Reassertion of Control over the Investment Treaty Regime

Author: Andreas Kulick

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 131678116X

Category: Law

Page: N.A

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Driven by public opinion in host states, contracting parties to investment agreements are pursuing many avenues in order to curb a system that is being perceived - correctly or not - as having run out of control. Reassertion of Control over the Investment Treaty Regime is the first book of its kind to examine the many issues of procedure, substantive law, and policy which arise from this trend. From procedural aspects such as frivolous claims mechanisms, the establishment of appeals mechanism or state-state arbitration, to substantive issues such as joint interpretations, treaty termination or detailed definitions of standards of protection, the book identifies and discusses the main means by which states do or may reassert their control over the interpretation and application of investment treaties. Each chapter tackles one of these avenues and evaluates its potential to serve as an instrument in states' reassertion of control.

International Challenges in Investment Arbitration

Author: Mesut Akbaba,Giancarlo Capurro

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351580124

Category: Law

Page: 266

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As the proverbial workhorse of international economic law, investment arbitration is heavily relied upon around the globe. It has to cope with the demands of increasingly complex proceedings. At the same time, investment arbitration has come under close public scrutiny in the midst of heated political debate. Both of these factors have led to the field of investment protection being subject to continuous changes. Therefore, it presents an abundance of challenges in its interpretation and application. While these challenges are often deeply rooted in the doctrinal foundations of international law, they similarly surface during live arbitral proceedings. International Challenges in Investment Arbitration serves not only as a collection of recently debated issues in investment law; it also deals with the underlying fundamental questions at the intersection of investment arbitration and international law. The book is the product of the 1st Bucerius Law Journal Conference on International Investment Law & Arbitration. It combines the current state of knowledge, new perspectives on the topic as well as practical issues and will be of interest to researchers, academics and practitioners in the fields of international investment law, international economic law, regulation and comparative law.

Divergenz und Transformation

Verfassungstheoretische Untersuchung des Eigentumsschutzes in der demokratischen Eigentumsverfassung und im Investitionsschutzregime

Author: Rhea Hoffmann

Publisher: Nomos Verlag

ISBN: 3845290978

Category: Law

Page: 491

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Die Arbeit untersucht mithilfe verfassungstheoretischer Annahmen die Auswirkungen des internationalen Investitionsschutzrechts auf die Ausgestaltung des Eigentumsschutzes in nationalen Verfassungen. Im Ergebnis ergibt sich, dass der demokratische Eigentumskompromiss und der Schutz von Rechtspositionen nach dem Investitionsschutzrecht unterschiedlich ausgestaltet sind. Investitionsschutzrechtlicher Eigentumsschutz ist an einem hohen Schutzstandard für Investoren orientiert, während der demokratische Eigentumskompromiss einen Ausgleich schafft zwischen Eigentumsschutz auf der einen Seite und Gemeinwohlinteressen auf der anderen Seite. Als Fallillustrationen dienen die Verfassungen von Deutschland, Südafrika und Australien und aktuelle Investitionsstreitigkeiten, die diese Länder betrafen (u. a. Philip Morris und Vattenfall). Darüber hinaus wird aufgezeigt, dass diese Divergenz zwischen den beiden Regimen auch zu einer Transformation des demokratischen Eigentumskompromisses führen kann.

