Run the Rockies

Classic Trail Runs in Colorado's Front Range

Author: Steven Bragg

Publisher: The Mountaineers Books

ISBN: 9780972441353

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 189

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A comprehensive reference guide to the Colorado Front Range for any level of trail runner. *Contains many of the best outings in the state from the Colorado Mountain Club, the outdoor experts in the Rockies for nearly a century*Full-color guidebook, plus fully GPS enabled*The latest in a new series from the Colorado Mountain Club: CMC's Classics

In the Heart of the Rockies

A Story of Adventure in Colorado

Author: George Alfred Henty

Publisher: London : Blackie


Category: Adventure and adventurers

Page: 352

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In 1860, with both parents dead, sixteen-year-old Tom, anxious to find a way to care for his sisters, begins a two-year adventure of danger and exploration when he leaves his native England to join his Uncle Harry and seek his fortune in the Rocky Mountain wilderness of Colorado.

Earning the Rockies

How Geography Shapes America's Role in the World

Author: Robert D. Kaplan

Publisher: Random House Trade Paperbacks

ISBN: 0399588221

Category: History

Page: 224

View: 1934

An incisive portrait of the American landscape that shows how geography continues to determine America's role in the world-from the bestselling author of The Revenge of Geographyaand Balkan Ghosts As a boy, Robert D. Kaplan listened to his truck-driver father tell evocative stories about traveling across America in his youth, travels in which he learned to understand the country literally from the ground up. There was a specific phrase from Kaplan's childhood that captured this perspective- A westward traveler must oearn the Rockieso by driving-not flying-across the flat Midwest and Great Plains. In Earning the Rockies,Kaplan undertakes his own cross-country journey to recapture an appreciation of American geography often lost in the jet age. Traveling west, in the same direction as the pioneers, Kaplan traverses a rich and varied landscape that remains the primary source of American power. Along the way, he witnesses both prosperity and decline-increasingly cosmopolitan cities that thrive on globalization, impoverished towns denuded by the loss of manufacturing-and paints a bracingly clear picture of America today. The history of westward expansion is examined here in a new light-as a story not just of genocide and individualism, but also of communalism and a respect for the limits of a water-starved terrain, a frontier experience that bent our national character toward pragmatism. Kaplan shows how the great midcentury works of geography and geopolitics by Bernard DeVoto, Walter Prescott Webb, and Wallace Stegner are more relevant today than ever before. Concluding his journey at Naval Base San Diego, Kaplan looks out across the Pacific Ocean to the next frontier- China, India, and the emerging nations of Asia. And in the final chapter, he provides a gripping description of an anarchic world and explains why America's foreign policy response ought to be rooted in its own geographical situation. In this short, intense meditation on the American landscape, Robert D. Kaplan reminds us of an overlooked source of American strength- the fact that we are a nation, empire, and continent all at once. Earning the Rockies is an urgent reminder of how a nation's geography still foreshadows its future, and how we must reexamine our own landscape in order to confront the challenges that lie before us. Praise for Earning the Rockies oA text both evocative and provocative for readers who like toathinka. . .aIn his final sections, Kaplan discusses in scholarly but accessible detail the significant role that America has played and must play in this shuddering world.o-Kirkus Reviews oEarning the Rockiesais a brilliant reminder of the impact of America's geography on its strategy. An essential complement to his previous work on the subject of geostrategy, Kaplan's latest contribution should be required reading.o-Henry A. Kissi

John Colter

His Years in the Rockies

Author: Burton Harris

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780803272644

Category: History

Page: 180

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John Colter was a crack hunter with the Lewis and Clark expedition before striking out on his own as a mountain man and fur trader. A solitary journey in the winter of 1807-8 took him into present-day Wyoming. To unbelieving trappers he later reported sights that inspired the name of Colter's Hell. It was a sulfurous place of hidden fires, smoking pits, and shooting water. And it was real. John Colter is known to history as probably the first white man to discover the region that now includes Yellowstone National Park. In a classic book, first published in 1952, Burton Harris weighs the facts and legends about a man who was dogged by misfortune and "robbed of the just rewards he had earned." This Bison Book edition includes a 1977 addendum by the author and a new introduction by David Lavender, who considers Colter's remarkable winter journey in the light of current scholarship.

Treasure Tales of the Rockies

Author: Perry Eberhart

Publisher: Swallow Press

ISBN: 9780804009355

Category: History

Page: 315

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Here is a whopping collection of tales of lost mines and buried treasure to stir the blood of any adventurous spirit and to satisfy the most lively imagination. Maps and photos galore accompany the stories. Perry Eberhart gathered and researched almost 150 treasure tales and tells them with the same thoroughness, engaging style, and lively anecdotes that distinguish his other major contribution to Colorado lore and history: Guide to the Colorado Ghost Towns and Mining Camps. Treasure Tales not only tells the original story of a lost mine or a buried treasure, but also fills in the pieces of the puzzle as they have come to light over the years. Many tales become more and more intriguing -- but still remain a puzzle. In some cases the puzzle is solved, often accidentally. Eberhart also collects the fascinating tales of lost treasures found. This latest edition of Treasure Tales brings all of this information up to date. Forty-three maps by Sandy Eberhart and forty-eight well-chosen photographs round out Treasure Tales. This is a book for both armchair excitement and for the adventurer who wants to search out what nature, time, and man's ingenuity have hidden from us -- and what nature, time, and man's ingenuity also often help us find. Good luck!

