Roadside Geology of Idaho

Author: David D. Alt,Donald W. Hyndman

Publisher: Mountain Press


Category: Science

Page: 393

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An introductory chapter briefly reviews Idaho's geology followed by a series of road guides with the local particulars. The authors tell you what the rocks are and what they mean. Useful graphics and charts supplement the text and help you to understand

Roadside Geology of Montana

Author: David D. Alt,Donald W. Hyndman

Publisher: Mountain Press


Category: Science

Page: 427

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An introductory chapter briefly reviews Montana's geology followed by a series of road guides with the local particulars. The authors tell you what the rocks are and what they mean. Useful graphics and charts supplement the text and help you to understa

Geologisches Wörterbuch

Author: Hans Murawski,Wilhelm Meyer

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3662540509

Category: Science

Page: 221

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Das Ziel des Buches ist es, vor allem in der Deutschen Literatur auftretende Fachwörter aus der Geologie und ihren Grenzgebieten in möglichst umfassender, jedoch knapper Form zu erklären. Diese Grundkonz- tion verlangt eine sehr starke textliche Verdichtung, was sich vor allem bei den Texten der Sammelstichworte bemerkbar macht. Durch die Einführung dieser Erläuterungsmethode finden sich vielfach im Text Einzelsti- worte, die lediglich einen Hinweis auf die Erläuterung bei einem bestimmten Sammelstichwort aufweisen (z. B. : Axialgefälle? Querfaltung). Weiterhin wurde zur sinnvollen Verknüpfung von Stichwörtern im Text selber oder im Anschluss an ihn ein Hinweis auf verwandte Stichwörter gegeben (z. B. : bei ,Benthos‘, s. a. Nekton, Plankton). Weiterhin ist in der vorliegenden Auflage des Buches wieder – dem Wunsche zahlreicher Rezensenten folgend – in verstärktem Maße der Hinweis auf die jeweiligen Erstautoren der einzelnen Begriffe angebracht worden. Es ist hier zu beachten, dass die Signatur: (*L. MILCH, 1894) angeben soll, dass der genannte Autor diesen Begriff zum genannten Zeitpunkt in die wissenschaftliche Literatur eingeführt hat. Dabei wurde keine Rücksicht darauf genommen, ob der Begriff heute noch im gleichen Definitionssinne gebraucht wird. Vielfach gelang es trotz mühsamen Suchens nicht, den Erstautor zu entdecken (keine Angabe im Text oder – wenn möglich – der Vermerk: z. B. ,... schon bei C. F. NAUMANN, 1850‘), oder es blieb ungewiss, ob der Genannte wirklich der Erstautor gewesen ist (z. B. ,... wahrscheinlich A. G. WERNER‘ oder ,? *E. SUESS, 1883‘).

Rockhounding Idaho

A Guide to 99 of the State’s Best Rockhounding Sites

Author: Garret Romaine

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0762763310

Category: Nature

Page: 264

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A complete guide to Idaho's best sites for collecting rocks, minerals, gems, crystals, fossils, and gold.

Geology of U.S. Parklands

Author: Eugene P. Kiver,David V. Harris

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780471332183

Category: Science

Page: 902

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A fascinating and accessible introduction to the principles of physical and historical geology. For the millions who visit them each year, U.S. national parklands offer a glittering spectacle of natural wonders. But beyond the spectacular scenery, these national treasures have a much bigger, more awe–inspiring tale to tell––a sprawling story of upheaval and transformation, involving forces and time–spans almost beyond imagining. The purpose of this book is to provide you with the knowledge you need to read and interpret that story, and to make visits to the parklands even more special. Requiring no prior familiarity with the geological sciences, this region–by–region exploration of the U.S. parklands teaches the principles of physical and historical geology by example. It begins with a general introduction to all important concepts, terms, and principles. In the chapters that follow, the authors take you on a tour through the geological regions of the United States. Beginning with Hawaii and the Pacific borderlands and moving progressively eastward to the Appalachian Mountains and the coastal plains of the East Coast, they provide you with a geologist′s–eye view of the landforms, mountains, and bodies of water encountered in over 70 national parks and monuments, and tell the fascinating story of their evolution. Lavishly illustrated with nearly 300 stunning photographs and maps and featuring greatly expanded coverage of the geological story, history, and culture of U.S. parks and monuments, this new edition of Dr. David Harris′s classic text is an ideal introduction to the principles of geology for students and nature enthusiasts alike.

Geology of the Pacific Northwest

Second Edition

Author: William N. Orr,Elizabeth L. Orr

Publisher: Waveland Press

ISBN: 1478609877

Category: Science

Page: 337

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The geologic history of the Pacific Northwest is as unique as the region itself. Created via tectonic plate movements and accretionary events, the original terranes were subsequently covered by sedimentary layers, ash, lavas, and glacial debris. These processes, begun millions of years ago, continue to affect the area, as seen in the eruption of Mount St. Helens and catastrophic Japanese tsunamis created by earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest. Understanding of the regions geology has led to new insight in volcanic eruption prediction, disaster preparedness, the environmental effects of mining, and urban development as it relates to geologic hazards. The Orrs detailed and informative writing style appeals to those with geologic training as well as beginners with an interest in the region. Each chapter covers a specific subregion, allowing for maximum flexibility both in the classroom and for the casual reader. The authors central theme that continental plate tectonics are the fundamental processes of Northwest geologic history permeates throughout the book.

Roadside Geology of Nebraska

Author: Harmon D. Maher,George Felix Engelmann,Robert Duncan Shuster

Publisher: Mountain Press

ISBN: 9780878424573

Category: Science

Page: 264

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Nebraska's geology is as exciting as the Cornhuskers. You'll discover badlands, braided rivers, fossil rhinos entombed in volcanic ash, and the largest dune field in the Western Hemisphere.

Bulletin - Idaho Bureau of Mines and Geology

Author: Idaho Bureau of Mines and Geology,V. E. Chamberlain,Roy M. Breckenridge,Bill Bonnichsen

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781557650276

Category: Mines and mineral resources

Page: 156

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Guidebook to the Geology of Northern & Western Idaho & Surrounding Area. (Illus.). 156p. 1989. pap. 24.00 (ISBN 1-55765-027-6). Idaho Geol. Survey Pr. With this book those with a smattering of geology enjoy at their leisure, in easy-to-follow road logs, self-directed educational tours from the comfort of their cars. The book consists of nine field trips in Idaho & adjoining parts of Oregon & Washington. Articles cover late Cenozoic lake environments, the Idaho batholith & accreted terranes, tectonic & sedimentary sequences, & the Coeur d'Alene mining district. For those interested in other parts of Idaho, a companion volume includes broad areas of the rest of the state. Guidebook to the Geology of Central & Southern Idaho (Illus. 319p. 1988. pap. 35.00 ISBN 1-55765-026-8) contains 21 road logs describing the geology of central Idaho, the Snake River Plain, & southwest Montana in addition to the Paleozoic stratigraphy, economic geology, & Quaternary geology on this extensive region. Both guidebooks provide long-awaited summaries of the current geologic knowledge of the state. Another book of interest to serious students of geology is the Cenozoic Geology of Idaho (Illus. 725p. 1982. pap. 39.00 ISBN 1-55765-025-X).