Asia's Changing International Investment Regime

Sustainability, Regionalization, and Arbitration

Author: Julien Chaisse,Tomoko Ishikawa,Sufian Jusoh

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9811058822

Category: Law

Page: 260

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This book focuses on the Asia-Pacific region, delineating the evolving dynamics of foreign investment in the region. It examines the relationship between efforts to increase foreign direct investment (FDI) and efforts to improve governance and inclusive growth and development. Against a background of rapidly developing international investment law, it emphasises the need to strike a balance between these domestic and international legal frameworks, seeking to promote both foreign investment and the laws and policies necessary to regulate investments and investor conduct. Foreign investments play a pivotal role in most countries’ political economies, and in order to encourage cross-border capital flows, countries have taken various steps, such as revising their domestic legal frameworks, liberalising rules on inward and outward investment, and creating special regimes that provide incentives and protections for foreign investment. Alongside the developments in domestic laws, countries have also taken bilateral and multilateral action, including entering into trade and/or investment agreements. Further, the book explores regional investment trends, highlights specific features of Asia-Pacific investment laws and treaties, and analyses policy implications. It addresses four overarching themes: the trends (how Asia-Pacific’s agreements compare with recent global trends in the evolving rules on foreign investment); what China is doing; current investment arbitration practice in Asia; and the importance of regionalising investment law in the Asia-Pacific region. In addition, it identifies and discusses the research and policy gaps that should be filled in order to promote more sustainable and responsible investment. The book offers a valuable resource not only for academics and students, but also for trade and investment officials, policy-makers, diplomats, economists, lawyers, think tanks, and business leaders interested in the governance and regulation of foreign investment, economic policy reforms, and the development of new types of investment agreements.

Jenseits der Menschenrechte

Die Rechtsstellung des Individuums im Völkerrecht

Author: Anne Peters

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck

ISBN: 9783161527494

Category: Law

Page: 559

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Grundthese des Buches ist, dass ein Paradigmenwechsel stattgefunden hat, der den Menschen zum primaren Volkerrechtssubjekt macht. Diese These wird vor dem Hintergrund der Ideengeschichte und Dogmatik der Volkerrechtspersonlichkeit des Menschen entfaltet und auf die Rechtspraxis in zahlreichen Teilrechtsgebieten, angefangen vom Recht der internationalen Verantwortung uber das Recht des bewaffneten Konflikts, das Recht der Katastrophenhilfe, das internationale Strafrecht, das internationale Umweltrecht, das Konsularrecht und das Recht des diplomatischen Schutzes, das internationale Arbeitsrecht, das Fluchtlingsrecht bis hin zum internationalen Investitionsschutzrecht gestutzt. Der neue Volkerrechtsstatus des Menschen wird mit dem Begriff des subjektiven internationalen Rechts auf den Punkt gebracht.

Moving People, Goods and Information in the 21st Century

The Cutting-Edge Infrastructures of Networked Cities

Author: Richard Hanley

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134461682

Category: Architecture

Page: 352

View: 8338

Globalisation and technological innovation have changed the way people, goods, and information move through and about cities. To remain, or become, economically and environmentally sustainable, cities and their regions must adapt to these changes by creating cutting-edge infrastructures that integrate advanced technologies, communications, and multiple modes of transportation. The book defines cutting-edge infrastructures, details their importance to cities and their regions, and addresses the obstacles to creating those infrastructures.

Krieg und Frieden

Die wirtschaftlichen Folgen des Vertrags von Versailles

Author: John Maynard Keynes

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783937834757


Page: 157

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The Rights of Refugees under International Law

Author: James C. Hathaway

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139445764

Category: Political Science

Page: N.A

View: 3751

This book presents the first comprehensive analysis of the human rights of refugees as set by the UN Refugee Convention. In an era where States are increasingly challenging the logic of simply assimilating refugees to their own citizens, questions are now being raised about whether refugees should be allowed to enjoy freedom of movement, to work, to access public welfare programs, or to be reunited with family members. Doubts have been expressed about the propriety of exempting refugees from visa and other immigration rules, and whether there is a duty to admit refugees at all. Hathaway links the standards of the UN Refugee Convention to key norms of international human rights law, and applies his analysis to the world's most difficult protection challenges. This is a critical resource for advocates, judges, and policymakers. It will also be a pioneering scholarly work for graduate students of international and human rights law.

International and European Law Problems of Investment Arbitration involving the EU

Author: Peter Ratz

Publisher: Nomos Verlag

ISBN: 3845286326

Category: Law

Page: 470

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Mit dieser Arbeit legt der Autor die erste monographische Behandlung der Frage vor, inwiefern völker- und europarechtliche Probleme dazu führen, dass Schiedsverfahren nach von der EU abgeschlossenen Investitionsschutzabkommen einen geringeren Schutzstandard gewähren als "reguläre" BITs. Der Autor gelangt zu dem Ergebnis, dass Schiedsverfahren nach EU-Investitionsschutzabkommen tatsächlich einen niedrigeren Schutzstandard gewähren. Dies hängt mit Problemen der Vollstreckung von Schiedssprüchen und Unterschieden hinsichtlich der materiellen Verpflichtungen der EU und der Mitgliedstaaten zusammen, die zu Schutzlücken für Investoren führen. Der wichtigste Faktor ist allerdings die Rechtunsicherheit, die daraus resultiert, dass die in bisher von der EU abgeschlossenen Investitionsschutzabkommen enthaltenen Streitbeilegungsregeln nicht den Vorgaben des EuGH entsprechen.

