Proceedings of Coastal Structures '83

a specialty conference on the design, construction, maintenance, and performance of coastal structures, March 9-11, 1983, Arlington, Virginia

Author: American Society of Civil Engineers. Committee on Waves and Wave Forces,Coastal Engineering Research Center (U.S.)

Publisher: Amer Society of Civil Engineers


Category: Nature

Page: 1012

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Coastal Structures 2003

Proceedings of the Conference, August 26-30, 2003, Portland, Oregon

Author: Jeffrey A. Melby

Publisher: Amer Society of Civil Engineers

ISBN: 9780784407332

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 1354

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Results from new and ongoing research into all aspects of coastal structures were presented by the international community at the Coastal Structures 2003 conference held in Portland, Oregon, August 26-30, 2003. This proceedings contains 110 papers that present the state of knowledge and practice in coastal structure design, construction, and maintenance. The papers are divided into the following sections: (1) rubble mound coastal structures; (2) composite, vertical walled, and other coastal structures; (3) wave run-up and overtopping; (4) waves and structures; (5) shore protection; and (6) case studies. Special topics focus on general design, life-cycle or performance-based design, wave run-up and overtopping results related to the CLASH research program, and wave and current hydrodynamics in and around structures and innovative shore protection structures. Coastal engineers will find a wide range of design guidance, practical experience, and innovative solutions discussed within these papers.

Coastal Engineering Practice 2011

Author: Orville T. Magoon,Ronald M. Noble,Donald D. Treadwell,Young C. Kim

Publisher: ASCE Publications

ISBN: 9780784476710

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 880

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Proceedings of the 2011 Conference on Coastal Engineering Practice, held in San Diego, California, August 21-24, 2011. Sponsored by the Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute of ASCE. This collection contains 90 papers that focus on developing solutions to coastal engineering problems and ensuring sustainable coastal development. Papers reflect an emphasis on practical experience and actual projects rather than specific technical and scientific aspects of coastal engineering. Topics include: case histories of coastal projects; sustainable coastal development; erosion and shoreline protection; coastal environment, water quality, and wetlands restoration; coastal hazards and risk management; coastal sediment processes; ports, harbors, and marine transportation; and local, state, and federal involvement in planning, design, and construction of coastal projects. These papers enhance the exchange of real-world experience and thus will be of interest to practicing coastal engineers.

Coastal Sediments '07

Proceedings of the Sixth International Symposium on Coastal Engineering and Science of Coastal Sediment Processes, May 13-17, 2007, New Orleans, Louisiana

Author: Nicholas C. Kraus,Julie Dean Rosati

Publisher: ASCE Publications

ISBN: 0784409269

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 2528

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Coastal Sediments '07 presents leading-edge research gathered at the 6th International Symposium on Coastal Engineering and Science of Coastal Sediment Processes, held May 13-17, 2007 in New Orleans, Louisiana. This technical specialty conference was devoted to the physical aspects of sediment processes in coastal and inlet environments.The three volume conference proceedings contains over 190 papers that emphasize the long-term consequences of coastal morphology and explore coastal sediment processes from the micro to regional scale. Coastal Sediments '07 offers practical engineering solutions through use of case studies focusing on beach, channel, and coastal inlets.

Breakwaters, Coastal Structures and Coastlines

Proceedings of the International Conference Organized by the Institution of Civil Engineers and Held in London, UK on 26-28 September 2001

Author: Institution of Civil Engineers (Great Britain)

Publisher: Thomas Telford

ISBN: 9780727730428

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 532

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This volume presents the proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers' seventh internaional conference on coastlines, structures and breakwaters. The papers contained in the volume cover wide ranging advances in international research and experience in the field of coastal and harbour engineering.

