Rockett St George: Extraordinary Interiors

Show-stopping looks for unique interiors

Author: Jane Rockett and Lucy St George

Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small

ISBN: 9781849758697

Category: Design

Page: 160

View: 8969

Self-acknowledged ‘design junkies’ Lucy St George and Jane Rockett launched their online interiors store in 2007. Ten years on, Rockett St George has revitalized the interiors market with their quirky, glamorous and distinctive collections. On offer is is a treasure trove of oddities and curiosities produced by designers and manufacturers around the world and a million miles away from mass produced chain-store products. In this, their first book, Jane and Lucy share their insights and expertise when it comes to creating magical, inviting, and imaginative interiors. Friendly and down to earth, they reveal how to create a home that reflects your personality, interests, and passions so it truly makes you feel “at home”. Jane and Lucy start at the very beginning, taking the reader by the hand and offering sound advice on making the right style choices. They go on to discuss finding inspiration, analysing a space, choosing paint colors and wallpapers, arranging and styling furniture, finding the right lighting, showing off treasures, and making style statements that will stop others in their tracks. Illustrated with real-life homes, Extraordinary Interiors helps the reader to navigate the sea of choices out there when it comes to decorating, all with a dash of humor and a light-hearted approach that makes interior decorating fun.

The Memory Palace

A Book of Lost Interiors

Author: Edward Hollis

Publisher: Counterpoint

ISBN: 1619023709

Category: Art

Page: 320

View: 1765

The rooms we live in are always more than just four walls. As we decorate these spaces and fill them with objects and friends, they shape our lives and become the backdrop to our sense of self. One day, the houses will be gone, but even then, traces of the stories and the memories they contained will remain. In this dazzling work of imaginative re-construction, Edward Hollis takes us to the sites of five great spaces now lost to history and pieces together the fragments he finds there to re-create their vanished chambers. From Rome’s palatine to the old Palace of Westmisnter and the Petit Trianon at Versailles, and from the sets of the MGM studios in Hollywood to the pavilions of the Crystal Palace and his own grandmother’s sitting room, The Memory Palace is a glittering treasure trove of luminous forgotten places and the people who, for a short time, made them their home.

The Maker

Crafting a Unique Space

Author: Tamara Maynes

Publisher: Abrams

ISBN: 1683351371

Category: Design

Page: 272

View: 9646

The act of creating the treasures you use to adorn your home takes the space to a deeper level; it goes beyond collecting, beyond decorating. The Maker is a gorgeously illustrated love letter to creating an intimate, well-designed, and handmade home. With sections on wall art, textiles, ceramics, lighting, and furniture, designer Tamara Maynes presents beautiful homes that showcase the per­sonality and warmth that a cozy, quilted wall hang­ing or an organically shaped piece of stoneware can add to a room. Each chapter closes with a simple DIY project, plus an interview with a high-profile maker. Projects like a metalwork wall hanging, a woven table runner, and a no-fire clay bowl expose readers to the fundamentals of making—and will inspire them to create exciting works of their own.


Secrets for Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves

Author: Emily Henderson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 0804186278

Category: Design

Page: 304

View: 5568

"The stylist's genius is in making a space look inviting, personal, and unique. She often does this in just minutes, meaning that a small investment pays off with big rewards. Emily Henderson now draws the curtain on the interior stylist's secrets. This playful yet practical book features 1,000 highly visual, highly enviable, eminently doable ideas-more than any other decor book on the market. First up, Emily walks readers through her Stylist's Toolkit, which helps them discover their signature styles, talk like a stylist, and learn the styling process in 10 easy steps. Then, Emily takes us inside 25 homes, grouped into rooms and themes for the reader, revealing how to get your place ready for its close-up-and your long-term happiness-without it looking contrived. With advice on mixing patterns, visually balancing a space, and scoring great deals on furniture and accents, this is an irresistible inspiration resource for the interior decor enthusiast, as well as anyone looking for help styling a home."

Dark Nostalgia

Faultlessly Stylish Interiors for Business, Pleasure and Leisure

Author: Eva Hagberg

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780500515099

Category: Interior decoration

Page: 208

View: 7602

As the late 20th-century fascination with rounded shapes, organic influences and plastics fades, interior designers are increasingly drawn to dark colours, polished woods, velvets, furs, leather, dark metals and brick materials with a nostalgic quality that were used liberally in centuries gone by. Efforts to shape a more authentic, less austere present by creating an idealized version of the past have begun to appear in commercial and residential design domestically and abroad. Dark Nostalgia presents 25 projects that exemplify the smooth incorporation of evocative historic details into current interiors. They all demonstrate the many successful ways this trend towards a dark nostalgia has been incorporated into recent designs.


