Author: Mark Fleischmann

Publisher: Quiet River Press

ISBN: 9781932732184

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 284

View: 4231

How can an average person navigate the maze of audio/video tech? Turn to Mark Fleischmann's Practical Home Theater. The 16th edition has been thoroughly revised and updated for 2017. It is the ultimate answer book for beginners and intermediate-level readers, with everything you need to know when shopping for big-screen TV and surround sound gear.

Introductory Guide to High-Performance Audio Systems

Stereo - Surround Sound - Home Theater

Author: Robert Harley

Publisher: Acapella Pub

ISBN: 9780978649302

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 223

View: 4589

How to choose, set up, and enjoy the latest high-technology audio systems are all given expert insight in this indispensable guide for stereo shoppers. Consumers today often use home-audio systems for both stereo music and surround-sound music, they buy multichannel systems instead of two-channel stereo systems, they may have HDTV and flat-panel televisions, and they have largely moved to in-wall and on-wall loudspeakers rather than floorstanding units. Questions relating to all of these changes are covered in a novice-friendly way, as well as Super Audio CD, DVD-Audio formats, and all of the latest surround-sound formats for home theater. The emphasis is not only on solving shopping dilemmas, but also on getting great sound from an audio system.

Audio systems design and installation

Author: Philip Giddings

Publisher: Prentice Hall


Category: Music

Page: 574

View: 5103

The ideal guide to audio systems. This practical, hands-on reference helps the audio professional find information quickly. The focus is on audio system powering, wiring, and installation. The text is illustrated with numerous photos adn diagrams. · Features many useful tables and checklists · Illustrated with numerous photos and diagrams · Improves and expedites system design

The Audio Expert

Everything You Need to Know About Audio

Author: Ethan Winer

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1136126147

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 674

View: 5281

The Audio Expert is a comprehensive reference that covers all aspects of audio, with many practical, as well as theoretical, explanations. Providing in-depth descriptions of how audio really works, using common sense plain-English explanations and mechanical analogies with minimal math, the book is written for people who want to understand audio at the deepest, most technical level, without needing an engineering degree. It's presented in an easy-to-read, conversational tone, and includes more than 400 figures and photos augmenting the text. The Audio Expert takes the intermediate to advanced recording engineer or audiophile and makes you an expert. The book goes far beyond merely explaining how audio "works." It brings together the concepts of audio, aural perception, musical instrument physics, acoustics, and basic electronics, showing how they're intimately related. Describing in great detail many of the practices and techniques used by recording and mixing engineers, the topics include video production and computers. Rather than merely showing how to use audio devices such as equalizers and compressors, Ethan Winer explains how they work internally, and how they are spec'd and tested. Most explanations are platform-agnostic, applying equally to Windows and Mac operating systems, and to most software and hardware., the companion website, has audio and video examples to better present complex topics such as vibration and resonance. There are also videos demonstrating editing techniques and audio processing, as well as interviews with skilled musicians demonstrating their instruments and playing techniques.

A User's Guide to the Brain

Perception, Attention, and the Four Theaters of the Brain

Author: John J. Ratey,Albert M. Galaburda

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0375701079

Category: Psychology

Page: 404

View: 712

An accessible resource to the structure and chemistry of the brain explains how its systems shape our perceptions, feelings, and behaviors, while outlining the author's theory of the dynamic interaction between the four major brain systems. Reprint. 25,000 first printing.

The Sound Reinforcement Handbook

Author: Gary Davis,Gary D. Davis

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

ISBN: 9780881889000

Category: Music

Page: 412

View: 3282

(Yamaha Products). Sound reinforcement is the use of audio amplification systems. This book is the first and only book of its kind to cover all aspects of designing and using such systems for public address and musical performance. The book features information on both the audio theory involved and the practical applications of that theory, explaining everything from microphones to loudspeakers. This revised edition features almost 40 new pages and is even easier to follow with the addition of an index and a simplified page and chapter numbering system. New topics covered include: MIDI, Synchronization, and an Appendix on Logarithms. 416 Pages.

Good sound

an uncomplicated guide to choosing and using audio equipment

Author: Laura Dearborn

Publisher: William Morrow & Co


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 417

View: 6416

Offers advice on buying and taking care of turntables, tape decks, tuners, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and compact disc players

The Friendly Audio Guide

Author: Mark Fleischmann

Publisher: Quiet River Press

ISBN: 9781932732207

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 112

View: 4683

How to assemble an audio system that will get you closer to music.

