Against All Odds

Rise of a King

Author: Lionel Lindsey

Publisher: Lionel Lindsey/43952 Entertainment

ISBN: 9780692469156


Page: 298

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Against All Odds: Rise of A king gives a riveting account of Linz and his crew the 4 kings as they navigate their way thru the merciless streets of Pittsburgh, Pa. As they attempt to rise to the top and be seated amongst the steel city's elite players in the game. Although the love of money & it's evil twin power is evident, it's the strong desire of revenge that truly motivates them.


The Rise of a King

Author: David Eyre

Publisher: Kamehameha Schools Press

ISBN: 9780873363228

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 224

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"A work of historical fiction based on Hawaiian sources and years of research. The stories shed new light on Kamehameha's upbringing and his lifelong quest to unify the Hawaiian Islands"--Jacket.

Rise of the King

Companion Codex, II

Author: R.A. Salvatore

Publisher: Wizards of the Coast

ISBN: 0786965517

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

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In the second book of the Companions Codex, the latest series in R.A. Salvatore’s New York Times best-selling saga of dark elf Drizzt Do’Urden, the orcs of Many Arrows decide to take advantage of the chaos wrought by the Sundering to reignite a blood feud first brought to life in the phenomenal best seller The Thousand Orcs.

Chronicles of The King: Rise of Legends #Chapter 1


Author: E.Divian

Publisher: E.Divian


Category: Design

Page: 7

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The year is 20XX. Earth’s advancement in technology has allowed it to expand to the far reaches of space. Humans have moved to the many ‘colonies’ surrounding it. New species and races have appeared. New energy sources have been found reducing the value of fossil fuels. It was supposed to be a time of peace, but chaos loomed in the faces of many. The world was in the midst of a tremendous crisis. The appearance of new superpower nations had caused an outbreak of war that spanned 20 years. These new countries and its allies were know and feared as “The Order’. They were ruthless and wanted to control the world’s energy supplies, destroying any nation that stood in their way. But all was not lost. The remaining countries banded together to stop The Order. They formed ‘The International Military (I.M) and fought against The Order. Many battles were fought and many lives were lost. After 20 years The Order seemed to be gaining an upper hand as the older generation of I.M soldiers slowly faded away from the battlefield. It looked as though all hope was lost for the world. But hope came in the new generation of I.M soldiers that appeared, pushing the Order back. Amongst them there is a team that have been a major turning point in the war. That teams name is Taskforce 666. And this is their story…..

“The king at the gate”. Monumental fortifications and the rise of local elites at Arslantepe at the end of the 2nd Millennium

Published in Origini n. XXXIX/2016. Rivista annuale del Dipartimento di Scienze dell’Antichità – “Sapienza” Università di Roma | Preistoria e protostoria delle civiltà antiche – Prehistory and protohistory of ancient civilizations

Author: Federico Manuelli,Lucia Mori

Publisher: Gangemi Editore spa

ISBN: 8849248415

Category: Social Science

Page: N.A

View: 7394

This paper aims at presenting the results of recent investigations on the Early Iron Age at Arslantepe/Malatya (SE Turkey), which yielded important new data on the rise and collapse of a local power that used figurative representation at the town’s gate to express its authority. The 12th century BCE was one of the most relevant periods of transformation in the Syro-Anatolian region, which saw the decline of the Hittite Empire and the emergence of independent polities that re-elaborated the imperial tradition in original ways. The breakdown of the empire was not a generalized event, rather a process developing in an uneven temporal and geographic range. The Arslantepe case shows that the collapse was delayed, as it was contained by the rising of a local elite, which adopted strategies of territorial control and manifestation of power through the use of monumental buildings and sculptured reliefs. The archaeological evidence from Arslantepe will be presented and correlated with the Late Bronze Age epigraphic sources from Emar and the land of Aštata. These texts describe rituals illustrating the importance of city-gates as performance spaces in festivals involving the entire community and document the increasing financial support of the local kings. The festivals might have been also an instrument to establish or legitimate a stronger role of a previous “limited kingship” within the community after the Hittite conquest. The association of visual representations and rituals performed at the city-gates offer some reflections about the development of the Syro-Anatolian societies, as well as the role of the ruling class during the late-2nd millennium BCE.

The Rise and Fall of a Dragon King

Author: Lynn Abbey

Publisher: Wizards of the Coast

ISBN: 9780786904761

Category: Fantasy games

Page: 310

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The much-feared sorcerer-king of Urik, Hamanu joins a plot to force a transmutation that will allow him to avoid his own corruption but that will destroy all of Urik in the process. Original. 65,000 first printing.