The Joy of Interior Styling

Author: Vtwonen

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9789463052399

Category: Interior decoration

Page: 188

View: 6619

-Design and adapt your interior to the seasons -Tips on the right use of color and combinations to achieve the most beautiful interiors -Composed by the leading interior magazine in Belgium & The Netherlands -Sorted into categories by "mood" and season -A lovely color guide for spring, summer, autumn and winter Composed by the leading interior design magazine in Belgium and the Netherlands, this gorgeous book offers a lovely color guide for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Home will guide you through the use of the right color combinations and accessories to give your interior that "special touch." The inspirational interiors illustrate the meaning of true modern living, and are perfect ideas that can be applied to any home. The pictures are accompanied by quotes, color sheets for the right combinations and poetry.

Decorating with Style

Speedy Tips, Savvy Tricks & Cool Ideas to Transform Your Home

Author: Abigail Ahern

Publisher: Quadrille Publishing

ISBN: 9781849492720

Category: Interior decoration

Page: 192

View: 3074

Decorating Abigail Ahern style is about creating spaces that make you happy - not just buying the latest 'it' chair. According to the internationally renowned interior designer, the most successful homes always have an element of the unexpected. Good taste is wonderful, but without a touch of eccentricity - some tension between spontaneity and rigour, refinement and rebellion - beautifully co-ordinated rooms can leave you cold. Proving that style has nothing to do with money and everything to do with confidence, Abigail goes back to basics to help you determine your own style, then demonstrates how to take interiors to the next level by mixing and layering different styles and eras; injecting intrigue into a room with some maximalist lighting or a decorative rug; playing around with scale, colour and texture to create an enchanting, idiosyncratic vibe. Packed with original ideas, beautiful photography, speedy updates and easy DIY projects - that transform affordable furniture and accessories into something you'd see in a designer showroom - this hip, hands-on guide offers all the tips, tricks and inspiration you need to create a stylish home. For styleconscious people on a budget, interior design just got fun . . .

Mood Indigo

Author: Vinny Lee

Publisher: N.A


Category: Architecture

Page: 192

View: 1390

Stimulates, encourages, and gives sound advice on how to choose color combinations that work together, along with lighting effects and furniture accessories.

Vintage Remix

The Interiors of Kishani Perera

Author: Kishani Perera,Elizabeth Roehrig

Publisher: Abrams

ISBN: 1613122896

Category: Design

Page: 224

View: 7693

Interior designer Kishani Perera knows that good design is everywhere and at every price point. Mixing modern with vintage, and retail with custom, her eclectic interiors incorporate pieces from designer showrooms and Etsy alike to create spectacularly layered, vibrant homes. In Vintage Remix, Perera’s striking interiors serve as a guided tour through the stages of design, from deciding when to skimp or splurge to adding the finishing touches and unexpected elements of whimsy. Her mix-and-match philosophy will help readers discover and express their own tastes. Perera takes the intimidation out of blending styles, proving that pairing seemingly opposing pieces can strike a balance that is classically chic. Praise for Vintage Remix: “In her new book Vintage Remix: The Interiors of Kishani Perera, the Los Angeles designer proves that ‘eclectic’ does not have to be code for ‘messy’ or ‘absolute disarray.’ The homes she decorates mix high-end furnishings with eBay and Etsy finds, flea market pieces, and mass-market purchases for rooms that reflect an individual's personality with warmth and often a touch of glamour.” —Los Angeles Times

The Creative Home

Inspiring ideas for beautiful living

Author: Geraldine James

Publisher: CICO Books

ISBN: 9781782493587

Category: House & Home

Page: 256

View: 4412

Whether you live in a bustling home where a family of different ages with varying tastes and interests needs to be accommodated, in a compact city pied à terre, or in a country or seaside retreat, you will find inspiration here for your ideal living space. There are four chapters on different areas of the house—Cook and Eat features kitchens and dining areas, Relax and Socialize covers living rooms, Work and Create includes home offices and studios, and Sleep and Bathe, of course, shows bedrooms and bathrooms. A final chapter, Store and Display, shows how different areas of the home can be used to show off your treasures and store your collections. Each chapter features rooms of different styles—from sleek and minimal, to Aladdin's caves belonging to collectors of anything and everything, thrifty chic-style rooms furnished with second-hand buys, and renovated homes with no expense spared—as well as displays featuring designer items alongside inherited family heirlooms. However, the one thing every room has in common, whatever its style or purpose, is that it has been furnished and decorated with great attention to detail.