Political Risk Yearbook

West Europe

Author: PRS Group Incorporated, The

Publisher: N.A


Category: Political stability

Page: N.A

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One of 8 vols. each covering a different area of the world.

The Government and Politics of the Middle East and North Africa

Author: David E. Long,Bernard Reich

Publisher: Westview Press

ISBN: 9780813339726

Category: Political Science

Page: 502

View: 7945

Rapid social, economic, and political change is endemic to the Middle East and is often more revolutionary than evolutionary in nature. In many ways, the entire political landscape of the Middle East has been transformed in the past decade in the realm of both international relations and domestic politics: The collapse of the Soviet Union, the end of the cold war, and the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait have all had a profound effect on relations among states within the region and between those states and countries outside the region.In this revised edition, Long and Reich provide comprehensive and up-to-date analyses of many critical contemporary events and issues. The contributors explain how Desert Storm isolated Iraq and brought Syria back into the mainstream of Arab politics, contributing to the revival of the Arab-Israeli peace process. They also show how the return of a Labor government in Israel has allowed the peace process to go forward. Evaluating the economic costs of the Kuwait war and the continuing oil glut, the authors find that resulting changes in the domestic economies of the oil-producing states have created additional pressures for social and political change. The most profound change in government and politics, however, is the rise of Islam as the idiom of political discourse among moderates as well as extremists.

Governance im 21. Jahrhundert

Author: OECD

Publisher: OECD Publishing

ISBN: 9789264589360


Page: 264

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Mit dem Beginn des 21. Jahrhunderts stehen weitere dramatische Umwälzungen in Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft an der Tagesordnung. Der Bericht untersucht Chancen und Risiken wirtschaftlicher, gesellschaftlicher und technologischer Natur.

International Investment Agreements

Key Issues

Author: United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

Publisher: New York : United Nations

ISBN: 9789211126600

Category: Law

Page: 392

View: 7066

The number of international investment agreements (IIAs) continues to grow as the use of foreign direct investment (FDI) flows has become a key part of our globalised economy, with for example, almost two bilateral investment treaties added every week during 2004. This publication is the first of a three volume compilation of papers to aid negotiators and policy-makers, in particular from developing countries, with issues arising in discussions of IIAs. This volume contains 12 chapters which cover a range of issues including: an overview of key trends; scope and definition; admission and establishment; most-favoured nation treatment; fair and equitable treatment; taking of property; transfer of funds; transparency; and dispute settlement.

OPEC Bulletin

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Petroleum industry and trade

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The Moon Treaty

Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Science, Technology, and Space of the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, United States Senate, Ninety-sixth Congress, Second Session, on Agreement Governing the Activities of States on the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies, July 29 and 31, 1980

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. Subcommittee on Science, Technology, and Space

Publisher: N.A


Category: Agreement Governing the Activities of States on the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies

Page: 267

View: 5426

Kyrgyz Republic

National Environmental Action Plan

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Environmental policy

Page: 145

View: 9002

Pearls of Passion: Dein - Für sieben Tage

Author: Tiffany Reisz

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 3862788148

Category: Fiction

Page: 30

View: 6232

Eine gut trainierte Sklavin tut alles, was ihr Herr verlangt ... Eleanor soll sich für sieben Tage um den Witwer Daniel kümmern, seine Lebenslust und seine erotische Begierde wieder neu entfachen. Und obwohl Daniel das prickelnde Spiel von Dominanz und Unterwerfung lange nicht mehr gespielt hat, findet er schnell in seine Rolle zurück. Bald verliert sich Eleanor in süßen Qualen und spürt zu ihrem Erschrecken, dass sich noch ganz andere, tiefe Gefühle in ihr regen. Als Daniel ihr am Ende der Woche ein unmoralisches Angebot macht, muss sie sich plötzlich zwischen zwei Meistern entscheiden ...