Jesus and the Rise of Nationalism

A New Quest for the Nineteenth Century Historical Jesus

Author: Halvor Moxnes

Publisher: I.B.Tauris

ISBN: 1848850808

Category: History

Page: 270

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The great German theologian Albert Schweitzer famously drew a line under 19th century historical Jesus research by showing that at the bottom of the well lay not the face of Joseph's son, but rather the features of all the New Testament scholars who had tried to reveal his elusive essence. In his thoughtful and provocative new book, Halvor Moxnes takes Schweitzer's observation much further: the doomed "quest for the historical Jesus" was determined not only by the different personalities of the seekers who undertook it, but also by the social, cultural, and political agendas of the countries from which their presentations emerged. Thus, Friedrich Schleiermacher's Jesus was a teacher, corresponding with the role German teachers played in Germany's movement for democratic socialism. Ernst Renan's Jesus was by contrast an attempt to represent the "positive Orient" as a precursor to the civilized self of his own French society. Scottish theologian G A Smith demonstrated in his manly portrayal of Jesus a distinctively British liberalism and Victorian moralism. Moxnes argues that one cannot understand any "life of Jesus" apart from nationalism and national identity: and that what is needed in modern biblical studies is an awareness of all the presuppositions that underlie presentations of Jesus, whether in terms of power, gender, sex, and class. Only then, he says, can we start to look at Jesus in a way that does him justice.

Twentieth-century British Authors and the Rise of Opera in Britain

Author: Irene Morra

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9780754660637

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 138

View: 1612

This book is the first to examine the contributions of major British authors, as critics and librettists, to the rise of British opera in the twentieth century. Auden and Forster, as much as Vaughan Williams and Benjamin Britten, defined British opera, which emerged as a simultaneously literary and musical project. The resulting collaborations have crucial implications for the development of our understanding of opera and literature.

Rise of Assyria (International UK English Edition)

Author: Philip Michael Jamersen


ISBN: 1446131947

Category: Fiction

Page: 532

View: 3584

A story two and a half thousand years in the making.... nineteen centuries before Columbus sailed for the New World, a thousand years before the Fall of Rome, and six hundred years before the Crucifixion of Christ, the first world empire rose up & spread across the known world.... then came a being from Creation's edge, & the slaughter began.... this fantasy novel based on a biblical story will transport you to a time when the world began to emerge from darkness and myth, when angels and demons fought an eternal war in the celestial realm, and great kings and emperors pitted their wits and armies against one another, a world of romance, intrigue, politics & deception.... [This is the larger version of this product, ideal as a gift or to treat yourself!] - Visit for more information.

Rise of the Dragon Horde

Blackstarr: the Chronicles of Morgan Sparrowhawk

Author: The Brothers Orange

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469120798

Category: Fiction

Page: 554

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The races of man; elf, human, dwarf and halflings face a darkness that they can not comprehend. Molloch the dark god, has planned for thousands of years to seize Oren, but the great god EL has stopped him time and time again. Now the inhabitants of Oren have turned their backs on EL and a new window of opportunity for Molloch to seize Oren has arise. EL will not abandon Oren to the dark one without a fight, as he has a plan as well. EL has kept the elves of Shaggar safe for thousands of years, but there hearts have turned from him placing Oren in jeopardy. A lone half-elf, shunned by his people must fight against prejudice and hate to become the instrument of his god. Geric of the House of Joda must survive the trails of his youth and lead his people back into the light of EL. Shante Hartas, High Guardian of the city of Shaggar has other plans, as he secretly worships Molloch leading the great city into darkness under his rule. Raven Mercury a human warrior, fights to change his familys station in life from commoner to noble. Raven proves himself by winning the annual tournament granting him a chance to train at the legendary school of Ascension. The ancient dragon, Dragmyre is raising an army to begin his conquest of the world of Oren. Dragmyre has collected his generals to lead his army, and with the world unaware victory seems sure. Until a fateful night when Raven finds out the truth; the school is not what it seems. Will he hold too the noble intentions he has of being a knight or take his rightful place as a general in the Dragon Horde. With the world hanging in the balance, Geric Joda and Raven Mercury are thrust into the battle for Oren. Molloch is gathering his force on two fronts, preparing to seize all that EL holds dear. Two warriors will decide the future of Oren the half-elf and the human, will they unite in time to save a world or choose a darker path. All will be decided in.... Blackstarr: The Chronicles of Morgan Sparrowhawk

Inside Out: Rise of the Monarchy

Author: James A. Gauthier J.D.

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1490734910

Category: Fiction

Page: 228

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Inside Out: Rise of the Monarchy is the second volume of a fictional trilogy that addresses the assumption of power by elitist politicians to the exclusion of the electorate and their constitutionally guaranteed rights. The president and congress take action to stop those who elected them from demanding transparency and accountability within the constraints of the constitution. They believe that their actions are warranted and will make our country a better place to live. Patriots begin to protest and the president and congress abrogate the constitution and convert our system of government to that of a feudal system. The president demands to be called King or Your Majesty while referring to senators as lords and members of the house as feudal district managers. Military commanders are replaced and even executed to bring the military into conformance with the new government. The enemy of the new government is conservatism despite the kings references to conservatives as domestic terrorists. Patriots led by headmasters Jeff and Ann of Castleway Academy begin the second revolutionary war to remove the king wannabe and restore the Constitution to the people. Inside Out: Rise of the Monarchy chronicles a president and his congress gone awry as they try to bring the country in line with their beliefs and expectations.