Coastal Structures 2011

(In 2 Volumes)

Author: Shigeo Takahashi,Masahiko Isobe,Nobuhisa Kobayashi,Ken-ichiro Shimosako

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9814412228

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 1592

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Coastal Structures are undergoing renewal and innovation to better serve the needs of our society, from environmental co-existence and habitat enhancement to risk management. The CSt2011 conference is the sixth in a series that highlights coastal disaster preparedness and ocean utilization in a changing climate. The conferences have frequently yielded milestone works and highly cited references in the field. Contents:Volume 1:THESEUS-Coastal Risks in a Changing ClimateSea Level RiseWave Overtopping SimulatorCoastal Structure ProjectNumerical SimulationsOcean EnergyRubble Mound & Berm BreakwatersMovable StructuresWave-Structure InteractionWave ForceWave Runup and OvertoppingRubble Mound Breakwater & Wave TransmissionProbabilistic Design & Life Cycle EvaluationWave & Vertical Breakwater InteractionVolume 2:Artificial BlocksStability of BlocksNumerical ModelingNumerical Wave-Structure InteractionWave-Seabed-Structure InteractionCoastal EnvironmentStorm DisasterDesign Wave & Storm SurgeGeotextile & Concrete MattressConstruction & RehabilitationCase StudiesTsunami Wave ForceTsunami Prevention MeasuresTsunami Simulation & ObservationShore ProtectionErosion & Sediment TransportGeotechnical DesignPoster Sessions Readership: Graduates and researcher in coastal engineering, ocean engineering, civil engineering and environmental engineering.Keywords:Coastal Structure;Storm;Tsunami;Coastal Disaster;Ocean EnergyKey Features:Multidisciplinary topics from coastal disaster prevention to ocean energy utilizationNewest research results at the forefront of the fieldMany world-reknowned authors

Coastal, Estuarial and Harbour Engineer's Reference Book

Author: Michael B Abbott,W. Alan Price

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9780419154303

Category: Architecture

Page: 768

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A major new reference book bringing together wide-ranging expert guidance on coastal engineering, including harbours and estuaries. It covers both traditional engineering topics and the fast developing areas of mathematical modelling and computer simulation.

Solutions to Coastal Disasters '02

Conference Proceedings, February 24-27, 2002, San Diego, California

Author: Lesley Ewing,Louise Wallendorf

Publisher: Amer Society of Civil Engineers

ISBN: 9780784406052

Category: Social Science

Page: 1019

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These 83 papers from the February 2002 conference discuss coastal management, coastal storms, the impacts of climate change, shoreline change and response, and tsunamis and seismic events. The research focuses on identifying the forces and processes that contribute to coastal disasters, and developing strategies for preventing or minimizing the impact of these calamities. Among the topics are interpretation of probabilistic slope analysis for shoreline bluffs, coastal erosion processes and assessments of setback distances, and hurricane impact mapping. Case studies include a lakefront flood and storm emergency response plan for Chicago, a flood forecasting system for India, and property damage due to a storm surge in Japan. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Coastal zone '83

proceedings of the Third Symposium on Coastal and Ocean Management, Town and Country Hotel, San Diego, California, June 1-4, 1983

Author: Orville T. Magoon,Hugh Converse,American Society of Civil Engineers. Waterway, Port, Coastal and Ocean Division

Publisher: N.A


Category: Nature

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Coastal Structures and Breakwaters

Proceedings of the Conference Organized by the Institution of Civil Engineers, and Held in London on 6-8 November 1991

Author: Institution of Civil Engineers (Great Britain)

Publisher: Thomas Telford

ISBN: 9780727716729

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 581

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This volume presents authoritative research on new experience and research on coastal structures and breakwaters, particularly that which has led to advances in design procedures. It brings together the experience of an international authorship to cover design and construction of coastal structures, particularly new developments, the magnitude and effects of longer term environmental changes and assessment of these structures and their relative safety.

Coastal Management

Changing Coast, Changing Climate, Changing Minds

Author: Alison Baptiste

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780727761149

Category: Coastal engineering

Page: 748

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Scour and Erosion

Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Scour and Erosion, ICSE-5, November 7-10, 2010, San Francisco, California

Author: Susan E. Burns,Shobha K. Bhatia,Catherine M. C. Avila,Beatrice E. Hunt

Publisher: ASCE Publications

ISBN: 9780784411476

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 1152

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Scour and erosion represent some of the most critical threats to maintaining infrastructure and quality of life throughout the world. As the human population expands, the responsibilities of engineers, scientists, and designers continue to increase. The demand for a creative approach to effective control of scour and erosion also becomes more pressing, requiring cross-disciplinary synthesis of information from the fields of hydraulic and geotechnical engineering. The papers in this Geotechnical Special Publication were presented at the 5th International Conference on Scour and Erosion, held in San Francisco, California, November 7 10, 2010. The conference was co-sponsored by the ASCE Geo-Institute and the ASCE Environmental and Water Resources Institute. The papers presented in this book examine the scour and erosion of hillside, fluvial, estuarine, and coastal environments at the interface of water, soil, and rock. This proceedings will be valuable to anyone working in the fields of geotechnical or environmental engineering.

