Rose Book of Bible Charts 2

Author: Rose Publishing (Torrance, Calif.)

Publisher: Rose Publishing Inc

ISBN: 1596362758

Category: Religion

Page: 233

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"Full-color Bible charts, illustrations and time lines on the history and reliability of the Bible, Old and New Testament topics, and comparisons of cults and religions with Christianity"--Provided by publisher.

Book of Bible Charts, Maps, and Time Lines

Author: Rose Publishing (Torrance, Calif.)

Publisher: Rose Publishing Inc

ISBN: 1596360224

Category: Religion

Page: 192

View: 581

ROSE BOOK OF BIBLE CHARTS, MAPS and TIME LINES. The 2007 #1 Bible Reference book according in the CBA Core InventoryNow you can have 180 pages of fantastic full-color Bible charts, maps, and time lines in one spiral bound book. Reproducible. If you bought all of these charts separately, you would pay more than $250.

Rose Book of Bible & Christian History Time Lines

More Than 6000 Years at a Glance

Author: Rose Publishing

Publisher: Rose Publishing Inc

ISBN: 1596360844

Category: Religion

Page: 1

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Six thousand years and 20 feet of time lines in one beautiful hard-bound cover! This unique resource allows you to easily store and reference two time lines in book form. These gorgeous time lines printed on heavy chart paper can also be slipped out of their binding and posted in a hallway or large room for full effect.

The Complete Guide to the Bible

Author: Stephen M. Miller

Publisher: Barbour Publishing

ISBN: 1607423197

Category: Religion

Page: 528

View: 6294

Interesting to read and easy to consult, The Complete Guide to the Bible is a reliable, jargon-free handbook for average people who want to better understand the entire Bible. Captivating writing along with beautifully designed and illustrated pages entice readers into the book and keep them lingering throughout its 512 pages. This latest project from Steve Miller, author of the best-selling Who's Who and Where's Where in the Bible, provides both the big-picture view of the whole Bible and its individual books, as well as fascinating detail on particular passages and topics.

Deluxe Then and Now Bible Maps

Author: Rose Publishing

Publisher: Rose Publishing Inc

ISBN: 1596365536

Category: Religion

Page: 40

View: 6212

Deluxe Then and Now® Bible Map eBook Deluxe Then and Now® Bible Map eBook includes full-color Bible maps that show modern cities and countries. Now you can see where Bible places are today. This is the deluxe version of the #1 Bible Atlas.. It includes twice as many pages as the original version. The best-selling Deluxe Then and Now® Bible Map Book brings new relevance to your studies and teaching, and compares Bible locations with modern-day sites. Tell Bible stories and lead studies while presenting today's geography. Here are some examples: • Daniel was taken as POW to Iraq (where the ruins of Babylon are today south of Baghdad) and lived there the rest of his life • The ruins of Nineveh are in Northern Iraq near Mosul in Kurdish areas • The wise men were probably from Iran or Saudi Arabia • Queen Esther's throne was less than 300 miles northeast of Kuwait City Deluxe Then and Now® Bible Maps uses larger, easier-to-read type than most Bible atlases. The maps include: • The Middle East during Old Testament Times • Map of the Assyrian Empire at three different time periods • The Holy Land during the time of the Old Testament (12 Tribes) • The Holy Land with territory of Kings Saul, David, and Solomon. • The Holy Land showing the United and Divided Kingdoms • Map of the Babylonian Kingdoms and Persian Empire • The Holy Land during the time of Jesus (and a list of where Jesus walked) • Paul's Journeys (Roman Empire at AD 60) Deluxe Then and Now® Bible Maps also includes these maps: • List of Paul's journeys and routes • Chart of Paul's letters (date, where written, and to whom) • Abraham's Journeys (2 maps) • Jacob's Journeys • Joseph's Journey to Egypt • The Exodus and Wilderness Wanderings • The Tabernacle layout (birds-eye view) • Map of Jerusalem at the time of Kings David and Solomon • Map of Jerusalem at the Time of Jesus • Tomb of Jesus • Chart of major and minor prophets, location, to whom they prophesied • Kingdoms of Daniel 2 • New Testament and Old Testament Time Line • Journeys of Peter and Philip • Expansion of Christianity in the Roman Empire

Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation

The Explorer's Guide to the Awesome Works of God

Author: Dennis R. Petersen

Publisher: Bridge Logos Foundation

ISBN: 9780882704722

Category: Religion

Page: 239

View: 9346

Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation is a top-selling book in the homeschool market. This book is marketed in both homeschool and adult markets. The book has wide appeal in all the following areas: Youth, Adult, Creation/Science, Biblical Studies, and General Interest.