Audio Wiring Guide

How to wire the most popular audio and video connectors

Author: John Hechtman

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1136124772

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 336

View: 2895

Whether you're a pro or an amateur, a musician or into multimedia, you can't afford to guess about audio wiring. The Audio Wiring Guide is a comprehensive, easy-to-use guide that explains exactly what you need to know. No matter the size of your wiring project or installation, this handy tool provides you with the essential information you need and the techniques to use it. Using The Audio Wiring Guide is like having an expert at your side. By following the clear, step-by-step directions, you can do professional-level work at a fraction of the cost. Every step is clearly explained and photo-illustrated. All the common audio connectors are covered as well as most special-use multimedia connectors. It is the perfect guide to keep by your side in the studio or on the road.

The Complete Guide to High-End Audio

Author: Robert Harley

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780978649364

Category: Reference

Page: 578

View: 1677

An updated edition of what many consider the "bible of high-end audio" In this newly revised and updated fifth edition, Robert Harley, editor in chief of the Absolute Sound magazine, tells you everything you need to know about buying and enjoying high-quality hi-fi. With this book, discover how to get the best sound for your money, how to identify the weak links in your system and upgrade where it will do the most good, how to set up and tweak your system for maximum performance, and how to become a more perceptive and appreciative listener. Just a few of the secrets you will learn cover high-end sound on a budget, how to do it cheap and still do it right; five system set-up mistakes and how to avoid them; how to make your speakers sound up to 50% better, at no cost; how to choose and set up a computer-based music system; how to find the one speaker in 50 worth owning; and why all 100-watt amplifiers don't sound the same. Since the first edition's publication in 1994, The Complete Guide to High-End Audio has been considered the essential reference on high-quality music reproduction, with more than 150,000 copies sold in five languages.

Avid Editing

A Guide for Beginning and Intermediate Users

Author: Sam Kauffmann,Ashley Kennedy

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1317396987

Category: Art

Page: 496

View: 2336

Completely updated for current HD, UHD, 2K, and 4K workflows, Avid Editing blends the art and aesthetics of motion picture editing with technical, hands-on instruction. Appropriate for beginners and intermediate users who need to refresh their knowledge of essential post-production techniques, this fully revamped and full-color sixth edition is also an excellent tool for editors coming to Avid from other non-linear editing platforms. Topics covered include trimming, audio, effects, titles, color correction, customization, inputting, and outputting. A robust accompanying online eResource features professionally shot footage and Avid project files, allowing readers to work alongside the lessons taught in the book. The new edition covers: Avid Media Composer licensing choices Changes to the Avid user interface Basic and advanced visual effects Mastering Avid’s audio tools Exploring Avid’s Title Tool and NewBlue Titler Pro Understanding double-system sound techniques Syncing picture and sound files Understanding and applying LUTs The latest HD, UHD, 2K, and 4K Workflows

Editing Digital Video

The Complete Creative and Technical Guide

Author: Robert Goodman,Patrick McGrath

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 9780071406352

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 361

View: 9984

Demystifies video editing for narrative, documentary, and music (with CD-ROM)

The MIDI Manual

A Practical Guide to MIDI in the Project Studio

Author: David Miles Huber

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1136119183

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 384

View: 1197

The MIDI Manual is a complete reference on MIDI, written by a well-respected sound engineer and author. This best-selling guide provides a clear explanation of what MIDI is, how to use electronic instruments and an explanation of sequencers and how to use them. You will learn how to set up an efficient MIDI system and how to get the best out of your music. The MIDI Manual is packed full of useful tips and practical examples on sequencing and mixing techniques. It also covers editors/librarians, working with a score, MIDI in mass media and multimedia and synchronisation. The MIDI spec is set out in detail along with the helpful guidelines on using the implementation chart. Illustrated throughout with helpful photos and screengrabs, this is the most readable and clear book on MIDI available.