Remodelista: The Organized Home

Simple, Stylish Storage Ideas for All Over the House

Author: Julie Carlson,Margot Guralnick

Publisher: Artisan Books

ISBN: 1579658156

Category: House & Home

Page: 272

View: 7516

Buy fewer (and better) things. Store like with like. Get rid of the plastic. Display—don’t stash—your belongings. Let go of your inner perfectionist and remember that rooms are for living. These are a few of the central principles behind Remodelista: The Organized Home, the new book from the team behind the inspirational design site Whether you’re a minimalist or someone who takes pleasure in her collections, we all yearn for an unencumbered life in a home that makes us happy. This compact tome shows us how, with more than 100 simple and stylish tips, each clearly presented and accompanied by full-color photographs that are sure to inspire. Readers will learn strategies for conquering their homes’ problem zones (from the medicine cabinet to the bedroom closet) and organizing tricks and tools that can be deployed in every room (embrace trays; hunt for unused spaces overhead; decant everything). Interviews with experts, ranging from kindergarten teachers to hoteliers, offer even more ingenious ideas to steal. It all adds up to the ultimate home organizing manual.

Architecture Today: Interior Design

Author: Oscar Asensio

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9788499360881


Page: 336

View: 1411

Architecture Today: Interior Design takes readers through all the steps of renovating and redesigning a home, using the remodeling of a single apartment as a case study. Full-color and black-and-white photos and drawings bring the process to life, and members of the design and construction team offer their thoughts on the challenges that arise each step of the way. See professional reactions to code issues, structural upgrades, plumbing changes and the continual challenge to stay true to the homeowners requirements and vision. The book features detailed analysis of how each change increases the functionality and value of the property, and offers a rich selection of inspirations for anyone planning their own large-scale interior design project.

New Nordic Colour

Decorating with a vibrant modern palette

Author: Antonia af Petersens

Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small

ISBN: 9781849758758

Category: Design

Page: 160

View: 9144

Scandinavian style has long been associated with light, clean-lined spaces or pared-down monochrome interiors. However, in recent years the colour palette has seen a dramatic shift away from pale, cool shades and dramatic, darker and more characterful hues have begun to appear in stylish Nordic homes. Why have the Scandinavians suddenly welcomed colour in this way and how is it being used? As well as discussing the theories behind this shift and analysis of the most popular colour schemes, in New Nordic Colour interiors writer Antonia af Petersen offers expert advice on choosing colour for your home. She goes on to visit 10 Nordic homes that are divided into three different types. Dark Eclectic schemes feature deep, intense hues: dusk blue, storm grey, forest green and indigo, all inspired by the more dramatic tones of the Nordic landscape. Bold Accents focuses on the details that stand out and add character – think deep red berry bushes or the russet tones of the northern birch forests in Fall. Finally, in Majestic Pastels Antonia provides a glimpse into interiors decorated in strong but subtle pastels for a remarkably modern effect. These unique Nordic homes all have one thing in common—plain white walls and monochrome palettes have been replaced with rich, complex, and vibrant hues.

Report from the Interior

Author: Paul Auster

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company

ISBN: 0805098593

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 352

View: 2004

Paul Auster's most intimate autobiographical work to date In the beginning, everything was alive. The smallest objects were endowed with beating hearts . . . Having recalled his life through the story of his physical self in Winter Journal, internationally acclaimed novelist Paul Auster now remembers the experience of his development from within through the encounters of his interior self with the outer world in Report from the Interior. From his baby's-eye view of the man in the moon, to his childhood worship of the movie cowboy Buster Crabbe, to the composition of his first poem at the age of nine, to his dawning awareness of the injustices of American life, Report from the Interior charts Auster's moral, political, and intellectual journey as he inches his way toward adulthood through the postwar 1950s and into the turbulent 1960s. Auster evokes the sounds, smells, and tactile sensations that marked his early life—and the many images that came at him, including moving images (he adored cartoons, he was in love with films), until, at its unique climax, the book breaks away from prose into pure imagery: The final section of Report from the Interior recapitulates the first three parts, told in an album of pictures. At once a story of the times—which makes it everyone's story—and the story of the emerging consciousness of a renowned literary artist, this four-part work answers the challenge of autobiography in ways rarely, if ever, seen before. A Kirkus Reviews Best Nonfiction Book of 2013

In the Mood for Colour

Perfect palettes for creative interiors

Author: Hans Blomquist

Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small

ISBN: 9781849757553

Category: Design

Page: 208

View: 3299

In this, his third book, celebrated interior stylist Hans Blomquist reveals his lifelong passion for color and the way in which it can affect our emotions. Color can soothe, enchant or excite. And as Hans demonstrates, it has the ability to render rooms cool and calming, dynamic and stimulating or moody and intriguing. As ever, Hans draws his inspiration from the treasures of the natural world, exploring shades from the dazzling optic white of newly fallen snow to the fiery crimson heart of a newly unfurled poppy and the inky canopy of the midnight sky. Divided into five sections – Dark, Pale, Soft, Natural and Bright – In the Mood for Colour will make you see color in a completely different light.