Guest Book

Illustrated Nature Edition

Author: Holly Ward Bimba

Publisher: Rock Point Gift & Stationery

ISBN: 1631061933


Page: 96

View: 9165

Use this beautiful guest book to preserve memories of your special event or special visitors. It's a day to remember with this attractive guest book featuring beautiful nature-themed illustrations by Holly Ward Bimba as spot art throughout. With ''Guests'' lettered beautifully on the front cover, inside offers generous amount of space for guests' names, well wishes, addresses and email. The pages are delicately lined and a grosgrain ribbon bookmark keeps your place. Details: - 96 lined pages - Grosgrain Ribbon Marker - Acid-free archival paper helps preserve memories. - Bookbound-style hardcover. -Illustrations throughout - Binding lies flat for ease of use. For use at any special event including: Bed and Breakfasts, Guest Cottages, Birthday Parties, Bar Mitzvah's, Weddings, and Anniversaries.

For the Love of God (Vol. 1, Trade Paperback)

A Daily Companion for Discovering the Riches of God's Word

Author: D. A. Carson

Publisher: Crossway

ISBN: 1433519550

Category: Religion

Page: 400

View: 1411

In a world that views absolute truth, right and wrong, and salvation as being subject to individual interpretation, the Bible's unwavering proclamations and miraculous stories seem obsolete in modern times. But it is not God's Word that has changed. Indeed, its relevancy and its power to transform lives are intact. What has changed is the number of people who consult it. Now more than ever the need to read the Bible, to understand the big picture of its storyline, and to grasp the relevance this has for your life is critical. As with its companion volume, For the Love of God-Volume 2, this devotional contains a systematic 365-day plan, based on the M'Cheyne Bible-reading schedule, that will in the course of a year guide you through the New Testament and Psalms twice and the rest of the Old Testament once. In an effort to help preserve biblical thinking and living, D. A. Carson has also written thought-provoking comments and reflections regarding each day's scriptural passages. And, most uniquely, he offers you perspective that places each reading into the larger framework of history and God's eternal plan to deepen your understanding of his sovereignty-and the unity and power of his Word.

Rose Guide to Discipleship

Author: Len Woods

Publisher: Rose Publishing (CA)

ISBN: 9781628623581

Category: Religion

Page: 296

View: 5362

Rose Guide to Discipleship: 30 Topics for Spiritual GrowthReady-to-Teach * Diagrams * Infographics * Life applicationsYou already know that discipleship is important. So, the question is not should you disciple, it is how to disciple: How can you help others become more Christ-like? What topics do you need to cover to make sure they mature in their spiritual journey? How do you effectively develop spiritual growth?Enjoy having this easy-to-understand guide includes 30 ready-to-use lessons on 30 discipleship topics: Becoming more like Jesus, salvation, forgiveness, prayer, trusting God, how to study the Bible, and other spiritual growth topics! Whether you're a new Christian or a seasoned believer, this guide includes overviews of key topics to dive into for a lifetime. Click here to see all 30 topics.Each Discipleship Topic Includes--Core truth or theme sentenceA memory verseA basic Bible study of the key passages with questionsA handout on the topic to fill out and take homeGraphics: Charts, diagrams, infographicsQuestions to draw out the key principlesLife applicationsFeaturing simple summaries, charts, and illustrations, this reproducible guide is perfect for the leader who wants ready-to-use lessons for discipling new believers. Every leader knows it isn't enough to lead a person to Christ, and stop there.You need to assist that person in their spiritual growth so they can help others become more Christ-like. Covering worship, community, the fruit of the Spirit, how to read the Bible, repentance, and more, Rose Guide to Discipleship helps you do just that! With its practical life applications and discussion questions, believers learn what the Bible says--and HOW to apply its truth to their lives.Any leader can pick and choose topics, or do all 30 lessons. And you can do them in any order. Each topic takes about 1 hour, so they are perfect for busy people.

