HANA embedded analytics!"--

The Comprehensive Guide to Careers in Sports

Author: Glenn M. Wong

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 0763728845

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 526

View: 7241

As more students enter the growing field of sports management, there is a greater need for information informing them about their career choices. Careers in Sports provides an overview of what students should consider and expect from the varied career options available to them. This book answers the questions students are most likely to have, including what courses they should take, what areas are available to them, what salary can they expect to earn after graduation, and how they can get the job of their dreams. In the highly competitive field of sports management, it is important for individuals to prepare themselves well and to make the right decisions along the way. Although there are no guarantees of success, this book will increase students’ likelihood of finding success in the sports industry. Encouraging research and realistic expectations, this book has been developed by an author with many years of experience as a respected practitioner, teacher and internship coordinator.