Practical Design of Ships and Other Floating Structures

Eighth International Symposium - PRADS 2001 (2 Volume set)

Author: You-Sheng Wu,Guo-Jun Zhou,Wei-Cheng Cui

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780080539355

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 1422

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This proceedings contains the papers presented at The 8th International Symposium on Practical Design of Ships and Other Floating Structures held in China in September 2001 - the first PRADS of the 21st Century. The overall aim of PRADS symposia is to advance the design of ships and other floating structures as a professional discipline and science by exchanging knowledge and promoting discussion of relevant topics in the fields of naval architecture and marine and offshore engineering. In line with the aim, in welcoming the new era, this Symposium is intended to increase international co-operation and give a momentum for the new development of design and production technology of ships and other floating structures for efficiency, economy, safety, and environmental production. The main themes of this Symposium are Design Synthesis, Production, Hydrodynamics, Structures and Materials of Ships and Floating Systems. Proposals for over 270 papers from 26 countries and regions within the themes were received for PRADS 2001, and about 170 papers were accepted for presentation at the symposium. With the high quality of the proposed papers the Local Organising Committee had a difficult task to make a balanced selection and to control the total number of papers for fitting into the allocated time schedule approved by the Standing Committee of PRADS. Volume I covers design synthesis, production and part of hydrodynamics. Volume II contains the rest of hydrodynamics, and structures and materials.

Collision and Grounding of Ships and Offshore Structures

Author: Jorgen Amdahl,Sören Ehlers,Bernt Johan Leira

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1315884895

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 354

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Collision and Grounding of Ships and Offshore Structures contains the latest research results and innovations presented at the 6th International Conference on Collision and Grounding of Ships and Offshore Structures (Trondheim, Norway, 17-19 June 2013). The book comprises contributions made in the field of numerical and analytical analysis of collision and grounding consequences for ships and offshore structures in various scenarios, such as narrow passageways and arctic conditions including accidental ice impact. A wide range of topics is covered: - Recent large-scale collision experiments - Innovative concepts and procedures to improve the crashworthiness of ships and offshore structures - Ship collisions with offshore renewable energy installations - Residual strength of damaged ship structures as well as mitigation measures for the consequences of such accidents - Statistical analysis of collision and grounding incidents to analyse and predict the probability of their occurrence - Developments concerning rational rules for structural design to avoid collisions - Grounding actions comprising the use of general risk assessment methodologies Collision and Grounding of Ships and Offshore Structures contributes significantly to increasing the safety and reliability of seaborne transport and operations, and will be useful to academics and engineers involved in marine technology-related research and the marine industry.

Forensic Engineering 2012

Gateway to a Safer Tomorrow

Author: Anthony M. Dolhon,Michael J. Drerup,Alicia Díazde León,Joshua B. Kardon,Derrick S. Hancock,Shen-en Chen

Publisher: Amer Society of Civil Engineers

ISBN: 9780784412640

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 1400

View: 943

Proceedings of the Sixth Congress on Forensic Engineering, held in San Francisco, California, October 31-November 3, 2012. Sponsored by the Technical Council on Forensic Engineering of ASCE. This collection contains 144 peer-reviewed papers presenting findings intended to help forensic engineers develop practices and procedures to reduce the number of failures, disseminate information on failures, and provide guidelines for conducting failure investigations and for ethical conduct. Topics include: bridges; building envelopes; critical infrastructure; design practices; disaster risk management; education; emerging technologies; fires; floods; flooring; geotechnical failures; hurricanes, tornadoes, and extreme winds; investigative methodologies; practices to reduce failures; professional practice; research and testing; residential construction; and structural failures. This will be valuable to engineers, researchers, educators, and students involved in forensic engineering.