Nelson's Complete Book of Bible Maps and Charts, 3rd Edition

Author: Thomas Nelson

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781418541712

Category: Religion

Page: 480

View: 2150

This updated edition of Thomas Nelson’s popular Complete Book of Bible Maps and Charts has everything you need to visualize the events, places, and people in the Old and New Testaments. Perfect for small-group leaders, Bible school teachers, or if you’re simply curious about biblical times, Complete Book of Bible Maps and Charts provides a visual overview of the Bible in its entirety. Valuable resources include new, full-color, high-resolution maps and charts along with downloadable PDFs for presentations and classes; tables, charts, and diagrams that organize Bible information for ease of learning and memorization; historical articles providing insight into Bible times; and introductions to each book of the Bible.


Author: Will Self

Publisher: Canongate Books

ISBN: 0857861018

Category: Bibles

Page: 64

View: 5623

The final book of the Bible, Revelation prophesies the ultimate judgement of mankind in a series of allegorical visions, grisly images and numerological predictions. According to these, empires will fall, the "Beast" will be destroyed and Christ will rule a new Jerusalem. With an introduction by Will Self.

Historical and Chronological Context of the Bible

Author: Bruce W. Gore

Publisher: Trafford on Demand Pub

ISBN: 9781426943591

Category: History

Page: 640

View: 7192

Take in the full history of the Bible with a detailed account that focuses on its major empires, events and personalities. Written by a religious scholar who has taught at high school, college and adult levels, this historical exploration is organized around the major civilizations and epochs of the ancient world, beginning with Sumer and ending with Rome. Author Bruce W. Gore provides a thorough overview of major empires, such as the Assyrians or Babylonians, as well as more modest civilizations, such as the Phoenicians or Hittites. Learn how Cyrus the Persian, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and others changed the course of Christianity. In the course of historical exploration, this account also examines questions that may have puzzled readers of the Bible in the past: * Who was Sennacherib? * To which Assyrian king did Jonah preach, and did this make any difference in history? * What did the eight night visions of Zechariah mean in light of the rule of Darius the Persian? Study the Bible with an eye on its ancient setting and develop an understanding of its key people, places and civilizations with Historical and Chronological Context of the Bible.

The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child: Ancient Times: From the Earliest Nomads to the Last Roman Emperor (Revised Second Edition) (Vol. 1) (Story of the World)

Author: Susan Wise Bauer

Publisher: Peace Hill Press

ISBN: 1942968000

Category: Education

Page: 338

View: 5387

This first book in the four-volume narrative history series for elementary students will transform your study of history. The Story of the World has won awards from numerous homeschooling magazines and readers' polls—over 150,000 copies of the series in print! What terrible secret was buried in Shi Huangdi's tomb? Did nomads like lizard stew? What happened to Anansi the Spider in the Village of the Plantains? And how did a six-year-old become the last emperor of Rome? Told in a straightforward, engaging style that has become Susan Wise Bauer's trademark, The Story of the World series covers the sweep of human history from ancient times until the present. Africa, China, Europe, the Americas—find out what happened all around the world in long-ago times. This first revised volume begins with the earliest nomads and ends with the last Roman emperor. Newly revised and updated, The Story of the World, Volume 1 includes maps, a new timeline, more illustrations, and additional parental aids. This read-aloud series is designed for parents to share with elementary-school children. Enjoy it together and introduce your child to the marvelous story of the world's civilizations. Each Story of the World volume provides a full year of history study when combined with the Activity Book, Audiobook, and Tests—each available separately to accompany each volume of The Story of the World Text Book. Volume 1 Grade Recommendation: Grades 1-5.

Jensen's Survey of the Old Testament

Author: Irving L. Jensen

Publisher: Moody Publishers

ISBN: 9781575676081

Category: Religion

Page: 496

View: 6089

A useful survey of the Old Testament that will aid in understanding difficult passages. This one volume contains all of Irving Jensen's Bible self-study guides to the Old Testament.

The Timechart of Biblical History

Over 4000 Years in Charts, Maps, Lists and Chronologies

Author: N.A

Publisher: Chartwell Books

ISBN: 9780785833666

Category: Religion

Page: 16

View: 726

This book has been specially researched and designed to provide the ideal companion to Biblical studies. In the panels of this book there are thousands of new and interesting insights into the greatest stories ever told. In many ways it provides a new and easily accessible way of looking at Biblical history, which will bring to life the thousands of characters and events that have been so significant to the history and culture of Western civilization. A 17-foot accordion fold pull-out section makes up this thorough, and thoroughly entertaining book. The book makes an unique gift and a valuable addition to any library.