Creative Living London

The New Language of London Style

Author: Ingrid Rasmussen,Talib Choudhry

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780500519226


Page: 288

View: 850

An intimate look inside the homes of the world's leading creatives in one of the world's most vibrant cities

Shades of Grey

Decorating with the most elegant of neutrals

Author: Kate Watson-Smyth

Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small

ISBN: 9781849757126

Category: Design

Page: 176

View: 6553

There's no doubt about it, grey is the shade of the moment. Restaurants, stores, and homes are covered in it. There's not a home improvement show that doesn't use it. And forget 50 fact the human eye can detect more than 500. As can the average paint color chart. “Everyone wants to paint their houses grey at the moment,” says Karen Haller, a color expert who advises clients on branding and color psychology. “But it's one of the most difficult colours to get right.” Get it wrong and a room will be cold and dark, possibly even energy-sapping. Get it right, however, and your home will look fresh, sophisticated, and modern. So how do we go about choosing the perfect hue? In 'Shades of Grey' Kate Watson-Smyth will help you find exactly the right shade for your space. Full of expert advice and essential information and spiced with a generous dash of humor, this book will guide you through the minefield that is choosing the perfect shade of gray paint.

Appetizing Design

The World's Most Beautiful Restaurants

Author: Erdal Abaci,Melanie Balasopulos

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781909399990

Category: Design

Page: 288

View: 6236

*A smorgasbord of the most delicious dining rooms around the world*An Instagram phenomenon, the authors have over 2.5 million followers. Their account @myrestaurants is the inspiration for this gorgeous coffee table book*Full color photography in a beautifully designed coffee table book - whilst still keeping an affordable price tag, and with a dedicated audience already committed to the brandIf we eat with our eyes first, then a strong aesthetic is crucial to a restaurant's success. When Erdal Abaci decided to use an Instagram account to celebrate his interests in food, travel and interior design, little did he know that he was creating a phenomenon. He began with @myinterior, which now boasts over 2.3 million followers, and @myrestaurants has already amassed over 237,000. Abaci and his colleague Melanie Balasopulos ravenously collect photographs of the most stunning dining rooms in the world, and fans swoon over elegant French bistros, Australian beach diners, Manhattan rooftop tables, and eclectic Argentinian eateries. Featuring over 150 dazzling rooms, all budgets and cuisines are catered for, and every one will make your mouth water and your feet itch. Make Appetizing Design your checklist of the world's most beautiful restaurants.

Urban Pioneer

Interiors inspired by industrial design

Author: Sara Emslie

Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small

ISBN: 9781849758000

Category: Architecture

Page: 160

View: 7058

Urban living is soaring in popularity as we flock to cities to pursue jobs, easy commutes, and other amenities. New pressures on housing mean that pioneering homeowners are converting ex-industrial, non-residential spaces into innovative homes. The conversion of such buildings into residential spaces first emerged in the 1960s and ‘70s. A decline in manufacturing in city centres meant that many warehouses and factories became vacant, attracting the first wave of urban pioneers—artists and creatives seeking cheap rents and large interiors to use as studio spaces. Since then, industrial areas in many cities have become sought-after residential districts and urban regeneration has gone from strength to strength. Nowadays the trend shows no sign of waning, with a second generation of urban pioneers cleverly converting former lofts, warehouses, schools, factories, offices, and retail spaces into highly desirable homes full of personality and soul. In Urban Pioneer, Sara Emslie investigates the practice for transforming non-residential spaces into homes, the key elements of the look—from exposed brickwork to copper piping and metal roof trusses—and the related rise in the popularity of industrial design. She then explores 12 inspiring and varied real-life homes that showcase the very best of the Urban Pioneer look.


New Interiors, Designs and Concepts for Food Places

Author: Gestalten

Publisher: Die Gestalten Verlag-DGV

ISBN: 9783899559309

Category: Bars (Drinking establishments)

Page: 272

View: 9811

"Interior designers and architects are creating unforgettable spaces and setting stunning new standards for restaurants, bars, and cafes. People love to go out and indulge their senses by trying new restaurants. Pastel colors, hyper-realistic murals, indoor jungles, curved and luxurious couches, golden accents, and soft light. Designers, architects, and restaurateurs transform a night out at a restaurant into a unique and memorable experience. An array of interiors creatively correspond with each particular menu's offerings; Appetizer visits fashionable bars, tasteful eateries, cozy cafes, mobile food trucks and everything in between. Exquisite room concepts are realized with unusual ideas and materials, and experts showcase how to create dream rooms in dining realms. Within Appetizer awaits a range of inspiration for all who wish to satisfy their visual hunger."--