Four Years in the Rockies

Or, The Adventures of Isaac P. Rose of Shenango Township, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania ...

Author: James B. Marsh

Publisher: N.A


Category: Frontier and pioneer life

Page: 262

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Spirits of the Rockies

Reasserting an Indigenous Presence in Banff National Park

Author: Courtney W. Mason

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 1442619929

Category: History

Page: 224

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The Banff–Bow Valley in western Alberta is the heart of spiritual and economic life for the Nakoda peoples. While they were displaced from the region by the reserve system and the creation of Canada’s first national park, in the twentieth century the Nakoda reasserted their presence in the valley through involvement in regional tourism economies and the Banff Indian Days sporting festivals. Drawing on extensive oral testimony from the Nakoda, supplemented by detailed analysis of archival and visual records, Spirits of the Rockies is a sophisticated account of the situation that these Indigenous communities encountered when they were denied access to the Banff National Park. Courtney W. Mason examines the power relations and racial discourses that dominated the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and shows how the Nakoda strategically used the Banff Indian Days festivals to gain access to sacred lands and respond to colonial policies designed to repress their cultures.

On the Roof of the Rockies

The Great Columbia Icefield of the Canadian Rockies

Author: Lewis Ransome Freeman

Publisher: Rocky Mountain Books Ltd

ISBN: 9781897522462

Category: History

Page: 159

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With the horses picking up weight and strength all the way, we cantered into Banff on October 24th, 10 weeks after our departure from Lake Louise. Not one horse had been lost; not one had been permanently lamed, in the whole course of what was probably the roughest continuous pack-train journey made in the Rockies since the time of the pioneers. First published in 1925, On the Roof of the Rockies details the amazing efforts undertaken by Lewis Freeman and Byron Harmon to scientifically explore and comprehensively photograph during their 70-day, 500-mile journey the most stunning regions of the Canadian Rockies and Columbia Mountains. With a guide, a wrangler, a cook, 16 horses, two dogs, some carrier pigeons and hundreds of pounds of what was then state-of-the-art photography, moviemaking and radio equipment, the group journeyed through the area contemplating the routes of earlier explorers, facing violent storms and ultimately preserving historic views of pristine wilderness for future generations.

Treason in the Rockies

Nazi Sympathizer Dale Maple’s POW Escape Plot

Author: Paul N. Herbert

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 1625858086

Category: History

Page: 128

View: 1492

Harvard honor alumnus Dale Maple had a promising future, but his obsession with Nazi Germany led to his downfall. Classmates often accused him of pro-Nazi sentiments, and one campus organization even expelled him. After graduation, he enlisted in the U.S. Army, only to be relegated to a unit of soldiers suspected of harboring German sympathies. He helped two German POWs escape imprisonment at Camp Hale and flee to Mexico. The fugitives ran out of gas seventeen miles from the border and managed to cross it on foot, only to be arrested and returned to American authorities. Convicted and sentenced to death for treason, Maple awaited his fate until President Franklin Roosevelt commuted his sentence to life imprisonment. Ultimately, he was released in 1950. Paul N. Herbert narrates the engrossing details of this riveting story.

The Rose Legacy

Author: Kristen Heitzmann

Publisher: Bethany House

ISBN: 076420713X

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

View: 2263

The Compelling Story of One Woman's Experiences in a Gold-rush Town The Rose Legacyis the first book in her historical fiction series, Diamond of the Rockies. Fast-paced and engaging, the new story is sure to capture your heart and love of romance. Driven by hope and vengeance Carina Maria DeGarcia, an Italian heiress, sets out for a new life in a Colorado mining town. But she soon finds out the "dream house" she purchased through the mail is already inhabited and the town called the "diamond of the Rockies" is anything but luxurious. Two men vie for her trust, but neither is what he seems. Will Carina learn the truth and confront the deep secrets hidden in her heart in time to prevent tragedy? The Rose Legacyprovides a compelling Christian message within an authentic historical setting and offers a rare glimpse into the spiritual history of Colorado from pioneer evangelists to Spanish missions.

The Heart of the Rockies

Illustrated, as Reached by the Pike's Peak Route, the New Standard Gauge Line from Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo to Manitou, Cascade ... and All Sections of the Pacific Coast

Author: Milton B. Ochs

Publisher: N.A


Category: Colorado

Page: 199

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A Love Forbidden (Heart of the Rockies Book #2)

A Novel

Author: Kathleen Morgan

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 1441238123

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 8907

Moved by the desire for adventure and a yearning to help the Ute Indians, twenty-year-old Shiloh Wainright impulsively accepts a teaching position at the White River Indian Agency in northwestern Colorado. The new job, however, isn't what she imagined it would be, and Shiloh soon finds herself caught in the cross fire between the Utes, their unyielding Indian Agent, and the unrealistic demands of the US government. Her unexpected encounter with Jesse Blackwater, an embittered half-breed Ute and childhood friend, only complicates matters as they battle their growing feelings for each other amidst the spiraling tensions threatening to explode into a catastrophic Indian uprising. Set amongst the wilds of the Colorado Rockies in 1879, this is a tale of a forbidden love and a faith tested in the cauldron of intolerance and the harsh realities of life on the untamed frontier. Bestselling author Kathleen Morgan deftly explores themes of mercy, fidelity to one's beliefs despite what others think or do, and compassion for those different from oneself as she plumbs the depths of the human heart and the healing power of God's love.