Audio Post Production for Television and Film

An introduction to technology and techniques

Author: Hilary Wyatt,Tim Amyes

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 113612005X

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 304

View: 6174

Previously titled Audio Post-production in Video and Film, this third edition has been completely revised and restructured to provide a step-by-step guide to the professional techniques used to shape a soundtrack through the production process. Covering sound for both film and television, this edition includes many of the practical techniques and shortcuts used by experienced editors and mixers. Part one explains the basics of audio post production - how audio is recorded, how sound and picture stay in sync, how audio can be exported from system to system, and how film and video technology works. Part two follows the path of production sound from its original recording right through to the final mix, and includes sections on editing sound with picture, dialogue, sound effects and music editing, how to run ADR and Foley record sessions, and mixing, using many practical examples. Audio Post Production for Television and Film is aimed at professionals already working in the industry, newcomers, students and those considering sound for film and television as a career - in fact anyone who wants an insight into current professional practices and a comprehensive overview of the sound post production process.

A Reporter's Guide to the EU

Author: Sigrid Melchior

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1317192826

Category: Social Science

Page: 288

View: 2464

A Reporter’s Guide to the EU addresses a pressing need for an effective, in-depth guide to reporting on this major governing body, offering practical advice on writing and reporting on the EU and a clear, concise breakdown of its complex inner-workings. Sigrid Melchior, an experienced Brussels-based journalist, gives a detailed overview of the main EU institutions and explains the procedures for passing EU law. Interviews with professionals working for the EU, from areas including lobbying, public relations, diplomacy and journalism, are featured throughout the book. Building on this, the second half of the book provides useful journalistic tools and tips on how to approach EU reporting. It identifies common mistakes in reporting on the EU and how to avoid them, as well as offering guidance on investigative reporting. Melchior also details how to work with information gathered and maintained by EU institutions, including their audiovisual archives, the Eurostat and Eurobarometer, which are invaluable resources for journalists and journalism students. With few aspects of political life that remain untouched by EU decision-making the book demystifies the EU system and its sources, enabling professional journalists and students of journalism to approach EU reporting with clarity and confidence. For additional resources related to A Reporter’s Guide to the EU, please visit

A Practical Guide to Living in the United Kingdom

Author: Jenny Wales,Stationery Office,TSO

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780117082557

Category: Great Britain

Page: 170

View: 985

This 'Practical Guide to Living in the UK' supports new citizens with the information needed to adjust to everyday life in the UK. It is packed full of information about living and working in the UK and will give readers guidance on how to get by in daily life. Detailed information on the following topics is included: UK Laws and the legal system - identifies ways in which the law affects people, both before and after arriving in the UK; The world of work - details the information needed when trying to find work, advice on being employed and setting up a business; Housing - helps with setting up home and the day to day running of a household in the UK; Schools and education - gives information to help new residents understand the way education works in the UK and ways to discover what is available in the local area; Healthcare in the UK - provides information on what health care is available as a resident of the UK, where to go to seek medical advice and how to register with local GP practices and surgeries; Out and about - explains how the transport system works and aspects of the UK beyond the local area


Author: Афанасьев Александр,Кравченко Павел Павлович,Халов Андрей Владимирович,Малис Юлий,Бостан Элеонора,Михайлец Галина,Шестова Светлана,Вагнер Николай,Перро Шарль,Редондо Гарсия,Шумахер Генрих,Крашевский Юзеф Игнацы,Иванов Лев Львович,Энсти Ф.,Маурин Евгений Иванович,Товмасян Георгий,Булгаков Михаил Афанасьевич,Лиммермауэр Фриц,Бершадский Ефим Сергеевич,Мюльбах Луиза,де Сен-Виктор Поль,Волошин Максимилиан Александрович,Безант Уолтер,Пастухов Николай Иванович,Минцлов Сергей Рудольфович,Шаветт Эжен,Мундт Теодор

Publisher: Aegitas

ISBN: 5000640012

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 321

View: 8147

Книга таинственного автора Б.Олшеври Вампиры, хотя и имеет ссылку на хронику графов Дракула-Карди, на самом деле не имеет никакого отношения к одноименному роману Брема Стокера и ни разу не выходила на английском языке, хотя ей уже свыше 100 лет. Ее приписывают неизвестному русскому автору и полагают, что она была написана одним из первых переводчиков романа Стокера на русский язык. Однако это как раз тот случай, когда копия оказалась не хуже оригинала. Превосходный стиль и слог, живая интрига. нарастающее напряжение и тревожный финал - все это сделало книгу запоминающейся настолько, что она пережила и 70 лет забвения в период господства в нашей стране литературы социалистическоьго реализма и конкуренцию с валом зарубежных вампирских романов и ряд доморощенных творений современных авторов.